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Control on mind Smart work & sharp work Balanced food Regular exercise Enough sleep Positive attitude Inspirational reading Relaxation Self development training Smart work-to work in right direction,to work with right method Fix goals-ask these questions to yourself 1)what I want in my life? 2)what I want to do in my life? 3)what I want to become in my life? 4)how do I want to live? Which kind of work do u like to do? What is your priority in your life? Arrange them in descending order Most priority work comes first Fix your goal extremely high Magic of thinking book Think very high Make a goal chart Read your goal everyday

Goal chart
Physical goal Caree r Life time goal 10 years goal 5 years goal 1 year goal Learn everyday something new Learn everyday how to live life? Ask your self how is my behavior with other people & with my family members? healt h wealt h Mental goal Family goal Social-spiritual goal

Behave with others like you have only last 24 hrs in your life!!! & then see the changes in your behavior.

4 pillars of life

Physic Ment Soci Spiritu al al al al

Health Wealth General knowledge Professional knowledge To love To know your peope self To be Contribution loved by people

Positive thinking will change your life There should be no negative input It is proved that if we do any kind of work or thinking continuously for 21 days then it is converted into our habit from 22nd day. Speak daily this sentence three times:

Day by day ,in every way ,I Better and better

am getting

When you get negative command speak two time cancel cancel and give positive command to yourself two times
Practice telepathy Listen to conscience Emotional quotient(EQ)=positive emotions/negative emotions Remember that :bhavshe,favshe,gamshe Before sleeping, think for about 30 minuts what you have done the whole day And plan for the next day Try to visualize the thoughts Plan everything with your subconscious mind Create opportunities Give time limit to your target Deepak chopara=age less body timeless mind Immunity power Book-power of subconscious mind by joseph Love medicine and miracle If u think positive then u can stop and remove any disease from your body by effect of subconscious mind like cancer. Subconscious mind-solution for the all kind of problems even that you cant imagine

Mind power book Creative thinking Book-spring of inspiration Our subconscious mind is power is a magnet which can attract any thing which it wants Decide your dominating thought- u have to think all the time about it,u have to taik about it,u have to dream about it nothing else Development of mind power-positive reading,relaxation,meditation,visualization Conscious mind power-10% Sunconscious mind power-90% devine power Subconscious mind has no limit of Time and space Unlimited power book All human minds are connected to one another state state in which conscious and subconscious mind meets and in this state power of subconscious mind is maximum getting up time and initial sleeping time are state relaxation(control your thinking process ) is best way to enter in state desire +decision = determination(make it right now) make a map of life that means target or goal if u dont design your life then it will be designed by default if u fail to plan, you plan to fail decide your role model and remember them in your way that how he reach there? Believe strongly that u will achive your goal and dreams Change your belief ,change your life Dictionary of God-it has only one word written ten thousand times SO BE IT (tathastu) If u say my future is bright ,God will say tathastu thinking,positive speaking,positive

If u have lots of problems, god will say tathastu Trust yourself Visualize your dream by making pictures Give auto-suggestion to yourself Use maximum catalysts Catalysts are-Fasting ,silence, meditation, positive thinking, prayer, alpha music is important Pray for unknown people to increase strength of your prayer Wait patiently for the result How to use subconscious mind? 1)install a mighty though 2)set your goal 3)believe that you will definitely achieve the goal 4)add emotions to your goal 5)visualize your goal under relaxation for 20 min daily 6)give auto-suggestions to yourself 7)use maximum catalysts 8) Wait patiently for the result Visulize like u r owner and like u have already achieved your dream Burning desire Faith No doubt Give unconditional forgiveness to everyone Give unconditional love to everyone Preprogram child No age bar to subconscious mind Dont use but and then