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FY12 Performance and Development Guide

You deserve to know:

What is expected of you How you are doing at meeting expectations How to take ownership of your future

Employee Name: (First & Last Name) Employee ID: Manager Name: (First & Last Name) Date: What are your strengths?

Chris Winther A764347 Sergios Maromichalis 06/03/11 Position: General Manager

Woo, Communication, Competitive, Strategic, Positivity

Committing to Your Development

Employee: Its up to you to own your development and to hold your manager accountable for providing regular feedback so you can grow for future roles. When you get the development support you deserve, your power as an employee is unleashed enabling you and Best Buy to reach maximum potential. Managers: In order for the company to grow, employees need to perform at their maximum potential and bring their very best to work each day. Its up to you to: Build an inclusive environment where all employees are respected and honored for their unique contributions to the business. Help employees understand and focus their efforts on areas of greatest contribution. Ensure employees are getting the feedback, recognition and development they deserve. Have regular conversations about specific development opportunities to help employees increase their readiness for future roles. Development should be simple and built into our everyday business rhythms. This form is an easy way to facilitate development conversations between managers and employees, ensuring our people receive the engaging developmental feedback they deserve.


NOTE: For more information about how you can customize this form to fit the unique needs of your business or role, access the PDG Teaching Tools on This form will expand as you enter comments.

Lets Get Clear

As an EmployeeAt Any Given Time

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No

I understand that I am expected to meet the performance standards for my role. I have an opportunity to improve prior to any formal review; at minimum, mid-year and year-end. My manager helps me gain skills and experiences that enable me to achieve business outcomes and future career goals. I understand development is driven by me with support from my manager and the company. I am recognized for my performance and the contributions I make in a way that motivates me.

1. What Is Expected Of Me?


Objectives What I Do (60%)



How I Do It (40%)

Manager and employee agree to and document Core Job Accountabilities and Business Metrics.



Learn From Challenge and Change Show Respect, Humility and Integrity Unleash the Power of Our People Have Fun While Being the Best
Core Job Accountabilit ies Business Metrics Company Values

2. How Am I Doing Against Expectations?

Employee: Provide specific examples of how you performed. Where did you make your greatest contribution? What things could you have done better? Manager: Is the employee meeting expectations? What feedback/suggestions do you have for the employee to improve performance? Q1 Performance Feedback

Revenue-106.35% Gross Profit Rate-103.59% NOP-106.66%

Employee4.00 Customer4.00 GM-4.00

Revenue-4 NOP-4 Gross PR-4

Learn-4 Show-5 Unleash-4 Have Fun-4

CSI-84.6% Sales Mystery Shop-86.7% We had a solid quarter. Full bonus for leadership and blue crew bucks for employees. Currently my focus is developing leadership at all levels. A main focus is having my leadership team develop replacements so they can influence other departments as well as district. Shane McNeese has taken constructive feedback and has improved his performance. He has also developed Andy Sommers into a strong leader in the store. Shane is currently focusing on networking and professionalism. Ali and Dayna are performing well and both have replacements in place. Michelle Cooper is currently on an Action Plan. The Plan is focused on values and employee relationships. Her results have been good-She placed 5th on last years annual score card. I am working on building respect between Michelle and her team.

Q2/Mid-Year Feedback Revenue 107.2% Gross profit rate-99.76% NOP- 97.81% CSI-83 5% Mystery Shop -63.36% We delivered a partial Blue crew bonus and partial STI for managers. So a good Q2 not great. Michelle Copper has been following her action plan and has improved performance. She has improved from bottom operations score card to mid range. She has been consistent in Q2. Ali Beik id performing well and has focused on Blake Huffs development. Alis departments still struggle with in-home services and buy back. Shane McNeese is a B employee now. In a 1-on-1 I told him I am not getting 100% performance from him. He is working his action plan but the results are still not there. Dayna Tervort gets the praise this quarter for a solid PI. We came in at a (.20) and the difference was (3.83)

Employee4.00 Customer4.00 GM-4.00

Revenue-4 NOP-4 Gross PR-4

Learn-4 Show-5 Unleash-4 Have Fun-4

Q3 Performance Feedback

Q4/Annual Feedback

NOTE: To calculate quarterly/annual scores and access the Performance Appraisal and Signature Page, click here. 3. Am I Taking Ownership Of My Career? (NOTE: These factors are not included in your Annual Review Rating)
I know what I want from my career and have a plan for my development Yes No My manager and I have created developmental assignments I need to achieve my career aspirations Yes No My Development Designation by quarter: Support Mastery Q1: __ ___________________ ___________________ Q2: __ Watch and Grow, Re-engage/Reposition, Support Movement (Lateral or Vertical), ___________________ Q3: __ ___________________ Q4: __

I am geographically mobile (Check all that apply): Globally: Canada China Mexico United Kingdom United States Puerto Rico _________ Nationally: Within my District Within my Territory Within my Country Within my Corporate Office

Other __

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