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Sons of God and Daughters of Man

The misinformation about the ascension keeps piling up and Im hoping to clarify a few things. The biblical phrase Sons of God and daughters of man means something very important to us today at this time. Humanity and all of life is divided into two roughly equal groups. The group termed the Sons of God represent those life forms with male souls. These are souls that split the light and the dark and can not mix them. They are the ones that are good friends, but bad enemies. They are the fiercely religious or spiritual ones that can do inexpressible evil in the name of good. They are so Light and Love that they have no recognition at all of the darkness that lies within themselves. They refuse to go there. Numerous atrocities have been done by the church over the centuries by these spiritual souls. These Male souls are hard wired this way and they can not integrate or embrace their own shadow aspect. The closest that they can get to this achievement is through atavistic resurgence or possession by unconscious aspects of their own being. These Sons of God were the angels that came down and mixed with the daughters of Man. These were the original space brothers.

But many cycles have passed since then and things are not that simple any more. Male souls can have male physical bodies or even female physical bodies. The characteristic that marks them is the inability to integrate their own shadow. They also see great highs and lows in life in a way that might seem manic/depressive.

I have four children and two of them have Male souls and two of them have Female souls, and I love them all equally. There is no right or wrong in this process. Indeed, we will see that with each great cycle such as we are now experiencing our souls exchange gender. Male souls will become female souls and female souls will become males souls. The Daughters of Man are of the physical earth and able to integrate their own shadow into their light self in true unity. These souls see the bitter-sweet quality of life and love both. It is the intensity and the depth of living this bitter-sweetness that makes life worth while. Originally these were the females but now that so many cycles have passed female souls may have female bodies and they may have male bodies as well.

The things that remain are their ability to integrate the personal shadow with acceptance and love and the ability to unify all of their aspects into one being. Our prisons are filled with male souls because they are a bit unstable compared to the female souls which are more emotional but stronger and more together on the inner levels. What does this have to do with ascension? Well, the unity grid is now activating our shadow aspects and depending upon whether you are a Male soul or a Female soul, you will be experiencing entirely different things. The Male soul will be the typical lightworker that has absolutely nothing to do with healing the darker mental and emotional wounds that we all carry. They simply will not go there. They are going into the Light and they will apply themselves to this in a fantastic degree. They will send out Love and Light everywhere. But they will not touch the darkness within their own souls even though that is being activated now as well. These souls will physically experience their greatest hopes and greatest fears and hopefully learn from them and become more wise. They have the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. These are the ones that will benefit the most from the heart meditations. The Female soul will be the typical lightworker that everyday touches some of the darkness within themselves and others, loves, heals, cherishes and embraces it as part of the bitter-sweetness of human life. They are the human ones and the ones that my own messages are mostly meant for. It occurred to me that Male souls will not gain much benefit from the OAK energy ball mediation because they can not integrate the shadow. It wont work correctly for them. I apologize for this misunderstanding. It will only work for the Female souls like I personally am. The ones that can cast off this toxic and negative repressed energy and by becoming aware of it, accept it and release it so that it does not need to manifest in physical life. We do not need to act out these negative energies but by becoming aware of them become aware of our own capacity for evil and violence. These are the people that serve Life.

In short, Male souls serve Light or flip over to the dark side completely and serve Dark. They can not be both and can not tolerate both. The Female soul serves Life and is comfortable with both the Light and Dark aspects within themselves. This is Gaias ascension, Mother Earths ascension, and it will benefit those that serve Life the most. It will be more difficult for those that serve Light.

To say this even one more way, those that serve Light, those that have been so empowered for such a long time as our spiritual hierarchy are being Cast out of the Garden of Eden where they have lived for such a long time and made to toil in the new physical world by the sweat of their brows. Those lowly ones that serve Live are now for the first time being led into the Garden of Eden and fully empowered as co-creators in this new world. The last shall become first and the first shall become last. At the end of this new great cycle there will be a new earth once more and once more those that serve the old will be cast out of the garden and those serving the new will be cocreators. This is a balancing of energies, a balancing of the universe, a balancing of souls. This is the normal method of progression and way things are. In this ascension of Gaia you may be a Male soul or a Female soul. You may experience the Garden of Eden for the first time or you may by leaving it. Two of my own children are entering this new garden and two are leaving it and all are Ascended souls. One needs to get away from the concept that one needs to be 5th density or higher to ascend. 3rd degree life forms on Gaia will find their way into this garden if they are female souls and will find their way out of it if they are male souls.

Using the metaphor of the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazney, those that serve Life will find themselves on the Amber side, the new earth side of the demarcation line while those that serve Light will find themselves on the Courts of Chaos side, they will find themselves on the lunar side of the demarcation line.

Those invested in the planet A and planet B scenarios will find that Planet A, the new Amber is for those Female souls and is the new garden of Eden. Planet B/the moon is for those Male souls what will for the first time be expelled from the garden and made to toil for the development of their souls. This is an exchange that takes place every great cycle. One soul gets to rest while the other gets to labor. If your soul has been laboring in the great experiment you will get to rest. Those that have been resting will have their chance/turn to labor. I share this because two days ago an enormous yin/yang symbol appeared in the astral skies and signified the true end of this age is bearing down upon us. By now only those of the highest densities remain to be correctly placed within the new unity grid. There is so much confusion and misplaced expectations.

Bright blessings, -joe