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September 2010


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Supporting the Future Internet PPP
The advanced cloud facilities offered by the BonFIRE project will provide much needed capacity to the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP). Work starts on this ambitious European initiative in early 2011 with the FI-Core Platform and initial usage area projects. Clouds are an essential technical pillar of the FI-Core Platform and a key enabler for operational efficiencies but many challenges exist for cloud usage in the highly regulated sectors targeted. Clouds capabilities need to go way beyond current public cloud offerings and this is where BonFIRE fits in. The Internet of Services (IoS) is at the heart of Europes vision for the Future Internet. Value-added connections between people, objects, infrastructure and content will all be made possible by new service technologies. Development of successful services can be challenging and testbeds are an essential part to allow technical and socio-economic impact to be explored. This is especially true for disruptive technologies that impact current Internet business of models. With and the
The cloud Service, Platform, Infrastructure (SPI) layered architectural model underpins the BonFIRE offer. Testbeds will be provided using IaaS delivery. Easy to use methodologies, tools and services will support cloud federation, virtual machine The facility will give researchers access to large-scale virtualised compute, storage and networking resources with the necessary control and monitoring services for detailed experimentation of their systems and

The Internet of Services P.1 What users need to know P.2 Open Call Early Info P.2

Supporting Innovation in the Internet of Services.

applications. The facility will allow the evaluation of cross-cutting effects of converged service and network infrastructures and the assessment of socio-economic impact.




scenarios increasing the development of testbeds are increasingly challenging and costly. A new approach for European test bed provision is needed that moves away from project and industry specific facilities to general purpose, reusable, low-cost testing and experimentation services.

management, service modelling, experiment lifecycle management, quality of service monitoring and analytics. Some tesdbed sites will be federated where multi-site, multi-domain experiments are need.

HOW CAN BONFIRE HELP BonFIRE can support specific development phases of the FI-PPP. FI-Core Platform developers may want to test early integrations of generic enablers, and usage area projects may wish to assess prototypes of FI technologies during requirements and definition phases.

The BonFIRE project will drive excellence in European services research. with Through test bed collaboration providers, and and

partnerships The BonFIRE (Building service testbeds for Future Internet Research and Experimentation) Project is providing a state-of-the art multi-site cloud facility for applications, services and systems research in the Internet of Services community.

experimenters, BonFIRE will ensure that Europe remains at the forefront service technologies.

The BonFIRE Project Issue 01 Sept 2010

Driving Cloud Scenarios

The BonFIRE Project will support experimentation of innovative scenarios from the IoS research community. Experiments are expected to focus research challenges associated with service and network convergence. IoS experimenters are often Three high-level cloud scenarios have been defined. The scenarios demonstrate how the BonFIRE project will extend existing cloud offerings towards an infrastructure for federated compute, storage and networking resources. faced with the question "Why should I use an external facility instead of creating my own testbed?" This sort of question is riddled with pre-conceptions and concerns about quality, reliability, loss of control and accountability outsourced BonFIRE Scenario 1: clouds with heterogeneous resources that can be controlled and monitored by users is when services. different. using But The

What BonFIRE users really need to know!

We have created a list of 4 important points about the BonFIRE offer that will help you make up your mind
experimenters and test bed providers working on innovative The consists providers who of and will service BonFIRE leading cloud work in monitoring APIs and the ability to scale beyond current research

technologies. consortium service

project testbeds. In addition, the experimental process is supported by tools that ensure results are verifiable and reproducible. BonFIRE is about efficiency. The BonFIRE


consultation with users of the facility to ensure strong experiment hypothesis, design and execution

We believe that successful FI experimentation requires strong hypothesis, robust technology and great partnerships
BonFIRE is

project will reduce costs allowing researchers to achieve more by focusing on innovation rather then testbed operations..

facility is being built by service providers for service providers and this fact means that we are deeply aware of the
BonFIRE is about state-of-the-art cloud technologies. BonFIRE does not replace current public cloud offerings but does offer something different. BonFIRE access to



concerns and how to address Scenario 2: clouds with emulated network them.

experiments. BonFIREs success is related to the success of innovative experiments. Its in our interests to make this happen and to serve the IoS research community. We will work closely with you to achieve this.


BonFIRE partnership

is and will





collaboration. bring together

heterogeneous cloud resources with advanced low-level control and

Scenario 3: clouds with complex physical network implications interconnecting BonFIRE sites with Federica, Open Cirrus and Panlab.


Open Call for Experiments

Q: How do I get involved with the BonFIRE Project?
Why not start considering how BonFIRE can support your RTD plans today? Do you have good research results but need to consider wider performance, scalability and We are offering up to 200K funding contribution (total 1,34 M Euro) for innovative service and network experiments that use the BonFIRE facility. The aim is to stimulate demand security characteristics to achieve exploitation potential? Do you have novel early prototype component implementations that need exploration before integration into larger Future Internet systems?


and establish a methodology of experimentally driven research.
The funding will be allocated through a series of open calls. The first open call will be launched in March 2011 and aims to target the Internet of Services and Future Networks research communities.

Whatever your need please contact us directly to help us shape the future. If you want to talk to us directly we will be attending and ICT2010 27-29 Sept and IoS collaboration meeting 19-20 Oct 2010. Look forward to seeing you there.

2010 The University of Southampton IT Innovation Centre, The University of Edinburgh, ATOS Origin and other members of the BonFIRE consortium