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As anyone who has written a project work, or research work, it is quiteimpossible to acknowledge by name every individual who has played some part in thiswork. I feel it difficult to express in words my profound sense of gratitude to mostrespected persons who helped me to make this work possible.I am very much thankful to HAVMOR ICE-CREAM LTD and Mr. KamalDesai, th e vice presid ent (marketing). I extend my sincere th anks to Mr. Sagar,Havmor Ice-Cream Ltd for providing me the necessary information.I acknowledge my gratitude to respected Head of the department Mr.BhavinPandya who has given me an opportunity to prepare project report and respectedfaculty Mr. Mitesh Jayswal for the providing the projects guidelines.Finally of course great debts are owed to my all-friends whose wholeheartedsupport has given me the inspiration and dedication to complete this work.

Executive summery is an important part of project in which I have includedall the information of my project in sort manner. My project is on th e title Adetailed study report on consumers behavior for different flavors of ice-cream andcompetitive analysis of Havmor ice-cream in Ahmedabad city area.The Havmor ice-cream limited is very popular in the western region of India. Major players in this industry are AMUL, VADILAL, HAVMOR, BUSKINROBBINS, DAIRY DEN etc.The ice-cream market is also distributed in local ice-cream manufacturer.S U R V E Y S U M M E R Y The research was done in Ahmadabad city area.Have surveyed 300 ice-cream consumers and the sampling method wasnon profitability convenience sampling. FINDING In finding it is shown that most of the people are not satisfied with thequantity of branded ice-creams.Consumers are more interested towards the flavor of ice-cream while theyare least interested in the brand of an ice-cream.

What is Ice-Cream? Ice Cream is a frozen mixture of a combination of components of milk,Sweeteners, stabilizers, emulsifiers and flavoring. Other ingredients such as egg products;coloring etc may be also added. This mixture, called a mix, is pasteurized before freezing.Freezing involves rapid removal of heat while agitating vigorously to incorporate air, thusimparting the desirable smoothness and softness of the frozen product. The broad term frozen desserts refer to ice-cream and related products. Specific product includes ice-cream and its lower fat varieties, frozen custard, mellorine (vegetablefat frozen desserts), sherbet, water ice and frozen confections. Some of this dessert areserved in either the soft frozen or hard frozen form. The physical structure of ice-cream is complicated psychochemical system. There are three phase of system liquid, solid and gas. Air cells and air crystals are dispersedin a continuous liquid phase. The liquid phase also contains solidified fat, colloidal milk proteins, insoluble milk salts, and lactose crystals in some cases, colloidal stabilizers and sugar and soluble salts in solutions. Ice-cream is palatable, nutritious, healthful and relatively inexpensive food.

History of ice-cream Ice Cream is one of most spectacularly successful foods of the entire dairy based products. By contract, ice-cream has a short history. Ice-cream evolved from the cool winein mountain snow to hundreds of flavors that stock our grocery shelves. There are manytales surrounding the evolution of our countrys most popular desserts, Ice Cream. It islikely that Ice Cream was not invented, but rather came to be over years of similar efforts. The Chinese gourmets made the primary attempts to explore this revolutionaryfood for lessening the blazing heat of summer. It was Polo who consigned this invention toItaly (Europe) after this voyage to china in 1295. These experiments were carried out tomake novelties from ilk in France and gradually the whole Europe became addicted to IceCream. Before this invention reaches the Indian connoisseur, the human kind had witnessedtwo perilous world wars. The father of wholesale ice cream business, is the US, was Jacobfusel, a milk dealer of Baltimore, who began to manufacture ice cream in 1851. Ice Cream permeated the India soil 1942, when Quit India Movement hadrecently been launched. The establishment of Vadilal Soda Fountain, near teen darwajaAhmadabad, marked an indelible footstep in the sand of time. And this modest beginning of the monumental ice cream empire followed the strategy of imperialism. In the last decade,i.e. after lib eralization and free market economy, the Ice Cream ind ustry has gainedfavorable breeding ground to flourish on. The brand named like Vadilal, Havmor, Amul,Baskin and Robbins, Dairy Den, Walls, GO cool, Shrestha and too numerous to mention areon

the tips of the multitude. The bright future is before them. They have to go ahead eithchilled spirits, burning vigor and bubbling gusto...

4 MAJOR iCE CREAM PLAYERS The Indian Ice Cream market is dominated by a large number of small localmanufacturers and regional players. There are an estimated 150 manufacturers in theorganized segment, which accounts for 30-35% of sale about 2000 units in the unorganizedsegment, the significant brands are Vadilal, Havmor, Kwality Walls, Amul, Mother Dairyand Baskin Robbins. Vadilal A company, which is around 82 years old, was started by the founder member Late Shri Vadilal Gandhi Mission: To provide quality product and services at an affordable price.Vadilal started as a one-man show with hand-cranked icecream in 1926 as asmall retail outlet. Today it has grown to employ around 800 people. They have plants atthree different locations, one is at Ah mad abad (Dudheswar), th e second is at Pundhra,Gujarat and the third is at Barelley (U.P). they manufacture around 120 varieties of icec r e a m w i t h o v e r 2 5 0 p a c k s a n d fo rms. Th ey have diversified in to pro cessed f o o d , Chemicals, Construction and Financial services also. Amul Amul is a brand name of products coming under Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMFL) which is a 2500 cores cooperative concern now.During the British rule Polson had a monopoly in India. Polson used to buy individuallyfrom various farmers in Gujarat and Maharashtra at a very low rate and then processed the product to earn heavy profit.

Amul started manufacturing all sorts of byproducts from the access milk likeCheese, Better, Ghee etc. in 1976. Amul Ice Cream was launched on 10thMarch,1996 atAhmadabad. Subsequent ly the distribution and marketing operations were roles out acrossthe country. Amul Ice Cream has achieved 38% share against 9% market share of HLLm a k i n g i t 4 times larger than its closets competitor. Its m a j o r s t r e n g t h i s i n i t s manufacturing units and its network all over India. It has got around 180 distributors inIndia, 37 in Gujarat and 9 in Ahmadabad.

VARIOUS LOCAL ICE CREAM MANUFACTURERS There are various unorganized and local manufacturers in India who manufactureice creams by old methods by wooden or metal kothis or having a locally made machine for making ice creams. These local or unorganized sectors cannot be overseen as they have aequally big turnover in India. They have advantage of less overhead and strong local brandloyalty. Their pricing is very competitive as their overheads are less and are fighting bigorganized players in India.The locally manufactured ice cream has got more weight as compared tomachine made ice cream. The machine made ice cream has generally got more air in it. Theleading names in the unorganized sectors are: Patel Ice Cream Balaji Ice Cream Asarfi Ice Cream Rajasthan Ice Cream Derani Jethani Ice Cream Janata Ice Cream

Shreeji Ice Cream


Havmor literally meaning H-A-V-M-O-R, one of the best names for food businesswas coined by late Chona in 1944, when he was working as a ground engineer in BOAC(British Overseas Aircraft Corporation) REGISTERED OFFICE OF HAVMOR 2nd Floor, Kashmira Chambers,B/H. Popular House, Navrangpura,Ahmadabad -380 009, Gujarat, INDIA.Phone: +91 79 26577070, 2675030, 26575144Fax: +91 79 26575100E-mail: VISION Quality Must Always Precede QuantityThe vision is to be a leader in Food & Ice Cream business. Leadership not asdefined by the general norms of the market place, but as defined by the company itself.This means many things. Such as establishing & maintaining leadership in quality, not necessarily quality. Continuing to earn the resp ect o f consu mers and business associates, throughexcellent products, fair trade practices and overall transparency. Innovating continually, so that the co mp an y h as somethin g a new o ffer to itsconsumers every season.

Diversifying into related areas of food industry, t o o f f e r c o n s u m e r s m o r e comprehensive taste experience. Fine-blending new technologies with market strategies. And, by never taking the market for granted.