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com Introduction:
ESPONDER is a software solution that enables multiple first response entities to share critical information when collaborating in the preparation, response, resolution, and review processes associated with daily activities, events, and incidents. It is highly customizable, and can be easily expanded to fulfill specific event/incident management needs that may exceed the capacity of an organizations daily tools. . This secure, real-time ESPONDER collaboration tool is also a NIMS/ICS (National Incident Management System/Incident Command Structure) based product, contributing to agencies compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-5 (HSPD-5).

Collaboration Portal
ESPONDER allows you to:
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Collaborate with colleagues Place top post and obtain important shared information Develop a shared calendar for events Work on a plan with other agencies or intra-agency Share knowledge and have questions answered Review training certifications of employees

ESPONDER is a fully functional portal that is based on Microsoft SharePoint Server. This solution is extremely user friendly, and with the same look and feel as Microsoft Office Suite applications, users can be easily trained. Familiarity with the solution ensures that if and when an event does occur, users are comfortable with the system and can utilize the ESPONDER solution to its fullest potential. As ESPONDER is used on a daily basis, it becomes populated with much of the information that can be useful in a crisis situation (contact information, staff certifications, task lists, etc). ESPONDER provides these benefits, as well as the ability to complete a variety of actions. With ESPONDER, users are equipped with a software solution to meet their daily collaboration needs, along with a command and control tool for use in event management.
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Portal Benefits Increased situational awareness Event/crisis management and everyday collaboration Rapidly deployable Reduces planning costs Fully customizable and flexible User friendly, built upon Microsoft SharePoint Server Scalable, can host large environments

Priced affordably, within grant parameters

For Users Portal
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NIMS integration: built to follow the National Incident Management System requirements User customization: create folders, customize portal view Pre-event planning and collaboration: multi-agency collaboration tools, ability to customize task forms Unplanned event tracking Resource management: resource allocation and tracking, automated touch screen time clock, employee certification tracking , etc Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) integration Remote application launch: Microsoft BizTalk server (custom or vendor specific) Mapping: fully integrated with ESRI Document manager: version control, check-in/check-out functionality Ability to integrate other Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Project Databases, etc

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Alarming: ability to notify up to 10,000 users within 1 hour via voice and virtually unlimited email, text message, PDA, and pager notifications Video conferencing WebEx web conferencing Document share: collaborate on documents simultaneously during a WebEx session Voice over IP Email: fully integrates with user's Microsoft Outlook Contacts: integrates with user's contact list Instant messaging Shared calendaring


After-action reporting: tracks events and automates reports to assist in viewing reports

Administration Features Administration Tools

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User Self Registration: on-line forms for users to request access to the system Automatic User Name and Password Generation: no need to burden IT staff as user information is automatically placed in active directory User Approval: online ability for commanders to approve/deny/revoke a user s access Online help

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User training Help desk services Product support services

Security Features Encryption

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) HTTPS Encrypts all login and session data Application Level Security Secure application launch through Microsoft BizTalk Server Authentication/Access Control Authentication process of choice: strong password, smart card, biometrics, etc.