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Eureka Electrosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Eureka ElectroSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

(EESPL) is a Multi Domain Organization, covering almost all major trends of modern day technology. From the day of our establishment, we have been constantly widening our horizons and spreading out our feathers to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients. We feel immense honor to introduce ourselves as one of the leading- Embedded, Telecom, Industrial Automation , Smart Software based Application and Product Development Company in the north Indian hemisphere. We are concerned with electronics and software based stand alone solutions as well as combined integrated solutions termed as "Electrosoft Solutions". We at EESPL, believe in "Changing ideas into reality..." thus we are committed to convert our customer's ideas into real working applications with the latest technology solutions, in least duration. At EESPL, over the years, we have developed a core competency to maximize the quality & innovation parameter. ompany Profile

..making IT happen Augmentation is a dream virtue of every performer - we at EESPL envisaged on a theme for providing a new epitome of IT solutions in the embedded, Telecom & Software based Product development services. Our edge right from the start was creating a perceptible differentiation among the plethora of communized IT solutions. EESPL - where progress is a winning habit Eureka ElectroSoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EESPL) is primarily operating as a registered R & D lab for the development and conception of Advanced Automation related software and hardware solutions. Our expertise includes electronics and software based stand alone solutions as well as combined integrated solutions termed as Electrosoft Solutions. At EESPL over the years we have developed a core competency to maximize the quality & innovation parameter while working on any task. Our proven values have made us as a prime leader in providing customized solutions. It is our stiff endeavor to amplify our clients viewpoints and to carve up their thoughts. This in turn is transformed into factual scenario working models with a collection of prime technological aspects. All this is and much more in the shortest turnaround period. EESPL the background and essence of operations The year 2002 witnessed the birth of a visualization which was to impart economy with a pinnacle swiftness of innovation in contemporary Industrial IT Solutions. There came EESPL and

a new chapter of imparting excellence in IT techniques came into subsistence. That was the foundation and today the road voyaged by EESPL encompasses years of reliance, accomplishments and above all unlimited bonds. The bonds that speak for themselves, the relationships that reflect factual progress. Triumph at EESPL is defined as the never ending smile on our dear customers face. At EESPL we do not impart conception, we create endearing teams.

SERVICES Eureka Telecom Solutions Our venture into the turf of Telecom Network Services has been under the aegis of Eureka Telecom Solutions. Our principal focal point in this sphere is to fuse diverse expertise for catering to Telecom Networking, Communication & Infrastructure maintenance needs of globally distributed Enterprises and Telecom Carriers (GSM & CDMA). Our laurels in segment sector include associations with variety of renowned Telecom players such as SPICE, VODAFONE, RELIANCE, ERICSSON, SIEMENS, NOKIA and ZTE. On the offerings are telecom site installation and commissioning, BSC & Transcoder Installation & Commissioning, BSS support and Maintenance, Installation of MSCs, Electrical resourcing and installation. In addition to above utilities, we are also diligently developing hardware and software based automation gear for TELECOM sector.

Eureka Smart Software Solutions Software Development at E3S forms a perceptible and exceedingly expertise service

which gratifies to the requirements of landmark technology projects for software companies and large enterprise clients. The spotlight of this function is to generate a eminent conception with faster time to-market and condensed engineering costs. Working hand in glove with our clientele, their personalized wants for product development projects are met with absolute knack. Another pioneering concept envisaged by E3S is the provision of software architecture analysis to make certain the solution being offered can be capably designed, developed and supported. E3S proficiency extents to various industry facades and technology spectrums. Our association with customers inculcates an innovative wave of product development which in turn creates intelligent solutions that drastically cut down operating costs. All this momentum adds to greater induced efficiency. Some real life technologies covered by us in software development are: Desktop and Web applications, Client/Server based applications, Telecom related software tools development, Biometric based identification and account solutions, RFID based applications, Biomedical Viewers and related software development, Image processing and enhancement tools, GSM/CDMA based bulk SMS alerting systems, Reengineering and Migration etc.

Eureka Electronics & Embedded Solutions Electronic product design is the result of integrated proficiency covering both the software and the electronic/hardware design facets. With our proficient Design Centre on the anvil, a panel of devoted experienced engineers works as a team to provide a highly receptive and customized service solutions. Each perspective of customer service is performed with paramount flawlessness thereby inducing a path full of aptness. At E3S order goes hand in hand with the final conclusion. We very well understand the throb of the client and it is our primary intent to form a cohesive plan of action. Understanding on a common platform with the client forms the chief medium of our achievement. The Execution Schedule implementing the knowledge minds What we require is simply a brief of the requirements, which can be documented or can be the result of an able discussion. The upshot of the same is a firm proposal from our side which is

entirely Free of cost.