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NED University of Engineering & Technology Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE) - NED Academy

Offers 2 Weeks ( 5 Days / Week Classes) 40 Hours Course

HIGH SPEED PCB LAYOUT Altium Designer 9.0

OBJECTIVE: This course is suitable for PCB designers who want to grow their capabilities in more depth and advance their skills in design and analysis of power PCBs. The course also include the basics of designing, analysis and fabrication techniques of PCBs and quickly advances towards the objectives that include thermal mitigation, EMI/EMC compliance, analysis of power planes, PCB materials. This training introduces the participants to the process, tools, and methodology of PCB layout design with hands-on approach, participants will acquire basic to advanced skills in the use of current PCB layout design software and techniques. Schematics, PCB layouts, symbols and wiring diagrams will be produced on CAD workstations; Developed in accordance with advanced design methodology vis-a-vis familiarization with the features and functionality of Altium Designer PCB layout system. COURSE OUTLINE: Introduction to the PCB Design Software Environment, Environment features and processes, Creating a new library, Creating a new component, Creating multipart component, Library Fields, Default Designator, Copying existing component in library, Setting pin attribute, Installing existing libraries, Library fields, Schematic editor, Different modes of hierarchal design, ERC, Bill of Material, Single node nets etc, Design Directives in a Schematic Document, Direct wiring, Net label, Power ports, Sheet entries, Ports, Grids and Cursors, Creating schematic document, Setting up design Environment, Creating your own template, Adding library to the schematic design, Searching components in libraries etc, Multi-sheet concept, Global ports & net label, Compiling the Project to check for errors, PCB editor environment features and processes, PCB materials, PCB Designing, Layer Stack-up Buildup, Component selection and placement, Design and analysis of ground, power & spilit planes, Design rule Check, Filtration techniques of power, Analog/RF/Digital routing, FAB notes, layer setup, plating types etc., Differential routing, Dual Strip line routing techniques, Checklist, Gerber Files Output, PCB Fabrication Process, Basic drawing and dimensioning, Standards, Pick & place file, Complete hands-on exercises, Q&A, Project & Quiz Program: To Start from: February 27, 2012 Trainer: Timings: 16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs (Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays, Engineer Adil Mushtaq Friday & Saturday) Consultant, Fee:Rs.20,000/-includes, folder, refreshments, Avionics & Weapons System Development Tea and Certificate. Air Weapons Complex Venue: Computer lab-CCEE NED. Contact: Engr. Syed Anis-ul Qadr, Director (0333 239 7526) Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE) Tel: 9926 1261-8 Ext: 2297 & 2594 Fax. 9926 1255 Email: URL: