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DESCRIPTION The Master Actuation Package, P/N 70-191, is used to operate the solenoid operated clean agent containers. The actuation package utilizes a 24 Vdc electric solenoid and is connected to a small cylinder filled with nitrogen. Operation of the master actuator occurs by either: 1. Electrical input from a fire control panel, or 2. Operation of a mechanical manual actuator Each clean agent container assembly requires a means of actuation. A single container assembly requires one Master Actuation Package. When multiple containers are in a manifold style arrangement, one Master Actuation Package is utilized to start the discharge sequence. All other containers on the manifold are equipped with a Slave Actuation Package (P/N 70-194), which includes a pneumatic valve and nitrogen pilot cylinder. A maximum of six additional containers can be operated from a single Master Actuation Package. ELECTRIC SOLENOID The Master Actuation Package includes a 24Vdc electric solenoid, which can be electrically or manually activated. In the event of facility power failure and battery backup failure, the Fike suppression system can still be manually operated. To initiate the manual activation operation, remove the locking pin and press the red manual activation button. This will initiate the discharge sequence. Once activated, the Master Actuator must be recharged by Fike or an authorized Fike distributor. NITROGEN CYLINDER The Master Actuation Package comes equipped with a rechargable nitrogen cylinder, with a charge pressure of 124 bar at 22oC. The nitrogen pressure is continuously monitored by a combination pressure gauge/switch assembly included in the actuator assembly. Refer to Fike Actuator Recharge Manual, P/N 06-321, for recharge instructions. PRESSURE GAUGE/SWITCH The master actuation package includes a combination pressure gauge and low- pressure supervisory switch that allows visual and control panel monitoring of the nitrogen cylinder pressure. APPROVALS UL - Pending FM Approved - 3021506 DOT Compliant

Form No. C.2.42.01

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INSTALLATION The Master Actuation Package comes equipped with a wall mounting bracket for installation within one meter of the clean agent storage container it is intended to actuate. A one meter long flexible pilot hose is included with the actuator kit and is used to connect the Master Actuation Package to the clean agent storage container valve assembly.

ELECTRIC SOLENOID SPECIFICATIONS Nominal Supply Voltage: 24Vdc Min. Signal Duration: 2 seconds Max. Supervision Current: 10mA Min. Fire Current: 0.6 A Electrical Connection: DIN 43650 (Hirshmann) Operating Temp. Range: -20 to 50oC Note: Installer must provide diode. PRESSURE SWITCH SPECIFICATIONS Temperature Limits: -40 to +60oC Housing Classification: IP65 Contact Rating: Normally Closed at >120 bar Contacts rated at 5 - 100mA Electrical Connection: DIN 43650 Compact (Hirshmann) Supplied with 0.3m cable Pressure Setting: 120 bar (decreasing) NITROGEN CYLINDER SPECIFICATIONS Filling Pressure: 124 bar @ 22C Volume: 460ml Max. Exposure Temp: 55oC Classification: 2.2 Shipping Number: UN1066

Single Clean Agent Container with Master Actuation Package

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