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c KENWOOD SERVICE MANUAL Model TR-9000 PS-20 BO-9 CONTENTS BLOCK DIAGRAM 2 _TK Unit (X66-1380-Xx)... CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 3. PARTS LIST OUTSIDE VIEWS .onnnnnnnnnnn 8 PACKING PC BOARD/CIRCUIT DIAGRAM DISASSEMBLY ‘Switch Unit (X41-1280-11) 10 REFERENCE DATA Final Unit (48-1 140-00 10 P8:20 Carrier Unit (X50-1630-1 1), 11 SYSTEM BASE BO-9. SIDE TONE Unit (X52-1140-10).... 11 LEVEL DIAGRAM MODE, MEMORY, SCAN, TX OFF SET, PC Bosrd...... 11. ADJUSTMENTS. PLL Unit (X60-1620-XX) . 112 WIRE HARNESS... Control Unit (X63-1160-XX) 14 SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM. 16 SPECIFICATIONS RX. Unit (X55-1260:XX) 2m ALL MODE TRANSCEIVER 7 18 26 26 30 31 33 34 35 42 43 BACK COVER TR-9000 BLOCK DIAGRAM (K) c € Cc ¢ TR-9000 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION RX Section ‘The front ond unit is comprised of a dual gate MOS FET and helical resonator. The 2-siage MCF (Monolithic Crystal Filter) following the 1st mixer Q2 (3SK74) provides excellent 2-signal characteristic and high sensitivity ‘The IF signal from the MCF is divided and applied to the SSB and FM circuits, The SSB signal passes through tho NB (Noise Blanker) gate crystal filter (10H2.2S0) and is amplified by the transmiv/receive IF ampliier, 027, 028 and 29, and is then demodulated into an audio signal by the product detector Inthe NB circutt, the signal from the MCF passes through the butler amplifier Q6 and is fed to the 2nd mixer Q7. This signal is converted 456 kHz and the noise is amplified by wo stages for switching the NB gate, The NBs front panel con: trolled In the AGC circuit. the signal from the final IF stage is detected and amplified, and the time constant is automatical: ly select according to the mode of operation, FAST in CW mode and SLOW in SSB mode. The AGC signal is applied 10 the 3-stago IF amplifier, 027, 28 and 29 (3SK74), and the RF amplifier Q1, The AGC voltage is also used for mater indication, In the FM circuit, the signal from the ceramic fiter CFW: 458E is amplified by the IF amplifier Q13 (TA7302P), The auto scan stop signal is applied to the microcomputer from the squotch circutt ‘The detected AF signal is amplified by the AF ampltier 018, a 2SC1816(Y). The amplified signal passes through the LPF (Low Pass Filter] 019, @ 28C18151Y) and is power-amplified item ang ‘Nominal center taquaney 455i 7 rae jxnincas 640.1 Table 2. Ceramic filter (L72-0316-05) CFWA55E (RX Unit CFI) Nominal center equency (a) Toes tHe Center Feaueney Wisin fo £200 Heat 668 Pass bandwith 2EKHorless a1 628 “ET Sie ores ot 20 68 Atenution bandh 2.a encores 2860 8 ine Less han 2&8 tose Liss han 868 “Gunranees anenvaton| {60 dB or more within 240 kHE Input and output impedance ‘8000 108/18 oF 210% Table 3. Crystal filter (L71-0215-05) 10H2.2SD by 026. (HA13B6W) via the AF GAIN contralto drive the (AX Unit : XF2) speaker. Trem Tang sym | Condition ata er June} [Nomina enteriequeney ad | T0695 MMe tt | ree2s'@ han [ve [Max z is Forsbandweth 27S Wie ormore at 38 roman" | fe [vem = [220] s00/ma 25 orien ot 4068 Arenuaiontanawity E45 une orlas ot 6008 Ganinvorage | Gr [vin= —60a8 |s00 [525 |550| 08 = Guorneees aenumon ¥ 7068. morewitnin 21 Wie Ouputpower | po [tHo—10% | as| 65] — [w 2 Sounostevel = 40.8 or more Distortion to [ro-osw | — | — | 15[% 3. Sputoud lve! = 808 of more Be 10K stfo™ (oroute 10 KH) oie evel - | = | 20|nv 19dB orixe +See orate Hum at zeo| — | - [ee Impedance 3K0/08F va sont ed wo)-|- Jv Tabled, MCF (L71-0216-08) (RX Unit: XF1) Rank 7 2 a TX Section Guise | s00~s22 | sia~se | s2e~950 The microphone signal ts ampliied by the SSB/FM Table 1. HA1366W (RX Unit : 026) microphone amplifier Q1, @ 252240 (GR). This is then divided and fed to the SSB and FM circuits. SSB signal ‘passes through the MIC GAIN control and is fed 10 the RX