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Teaching Alessandra (Incest - brother/sister, dad/mom/daughter, pedo, threesome (MFg), first, facials, oral, anal, fist)

Knight and Aless were brother and sister and also man and wife. They'd began screwing when they were kids. It had been during the summer vacation in 1990 when Knight was aged fifteen and Aless thirteen. Their parents had left them on their own a lot in the big country home, and with few friends there own age the siblings became more and more close until they were intimate. They'd lost their cherries to each other and, whenever they were on their own (which was a lot) they'd fucked in virtually every way imaginable. A great deal of love bound them together, but nonetheless their sexual appetites and indulgences were a hardcore montage of every sexual practise and indulgence imaginable. Within a couple of years, Aless had fallen pregnant to her brother. She'd told her parents that it was a neighborhood boy's, rather than Knight's, but it made no difference to their prudish and strict parent's reactions. They disowned her and Knight, never close to his parents anyway, had sided with Aless. His pregnant sister had just turned fifteen and Knight was seventeen. They packed up and left, their wealthy but unforgiving parents gladly handing them a big chunk of their fortune to have their teenage children out of their sights. Knight and Aless had bought an apartment in New York. Knight got himself a job and Aless gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Alessandra. They lost all co ntact with their parents and managed to live a happy little life together, never letting their new neighbors and acquaintences know that they were brother and sister. They changed their surnames to disconnect themselves from their parents and also to enable them to get married in a simple wedding ceremony in 1998. Their sexual lust for each other only grew as the years went by.

It was late 2002, approaching Christmas. The small apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan was warm compared to the winter cold outside, a light layer of snow falling on the city. Knight, now aged twenty-seven, was six-foot and slim with short blonde hair and handsome, boyish face. He wore a suit as he entered the apartment on the cold Friday evening after a day at the office. He placed his briefcase down, took off his shoes, and strolled into the living room. It was fairly small, but cosy, a big red sofa sitting in front of an glass-topped coffee table, a widescreen TV in the corner of the room. The drapes were shut as it was already dark outside. Sitting on the sofa was his sister (and wife) Aless, now twenty-five years old. She was a real stunner, tall and fairly slim with a beautiful and radiant face. Her eyes were like her brother's, big, brown and warm, and her hair jet black and glossy, currently pulled up in a neat bun. A good exercise regime kept Aless in fantastic shape. She had a nice round ass, slightly plump in contrast to her narrow waist and a fantasic, curvey shape. She wore jeans and a tight white top that showed off the contours of her mouthwatering, 34DD tits, those big round globes stretching the material of her jumper. "Hi Aless," Knight smiled, stepping towards the sofa. "Hi honey," replied his sister. Knight gave her a kiss on the lips and sat down.

"Where's Alessandra?" asked Knight, referring to the incestuous product of Aless and his relationship. "She's at a friends," Aless replied, "She should be back at about seven in time for dinner." "Good, that gives us a little time for ourselves." Knight leaned over to Aless and gave her a lingering kiss on the lips. She slid her tongue into his mouth and instantly lost all interest in the TV programme she'd been watching. Knight's hand went up to his sister's breasts, stroking those firm tits through her jumper, feeling that once again she'd not bothered wearing a bra. "I think Alessandra saw us the other night," Aless said to her brother, gazing i nto his eyes. "How do you mean?" asked Knight. "She saw us fucking. We were screwing and she quietly opened the door, probably wanting a glass of water or something. It was almost midnight. You were on top of me but I saw her briefly looking at us, then she closed the door and went off. The funny thing is, she returned a few minutes later. I saw her out the corner of my eye, gazing at us with fascination, before she sneaked off back to bed." "Has she said anything?" "No. She kept grinning the next day, smirking like a daft kid!" "Well, she is ten. That's what ten year old's do when they think about sex, especially with regards to their parents - they snigger and giggle!" "I've told her all about the facts of life, so she must have known what we were up to." "So it's not a problem then?" Knight asked his sister, "That she saw us, I mean." "No, I'm sure it isnt," Aless smiled, stroking her husband-brother's chest through his blue cotton shirt, "I was just curious as to her reaction, when she was standing there for a few seconds looking at us. She looked really curious. Not shocked or freaked out or anything...just fascinated by us." "She's a curious kid," Knight said, his prick very stiff in his pants and making him impatient, but he did have some curiousity of his own regarding Alessandra. She was an incredibly adorable child, intensely beautiful and secretly arousing the passion of both her parents. "Let's fuck," Aless growled, hotly, then clamped her lips to her brother's. They then pulled apart briefly and Aless hurridly removed her top. In seconds it was in a heap on the floor, her big lucious boobs on display and wobbling slighty as she turned back to her brother. Knight kissed his sister again whilst stroking her breasts and lightly pinching her nipples. Then he moved down to suck on her tits, Aless's hands finding her brother's flies and unzipping them. She pulled out Knight's erection then masturbated the eight-inch cock in her firm grasp whilst her brother sucked on her nipples. Shortly, Knight pulled back and stood, hurridly removing his clothes. Aless did likewise, hurling her jeans and pink panties to the floor so that she sat up wearing just a pair of short white socks and nothing else. Knight was nude, his prick throbbing erectly from his groin. He stepped up to Aless and she took him in her mouth, placing her lips over his stiff shaft and slurping down more than half of his cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head and sucked, Knight lightly gripping his sister's head and thrusting his hips, fucking her face. "Suck me sis," he panted, "Yeah, that's it." Aless fingered her cunt with both hands, her fingers running down through the neat but thick bush of black pubic hair that sprouted above and around her pink slit. She dug her fingers into her pussy as she sucked her brother's member down

into her throat. Knight was a considerate brother and after a few minutes he slid his prick from Aless's mouth. His sister lay back and spread her legs, Knight kneeling down and plunging his head between her thighs and lapping at her cunt. He worked his tongue up and down her slit, wriggling up into her moist pussy, Aless rubbing her nipples with her eyes closed as she drifted off into ecstasy. Knight was good at eating pussy, having first tried it when he was fifteen on Aless - then thirteen - and in the twelve years since then they'd learnt ever aspect of each other's bodies and desires. Knight licked Aless out until she came, her tanned legs lifting off the floor slightly as she gasped and panted with lust. Once his sister's climax had finished, Knight knelt up and placed the thick head of his cock to the entrance to her pussy. "Ram it up me," Aless panted, "Fuck it up me dear brother." "Sure thing sis," grinned Knight, and he drove all eight inches deep into Aless's cunt. She sighed with pleasure, Knight leaning down and kissing her hotly as he began to work his prick to and fro in her hot twat. Shortly, Knight began fucking harder and quicker, raising up and watching his sister's big round boobs roll up and down as she was humped whilst laying back on the sofa. Her pretty face was a picture of ecstasy as her brother's tool rammed repeatedly into her slit. "Fuck me harder," Aless gasped, "Fuck me, uuuh!" Knight did so, his pace increasing, until after a few minutes he began shooting his sperm. His thick cum spurted out hotly into his sister's womb and he continued thrusting throughout his climax until every last drop had been pumped into his sister's fine young body. He stopped humping and kissed Aless before sliding out of her pussy, then sat next to her, both siblings hot and tired. "I was thinking about Alessandra," began Knight. "Whilst fucking me?" giggled Aless, "How depraved!" Aless laughed, as did Knight. He'd had a few desires recently for Alessandra, occasionally eyeing up his ten year old daughter as she skipped around the house in her panties whilst getting ready for bed. He wondered how Aless would take such a revelation. "I was thinking about Alessandra," Knight began again, "If she took such an inte rest in us screwing, maybe we could...I dunno, let her watch." "Yeah?" Aless said, feeling excited about this idea. She too found the daughter she'd borne with her brother to be a rather sexy little pre-teen minx, and the idea of having Alessandra watching her and Knight fuck turned her on. "Our parents were prudes and we had to find out about the facts of life ourselves. It hasn't done us any harm, admittedly, but I think we should be more open with Alessandra and, I dunno, give her a practical demonstration." "It'll be something to bear in mind." "Well, we can think about it. See what happens." "You're horny again," Aless smiled, "Must be because you're thinking about Aless andra watching us fuck! That idea turns me on too. Come here, let me suck that big dick of yours again brother!" She leaned over and down, her head in Knight's lap and sucking down his freshly-erect cock into her warm wet mouth. Knight stroked his sister's jet-black hair as her head bobbed over his groin. Though Knight and Aless kept up the pretense to everyone (including Alessandra) that they were husband and wi fe, secretly they enjoyed referring to each other as 'sis' or 'dear brother', getting a turn on from their incestuous little secret.

Aless spent a good ten-minutes sucking her brother's prick until she raised up. "I'm in a mood for an ass-fucking," she grinned, "You know how much I need all my holes attended to." "Then bend over sis, I just can't get enough of that lovely ass of yours!" Aless turned on the sofa and got on her knees, bending over with her hands gripping the arm-rest, her ass thrust out in Knight's face. He turned and started licking her butt, running his tongue over her hairless pink anus. He stroked her buttocks and kissed them, frequently returning to her asshole, into which he slipped his forefinger a few times, then his tongue. "I'm all ready," Aless gasped, hotly, "Nice and loosened up! Come and fuck my butt dear brother!" Knight knelt up on the sofa, his heavy cock nodding in the air, the purple cock-head pointing at Aless's well-licked shit-hole. He placed the tip of his tool to Aless's hole and began to push, his sister expertly relaxing her anus as her big brother worked his way up her ass. "Oh Knight," she moaned, "Mmmm. Drive it up there, nice 'n slow." "God your ass is so tight Aless, as always!" Half of Knight's cock was wedged in Aless's asshole now. He paused for a moment, then continued pushing, watching as his thick penis was swallowed up by his sister's sphincter until, finally, he was fully lodged up there. Aless's asshole gripped the base of his shaft and his pubic hair bristled against her shaved asshole. Knight pulled back, half of his cock emerging from his sister's bum, then he swiftly shoved himself back up there. "Uuuuh, Knight, that's good," Aless purred, arching her back, "Mmmm! Fuck my asshole, I need it! Oh, oh God." Knight had one hand splayed flat on Aless's lower back and the other gripped the back of the sofa as he began increasing his pace. His sister's bum was lovely and tight, the stretched orifice between her lovely plump and shapely buttocks holding his cock in a hot and tight grip. "I love your ass Aless, oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck your ass and fill you full of cum! Could you imagine our daughter watching us doing this?" "Oh yeah! Yeah, that would be good. I can just imagine Alessandra, like the othe r night, watching us! Not being secretive about us, but sitting over there or something and watching her mommy and daddy fuck! Wow, that just turns me on so much." Knight almost suggested that Alessandra could join in, but he thought that confe ssion might be going a bit too far. Curiously enough, Aless was thinking the exact same thing! Knight fucked his sister's butt faster and faster, driving his weapon deep into her bowels. Aless's heavy tits swung beneath her as she was roughly sodomized by her brother. "I'm cumming sis, oh fuck...fuck, yeah! Oh God, Aless...uuuh!" Knight drove his cock one last time into his sister's ass to the hilt and fired his cum. He just hung in there, motionless, eyes shut with ecstasy as his cock throbbed and pumped out thick sticky sperm into the depths of Aless's rectum. "Aaah, I can feel it," crooned his sister, "Mmmm, filling up my ass! That's so good Knight, so good!" Knight waited until all his sperm had been unleashed and his cock was beginning to soften until he finally and slowly pulled out of Aless's heavenly ass. They sat back in each other's arms for a while, catching their breath, Aless still just wearing her little white socks but otherwise as naked as her brother. "Alessandra will be home in half-an-hour," Aless shortly said, "I'm going to put

dinner on." "I'll have a shower," said Knight, "Then I'll give you a hand. We'll er...think about Alessandra. You know, about seeing if she wants to watch us." "Yeah. I think we should, it would be such fun and I'm sure she'll think so too!"

When Alessandra came home, dinner was ready on the table in the kitchen. Her mom and dad were dressed casually and greeted her before the little family of three sat down to eat. Alessandra spoke excitedly about her friend's new video-game which she'd played all evening and also about school that day. Knight and Aless listened happily but were both secretly thinking about some sort of involvement for their daughter in their sex-life. Ten year old was Alessandra a truly gorgeous little angel, the sort who could me lt hearts with a smile. Slim and about four-and-a-half foot tall, she had the same bright blonde hair as her father, wavy and reaching half-way down her back. Her face was as pale and delicate as a china-doll, her eyes bright green, her nose small and cute and her warm smile revealing slightly prominent front teeth that would probably require braces once she entered puberty. Alessandra was fairly extrovert in nature, talking loudly and frequently and showed (presumably innocent, though who could tell?) signs of exhibitionism recently, strolling from the bathroom to her bedroom in just her panties and feeling no shame about herself. Knight and Aless were not sure about how to start on the subject of sex with Alessandra, though Knight now detected that Alessandra was smirking a little mor e than normal when she spoke to her mother. "What have you been up to this evening?" Alessandra had asked her parents. "Oh, nothing much," Knight shrugged. "Nothing at all?" Alessandra asked. "Just...watching TV," Aless said. Knight took a great delight in the way Alessandra drank from her glass of milk i n an attempt to hide her smirk. She must have guessed that her parents had been screwing - or whatever term of phrase ten year old's used these days to describe sex - and found it both amusing and charming. Knight felt a thrill at his daughter having seen him screw Aless and he just wished he could figure out how to broach the subject of sex with the child. When they'd finished eating, the three of them sat and watched TV for the evening. Knight sat in the middle of the sofa with Aless snuggled up to him. Alessandra - showered and wearing her pink nightie - normally sat on the armchai r but tonight sat on the otherside of Knight, cuddling up to her father. Knight was rather thrilled. He'd never done psychology at school and wondered about the old Freudian theories of child-sexuality. Perhaps Alessandra was jealous of her moth er being fucked by him, and this was some form of trying to capture him from Aless! Knight found such an idea amusing, but also rather thrilling. There was no need, he thought, for Alessandra to steal him from Aless. They could both share him. K night tried not to think to hard of the idea of fucking his daughter, he didn't want

to spring a hard-on in his pants with Alessandra right next to him. Well, not at the moment. At nine o'clock, Alessandra was yawning frequently and almost falling asleep up against her father. Knight picked her up and carried her off to bed, tucking her in and kissing her goodnight. Then he returned to the living room where he and Aless watched TV until ten, whereupon they went to bed. "I feel so horny," Aless told her brother as they shut their bedroom door, "Let's fuck all night!" "Shall we leave the door open a little?" Knight asked, "Maybe our little nocturnal audience might return." "Okay," Aless giggled, "Leave it ajar just a tiny bit." Knight did so, leaving the door open a little just so that there was a tiny crack. Then he turned to his sister who'd already began undressing. Knight stipped too, and soon brother and sister were nude on the King-Sized bed. Aless lay back and parted her long legs, Knight getting down before her and delicately running his tongue over her pink pussy-lips. He frigged her clit gently and probed her wet insides with his tongue, working his way up there, Aless moaning softly with delight. The soft lamp-light lit up both horny siblings in a warm-glow. Knight shortly moved up and mounted his sister, sliding his hard cock into her cunt. Aless embraced him and they kissed, Knight gently pumped his hips, steadily fucking Aless's hot cunt. As his pace increased after a few minutes, Knight took his lips from Aless and they placed their chins in each other's shoulders as their bodies began humping together. Aless was staring up at the ceiling, feeling such pleasure from her brother's pistoning cock in her cunt, and she'd almost forgotten about Alessandra when she noticed movement at the door. With her brother obliviously shafting her, Aless turned and looked at the door, noticing that it had been pushed open very slightly, and staring through the four-inch gap was Alessandra, wearing just her pink nightgown and a look of fascination in her big green eyes. Aless tapped her brother's back and he stopped fucking her, looking at Aless in puzzlement then turning to follow her gaze to the door. He saw Alessandra starin g at them, then she swiftly departed. "Alessandra honey?" called Aless, "Come here a minute." Knight dismounted Aless and he and his naked sister watched the door. Nothing happened for a few seconds then Alessandra tentatively appeared at the door. She opened it a little more. "Come in sweetheart," Knight said. Alessandra entered the room, the ten year old blonde girl wearing just her pink-nightie still. She looked nervous but still very curious as to what her parents were going to do. They didn't seem mad, as she expected after being caught. "Whatcha doin' honey?" asked her mother. "Nuthin'," Alessandra shrugged, eyes flicking down to her father's still-erect p rick, and also to her mother's boobs and furry pussy, "Just...watching. Sorry." "It's okay sweetheart," Knight smiled, "We don't mind." "I was curious," Alessandra continued, feeling more confident and stepping close r to the bed, "I know what you're doing - having sex - mom told me about it all a while ago. Plus we did a little bit of sex-ed at school. However, we just saw diagrams or had it explained to us, it's a whole different thing to see it being

done in real-life. I liked watching." "Well, we liked being watched," Aless said, truthfully, "If you want to watch you can." "Yeah?" Alessandra smiled, "Really?" "Sure. It'll be...educational. Take a seat." Alessandra dragged the chair from the dressing table over next to the bed and pl aced it to the side of the bed. She sat down, eyes bright with excitement. "Don't tell anyone we let you watch us though," Knight insisted to his daughter, "Some people may think it's a bit strange, a girl watching her parents have sex." "I won't tell," Alessandra said, her tone of voice suggesting she knew these activities weren't entirely 'right' in other people's eyes and that she knew to keep it a secret. Knight's cock was even stiffer than before now that his daughter was sitting nearby. Aless lay back and spread her legs, Alessandra fascinated by her mother' s pubic hair round her slit. Then Knight mounted Aless and resumed fucking her, gently this time, brother and sister slowly humping and taking such delight as they almost felt their daughter's wide-eyes roaming their bodies. After a few minutes, Alessandra asked "Isn't there another position you can try? I heard there's loads of different positions for sex. I can't see much when you do it like that." "Okay sweetheart," her father said, dismounting Aless, "You're mom can go on top, you can see my cock enter her pussy that way." Alessandra giggled at her father's use of such words. Knight lay on his back, holding his stiff dick upright, Alessandra licking her l ips as she admired her father's long pole and wondered how a girl would fit that in her body. "Would you like a closer view?" asked Aless as she knelt over her brother's hips, his cock-head nudging her pussy. "Okay," said Alessandra, standing up. "Kneel on the bed then honey," her mom continued, "Kneel next to us. Then you can see it properly." Alessandra did so, kneeling up at the head of the bed, looking down her father's prostrate body and watching as her mother lowered herself, taking Knight's cock into her cunt. "Wow, it's all up there," Alessandra commented, once her mother was fully impale d on Knight's prick. "It's nice," Aless purred, "It feels so good!" She began to ride her brother gently, her tits lightly wobbling as she did so. Knight was supremely excited as Alessandra was kneeling just foot away from him. He could almost sense the warmth of her body and smell the apple-scented children's shampoo she used, drifting over him as he lay back was ridden by his wife/sister, Aless. "Is this how babies are made?" Alessandra asked after a few minutes. "It is," Aless confirmed, bouncing on Knight's eight-inch tool a bit quicker now. "Are you going to make another baby then?" asked Alessandra. "No honey," her father answered, "You're mother is on the pill, so she won't get pregnant."

"So why are you having sex?" quizzed their daughter. "For fun," Aless replied, "Because it feels so damn good!" "Will daddy shoot his sperm soon?" Alessandra asked a moment later. "Very soon honey," Knight gasped, thrusting up into Aless's cunt harder now, "Very soon...uuuuh, now in fact!" Aless bounced harder and faster, climaxing herself as her brother's prick began to spew out it's creamy load into her twat. She slumped over Knight, hugging him close and kissing him, the intimate siblings briefly forgetting the very-near presence of Alessandra who watched the clear ecstasy both her mother and father came together. Aless shortly raised herself, let out a long and happy sigh, then dismounted her brother. Knight's prick was semi-stiff and slick, and it slapped onto his firm stomach. "That looked fun," Alessandra laughed. "It was," Aless replied, and couldn't help but lean over and give Alessandra a h ug, kissing her on the forehead. "These are cool," Alessandra said, looking down at her mother's firm, heaving ti ts. She reached out and casually placed a small hand over one of them. "I can't wait until I grow some." "Mmmm," nodded Aless, her body buzzing with pleasure at this touch from her pre-teen daughter, even if was innocent. Alessandra placed her other hand over Aless's other tit, squeezing them both lightly. Knight sat up and watched, feeling his cock getting hard again already, as his daughter knelt there and groped at Aless's tits. She squeezed them together then lifted up before releasing them, emitting a childish giggle as her mother's tits wobbled back to their normal position and shape. "Daddy's stiff again," Alessandra commented, looking over at Knight who stroked his hard tool, "Can I watch you have sex again?" "Sure," her father said, "Aless? How about I fuck you from behind, Alessandra ca n see things even more clearly there." Alessandra giggled at her father's use of the 'f' word then watched as her mothe r got on her knees and elbows with her bum thrust out in the air. Knight knelt behind her and placed the head of his cock to the entrance to Aless's slit. Alessandra slid over and watched from nearby, looking down at her father's prick that hovered before her mother's pussy. "It's amazing how it fits," the girl commented to her father. "Well, girls are designed to accomodate pricks. It'll fit, easily enough. Watch." Knight heaved forwards, planting his prick fully into Aless's cunt. His sister purred with delight, closing her eyes and feeling pure ecstasy with her brother's prick buried in her twat, knowing this was being carefully watched by their little girl. Knight slid back a moment then plunged back in, repeating this slowly whilst Alessandra carefully studied her dad's dick pumping back and forth in her mother 's tight looking pussy. A few minutes passed, Knight gently cunt-fucking Aless from behind whilst Alessa ndra observed the live-show before her carefully. "Could you fit your dick up there?" Alessandra asked with a giggle, reaching out

and pointing at her mother's asshole, the tip of her finger briefly touching her mom's anus. Aless shivered pleasurably and grinned, the twenty-five year old mother delighted at the brief but intimate touch of her daughter's digit on her rear orifice. "I can and I have," Knight replied. Alessandra gasped. She'd been joking, she di dn't think a guy could really put his thing up a girl's bottom. "Yeah? Wow! Did it hurt mommy?" "Not at all," Aless replied in between grunts of pleasure as her pussy was continued to be pounded by her brother, "It feels great! Your father fucks my ass a lot, we love it." "Could I see that now daddy? Could I watch you fuck mommy's bottom?" "It'll have to wait," Knight panted, shafting Aless's pussy harder, "I'm going to cum again...uuh...yeah!" He slammed his prick repeatedly into Aless's pussy, blasting her womb with his semen. When he'd finished squirting his fuck-sauce he slid out, his cock wilting and Aless's pussy leaking sperm and pussy juice. "Can I watch you again tomorrow night?" Alessandra asked, her mother and father laying back on the bed, nude, sweaty and tired. "Of course," Aless replied, "You can watch tomorrow morning. We don't just have sex at night you know." "Cool!" Alessandra grinned, then she yawned. "You go to bed now honey," Knight said, "It's well past your bedtime." "Okay dad. Night-night you two." "Goodnight honey," said Aless. Alessandra got off the bed and scampered out the room, closing the door behind h er. Knight and Aless kissed then turned out the light before getting under the covers to finally get some sleep. It was left unspoken how fantastic the evening fuck had been with their little girl as an audience.

Knight and his sister were asleep in each other's arms when Alessandra came into their room at eight o'clock the next morning, a Saturday. The girl had been awake awhile, excited at the prospect of watching her parents doing 'it' again. She'd showered and was looking sparkling clean, wearing a tight white vest and a pair of pink cotton panties with a teddy-bear print on the crotch. Her parents awoke slowly as they heard their daughter enter and turn on the main-light. "Morning," Alessandra grinned. Her parents sat up. "Morning honey," said Aless, "What are you doing up so early?" "I want to watch you two have sex again, if that's okay." "Sure sweetheart," Knight smiled, yawning and trying to hide his incredibly arousal at seeing Alessandra standing there in just her vest and panties. "Come on, let's get going," Alessandra impatiently said, and she giggled as she grabbed the duvet and dragged it off the bed, dumping it on the floor, her parents naked bodies exposed as they sat up. Her dad had a severe case of morning wood, his prick stiff across his belly. Alessandra hopped onto the bed, kneeling at the foot of it. "Is you're prick always hard daddy?" she asked, casually. "Not always," Knight laughed, "Though it usually is when I wake up. Especially laying next to your mom." "What happens to women though," Alessandra asked, "I mean, if guys get boners wh en

they're horny, what do women get?" "Our pussies get wet," Aless explained, "It helps lubricate the way for a prick. Here, look at my pussy honey." Aless parted her legs and exposed her slit, Alessandra bending over between her mom's thighs and looking intently at her mother's twat. Aless could feel her daughter's warm breath on her crotch. "It looks a little wet," Alessandra commented, noting the slight glistening of h er mother's lips. "I'll get it wetter," said Knight, reaching over and placing the tips of his fingers to Aless's cunt. He began stroking her slit, rubbing it and digging a couple of digits up there, Alessandra fascinated by her close-up view of her mom being fingered. A few moments later Knight took his hand from his sister's pussy. "It's wetter I think," Alessandra said, her mother's pussy indeed moist. "Nipples also get stiff," Knight commented, "You're moms nipples will be stiff soon, especially when I screw her!" "Mom's pussy is hairy," Alessandra observed, "Not like mine. Look." Alessandra abruptly stood up on the bed and whipped her panties down to her knee s, standing there on display. Her pussy was indeed bald, a neat little slit below her flat little belly. She then pulled up her panties and knelt back down, obvlivious the arousing effect this had had on her mom and dad. "Well," Aless stammered, licking her lips at the memory of her daughter's sweet looking bald twat, "you'll grow hair down there sometime. In a few years." "Along with boobs," Alessandra sniggered, "Nice big ones hopefully, like yours m om! Anyway, are you going to have sex now? I want to watch." "Move aside honey," her father said, and Alessandra did so, kneeling next to her mom. Knight mounted Aless, easing into her cunt, keeping himself raised up with his arms straight and palms flat on the bed either side of Aless's head. He plunged his cock into Aless's twat then slid half-way out again, doing this slowly whilst Alessandra tilted her head and watched this. "Mommy's nipples look stiff now!" she commented, reaching out and lightly pinching her mom's right nipple. It was indeed as stiff as a bullet. She took her hand away, Aless almost tempted to ask her daughter to continue feeling her tits whilst Knight continued to fuck her twat. "Are you going to fuck mommy in the bottom?" Alessandra shortly asked, "You said I could watch that." "Okay honey," Knight smiled, and he slid out of Aless's twat. His sister rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, her ass thrust out towards Knight. "Does mommy's bum get wet like her pussy?" asked Alessandra, kneeling next to he r mother's spread ass. Alessandra fetched the jar and returned to kneeling next to her mom and dad, watching as Knight pasted the greasy substance onto Aless's asshole then onto his cock. He put the jar aside and placed his swollen purple cock-head to Aless's asshole and began to enter her. Aless relaxed her butt, her brother's dick slowly sliding into her. "Wow," Alessandra gasped as she watched her father's stiff pole steadily glide u p into her mom's butt, "Does it feel good mom?" "It does honey," Aless panted, "Oh yeah, it feels really good!"

A couple more thrusts and Knight had wedged his whole eight-inches in Aless's rectum. He began fucking his sister's ass slowly, long deep strokes, feeling the ever-enjoyable tightness of Aless's clasping sphincter round his shaft. Alessandra licked her lips as she watched intently as her father pumped his grea sed cock in and out of Aless's asshole. Aless was grunting with lust, clearly enjoying this and Alessandra found herself feeling jealous at all this attention her mother received. Knight ass-fucked his wife/sister for several minutes, at one point ruffling Alessandra's hair, causing her to look up at him and exchange gri ns. Innocent as it may have been, Knight just wanted to touch his daughter, even just her hair, whilst at the same time his cock was lodged in Aless's asshole. He felt such a great deal of lust for little Alessandra, remembering the brief f lash of her bald pussy earlier. "Are you going to cum soon daddy?" asked Alessandra, remembering her parent's ph rase from last night. "Soon yeah," Knight replied, panting as he fucked Aless's ass harder, "It won't be long. I'm going to spurt all my sperm into mommy's ass!" "Cool! Right up her bum yeah?" "That's's almost here...uuuuh...fuck, yeah!" Knight drove his prick repeatedly into Aless's rectum as he began to cum, firing his sticky semen deep up into her bowels. Aless climaxed herself, frigging her clit as she received her brother's load in her crap-chute. Finally finished, Knight slid out of Aless's asshole, his cock still slick from the Vaseline and sperm, a long string of cum dangling from his piss-hole. "Is that sperm?" asked Alessandra, pointing at her father's wilting, sticky cock , her father feeling a brief shiver of pleasure at the sight of his daughter's pointing finger so close - less than a couple of inches - from his prick. If only she'd touch it, he thought. "It is sperm honey," Knight said, "There's lots of it in your mom's bum now!" Alessandra giggled then moved back. "This is great, I want to watch a lot," she said, "I'm hungry now though. Can I have some breakfast mom?" "Sure honey," Aless said, clambering off the bed, "I'll make something up for us." "Okay." Aless put on a dressing gown and Knight put on some boxer-shorts. Alessandra rem ained in just her panties and vest as her and her parents went to the kitchen and had some breakfast. They watched some TV after than, Knight having a quick shower and Aless later nipping to the shops for some groceries. Approaching lunchtime, Alessandra was hovering around the living room as her par ents finished unpacking the groceries in the kitchen. "I think Alessandra's eager to watch us some more," Aless said to Knight. "I think so too," her brother agreed, "I'm horny anyway, shall we put on another little show for her?" "Sure. Maybe she can join in, a little bit." "Okay." The incestuous siblings strolled into the living room, Alessandra fully clothed and idly looking out the window at the busy street five-floors below. She turned to her parents.

"Can I watch you two have sex again?" she asked, brightly. "Sure honey," Aless smiled, ruffling the girl's hair, "We had the same idea. Let's do it in the living room." "Can I see you...ejaculate?" Alessandra asked her father, "I want to see you squ irt sperm, you know, like you do in mommy. But I want you to do it externally so, you know, I can see it." "I think that can be arranged," Knight said, "In return, I'd like you to take off your clothes too honey. Me and mommy will be naked, so you should be too, even if you're just watching." "Okay," Alessandra shrugged, and began taking off her clothes. Her parents did likewise, their eyes fixed on Alessandra as she was soon naked. She had a comple tely flat chest, her nipples slightly puffy, her slender belly flat and her pussy as bald and neat as a pin. She turned round to lay her clothes neatly on the sofa with her parent's garments, Knight's cock growing even stiffer at the good look he got of his daughter's adorable little round bottom. "What are you going to do?" Alessandra asked her parents. "Well," Aless said, sitting on the armchair, "I'll suck your father off for a bit, until he's ready to shoot his load. Then he can jack himself off - that's rubbing his dick by the way Alessandra - and pump his sperm onto my body." "Whereabouts mom?" "Wherever he wants. On my face, my boobs. We'll see." Knight stepped up to his sister and offered her his cock. Aless placed her lips over it and began sucking hungrily, slurping five of the eight-inches of Knight's prick into her warm throat. Knight fucked his sister's face gently, gazing briefly from time to time at his naked daughter as she stood nearby, observing this. After a few minutes, Aless took Knight's cock from her mouth. "I have an idea," she said, standing up, "Alessandra honey? Kneel down on the fl oor will you. I'll kneel in front of you. You can help mommy with this next bit." Alessandra knelt on the floor as instructed, excited at the idea of being a mino r participant in whatever her mommy had planned. Aless knelt in front of her daughter, facing away, so that mother and daughter were kneeling in a train, one behind the other, Alessandra's un-developed chest pressing lightly against her mother's back. "Okay honey," Aless said, "reach round me and put your hands over my boobs. Pull them apart a little." Alessandra did so without hesitation, reaching round her mother and placing her little hands over Aless's heavy breasts. She pulled them apart, spreading the cleavage. "Knight dear," Aless then said to her brother, "Kneel in front of me and place your cock between my tits." "Okay." Knight did so, his hard shaft, slick with saliva, in between his sister's breasts which were still spread by Alessandra. "Right Alessandra," Aless continued to her daughter, "push mommy's boobs togethe r so that they clamp your father's dick." Alessandra did so, squeezing her mother's t its together. She couldn't see what was going on but could sense her father's cock now wedged between her mom's tits which she pushed in from each direction. Between that deep cleavage, only the purple head of Knight's cock was exposed, peeking out from between those heavy globes of flesh. He began thrusting, rolling his cock up and down, tit-fucking his wife/sister. Aless purred with delight and Alessandra felt what was going on.

"This is neat," she laughed, looking over her mom's shoulder and getting a glimpse of what was going on, her father's prick alternately sliding down and dissapearing between Aless's tits, then on the upthrust, reappearing again. Knight thrust a little quicker shortly, breathing heavily. Alessandra still push ed her mom's tits together, feeling the nipples stiffen against the palms of her hands. "I'm gonna cum," Knight gasped, tit-fucking Aless faster now. "Keep watching honey," Aless gasped, sensing her daughter breathing next to her as the child looked over her shoulder, "Watch daddy's cock, it's going to squirt it's sperm!" "Go for it dad!" Knight shafted Aless's cleavage, in the grip of those big tits squashed together by his daughter, and soon his cum erupted. Alessandra was surprised by both the quantity and force of her father's ejaculation, watching the thick globs of thick white fluid explode from her dad's prick. The cum splattered up and hit Aless under her chin and on her neck. Most of it gushed up against her upper-chest, flowing down to Aless's breasts, though most excitingly a big stray squirt of sperm veered off to the right and splashed down on one of Alessandra's hands that was still clamped to her mother's tit. Knight finished cumming and slid his cock from his sister's cleavage. He moved back and Alessandra finally t ook her hands from her mom's tits. Aless turned and took Alessandra's right hand in her own. There was a big glob of sperm on the back of the hand. "I got some on me," Alessandra laughed. "I'll lick it off honey," Aless purred, and bent down, her red tongue flicking out and deftly cleaning up the cum from Alessandra's hand, the ten year old smil ing as she knelt there, as naked as her parents, watching her mother lap at the salty semen on her hand. Aless cleaned it all up then gave Alessandra a slightly lewd kiss on the lips. "That was fun mommy," the girl said. "It sure was," Aless agreed, and kissed the girl again, slipping a tongue into Alessandra's mouth and finding her unresisting. Knight felt his prick already re-stiffening at the sight of his wife and daughter kissing. The girls moved apart. "I'm going to fuck mommy again," Knight told Alessandra, "I want you to join in this time too honey." "Goody," Alessandra smiled, standing up, her naked pre-pubescent body so charmin g and pale. "How do you want me?" Aless asked her brother. "Well," began Knight, "get on your hands and knees on the floor. I'm going to fuck you in the ass Aless. Alessandra can reach under you and frig your pussy." "What's frig?" asked Alessandra. "It's what I did to mommy this morning," her father explained, his prick throbbing and erect, "It's where you rub a girl's pussy. You'll rub mommy's pussy whilst I stick my dick in her ass, it'll be very nice for her." "I'm sure it will," Aless said, shivering with excitement as she then got on the floor, on hands and knees. Knight knelt behind his sister and licked her asshole, swirling his tongue round

her sphincter to wet it up. "Wow, daddy's licking your ass," she gasped, "Cool!" "It is cool," Aless laughed, "It feels good. Mmmmm! Why don't you have a go honey?" Knight moved aside and watched with sheer joy as his daughter knelt behind Aless and bent down, licking her mother's asshole. She giggled as she flicked her tongue out over her mom's anus, Aless softly moaning with delight. Her daughter's actions were not necessarily skillful but the simple pleasure of her own pre-teen daughter licking her bum made her itch for an ass-fucking even more! Alessandra moved aside, kneeling next to her mom, watching her father get back b ehind Aless and place his cock-head to her wet asshole. He slowly pushed the head of his prick into Aless's asshole, squeezing more of his shaft up into her and finally lodging his entire length up her ass. Aless sighed with pleasure. "Reach under mommy now," Knight said, slowly sodomizing Aless, "Start rubbing her cunt." Alessandra did so, her little tongue sticking out as she concentrated on finding her mom's cunt. She stroked her fingers through the pubic hair then down to the wet slit, which she rubbed. Her little fingers did wonders, masturbating her mother, Aless shuddering with delight as her daughter frigged her clit and her brother/husband ass-fucked her deep and hard. Knight sodomized his sister steadily whilst watching his naked daughter frig Aless. It was incredibly arousing, and his sister's asshole was as hot as ever. He ran his shaft up and down in Aless's clenching rectal-chute. Aless soon climaxed, her big boobs wobbling underneath her. "I'm cumming, uuuuh," she groaned, "Oh yeah! Yeah! God I'm cumming." "Whoa, mom's cumming," grinned Alessandra, masturbating Aless, "I didn't know gi rls could!" "Oh yeah, they can," laughed her father, buggering Aless faster, "They can cum! So can you! All girls can, especially when they're being fucked and frigged well!" Aless grunted and moaned through her climax then it began to die away. Just then Knight's began to rise. "Holy shit, here's my orgasm," he announced, "Do you want to see me cum again Alessandra?" "Sure," the girl said, taking her hand from under her mom, "Where are you going to cum?" "On mommy's back! Here, why don't you frig me like you frigged your mom?" Knight withdrew his prick from Aless's asshole and Alessandra calmly reached out and gripped her father's cock. She didn't know exactly what to do but just worked on instinct, clenching her little finger's round Knight's stiff dick. "Pump it with your fist," breathed Knight, "Stroke it, fast." Alessandra did so, masturbating her dad's dick and soon watching with delight as her father's sperm erupted out. It sprayed out in thick gouts, splashing down onto Aless's back, white and creamy in contrast to her tanned flesh. Alessandra pumpe d her dad's dick and giggled as the sperm blasted out and rained all over her mommy's back. The flow finally ended and she knelt up and kissed her father gently on the lips. "Thanks dad," she grinned. "Thank you honey."

Aless slumped to the floor, breathing hard, cum splatted over her.

Alessandra couldn't wait until the evening, when she knew her parents would have sex again and she could watch. She felt determined to get more involved but didn't know whether her parents would want her to. After supper, about eight o'clock, Knight asked Alessandra if she wanted to join him and mommy in bed. Alessandra eagerly nodded her head then went to the master bed room with her parents. Alessandra assumed that her parents would want her naked so sh e removed her clothes hurridly whilst her parents did likewise. Soon, Knight and Aless sat on the bed nude whilst their ten year old daughter finished removing her clothes and then joined them. "What shall we do now?" she asked, excited. "Well," Aless began with a loving smile on her pretty face, "you've seen your daddy climax, and me. Now it's your turn. We want to make you cum." "Cool," grinned Alessandra, "Do you think I can though? I might be too young." "That's what we'll find out," Knight said, "Now, honey, why don't you lay back and part your legs." Alessandra did so without hesitation, totally trusting her parents as she parted her skinny pre-teen legs and watched her parents cast their gazes to her bald little pussy. "Okay," began Aless, "I'm going to finger and lick your pussy Alessandra. You're dad will be on hand, as it were, in case he's needed. Just lie back and see what happens." "Righto mom," Alessandra chirped. Aless knelt between her daughter's legs and and placed her right forefinger to the girl's hairless cunt. It was very slightly moist, the pink insides of her developing cunt glistening. She ran her finger up and down that tight looking slit then eased it in to the first joint. "Is that okay honey?" Aless asked. Alessandra nodded and smiled. Aless continued, working her finger gently in and out of Alessandra's cunt. She bought her right hand into play to, gently stroking her daughter's bald pubic area then down to her little budding clit. She rubbed it, stroking that tiny mound, her right index finger joining the forefinger in lightly thrusting in and out of Alessandra's cunt. The girl was clearly responding, moaning softly, those big green eyes closing as she lost herself in a gentle waves of pleasure. Aless had never got it on with another woman or girl, but she was adept at frigging herself so merely employed these tactics now. Fingering Alessandra's pussy whils t rubbing her clit was clearly having a good effect, Alessandra's little toes curl ing as the girl felt more pleasure building in her young twat under her mother's attentions. Knight was kneeling next to his daughter, slowly pumping his long pole with his right fist whilst with his left hand he reached out and stroked Alessandra's nipples. She had no tits at all, no hint of development there yet, but her nipples felt slightly stiff and he rubbed the left one and lightly pinched it. "That's nice," Alessandra panted softly, still with her eyes shut.

Aless worked quicker now, her left hand rubbing Alessandra's juvinile clit faste r whilst she dug three fingers from her right hand into the girl's cunt. Alessandr a's legs were stiffening, her toes wriggling and soon she began to moan. "I think I'm cumming," she panted, "Nnng...keep doing that mommy. Keep frigging me...ooooh!" Aless rubbed and fingered her daughter's clit and cunt faster, Knight still rubbing Alessandra's left nipple. The girl was unquestionably climaxing, her bod y wracked with ecstasy as she hit an apogee of pleasure. She knew her mother must have enjoyed sex and the thrilling climax she'd had earlier, but Alessandra had never imagined that it would be this good! She wailed with ecstasy, crying "I'm cumming mommy, I'm cumming daddy...uuuh, oh yeah! Yeah! UUH!" "Me too," gasped Knight. He'd been jacking off this whole time with his right hand and now he pumped his prick with his fist quicker. He shifted in position, taking his left hand from Alessandra's nipple. "I'm gonna cum!" He swung round and pointed his prick down into his daughter's face, Alessandra opening her big childish eyes and seeing her father's big purple cock-head hovering above her face, Knight frantically masturbating. His sperm exploded out, Knight crying out as he erupted thick wads of slimy jism all over his daughter's face. The white fluid splashed over Alessandra, and she instictively close her eyes and mouth but also seemed to be enjoying this shower of sperm. Aless watched this, feeling incredibly turned on, still masturbating her daughter. Knight thought he may be going a bit to far in this act - yesterday he and his sister/wife had discussed how exciting it'd be to let their daughter watch them fuck. Now here he was giving her a big slimy facial whilst Aless masturbated the child. It was too late for hesitation. The last of Knight's sperm was striking Alessand ra's delicate face until the spurts died away, the remaining cum just oozing out in stringy gouts. Knight wiped his spermy cock-head on Alessandra's forehead before he slumped back. Alessandra opened her eyes again and gave a huge grin, well aware of the thick cum that pasted almost every inch of her face. "Thanks dad," she giggled, "That was nice." "Did you like that sweetheart?" Aless asked, stopping frigging her daughter's cunt and lying next to her. "Yeah," Alessandra replied, turning to her mom, "It was good! I got daddy's spun k all over me! Wow!" "Daddy does that to me sometimes. It's called a 'facial'. Nice eh?" "Yeah! You frigged me well mom, I liked that too. You made me cum." "Would you like to do it again sometime?" "Sure mom!" Aless smiled then kissed her daughter, hard, sliding her tongue into the girl's mouth. Alessandra slid her tongue into her mom's mouth. Then they pulled apart a little and Aless began kissing her daughter's face, licking up the sperm that covered her and swallowing. "What does sperm taste like mom?" asked Alessandra. "Try it," Aless said. She ran her tongue over her daughter's forehead and came away with a thick glob of cum on her tongue. She then french-kissed Alessandra, letting the girl suck her spermy tongue. "Nice," Alessandra said, "Salty," she added. Aless licked a big glob of sperm that had been slowly running down Alessandra's

cheek and transferred that to the girl's mouth too, Alessandra once more sucking her m om's tongue and delighting in the taste of the same substance that had created her. Watching his sister lick their daughter's sperm-splattered face gave Knight an immediate fresh erection. "I've an idea," he began after Aless had licked Alessandra's face clean and shar ed the cum with the girl, "Alessandra? Do you know you frigged your mom earlier whi lst I fucked her in the ass? We can do something similar now, but this time you can fist your mother's pussy." "Fist?" asked Alessandra. "That's right," Aless said, catching on to her brother's suggestion, "That's when you put your whole fist into someone's pussy or asshole." "Will it fit?" frowned Alessandra, clenching her right fist and looking at it. "Sure honey," Aless said, "You're daddy has fisted my cunt and asshole many times in the past and his hand is a lot bigger than yours." "Okay, cool," smirked Alessandra, sitting up. There was a change of positions. Aless lay in the center of the bed, on her side. She cocked her upper leg up in the air, both her holes exposed to the foot of the bed. Knight lay behind her, also on his side. He reached down and gripped his stiff cock and placed the spermy-slimed head to Aless's anus. He pushed his way in, his sister tensing as her bum was invaded, and after a few skillful thrusts he'd wedged his shaft up into Aless's rectum. "Right honey," panted Aless to her daughter who knelt on the other side of her, "Clench your fist and placed it to mommy's pussy. Just work it in, it'll be fine." Alessandra did so. She placed her little fist to her mother's wet cunt and began to push. She worked her way in, steadily watching with wide-eyes as her mom's pussy swallowed up her hand. Aless panted lustily, in utter heaven as her pre-teen daughter slowly buried her fist into her cunt. Soon, all of the girl's hand was up there, her wrist held in the grip of her mother's cunt-lips. "Is that nice mommy?" asked Alessandra. "Very fucking nice," stammered Aless, wracked with pleasure, "Oh yeah! Yeah! Pump your fist a bit honey, try and push some more of your arm up there." Alessandra did so, sliding a few more inches of her forearm into her mother's cu nt. Knight was all the while laying sideways behind Aless, thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole. "I can feel Alessandra in there," he gasped into Aless's ear, "I can feel throug h the partition between your cunt and ass, I can feel her fist in your pussy! Oh yeah! That's good, it makes your rectum even tighter." "Fuck me," Aless panted, her body stiffening as a climax approached, "Fuck my ass Knight! Alessandra, honey, fist me, fist my cunt good! Uuuh, uh uh! Oh God, I'm cumming! Fuck! Oh yeah! UUUUH!" She climaxed powerfully, her body shaking as her brother drove his prick repeatedly up into her tight ass whilst her daughter pumped her fist further into her twat, Alessandra's fist in the womb from which she'd emerged ten years and eight months ago. "That's it mommy," she urged her mother, "Cum! Cum! Yeah!"

She giggled with delight at the effect she had on her mother, glad to be returning the favor. Aless, still wracked with an orgasm as her two lower holes were fucked and fisted, reached out and stuck a finger up Alessandra's bald cunt , the little girl spreading her legs as she knelt up, delighted with this intrustion to her juvinile twat. She fisted her mother still, also able to just see her father's cock sliding up and down in the grip of her mom's clenching anus. "I'm cumming too," panted Knight, "Oh fuck, oh yeah! UUUUH!" He spurted his load into the depths of Aless's tight ass, feeling his sister clench her anus tightly around the base of his cock as he pumped her bowels full of jism. Aless climaxed a second time before her first orgasm had actually finished, her eyelids fluttering, spluttering out obscene cries. She fingered Alessandra's twat harder whilst the girl in turn still fisted her pussy. Meanwhi le she felt her brother's cock erupt sticky spunk into her rectum. Finally finished, Knight sighed and slid his pole from Aless's ass. Alessandra t ugged her fist from her mother's pussy with a slurpy 'pop' and examined her dripping fist with interest. Aless took her finger from her daughter's twat and sat up, her shiny black hair dishevelled and stuck to her sweaty forehead. "That was fun," she concluded, then giggled like her daughter. She kissed Alessa ndra lustily then did likewise to Knight. "I need a drink," Knight yawned, "I'm a bit tired. I'll get something for us, be right back." He left the bedroom and came back a moment later with a big glass of white-wine for him and Aless and a glass of milk for Alessandra. They sat and drank for a s hort while, just content to sit back on the bed in each other's presence, no-one feeling in anyway self-conscious at their nudity. Aless decided it was time to tell Alessandra the truth about her and her dad. Al essandra sat and listened as she was informed that her mom and dad were in fact brother and sister, and that her grandparents (who she'd never met and didn't want to meet) were not aware of this. Alessandra took in this information easily. She accepted that her mom and dad's secret was not to be revealed to anyone else because they'd think it wrong, but she in turn wasn't in the slightest bit bothered that her parents were siblings. After all, it just meant that her mom and dad had known each other from birth and therefore were more likely to love each other more through such a life-long union. Alessandra briefly wished she ha d a brother she could marry, and she giggled when her mom and dad suggested it wasn't too late and that they wanted another child, preferably a boy. "He'd be your toyboy though," Aless told Alessandra, "He'd be at least ten years younger than you." "As long as he's good looking like daddy," Alessandra concluded, simply. Aless giggled and kissed her daughter lovingly. "Give us a kiss dad," Alessandra said, scooting over to her father as she realiz ed her daddy hadn't snogged her yet in the same lewd manner as her mother. Naturally, Knight obliged, sliding his tongue into his daughter's mouth and feeling such a thrill when the frisky ten year old slipped her tongue into his, kissing him passionately. Out of the corner of his eyes Knight saw his sister masturbating, fingering her cunt and watching her brother and the child of their incestuous coupling kiss like rampant lovers. Knight explored Alessandra's hot l ittle

mouth with his tongue, letting his fingers grope between the girl's slender thighs and frig her bald twat. He fingered her lightly, feeling Alessandra tense with pleasure under his lustful attentions as he kissed her. He moved apart from Alessandra, still fingering her cunt as they exchanged grins . "Are you gonna fuck mom again?" Alessandra asked. "Sure honey," Knight said, "My dick is nice and stiff once more, all thanks to you kissing me! That really turned me on. Aless? My dear wife and sister, get on your hands and knees, I'm going to fuck your ass again sis." He felt bold in referring to his wife as 'sis' in front of Alessandra. "I'm going to fuck your a ss," he continued, "and our lovely daughter can get into a sixty-nine with you." Alessandra looked puzzled. "A sixty-nine," explained her mother, "is when two people lick or suck each other's privates. The description comes from...well, you'll figure it out." Alessandra giggled and shuddered with pleasure at this prospect. She lay on her back, spreading her legs and watching her mother mount her. Aless lay atop her daughter, their pussies in each other's faces. Aless licked her lips and dived in, slurping at Alessandra's bald twat. Alessandra meanwhile, down below, starte d licking her mother's cunt, slurping at it and tasting her mother's juices. Knight masturbated his stiff dick whilst watching this, his sister and daughter slurping at each other's cunts. Then he got behind Aless and pushed his cock into her asshole. Gripping her hips, Knight ass-fucked his sister whilst watching from above as Aless and Alessandra slurped each other's pussies. It was a thoroughly enjoyable sight, very arousing indeed, but Knight's previous ejaculations meant it'd take a lot for him to reach an orgasm. He settled into a steady pace, observing with interest as Aless and little Alessandra sixty-nined below him, noisily licking each other's cunts and bringing each other off to a couple of orgasms whilst he, Knight, uninterruptedly buggered Aless. Her ass clenched his cock tightly and Aless skillfully flexed her shitting muscles to coax the sperm from her brother's prick. Sometimes it was voluntarily, other times not so, Aless's body and muscles spasming as she orgasmed through her daughter's enthusiastic cunt-licking, which she returned. After thirty-minutes, Knight's final climax of the evening built up. He buggered Aless hard, driving his prick deep into his sister's beautiful ass and squirting his semen. His cum flooded Aless's bowels, the beautiful young woman feeling her brother's spunk fill her rectum for the second time that evening as she and her daughter sucked each other's cunts. Knight emptied his nuts up his sister's bum and slid out of her, falling back on the bed, sweaty and out of breath. Aless and Alessandra moved apart and lay either side of Knight, exchanging kisses with him, Knight tasting Aless's cunt-juice on Alessandra's lips, and tasting Alessandra's cunt-juice on Aless's. The lights were flicked off shortly and the exhausted little family fell asleep, nude and in each other's arms.

The trio woke up on the Sunday morning at the same time. Alessandra was between her

mom and dad, in both their arms, the knowledge that her parents were brother and sister sitting comfortably in Alessandra's mind. She slid out between them and stumbled off naked out the room to the bathroom, Knight's eyes flicking open and fixed to the cute bum of his daughter as she exited the master bedroom. Alessand ra went to the bathroom and had a pee before returning, yawning melodramatically as she plodded back to her parent's bed with a casual swagger that would suggest to an outside observer that she'd always slept there. She slid in between her mom and dad's warm and naked bodies and the three of them snuggled together and lay half-asleep with each other for another half-hour. Aless's big boobs were pushed against Alessandra's upper chest and both mother and daughter enjoyed this feeli ng, Alessandra 'accidentally' letting her hand slip down to rest against her mom's c unt, still fascinated by the feel of the fuzz of pubic hair that flanked her mom's cunt. Knight meanwhile lay with his torso against Alessandra's back, his cock semi-hard and pressed against his daughter's ass. It felt good, he thought, and Alessandra also got a real thrill out of her father's dick - which she'd seen fu ck her mom's cunt and ass and pump sperm over her mother's tits and her own face wedged casually between her little pre-teen buttocks. They all lay close to each other, no-one wanting to move from this intimate position. Knight moved first though, eventually. His cock had grown immesurably stiff between his daughter's ass-cheeks and he needed relief. Aless sensed this and sat up, stretching her arms, her boobs shining in the morning sunlight that streamed through the window. Alessandra yawned and stretched between her parents , looking so delicate and childish between her nude parents. "Morning all," he smiled, and kissed Alessandra. Aless leaned over her naked dau ghter and kissed her brother, then she kissed Alessandra. "Who's wants breakfast?" Aless asked. "I want more sex," Alessandra said, "Seriously! I want to have sex. Daddy? Will you have sex with me? I like playing with mom's pussy and watching you fuck her, and I liked having you sperm on my face. But I want your dick in me daddy. Will you do it? You have sex with mom, and she's your sister! So there can't be anything wrong with having sex with your own daughter, can there?" "I guess not," Knight smiled, glancing at Aless who licked her lips and nodded at her brother to imply her approval of this plan. "I'll take your cherry honey, I'll fuck you! So long as you won't tell anyone." "I won't tell," said Alessandra, "Why would I? Come on daddy, you're hunky and gorgeous, I want you to have sex with me! Come on!" Knight shoved the duvet aside, pushing it to the floor, so that all three on the bed were exposed nude to the room. Knight moved down the bed and licked his daughter's cunt, lapping at the ten year old blonde girl's pussy. He ran his tongue up and down that bald slit, enjoying the taste of her virginal pussy juice. Then he got up and mounted her, reaching down to guide his prick into her cunt. Alessandra shuddered then relaxed, letting out a sweet breath of air into her

daddy's face as he deflowered her. "Mmmmm," sighed Alessandra, "It's nice!" Knight's cock was fully lodged up in the child's cunt. He fucked her gently and delighted in the feel of her firm little pre-teen body beneath him. "You okay honey?" he asked. "Yeah," replied Alessandra, "This is nice! I can see why mom get's so worked up about this! Mmm! Oh yeah, it feels nice daddy! Fuck me! Yeah." Knight fucked his daughter a little faster, realizing that the little minx was not as delicate as she appeared. He pumped his cock to and fro in her tight cunt, watching the ten year old angel beneath him squirm with delight. Aless meanwhile frigged her wet pussy, climaxing hard under her busy fingers as she watched her own daughter being fucked by her brother and father of that very girl. The complicated incestuous relations in this inter-generational coupling just turned her own so much that she was wracked with pleasure. Aless dug two fingers into her cunt and two into her asshole, kneeling up and grunting like a whore as she frigged her holes, her sexy body quivering with pleasures she watched her daughter being fucked. "You're so gorgeous honey," Knight told his daughter, "So beautiful! I'm going to fuck you a lot sweetheart!" He sealed his lips to Alessandra's, their tongues sliding over each other, explo ring each other's mouths. Knight humped Alessandra faster, feeling her tight cunt lip s clenched his throbbing shaft. His little girl humped her ass off the bed, making her enthusiasm for the incestous coupling clear as her daddy fucked her pussy. "Cum in me daddy," she whispered into Knight's ear after taking her mouth from his, "I want your cum in me! Cum in me like you do in mom's pussy and ass!" This hot talk from his little girl pushed Knight over the brink. He slammed his prick repeatedly into Alessandra and began cumming. Alessandra unexpectedly clim axed, bucking with joy under her dad's thrusting, gasping out in delight as she orgasmed. Her cunt lips tightened round her dad's cock, Knight spewing out his thick semen into Alessandra's womb. He kissed her again, pumping her cunt full o f jism whilst their tongues once more slid over each other, Aless meanwhile climaxing for a second time as she fingered her cunt and ass whilst watching this delightful union of father and daughter. Having finally finished emptying his nuts into his daughter's pre-teen cunt, Knight slid out Alessandra's cunt. He lay to one side and watched as Aless quick ly got down and started licking Alessandra's sperm-leaking pussy. The ten year old quivered with delight, humping her mom's face and watching intently as her mom lapped her daddy's cum from her bald pussy. Knight stroked his prick and watched Aless eat out their pre-teen daughter. It was an incredible sight and he felt so delighted to have taken his own little girl's virginity. His cock became hard once more and felt the need to fuck Aless andra for a second time, but he realized it wouldn't be fair to neglect Aless. So, he went to the foot of the bed and knelt behind his sister, Aless's shapely ass thrust in the air as she remained on her knees and elbows, tonguing Alessandra's cum-leaking pussy. Knight bent down and licked Aless's cunt from behind, probing it with his expert tongue, drinking up her juices. He moved up then licked her asshole, sliding his tongue in and out of that puckered hairless hole. Eventually, he got up and slid

his raging stiff cock into Aless's pussy, feeling how hot and wet it was simply through the stimulation his sister obtained from performing oral sex on their pre-teen daughter. Aless gave a muffled grunt of pleasure in between Alessandra' s thighs as she felt her brother's eight-inch cock drive up into her cunt, Knight holding his sister's hips as he began to hump back and forth in her twat. Alessa ndra was climaxing for a second time soon, her little legs shaking and her toes curling as she came. "Lick me mommy, I'm cumming again, uuuh. Oh, oh, oh...yeah," she gasped, reaching down and holding her mother's head and humping her cunt up into her face. Aless slurped more deeply on her daughter's cunt whilst Knight continued to screw her doggie-style. A few minutes later, Knight withdrew from Aless, eager to try his daughter's newly devirginated cunt again. Guessing her brother's intentions, Aless moved to oneside. "Get up honey," she said to Alessandra, "Onto your knees and elbows so daddy can fuck you from behind." Alessandra did so, wiggling her little bum in the air as she bent over on the be d. Knight almost came just at the sight of Alessandra's ass, those little round pal e buttocks spread with her pink anus winking between them. Her hairless pussy hung beneath, the lips puffy and wet with saliva, cunt juice and cum. Knight moved in behind his daughter and squeezed his member up into her tight cunt. Alessandra shuddered, groaning with pleasure as her daddy impaled her with his cock, Knight fucking his daughter in slow strokes whilst Aless reached under the girl and frigged her little clit. "Fuck me harder daddy," Alessandra urged Knight, "I can take it! Harder! Mom can frig my pussy in the meantime." "Whatever you say sweetheart," grunted Knight, humping Alessandra's pussy from b ehind harder whilst Aless masturbated the girl. Alessandra climaxed soon enough, layin g her head to oneside on the pillow and crying out. "I'm cumming again mommy," she wailed, "Daddy, fuck me! Uuuuh, yeah!" Knight slammed harder into the little girl, his hands flat over her little bum-cheeks as he slid his hard weapon in and out of her tight womb. Aless's digits continued to stimulate the child, helping to prolong her orgasm. When Alessandra had finished cumming, Knight eased out of her pussy and bent dow n to lick her asshole out. He swirled his tongue around her little pink anus and the pushed it in, Alessandra giggling at the nice but ticklish sensation of her dad' s tongue sliding into her bottom. Knight lapped at the girl's asshole for a few minutes then raised his head, Aless taking over, licking her daughter's asshole whilst still masturbating Alessandra's cunt with one hand and her own cunt with her other hand. When Aless raised her head, Alessandra's asshole was loosened and sl ick with saliva. The girl knew what was happening and braced herself. "Get read honey," Knight said, nudging the child's anus with his rock-hard cock, "I'm going to fuck you in your ass now. Your mom will frig you throughout,

that'll help take your mind off any discomfort." "Okay daddy," said Alessandra, trusting her father. She closed her eyes and felt her father's cock-head steadily squeeze up into her ass. Her sphincter bloomed open and suddenly a couple of inches of Knight's prick slid into her ass. "Uuuuuh, nngg!" grunted Alessandra. "You okay honey?" asked Knight. "Yeah," Alessandra confirmed, "I'm okay. It feels nice." "Go slow Knight," Aless said, "Get it all up there." Her brother eased forwards some more, pushing onwards, finally wedging the entire length of his tool in Alessandra's asshole. "So tight," he panted, "So lovely and tight!" "That's nice," Alessandra gasped, "Yeah! It feels really good! It's like poohing , only backwards!" The girl giggled then started grunting with little pants of pleasure as her father slid halfway out her ass and thrust back into her again. Aless had moved aside now, using both her hands to frig her own sopping pussy and asshole, driving two fingers into each hole, and shortly climaxing at the sight of her brother sodomizing their daughter. Alessandra's little body was humped up the be d as Knight began thrusting harder, driving his iron-hard weapon deeper into Alessand ra's rectum. "Don't forget me," Aless said shortly, getting onto her hands and knees alongside Gemmma with her bum in the air, "My little girl isn't going to have a monopoly on her daddy's dick!" "Okay honey," Knight grinned, easing his prick from Alessandra's tight asshole. He moved over to Aless and squeezed his cock into her bum which was loosened after she'd fingered it herself. He drove his member to the hilt into his sister's shit-chute and began buggering her deeply, Aless grunting like a slut as her boobs swung back and forth under her. "Fuck my asshole," she panted, "I love being assfucked! Harder Knight, come on! Uuuh. Uh. My dear brother, ass-fuck me. Yeah!" Knight increased his pace further, feeling his boiling seed begin to rise from his nuts which swung and banged against Aless's dripping twat, Alessandra meanwh ile kneeling up and watching whilst stroking her pussy. "Hey daddy, why don't you cum on mommy's face like you did to me yesterday?" she suggested. "I've a better idea," Knight replied, whipping his throbbing tool from Aless's bum, "I'll cum on both your faces!" Aless flipped over and lay down, getting Alessandra to lie alongside her, their heads together. Knight knelt over them and whacked off, grunting as he pumped his cock with his fist. "Here it is you lovely ladies...uuuuuh!" His fist was a blur as he began climaxed, jacking off hard and sending a big wad of spunk into Aless's open mouth. He moved his dick to oneside and the second stream of sperm hit Alessandra just under her left eye. The third pump landed on Aless's forehead, the forth onto Alessandra's chin. Knight let out a long sigh a s he continued jerking off, emptying his sticky load all over his sister and daughter, making sure the spunk was splattered fairly evenly over their pretty faces. When he'd finished he slumped back, tired, Aless and Alessandra both sitt

ing up and giggling as they admired each other's cum-splattered faces, some of the white fluid dripping from their chins and onto their chests. They kissed lewdly and frigged each other's pussies whilst swapping cum and saliva. The three of them showered together, giggling and soaping down each other's bodies. Knight may not be in his youth anymore but at twenty-seven he was still young enough to become aroused again fairly quickly. In the big steamy shower, he fucked Alessandra and Aless's mouths, both his sister and daughter kneeling a nd alternately sucking on Knight's cock as the hot water cascaded down onto them. Alessandra was lucky enough to receive her father's sperm, greedily drinking it down whilst her mom licked Knight's nuts. Afterwards, they dried themselves off and dressed before helping themselves to a big breakfast.

Alessandra had turned into a real little nympho! In her tight ass-hugging shorts and T-shirt, she scampered around the apartment, impatient for more fucking. Knight, however, had a little work to catch up on and he sat with his lap-top on the sofa. Aless did some housework, Alessandra helping her and taking plenty of opportunities to kiss her mother lewdly whenever there was a pause in cleaning up the home. At twelve o'clock, Knight flicked off his lap-top and put it to oneside. He poured a glass of wine for himself and drank it whilst listening to his sister and daughter humming cheerfully as they tidied up the bedrooms down the hallway. "All finished," Alessandra declared shortly, strolling into the living room. "You'll make a good little housewife honey," Knight smiled, his daughter sitting on the sofa next to him. Knight finished his wine and turned to Alessandra, kiss ing the pretty youngster passionately. Aless, wearing tight jeans and a low-cut top that showed off a good deal of cleavage, walked in a moment later. She made a glass of wine for herself and stood near the window, sipping her drink and becoming more aroused by the minute as she watched her brother and Alessandra ki ss like lovers. Alessandra moved apart from her father and stood up. "Get undressed honey," Knight said. "You do it daddy," Alessandra grinned, "Take my clothes off for me!" Knight leaned forwards and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Alessandra's pink shorts. He slid them down, revealing her bald twat. "No panties daddy," she giggled. Knight pulled his daughter's shorts down to her ankles (she was wearing frilly white socks) and Alessandra obligingly stepped out of them. Putting the shorts t o oneside, Knight stood and took the hem of Alessandra's T-shirt, lifting it up, A lessandra raising her arms so her daddy could pull her top off. Now she stood in nothing but her socks. "You look so hot honey," Knight said, bending down to kiss the girl who was eighteen-inches shorter than him. He took off his jumper then his jeans and socks. Finally his boxer shorts were whipped off and his long erection sprung out and pointed directly at Alessandra's little belly-button. The girl got to he r

knees and took her daddy's cock, swirling her tongue over the head the way she'd seen her mom do previously. Then she sucked down a couple of inches into her mouth, Knight standing and sighing with pleasure as his ten year old daughter sucked his prick. Aless had finished her wine and removed her clothes so that she was naked. The nipples on her heavy breasts were stiff and her big dark eyes filled with lust as she strode over to be next to her brother. "Lick mommy now honey," she said. Alessandra took her dad's dick from her mouth and turned to her mother, unhesitantly running her tongue up and down her mommy's cunt. She loved the taste of her mother's moist pussy-lips and she giggled at the ticklish feel of her mom's black pubes bristling her nose. Aless took a deep breath, closing her eyes and running her hands through Alessandra's hair as the girl ate her cunt. Knight knelt behind Aless, placing his hands on her round bum-cheeks and parting them to reveal her puckered asshole. He knew how much his sister loved having her anus attended to - by tongues, fingers and cocks - and he deftly began licking Aless's nether hole. He squeezed his tongue up there, snaking it up the gorgeous slut's rectum, Aless breathing hard at the twin pleasures of her brother licking her asshole and her little daughter licking her cunt. Alessandra was pushing her tongue further into her mom's pussy, up into he r womb, drinking the juices there. Soon Alessandra's delicate chin was slick with juice. "Oooh, I'm cumming," Aless gasped, her legs feeling wobbly as she pinched her nipples with her fingers and thumbs, "Uuuuh, I'm cumming...oooh!" Alessandra was spurred on to lick her mom's pussy deeper, wanting to make her mo mmy cum. Knight worked behind Aless, squirming his tongue up his sister's butt. She climaxed hard, letting out a long moan of pleasure as her two holes were licked out. When her mom had finished orgasming, Alessandra moved back, grinning up at her beautiful mother, cunt-juice slathered over her jaw and chin. Knight took his tongue from Aless's asshole and stood up, turning his sister round and kissing her on the lips. "I want fucking again," Alessandra declared, throwing herself onto an armchair a nd flinging her legs apart. "And that's what you'll get dear," her father replied. Knight knelt before his daughter and placed his cock to her pre-teen slit and entered her with a single, hard thrust. Alessandra grunted with joy as her fathe r began fucking her cunt deeply. "Fuck me daddy, uuuuh!" Knight kissed the girl, stroking her flat chest and lightly pinching her puffy nipples whilst shafting her. Aless came over and sat on the arm-rest, fingering her cunt with her forefinger and index finger. She then took the digits from her twat and offered them to Alessandra, who quickly sucked on the juice fingers, ta sting her mom's pussy on them. Aless did this a few times, sticking her fingers up her cunt and letting Alessandra suck on them. Whilst fucking Alessandra, Knight reac hed under his sister and stuck his forefinger up her ass to the knuckle. He withdrew it and gave it to Alessandra, who giggled then sucked her dad's offered finger, tas

ting her mother's ass on it. "My turn for a fuck," Aless announced. Her brother obligingly slid out of Alessandra's cunt and the girl got up. Aless sat down now, spreading her legs, Knight pushing his cock up into his sister's twat and fucking her with deep and hard strokes. Alessandra copied her mom, alternate ly fingering her pussy and asshole and giving her digits for her mom to greedily slurp on. Five minutes later, Knight slid his dick from his sister's pussy. "Lick mommy now Alessandra," he said, "Get down and lick her out! I'll fuck your ass in the meantime honey and fill your bum with sperm." Alessandra adored this idea! She got on her hands and knees in front of the armc hair and began thirstily slurping at her mom's wet twat. Her dad bent down and licked her asshole thoroughly then got up and placed his cock to her anus. Knight eased his way in, careful but firm, squeezing more and more of his long shaft into his daughter's clasping anus. He was soon buried in her ass and he sodomized the child deeply. Alessandra loved this feeling, her daddy's nice big penis in her bottom, and it encouraged her to suck her mom's twat more passionately. Aless climaxed shortly, groaning with joy as her daughter's tongue worked it's way up into her pussy. Knight began to climax shortly afterwards, gripping Alessandra's narrow waist an d pounding her tender asshole with his meat. His sperm erupted, thick gouts of it geysering out into the depths of Alessandra's rectum. "Uuuh, what a tight ass Alessandra," he moaned, "Aaah, fuck!" His cock felt like it was exploding, spraying Alessandra's guts with spunk, the girl's asshole spasmin g tightly round the base of his shaft. "Fuck her ass honey," Aless encouraged her brother, "Shoot it all up her bum!" "Oh fuck, yeah!" the young father cried, pumping out the last of his semen into Alessandra's bowels. He got his breath back and slid his pole from his little gi rl's bottom, her anus dilated and leaking jism. The girl raised her head from between her mother's thighs and turned round, kissing her daddy hard, Knight tasting Aless's cunt on his daughter's lips. Aless frigged her clit idly whilst watching the two kiss on the floor before her. Then she joined in, the three of them exchanging hot kisses, Aless and Knight both slipping a finger each into Alessan dra's twat, the girl moaning into her mother's mouth as she felt both parent's digits in her cunt. Soon the trio moved apart, out of breath. They had certainly built up a big appetite for their lunch!

They fucked together again later that afternoon. Alessandra couldn't get enough of being fucked and her parents were so delighted the child was joining in with them. Before dinner, they went to frolick on the huge bed in Knight and Aless's room. They sucked and licked Alessandra all over, bringing the little angel off to a

good couple of climaxes. Then Knight took turns fucking his sister and then daughter, shafting their pussies and finishing off by ejaculating all over Aless's luscious tits, Alessandra licking her daddy's cum off of those big boobs . For an encore Knight had Aless and Alessandra get on their hands and knees and he sp ent a full hour fucking their asses, switching back and forth and bum-fucking those delightful babes. It was Aless who received the honor of receiving Knight's sticky cum in her rectum. Knight took a breather, drinking a glass of wine and watching Aless and Alessandra suck and finger each other's pussies. They sixty-n ined, then Aless had her daughter fist her cunt and asshole at the same time. Freshly erect, Knight joined in once more, screwing whichever hole his ladyfriends offered to him. He ejaculated deep into Alessandra's pussy whilst fucking her doggie-style, blasting his daughter's womb full of cum whilst he licked out Aless's pussy. After that, they had a nap and upon waking, showered, dressed and went out for dinner at a downtown restaurant. They spent the evening fucking again, Knight squirting one load of cum up Alessandra's pussy then another load into Aless's mouth. Then Alessandra went to bed, exhausted, leaving her parents to relax in front of the TV. "That's one fantastic daughter we've got," Aless concluded when she and Knight got ready for bed. "She sure is sis," Knight agreed. He then took Aless to bed, fucked her pussy for a full hour, before he shot his cum deep in her womb. Then they settled down to sleep after an exhausting day.

Knight got home from work that Monday, feeling energetic despite his day at the office. He was feeling horny and looking forward to fucking his daughter again. He entered the living room, having heard sucking noises from down the hallway and guessing what Aless and Alessandra were up to. There, on the floor, mother a nd daughter were naked and in a sixty-nine. Aless was down below, Alessandra on top , their tongues lapping at each other's pussies. "Morning ladies," Knight smiled, removing his clothes. "Hi daddy," Alessandra grinned, the resumed slurping her mom's twat. Knight was soon naked, his cock rigid and jutting straight out, the head swollen and purple. He knelt behind Aless, looking at her nice spread ass, her anus winking up at him, and below it her wet cunt being eaten out by Alessandra from below. Aless's head crammed between Alessandra's spread legs, her tongue snaking up into her daughter's bald twat. Knight bent down and started running his tongue over Aless's asshole. He lightly fingered her, sliding in a digit to the second-joint and wriggling it around, then taking it out and shoving his tongue up there again. Aless enjoyed this a great deal, her brother and daughter licking her ass and cunt at the same time. "Fuck her dad," Alessandra was saying from underneath her mother, "Fuck her ass! I'll get a good view from here! You stick your dick in mommy's bum and I'll stick my tongue in her pussy!" "Okay dear, I'm sure mommy will love that," her father said. Knight got up and placed his cock to Aless's loosened anus. He began sliding into her, Aless relaxing her sphincter and allowing her brother to push his pole up into her rectum. Soon all eight-inches were crammed in Aless's ass and Knight began

fucking her with steady strokes. Still licking her mom's wet twat, Alessandra ha d a good close-up view here of her daddy's long member working in and out of Aless's clutching hairless asshole. Aless panted lustily into her daughter's cunt, feeling such pleasure rising from her pussy and anus as they were licked and fucked. Knight hunched over his sister, grunting as he sodomized her, his nut-sac bouncing on Alessandra's forehead. "Fuck me," Aless grunted, looking over her shoulder, "Fuck my ass Knight! Fuck my shitter! Uuuuh! Alessandra, keep licking mommy's pussy! That's it, dig your t ongue in there. UUUUH! Fuck, I'm cumming! Aaah!" She climaxed powerfully, Knight helping to prolong his sister's orgasm by shafting her shitter even harder. Alessandra buried as much of her little tongue as possible into her mother's cunt, slurping at the juices that dripped from that hot slit. Knight was on the brink of climax but he held back, slowing down his thrusts before finally pulling his throbbing cock from out of Aless's rectum. Aless clambered off from Alessandra and slumped back, breathing hard and smiling . Alessandra went over and kissed her mother, their tongues sliding over each othe r's. "Alessandra honey," Knight said, "I want to fuck you now. Get on the armchair an d spread your legs sweety." Alessandra did so, parting her thighs widely and licking her lips as her daddy c ame over and knelt in front of her. Knight pushed his hard dong into Alessandra's ti ght cunt, the girl sighing with pleasure as she felt her ten year old cunt fill with hard cock-meat. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me," she panted. Knight pulled half-way out of his child then slammed in to the hilt, repeating this steadily, Alessandra moaning with pleasure. Aless staggered to her feet and came over, standing next to her brother who turned and started licking out her pussy. Knight thrust his tongue deep into Aless's cunt, sucking her moistness whilst deeply fucking Alessandra's cunt. "Lick me brother, uuuh," Aless grunted, grinding her cunt into Knight's face. Her brother slurped noisily, reaching round behind Aless to pop a finger up her asshole which added to her thrill. Alessandra climaxed meanwhile, panting hotly with lust as she came under her father's steady shafting of her pussy. "I'm cumming daddy, fuck me, yeah!" Knight humped the girl throughout her climax, Alessandra almost swooning with pleasure. Her orgasm finally died down and her father slowed his fuck-thrusts. Once again, Knight remained still hard and unspent when he finally slid out of Alessandra's cunt. "Are you going to cum soon daddy?" "In a minute Alessandra. I want you and your mommy to kneel next to each other s o I can cum all over your faces." "Oh goody," grinned Alessandra. She got onto the floor and knelt down, Aless doi ng likewise, both mother and daughter putting their heads together, cheek-to-cheek. Knight stood before them, pumping his cock with his fist. "Here it is," he grunted, "UUUUUH! FUCK!" It was like a supernova of cum, an explosion of thick white fluid pumping out powerfully from his cock as he jacked-off. He was sure to move his prick from

side-to-side as he masturbated, spraying his prodigious load all over Aless and Alessandra's faces. They caught what they could in their mouths and swallowed, m ost of the sperm ending up striking their faces or landing in their hair. Stray drops were flung over their chests and shoulders. When the flow began to die down, Knight moved forward and wiped his sticky cock-head over Alessandra's fore head, squeezing out the last of his ejaculate which oozed onto his daughter's pale skin and ran down her. She and her mother were drenched! "That was cool," Aless giggled. She turned and kissed her daughter lustily, both of them reaching out and fingering each other's cunts whilst they kissed. Then they cleaned each other up, lapping the cum of their faces and kissing, swapping sperm and saliva. This had Knight hard again within just a few minutes. Not wasting anytime, Aless turned to her brother and sucked on his prick, slurping on the head and jacking off the shaft. Alessandra stood nearby, Knight turning to his daughter and licki ng her bald little pussy. "Lick me daddy," Alessandra panted, running her little fingers through her fathe r's hair as he worked his tongue up her pre-teen cunt. They eventually moved over to the sofa, all frisky and ready for more sex. Knight sat on the sofa and Aless mounted him, lowering her cunt onto her brother's prick. She kissed her brother as she rode him, her ass thrust out behind her. Acting on her own initiative, Alessandra took some Vaseline and grea sed up her fist. Then she knelt in front of the sofa, looking at her mom's bum in front of her, her daddy's cock sticking up into Aless's pussy, Aless's asshole loose and hanging open slightly between her round buttocks. "Stop bouncing on daddy's dick for a moment mom," Alessandra said. Aless obeyed and she felt a real thrill when Alessandra placed her greased up fist to Aless's ass hole. "Push it up my ass," Aless begged. Alessandra did so, squeezing her fist up into her mom's asshole until her wrist was in the grip of her mother's sphincter. Aless resumed bouncing on her brother's hard tool, her tits in his face, crying out lustily as she was cunt-fucked and ass-fisted at the same time. She was in heaven and came twice in the ten-minutes that this delightful episode lasted. Her brother fucked upwards, driving his cock into her cunt, Alessandra meanwhile thrusting her fist deep into Aless's co lon, her little biceps flexing as she did so. Eventually Aless tired, and Alessandra tugged her fist from out her mother's bum . Aless dismounted her brother, Knight's cock very hard and slick with pussy-juice. "Fuck my asshole daddy," Alessandra cried, getting on her hands and knees on the floor with her cute little bum thrust outwards, "I need ass-fucking. Pleeease!" "Okay kid, have patience," laughed Knight. He got onto the floor behind Alessand ra and rubbed his prick-head - slick with pussy juice - against Alessandra's tight little anus. "Don't tease me daddy, I want it up my ass now!"

Knight grinned and pushed the tip of his cock into his daughter's asshole. Aless andra yelped with pleasure and Knight held the girl's hips and drove the rest of his long cock right up into the child's rectum. "That's good daddy, I like that! Yeah! Yeah!" "What a lovely little slut I have for a daughter," smirked Knight, working his cock up and down in Alessandra's poop-chute. Aless came over and sat in front of Alessandra, spreading her legs so her little girl could lick her pussy. Alessand ra hungrily ate out her mom's twat whilst her father sodomized her clutching asshole. Knight and Aless exhanged grins across Alessandra's back, both so glad that their little daughter was such an eager participant in their sex life. Knight ass-fucked Alessandra harder, Alessandra licked out Aless's cunt deeper, and soo n they all came together. Aless cried out lustily as she climaxed under her daughter's tongue-work. Alessandra climaxed as she her daddy's big cock slammed repeatedly into her ass. Finally, Knight spewed out his cum deep into his little girl's rectum. They eventually moved apart, exhausted but already looking forward to having an early night that evening!

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