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Writing Correction Codes

Symbol A. Grammar con. art. pron. s/e Vf Vt Vm Vc a.p. OP frag. prep. p/p
B. Orthography


"concordancia": agreement (for example, between a noun and its adjective wrong article or missing article wrong, missing, unnecessary pronoun error with ser/estar wrong verb form (irregular) wrong verb tense wrong verb mode (subjunctive, ind.) Wrong verb conjugation (agreement) error with "a personal", or a personal missing "orden de las palabras". Error in word order fragment missing, wrong or unnecessary preposition error in use of por/para "ortografa": spelling error acento punctuation error mayscula minscula

ort. ac. p. May. Min. C. Vocabulary angl. voc. D. Other comments () /\ ? log. *

"anglicismo" : direct translation from English (restate this in Spanish) "vocabulario" error in choice or use of word or phrase

omit insert meaning is unclear logic is faulty EXCELLENT!


Please print this page and refer to it when reading my comments on your essays. ? What? I do not understand what you are trying to say

??? I very much don't understand what you are trying to say X Wrong

Abb Don't abbreviate Awk Awkwardly phrased B Put in bold

Bib List of works consulted is missing or compiled wrongly CLARKE Do not cite my notes (I know what I think) -- rather, refer to other primary or secondary sources in question D Diction is faulty

DS Double-space EWS You should work on your essay writing skills by consulting my on-line Guide and other resources onand off-line G I IS It L Grammatical error Indent Incomplete sentence Put in italics Illogical development of the argument

NP Number Pages NS Non sequitur: a given proposition does not logically follow the previous proposition, hence your use of connectives like 'therefore' or 'thus' is inappropriate P Punctuation error

Par Faulty paragraphing PC Paragraph construction // // Begin a new paragraph Do not begin a new paragraph

PP Page numbers missing after quotes or paraphrases Q Cite question Quo put in quotation marks DI or --> I I <-- Double indent long quotes DI Don't double indent short quotes Inc Include quotes properly in the stream of a sentence or paragraph S Spelling error (S drawn through a word)

SC Sentence construction is faulty

So Cite source S / V Subject / verb agreement T Tense is wrong

PT Use the present tense Ti U Title to be underlined or put in inverted quotation marks Underline

Correction Code
The object of this code is to let you look at your mistakes on your own and learn from them. sp Spelling e.g. Friends not frinds gr Grammar e.g. Lots of money not many money pr Preposition eg. I live in London not I live at London pu Punctuation e.g. I like milk not i like milk vt Verb tense e.g. I went to Spain in 1995 not I have gone to Spain in 1995 wo Word order e.g. I like dancing very much not I like very much dancing ww Wrong word e.g. I missed the bus not I lost the bus mw Missing word e.g. I saw a bird not I saw bird r Repetition i.e. saying the same again and again and again etc.