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John the Baptist and Jesus Baptism

My notes: Give them a color sheet while you start the lesson to keep them busy! I found mine at Clavary Christian. Last week we learned about Jesus going to the temple. He had wanted to be there because it was his Fathers house, the same way that our church is Gods house. And, of course we all know that Jesus is the Son of God! Fast forward a few years and Jesus has now grown into a man. He had a cousin named John the Baptist who was a preacher. John the Baptist was telling people that they needed to be baptized as a symbol of turning away from their sins and turning to God.

Read Luke 3:21-23

Make the dove craft(dove template attached, print on cardstock) Ask questions while doing the craft!

So, we just read that Jesus himself came to John the Baptist to be baptized. But wait! Did Jesus need to be forgiven of His sins? (wait for answers) No, he never sinned. He lived a sinless life. That is why the dove appeared. The dove is a symbol of purity. It is white and not dirty, representing living a sinless life! Does anyone know why Jesus was baptized? (wait for answers) He wanted the people to see His example of following Gods will. He was also starting His ministry, so it was another way of saying that He was ready to follow Gods plan for Him! Thus, beginning His ministry by doing what kinds of things? (wait for answers) Teaching the people about God and performing miracles to reveal to everyo9ne that He was really Jesus. It is kinda hard to believe that Jesus walked on earth and some people didnt believe Him isnt it? Back to John the Baptist. He was a godly man. God used him in a special way. He had a plan for him from the beginning of time. His parents were very old and had never had child. God promised them a son whom they named John the Baptist. God put John the Baptist here to start Jesus ministry. He was already preaching to people by the time Jesus came to him to be baptized. John the Baptist didnt worry about what others thought of him. He just did what God wanted of him. That is sometimes hard to do isnt it? We want to follow the crowd and not stand out dont we? But, God wants us to follow Him and stand out for Him so that others may be lead to Christ! People need to hear about Jesus, so dont be afraid to tell them! So, remember if you see someone get baptized today, it is a sign that they believe in Jesus Christ and trust in Jesus. It shows people our hearts have been washed clean of our sins and that we are turning away from our sin. We sill still sin, but we will ask for forgiveness and try really hard not to sin.

Practice baptizing Craft