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A Study Visit of Construction of Flyover along Ferozepur Road at Canal/Wahdat Road Junction, Lahore.

Submitted to; Dr. Aziz Akber Submitted by; Nouman Iqbal Reg # 2010-MS-CES-02



Visit Summary:

Date of Visit: Time of visit: Duration of visit: Purpose of visit: Subject

13 January, 2012(Friday) 9.00 am (Approx.) 2.00 hours (Approx.) to enhance practical knowledge about the

We have visually observe there 1. 2. 3. 4. Piling Drilling Concreting Reinforcement placement of Piles and Piers.

The visit was very helpful to understand the concept of piling and to understand its design. The Construction was in progress. We have visited Different Sections of the project. The piling, drilling, concreting and reinforcement placement of piles and piers was in progress. The construction of Muslim Town flyover on Ferozepur Road from Gaddafi Stadium to WAPDA Hospital would be completed by the end of March. The construction work was in full swing and there was no shortage of funds. It would take more time and cost than the Kalma Chowk flyover which had been constructed in record 135 days with 660 meters length and at a cost of Rs 2.3 billion. The estimated cost of the Muslim Town flyover was Rs 3.5 billion and it would be more than 200 percent than the Kalma Chowk project. It starts from Police Workshop/Pakistan Industrial Technical Assistance Centre (PITAC) Ferozepur Road and end in front of the WAPDA Hospital. One of the two main limbs of the bridge would be of 1.1 kilometre and the other of 0.95 Km besides a 350 metre long branch lane from the Kalma Chowk side which would drop at the Wahdat Road intersection. The mega

project needed more than nine months to complete but Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had ordered its completition within six months by utilizing maximum resources and the technique used in the Kalma Chowk project.

Salient Features:


Communication and Works department Government of the Punjab

Consultant: (NESPAK) Constructor:






National Logistics Cell

Commencement of Work: October 28, 2011 Target Completion Date: Project Duration: Estimated Cost: Scope of Work: Flyover-1. (Please Refer attached Plan and Sections for Detail) Flyover-2. (Please Refer attached Plan and Sections for Detail) Flyover-3. (Please Refer attached Plan and Sections for Detail) Total no of Piles: Maximum Depth of Pile: Total no of Piers: Abutments: Total no of Spans: 298 (92+180+24+2) 52m 62(20+37+5) 5 61(21+34+6) March 23, 2012 148 Days PKR 2,908.593 Million

Total no of Girders: Width of Flyover: Length of Carriageways: Length of Carriageways: Attachments:

521 (I & L Shape) 11m (I/C NJ Barrier on Both sides) SL-IA (3 Lane):1+116 Km SL-2A (3 Lane):1+502 Km Plan and Sections are attached herewith.