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As an unannounced bonus for this week’s giveaway, I am also including a complete list

As an unannounced bonus for this week’s giveaway, I am also including a complete list of all of my YouTube videos. If you’d like to subscribe to my channel, you can do so here: Jedd Johnson’s YouTube Channel.

How to Use This Resource

Anytime you want to see how a lift is done, get an idea for a workout, or if you have a question, open up this document and hit the Control key (Ctrl) and the letter F key at the same time. This is the find function.

This can help you find high quality demonstrations of how the lifts are done or answers to your much needed questions.

For example, if you’d like to know How to do the Farmer’s Walk, you would hit Ctrl and

F at the same time and then type into the box the word farmer . You can then scroll

through the document very quickly, find what you are looking for, and then click a YouTube video link to go view the demonstration or explanation or whatever it is you need.

If you can not find it here, please let me know. I want to make my channel as valuable as

possible to you, so if there is a training question you have, please email me at or simply to go my channel and leave a question in the comments section.

Diesel Video Index

The Truth about Support Grip Training

What Are Grade Bolts

Blob Snatch – Snatching the Blob

Inverted Gripper Training

Building a Double Sledge Hammer Implement

Performing a Supported Double Sledge Lever

Plate Curls for Wrist Strength

Epic Fail – Attempting the Double Inch Dumbbell Deadlift

Blob and Inch Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Random Grip Training Clips

Diesel Classic Video – Keg Lift Plus Blob Lift

Grip Endurance – Two 45’s Hold for Time

Rich Williams Attempts the Double Baby Inch Clean

Summer Strong #4 Pull-up Challenge

Rich Williams Clean and Press of Inch Dumbbell

Trying Original Blob and Inch Together

Strength and Weakness Differences in Grip Sport

Both Original Blobs Deadlifted at the Same Time

The Original Blob – Deadlift and Shoulder Raise

Inch Dumbbell Continental Attempt

Rich Williams – Baby Inch Dumbbell Clean and Press for Reps

Andrew Durniat – Baby Inch Clean and Press

Chad’s Closest Attempt at Pinching Two Old York 45’s

Baby Inch Clean and Pres

Attempting to Pinch Two Old York 45’s

Serious Hand Strength with Medleys

Original Blob Deadlift by the Face

Explaining the Difference Between Blob Sides

Lifting the First Two Blobs Backwards

The Original Blob Lifted with 7.5-lbs Added

Medley Training with Blobs, Block Weights, Inch and Sledges

Lifting the Blue Blob

Summer Strong #4 CrossFit Workout of the Day

Support Grip – One Hand Deadlift Pronated

Medley Attempt #3

Medley Attempt #2

Medley Attempt #1

Lifting the Glob – Half 60-lb Globe

Block Set Grippers

Strongest Strength Coach at Juniata Events

Two Hands Pinch (Ghetto Set-up

How to Do the Two Hands Pinch Grip Sport Lift

The Vulcan Gripper – Adjustable Crush Grip Gripper

Barbell Snatch for Grip Strength and Athletic Power

Hub Lift with 25-lb Plate

Wounded Warriors Project – Scott Adams Part 2

Wounded Warriors Project – Scott Adams Part 1

Slim the Hammer Man Induction Ceremony

Dennis Rogers Introduces Slim the Hammer Man

Dan Cenidoza performs for Slim the Hammer Man

Opening Ceremony – Slim the Hammer Man

Andrew Durniat – Double Inch Farmer’s Walk – Attempt 2

Andrew Durniat – Double Inch Farmer’s Walk – Attempt 1

How to Perform the Slim Lever

Killer Goblet Squats

One Hand Snatch + 50-lb Blob

One Hand Snatch with Dumbbell

Finisher – Build Traps and Biceps

Wrist Strength – Stronger Grip – Bigger Forearms

Milestones on the Comeback Trail

Misses are Just Warm-ups Part II

How to Perform the One Hand Deadlift Wo

When to Move on to the Next Gripper

More Blob Holding Working Back into Grip

Blob Hold for Time Attempt Post Injury

Forearm and Grip Strength Training for the Fingal Fingers and Atlas Stones

Strength Training Conferences and Seminars – What’s the Best You Attended

How to Perform the Bottoms Up Press

Build Upper and Lower Body Strength at the Same Time with Killer Goblet Squats

Best Exercises for Being More Powerful

Heavy T-bar Rows Using Ropes and towels for Grip

Should Strength Coaches use Olympic Lifts

How to Set a Gripper

Plate Hula for Pinch Grip Strength Endurance

Product Review – Grapple Grips

Mace Swinging – Speed 20’s

Table Top Zottman Curls

Mace Swinging Technique – Strength Training – Mace Swinging

Towel Pull-ups for Grip Strength

How to Measure the Strength of a Gripper – Gripper Rating – Gripper Calibrating: –

How often Should You Train with Grippers -

Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Stool Lift:

Conditioning Work – Diesel Man Maker -

Upper Body Finisher for Big Chest, Shoulders, Triceps -

Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Sledge Hammer Finger Walk -

Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Hang for Time -

Are Upright Rows Safe for the Shoulders? -

Diesel Grip Strength Challenge – Bend a 60D Nail -

Blob Lift Backwards for Time -

Full Body Tension – Camel Clutch -

Diesel Grip Challenge – Penny Hold with #1 Gripper -

Advanced Warm-up for Pitchers -

Quartering a Deck of Cards -

Deadlift with Escalating Repetitions -

The Measurements and Dimensions of the Blob -

Blob Hold for Time – Right and Left Hand -

Grip Strength Training Training with the Blob -

Dips – Bodyweight + 135-lb -

Blooper Reel – Strength Training Blackout -

Various Blob Lifting Feats -

Contra Specific Movement Cardio Complex -

Lifting the Blob Backwards with Middle and Ring Fingers -

Grip Feat Challenge – 35-lb DB Lift by Head -

Lifting 50-lb Blob While Flipping 95-lb KB -

Unbraced Phone Book Tearing -

Grip Strength Challenge – Lever 8-lb Hammer -

Snatch Balances – Are They Good for a Pre-Workout Warm-up? -

Build Muscle Mass and Strength – How to Do Rows the Right Way -

Thick Bar – Axle 243-lbs for 50 Reps -

Card Tearing – Ripping a Deck of Cards -

Grip Strength Challenge – 25-lb Plate Curl -

Grip Sport Highlight Reel – GGC 2004/2005 -

Grip Strength Challenge – 4 Dimes Pinch -

Grip Strength Challenge – Two 25’s Pinch -

Effective Warm-up, Prime the CNS – Diesel Up Downs -

Bi-Polar Strength Training -

2” Vertical Bar PR’s -

Cold Weather Training – Kettlebell Snatch & Rope Work -

My Gripper Collection (Part 1) -

Misses are Just Warm-ups – Lifting the Blob Clone -

Product Review – Bison 1M -

Grip Drill – Around the Worlds -

50-lb Blob Hand-to-Hand Transfer (by the Face) -

My Daughter Judges a Gripper Close -

Level 10 – Wrist Developer – Did it Touch? -

Grip Sport National Association -

WSH Leg 4 – Brent Barbe Pinch Attempts -

WSH Leg 4 – New World Record in Two Hands Pinch – 262-lbs -

WSH Leg 4 – New World Record in Two Hands Pinch (Miss) – 262-lbs -

WSH Leg 4 – New World Record in Two Hands Pinch – 257-lbs -

WSH Leg 4 – Two Hands Pinch 237-lbs -

WSH Leg 4 – Various Pinch Attempts -

Grip Drill – How to Perform the Hammer Chain Twist -

How to Swing the Stronger Grip Mace -

Side Row Modifications for Big Back and a Monster Grip -

Diesel Work-Around – How to Bench Without Nagging Wrist Pain -

Kettlebell Flipping with Gloves On -

Level 9 – Wrist Developer -

Monster Shoulder Training Using Rope Variations -

Men’s Wrist Developer -

World’s Strongest Hands Leg 3 – Two Hands Pinch -

Wrist Developer Attempts -

Testing the Effects of Radiant Tension on the KB Press -

Trying a Cross-Fit Deadlift Challenge -

Mike Rinderle and Brent Barbe Bend Bastards - dvhLbKelhg

Pull-ups Plus 95-lbs on Rolling Thunders -

One Arm Farmer Lift (Max Attempt) -

How to Perform the Farmer’s Walk -

Thick Bar Training – 9/25/10 -

Training with the Wrist Developer -

Worlds Strongest Hands Leg 2 – Part 6 -

World’s Strongest Hands Leg 2 – Part 5 -

World’s Strongest Hands Leg 2 Part 4 -

World’s Strongest Hands Leg 2 – Part 3 -

Worlds Strongest Hands Leg 2 – Part 2 –

World’s Strongest Hands Leg 2 – Part 1 -

Horse Shoe Bending – EJ Livesey -

Highlights from Grip Strength Nationals -

Snatch Test Session 1 Set 2 -

Snatch Test Session 1 Set 1 -

Odd Object Training – Various Heavy Bag Lifts -

Training for the Wrist Roller Event at Nationals -

Intense Back and Trap Workout in 45 Minutes -

Diesel Burpees – Various Modifications -

Diesel Burpees – Baseball Specific Modifications -

Diesel Burpees – Intensified for the Lower Body -

Diesel Burpees – Intensified for Upper Body -

Baseball Grip Strength – Sledge Rotations -

Baseball Grip Training – Modified Pony Clamp -

Baseball Grip Training – Extensor Bucket -

Baseball Grip Training – Plate Clamp Press -

Medley Training for Combat Athletes -

Strongman Medley Training for Combat Sports -

Upper Body Crushing – Intense Training -

Trying the Tac Fit Challenge -

Outstanding Weekend Workout Get Together -

45-lb Hub Lift – Fitness Gear Plate -

Gripper Training – When Should I Move Up in Grippers -

Diesel Strength Training Workout – 5.26.10 -

Diesel Forearm Training for Baseball -

The Road to the Record DVD Trailer -

Ultra Dynamic Bench Press -

How to Snatch without Forearm Pain -

Training Highlights from Strength and Performance Headquarters -

This Month on TGA – Phone Book Tearing -

Unveiling the Demolition Club -

Trying to Get a Muscle-up -

How to Swing the Stronger Grip Mace Core Club -

New World Record in the Two Hands Pinch – 256.04-lbs -

High Quality Grip Equipment – Stronger Grip Mace Core Club -

Kettlebell Snatch Start Position Variations -

Warning – Intense Lower Body Training -

Training Highlights from Four Hour Tour -

Stone Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Phone Book Tearing -

Fire Walk with Me – 9/28/09 -

My Block Weight Collection -

Lifting the Half 115-lb Block Weight -

Bending a Grade 5 Bolt Wrapped in Towels - ykXmffTQ

Bending a Bar in a Lifting Strap -

Fire Walk with Me - 8.26.09 -

Fire Walk with Me – Arms -

Fire Walk with Me - 8.10.09 -

Fire Walk with Me - 8.5.09 -

Fire Walk with Me – Upper Body and Grip -

Training at My Place – Grip Stuff -

Training at My Place – Part Two -

Training at My Place – Part One -

Card Tearing Many Years Ago -

Fire Walk with Me – 7.26.09 -

Fire Walk with Me – 7.15.09 -

Fire Walk with Me - 7.11.09 -

Functional Movement Screen -

Strength Training Workout - Grip Strength Workout -

Strength Training Workouts – Floor Press and More -

How to Hit the Speed Bag Like Rocky -

How to Hit the Speed Bag – Linking Puinches -

Medley Event at Metroflex -

241 on the Two Hands Pinch -

Snatching the Beast (106-lb Kettlebell) with Wool Gloves On -

New US Record in the Two Hands Pinch – 246.49-lbs -

Two Hands Pinch Training – 245-lbs -

Strong Hand Strength Training - Shot Tossing for Dynamic Power -

330-lbs Jerk out of Cage -

Speed Bag Training Quadruple Elbow Strike -

Titan Telegraph Key – Negatives -

Titan Telegraph Key - Inverted Grip -

Tital Telegraph Key – Holds -

Titan Telegraph Key – Wide Start position -

Titan Telegraph key – Abbreviated Range of Motion -

Titan Telegraph Key – Normal Range of Motion -

Multi-Planar Thumb Work -

Static Pinch – Lifting Two 45’s -

World Record Pinch Equipment Failure -

Double Original Blob Lift -

A Few Reverse Style Bends -

Pinch World Record Attempt -

Giant Kettlebell Flipping -

Diesel Crew Weekend Workout -

Diesel Crew Gripper Training Footage -

Post GGC 2007 Feats of Strength -

Closing the #3 Gripper with Both Hands -

TPS Grip Assault Footage -

Half 60-lb Globe Dumbbell Lift – The Glob -

Half 120-lb Block Weight Lift -

Applying eastside Method to Grip Training -

Diesel Crew Overhead Work -

Atlas Blob Loading Medley -

Brad Martin Inch Dumbbell Push Press -

My Speed Bag Beginnings -

Innovative Training – Unilateral Dumbbell Press -

Training Atlas Stones without Atlas Stones -

Implementing Grip Strength -

Inch Dumbbell Continental Clean Attempt -

Inch Dumbbell Continental Clean (accidental cheat) and Press -

Improving Performance on the Strongman Log -

400-lb Atlas Stone Lift -

Fat Bastard Nail Bending -