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in the Gospel of John

from the four Gospels of the New Testament
Course JG Lessons 1-13 (File JG_1-13)
(13 lessons in total)
But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God,
even to them that believe on His name: hich were born !of God"#
John 1:12-13
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Begin your lessons with prayer. Ask Go to open !our heart to unerstaning" an to re#eal $is %on Jesus Christ to
&e'ore !ou (egin the )uestions" (e sure an read the related Bible passage 'or the lesson !ou are taking.
Why the Gospel of John Was Written
<nd truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this boo/4 but these
are written that you may believe that Jesus is the $hrist, the .on of God, and that believing you may have life in His
name"# * John 2+:3+" 31
John ,alle hi-sel' .the is,iple who- Jesus lo#e./ 0e o not think that Jesus lo#e John -ore than $e lo#e the
other is,iples" (ut perhaps John was -ore sensiti#e to 'eel the lo#e that Jesus ha 'or the- all. John appre,iate Jesus1
lo#e #er! eepl! an was sensiti#e to Christ1s -ission an purpose in this worl.
2ears a'ter the Gospels of 1atthew, 1ar/, and Bu/e were written" so-e 'alse tea,hings were (eing sprea that Jesus
was 3ust a -an. %o John wrote this #er! spe,ial (ook to show that Jesus was Go $i-sel' -ae 'lesh. 4ut o' all the
hunres o' -ira,les that Jesus per'or-e" John ,are'ull! ,hose to re,or the -ira,les whi,h pro#e that Jesus was 0$4
$e ,lai-e to (e. $e ,alle these -ira,les .signs./
John also pro#e wh! the religious leaers o' that ti-e hate Jesus an eli#ere $i- to (e ,ru,i'ie. 5t was (e,ause
Jesus ,lai-e to (e e)ual with Go6 John shows how Jesus was in 'a,t the .La-( o' Go/ who takes awa! the sin o' the
worl. Jesus ga#e $i-sel' as the per'e,t sa,ri'i,e re)uire (! Go to atone 'or the sins o' the worl.
5t was John1s purpose that those who rea his Gospel (whi,h -eans .goo news/) woul (elie#e on Jesus an re,ei#e
eternal li'e.
5t is our pra!er that this stu! o' the Good News <ccording to John will lea !ou to trust Jesus Christ to (e !our own
%a#ior an Lor. Jesus is Li'e7an $e ,alls those who trust in $i- to share $is li'e with $i- through all eternit!. A'ter
all" Jesus $i-sel' sai"
.-or the .on of man is come to see/ and to
save that which was lost# * Luke 18:1+
How to Study Gods Word
9ra! 'or Go1s help. 2ou nee Go1s help in orer to unerstan what !ou stu! in the &i(le. :ake 9sal- 118:1; as a
pra!er: 5pen my eyes, that 3 may see wondrous things from Cour law"#
<ea the %,ripture passages ,are'ull! in a )uiet pla,e. =nerline the wors that i-press !ou -ost. <e-e-(er that Go
speaks to !ou through $is 0or.
Answer the )uestions 'ro- the &i(le passage.
Learn the -e-or! #erses.
<ea ea,h -e-or! #erse an re'eren,e alou se#eral ti-es until !ou ,an sa! it without looking.
2ou -a! want to write the #erse an re'eren,e on a ,ar" so !ou ,an ,arr! it with !ou.
>#er! a! sa! it alou se#eral ti-es" so !ou will re-e-(er it easil!.
%a! it to a 'rien who ,an ,he,k 'or an! -istakes.
4r write the #erse out without looking an then ,o-pare it with the printe #erse to -ake sure e#er! wor is
Joy in the Gospel of John )
>#en when !ou know the #erse well" re#iew it on,e a week 'or a(out ? weeks" an then on,e a -onth.
As !ou store up this .goo treasure/ in !our heart" !our spee,h an a,tions will (e ,hange. Choose other #erses to
-e-ori@e as well.
:hink a(out the 0or o' Go !ou ha#e rea" stuie" an -e-ori@e. Go has -ae spe,ial pro-ises to those who
-eitate on $is 0or a! an night:
.:his &ook o' the Law shall not epart 'ro- !our -outh" (ut !ou shall -eitate in it a! an night"
that !ou -a! o(ser#e to o a,,oring to all that is written in it. For then !ou will -ake !our wa!
prosperous" an then !ou will ha#e goo su,,ess./ * Joshua 1:;
.&ut his elight is in the law o' the Lor" an in $is law he -eitates a! an night. $e shall (e like
a tree plante (! the ri#ers o' water" that (rings 'orth its 'ruit in its season" whose lea' also shall not
witherA an whate#er he oes shall prosper./ * 9sal- 1:2" 3
9ut into pra,ti,e what Go sa!s. Ja-es 1:22 tells us" .&ut (e oers o' the 0or" an not hearers onl!" e,ei#ing
!oursel#es./ Jesus likene the -an who hears $is wors (ut oes not o the- to a 'oolish -an who (uilt his house on the
san. 0hen the wins an rain an 'loos ,a-e" this house (uilt on the san 'ell. &ut the -an or wo-an" (o! or girl" who
hears Jesus1 wors an o(e!s the- is like a wise -an" who (uilt his house on a ro,k. 0hen the wins an rain an 'loos
,a-e" his house stoo 'ir- (e,ause it was (uilt on a ro,k. 4nl! as we o what Go sa!s ,an we grow strong spirituall!
an get to know Go (etter. 0rite own eBa,tl! what Go is leaing !ou to o" then o it. Go will (e with !ou" an $e
will help !ou.
%hare Go1s 0or with so-eone else. 2ou -a! want to share what !ou learn with those in !our 'a-il!. Ceuterono-! D:?
sa!s" .2ou shall tea,h the- iligentl! to !our ,hilren" an shall talk o' the- when !ou sit in !our house" when !ou walk
(! the wa!" when !ou lie own" an when !ou rise up./
1. 5t is not ne,essar! that !ou ,o-plete an entire lesson in one sitting" (ut we o re,o--en that !ou tr! to ,o-plete the
su(-se,tion !ou are working on in ea,h sitting.
2. 9lease rea slowl! enough so !ou unerstan what !ou rea.
3. Response Duestions are intene to support a (asi, unerstaning o' the Gospel of John 'ro- the Eew :esta-ent.
:hese )uestions are re)uire as the ,ore part o' the stu!.
Making It Personal Duestions (ring the (i(li,al prin,iples into pra,ti,al appli,ation. :he goal here is ,hange in !our
own li'e towar goliness. :here are no right or wrong answersA we are looking onl! 'or !our honest! with
!oursel' in personal ,o--it-ents.
Lesson 1 Introduction to Jesus Christ
John %:%;%'
5n the (eginning was the 0or" an the 0or was with Go" an the 0or was Go.
$e was in the (eginning with
All things were -ae through $i-" an without $i- nothing was -ae that was -ae.
5n $i- was li'e" an the
li'e was the light o' -en.
An the light shines in the arkness" an the arkness i not ,o-prehen it.
:here was a -an sent 'ro- Go" whose na-e was John.
:his -an ,a-e 'or a witness" to (ear witness o' the Light"
that all through hi- -ight (elie#e.
$e was not that Light" (ut was sent to (ear witness o' that Light.
:hat was the true
Light whi,h gi#es light to e#er! -an who ,o-es into the worl.
$e was in the worl" an the worl was -ae through
$i-" an the worl i not know $i-.
$e ,a-e to $is own" an $is own i not re,ei#e $i-.
&ut as -an! as
re,ei#e $i-" to the- $e ga#e the right to (e,o-e ,hilren o' Go" e#en to those who (elie#e in $is na-e:
who were
(orn" not o' (loo" nor o' the will o' the 'lesh" nor o' the will o' -an" (ut o' Go.
An the 0or (e,a-e 'lesh an welt
a-ong us" an we (ehel $is glor!" the glor! as o' the onl! (egotten o' the Father" 'ull o' gra,e an truth.
John (ore witness o' $i- an ,rie out" sa!ing" .:his was $e o' who- 5 sai" H$e who ,o-es a'ter -e is pre'erre
(e'ore -e" 'or $e was (e'ore -e.1/
An o' $is 'ullness we ha#e all re,ei#e" an gra,e 'or gra,e.
For the law was
gi#en through Ioses" (ut gra,e an truth ,a-e through Jesus Christ.
Eo one has seen Go at an! ti-e. :he onl!
(egotten %on" who is in the (oso- o' the Father" $e has e,lare $i-.
Joy in the Gospel of John :
.omething to Eo
0rite or print !our answer to ea,h )uestion (elow. 5' !ou ,annot answer the )uestion" rea the &i(le #erses again.
1. 0here was .the 0orJ/ ____________ __________ (#erse 1)
2. 0ho was .the 0orJ/ ____________________ (#erse 1)
3. 0hat was in .the 0or/J _________________ (#erse F)
F. 0here oes the light .shine/J (G)
.the light shines in the ________________________ /
G. 0ho was sent 'ro- Go to (ear witness o' the lightJ (D)
.A -an na-e ___________________ /
This was John the Baptist, not John the author of this Gospel"
D. 0ho i not re,ei#e JesusJ (11)
.$is _________________ i not re,ei#e $i-./
<s a nation, 3sraelFGodGs chosen peopleFdid not follow $hrist"
?. 0hat right is gi#en to those who re,ei#e JesusJ (12)
.:he right to (e,o-e __________________________ ________ _______________ ./
;. <egaring those (orn again" o' who- are the! (ornJ (13)
.Knot o' __________________ " nor o' the will o' the _____________________ " nor o' the will o'
_____________________ " (ut o' _________________ ./
hen a person becomes a child of God, it is a miracle that God Himself does" 3t does not happen by being born to $hristian
parents4 it does not happen merely because you want it to happen or because you go to church4 and it does not happen
because someone else may want you to be born again" New birth is a wor/ of God"
8. 0hat i .the 0or/ (e,o-eJ ___________________ (1F)
1+. 0here i .the 0or/ well or li#eJ ____________ ______ (1F)
11. 0hat two things ha#e we re,ei#e when we ha#e ChristJ (1D)
.4' $is ________________________ we ha#e all re,ei#e" an _________________ 'or
__________________ ./
Lone (lessing a'ter anotherM
12. &e,ause no one has e#er seen Go" who ha to ,o-e to show us who Go wasJ (1;)
.Kthe onl! (egotten ________________________ "
K$e has e,lare $i-./
Because Jesus is God, He could be on earth at the same time that He was with the -ather, where He had been from eternity"
=$ompare verse %' with verse %"?
13. 5ptional: %o-e lessons in,lue an option to -e-ori@e a &i(le #erse 'ro- that portion o' the Gospel o' John.
%,ripture -e-or! an -eitation is a woner'ul part o' the Christian1s #i,torious walk in Christ. >#en those who
are new to &i(le stu! will 'in -u,h 3o! here. :here'ore" we en,ourage !ou a,ti#el! an regularl! to pursue this
%,ripture -e-or! option. 5' !ou o this 'aith'ull! throughout the ,ourse" the result will (e,o-e a soli grouning
in !our li'e.
9lease -e-ori@e John 1:12" writing it on a s-all ,ar. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e itJ 9lease write it 'ro- -e-or! here.
.ee item four in the introductory section, How to .tudy GodGs ord,# for some suggestions in effective .cripture memory"
Jesus 3s God4 He $ame in Human -orm
&e'ore we ,an (elie#e on Jesus1 na-e" we -ust know who $e is. Nerse 1; sa!s that Jesus ,a-e to show Go to us"
(e,ause no one ha e#er (een a(le to ,o-e ,lose enough to Go to see $i- 'ull!. Go1s glor! is too (right. $e is too
&e,ause -an is sin'ul" -an li#es in spiritual arkness. Carkness is this worl whi,h tries to ignore Go an li#e
without $i-. &ut we see in #erse G that the arkness ,oul not put out the light.
Joy in the Gospel of John 7
:he &i(le sa!s" .Go is light an in $i- is no arkness at all/ (1 John 1:G). Jesus" as Go" was ,alle the .true Light/
(John 1:8). &! the true Light -an sees hi-sel' as he trul! is" a sinner (no -an has e#er li#e a per'e,t li'eA all ha#e 'allen
short o' Go1s per'e,tion * <o-ans 3:23). An (! the true Light he ,an see what Go is trul! like. $e ,an also see what
-an is trul! suppose to (e.
$ow woner'ul that the true Light (Jesus) shines in our ark worl to show us Go6 As one little girl put it" .Jesus is
the (est pi,ture Go e#er ha taken6/ &! looking at Jesus" -en ,an see what Go is like ((e,ause $e is Go)A Jesus is
%o-eone -en ,oul see an hear an tou,h.
Jesus li#e a-ong -en. :he wor .welt/ in #erse 1F literall! -eans .ta(erna,le./ Jesus ta(erna,le a-ong us. :he
ta(erna,le in the 4l :esta-ent was a .tent-,hur,h/ esigne (! Go when the people o' 5srael ha to -o#e 'ro- pla,e to
pla,e in the earl! a!s o' their histor!. :he ta(erna,le7an later the te-ple in Jerusale-7was the pla,e where the
L4<C Go li#e a-ong $is ,hosen people. Later" when 5srael sinne" the glor! o' Go1s presen,e le't the te-ple. &ut
now" in the 9erson o' Jesus" Go ha returne to .ta(erna,le/ a-ong $is own people6 5sn1t it too (a that so -an! i not
re,ogni@e $i-J &ut all who reall! (elie#e in Go saw Go1s glor! in Jesus (#erse 1F) when $e ,a-e.
1F. 0h! is the worl s!ste- (the ,ulture" the #alues o' so,iet!) we li#e in ,alle .arkness/J
.Carkness is this worl whi,h tries to ________________ Go an li#e ___________________ $i-./
1G. $ow ,an -en learn .what Go is like/J
.&! ____________________ ________ ______________ " -en ,an see what Go is like ((e,ause $e is Go)A
Jesus is %o-eone -en ,oul see an hear an tou,h./
1D. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: <o-ans 3:23 sa!s: .For all ha#e sinne" an ,o-e short o' the glor! o' Go./ Co !ou (elie#e
this #erse applies to !ouJ
Jesus 3s the ord of God
:he &i(le sa!s" .2our wor is a la-p to -! 'eet an a light to -! path/ (9sal- 118:1+G). Another na-e 'or Jesus is
the .0or o' Go/ (,o-pare John 1:1 with 1:1F). :he &i(le is Go1s written 0or" an Jesus is Go1s Li#ing 0or"
(e,ause Go tells us a(out $i-sel' through the 9erson o' Jesus.
.G4C" who at #arious ti-es an in i''erent wa!s spoke in ti-e past to the 'athers (! the prophets" has in these last
a!s spoken to us (! $is %on/ ($e(rews 1:1" 2a).
1?. a. 5' the &i(le is .Go1s written 0or"/ what is another na-e use 'or JesusJ
.:he &i(le is Go1s written 0or" an Jesus is Go1s _______________________ __________________ K/
(. 0h! is this na-e a goo one: what oes Go o .through Jesus/J
.K(e,ause Go ___________________ ____________ a(out $i-sel' through the 9erson o' Jesus./
Jesus 3s the Bife of God
$a#e !ou e#er wonere wh! we (e,o-e .(orn again/ when Go sa#es us 'ro- our sin through the eath o' JesusJ 5t
is (e,ause .in $i- was li'e/ (#erse F).
First we see that Jesus -ae all li#ing things (#erses 3 an 1+). .All things were ,reate through $i- an 'or $i-.
An $e is (e'ore all things" an in $i- all things ,onsist/ (Colossians 1:1D(" 1?). Jesus" as Go" is the sour,e o' all li'e.
$e also sustains all li'e. .$e gi#es to all li'e" (reath...'or in $i- we li#e an -o#e an ha#e our (eing/ (A,ts 1?:2G("
Just as -an (e,a-e a li#ing soul when Go (reathe the (reath o' li'e into -an1s ph!si,al (eing at Creation" so also
Jesus has (een gi#en power o#er all 'lesh" to gi#e eternal (spiritual) li'e to as -an! as ,o-e to $i- (John 1?:2). .$e who
has the %on has li'eA he who oes not ha#e the %on o' Go oes not ha#e li'e/ (1 John G:12).
$as Go gi#en !ou a .new heart/J 5' $e has" !ou are a ,hil o' Go" (orn o' Go" an possess $is eternal li'e. As !ou
walk in $is light an -ore 'ull! eBperien,e $is li'e in !ou" !ou will en3o! one (lessing a'ter another (#erse 1D7this
(lessing is so-eti-es an internal 3o! e#en in the -ist o' i''i,ult eBternal su''erings). 5' !ou ha#e not turne to Christ"
won1t !ou ,all upon $i- to ,o-e in an gi#e !ou new li'e7$is #er! own eternal li'eJ
1;. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: $a#e !ou e#er put !our trust in Christ as !our personal %a#ior 'ro- the penalt! 'or !our sinJ
5' not" truth'ull!" what is holing !ou (a,kJ
Joy in the Gospel of John 9
Lesson 2 he !irst "isciples
John the Baptist Prepares the Way
John %:%&;:7
Eow this is the testi-on! o' John" when the Jews sent priests an Le#ites 'ro- Jerusale- to ask hi-" .0ho are
$e ,on'esse" an i not en!" (ut ,on'esse" .5 a- not the Christ./
An the! aske hi-" .0hat thenJ Are !ou
>li3ahJ/ $e sai" .5 a- not./ .Are !ou the 9rophetJ/ An he answere" .Eo./
:hen the! sai to hi-" .0ho are !ou" that
we -a! gi#e an answer to those who sent usJ 0hat o !ou sa! a(out !oursel'J/
$e sai: .5 a- H:he #oi,e o' one ,r!ing
in the wilerness: .Iake straight the wa! o' the Lor"/1 as the prophet 5saiah sai./
Eow those who were sent were 'ro-
the 9harisees.
An the! aske hi-" sa!ing" .0h! then o !ou (apti@e i' !ou are not the Christ" nor >li3ah" nor the
John answere the-" sa!ing" .5 (apti@e with water" (ut there stans 4ne a-ong !ou who- !ou o not know.
5t is $e who" ,o-ing a'ter -e" is pre'erre (e'ore -e" whose sanal strap 5 a- not worth! to loose./
:hese things were
one in &etha(ara (e!on the Joran" where John was (apti@ing.
:he neBt a! John saw Jesus ,o-ing towar hi-" an sai" .&ehol6 :he La-( o' Go who takes awa! the sin o'
the worl6
:his is $e o' who- 5 sai" HA'ter -e ,o-es a Ian who is pre'erre (e'ore -e" 'or $e was (e'ore -e.1
5 i
not know $i-A (ut that $e shoul (e re#eale to 5srael" there'ore 5 ,a-e (apti@ing with water./
An John (ore witness"
sa!ing" .5 saw the %pirit es,ening 'ro- hea#en like a o#e" an $e re-aine upon $i-.
5 i not know $i-" (ut $e
who sent -e to (apti@e with water sai to -e" H=pon who- !ou see the %pirit es,ening" an re-aining on $i-" this is
$e who (apti@es with the $ol! %pirit.1
An 5 ha#e seen an testi'ie that this is the %on o' Go./
.omething to Eo
Fill in the (lank spa,es with the ,orre,t -issing wor.
1. 0hat i John the &aptist sa! he wasJ (23)
.5 a- Hthe ____________________ o' one ,r!ing in the __________________________ .1/
2. John the &aptist )uote 5saiah" the prophet" (! sa!ing whatJ (23)
.Iake _______________________ the _______________ o' the Lor./
3. $ow i John ,o-pare hi-sel' to Jesus in #erses 2? an 3+J
$e sai that though Jesus was to ,o-e _________________ hi-" $e was pre'erre _____________________
This means that though John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus, Jesus was the most important 5ne" John said that
even he himself was not worthy to do the servantGs Hob of untying JesusG sandals" John /new how great Jesus was"
F. 0hen John pointe Jesus out to all the people" what na-e i he ,all $i-J 0hat i he sa! Jesus woul oJ (28)
.&ehol6 :he ____________________ o' ______________ who _______________________
____________________ the sin o' the worl6/
G. 0hat was the reason that John .,a-e (apti@ing LpeopleM with water"/ Kso that Jesus shoul (e whatJ (31)
.shoul (e re#eale (shown) to _____________________ ./
D. John knew that Jesus was the %on o' Go (Go (orn as Ian) (e,ause the %pirit o' Go ,a-e own 'ro- hea#en like a
______________________ an re-aine upon Jesus. (32)
:his was also a sign that Jesus woul (apti@e with the ___________________ ____________________ . (33)
2reparing the ay for Jesus
For F++ !ears" Go1s ,hosen nation 5srael ha not ha a prophet to (ring the- a -essage 'ro- Go. :he! i ha#e the
4l :esta-ent to tell the- Go1s re)uire-ents an pro-ises. :he! knew that Iessiah" a eli#erer anointe (! Go"
woul ,o-e one a! to rule 5srael. 5saiah ha sai $e woul (e (orn o' a #irgin (5saiah ?:1F) an es,ri(e $i- as
Joy in the Gospel of John 8
.5--anuel/ (5saiah ?:1F)" whi,h -eans .Go with us./ Ii,ah ha 'oretol that $e woul (e (orn in &ethlehe- an (e a
ruler in 5srael (Ii,ah G:2).
Con1t !ou think the people were surprise an gla to hear John the &aptist prea,hing an telling the- to get rea!
'or the ,o-ing o' the LorJ $ow ,oul the people get rea!J Iatthew tells us that John prea,he" .<epent" 'or the
kingo- o' hea#en is at han/ (Iatthew 3:2). Ian! people were then (apti@e (! John in the Joran <i#er" .,on'essing
their sins./ 2ou see" (e'ore hearts are rea! to re,ei#e Jesus" the! -ust (e willing to turn 'ro- their sins (repent). 0hen
we are willing to turn 'ro- our sins7our wrong attitues" thoughts" an a,tions towar Go an -an7we are rea! then
to re,ogni@e Jesus as the .highwa!/ to Go an re,ei#e $i- as our Oing an Lor. John1s kin o' (aptis- in water was to
show the washing awa! o' sins. Jesus woul (apti@e with the $ol! %pirit to purge sins as with 'ire (Iatthew 3:11" 12) an
to gi#e us a new li'e o' righteousness (Christ1s own li'e in us).
?. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: $a#e !ou ,on'esse !our sins to GoJ 5' so" please es,ri(e (rie'l! how an when. 5' not" please
tell wh! not.
Jesus, the Bamb of God
:he people o' 5srael knew the i-portan,e o' a la-( in Go1s ealings with the-. Centuries (e'ore" when the ,hilren
o' 5srael were in sla#er! in >g!pt" Go worke on 9haraoh1s heart to let Go1s people lea#e >g!pt in 'reeo-. Go use
ten plagues to 3uge 9haraoh" who 'inall! allowe this great people to go (nu-(ering perhaps two -illion). :he last an
-ost terri(le plague was that the Lor woul go through the lan o' >g!pt on one night an all the 'irst-(orn in the lan
woul ie.
&ut there was a wa! o' es,ape. >#er! househol who woul o(e! Go1s ,o--an woul li#e. Go ,o--ane a
la-( without (le-ish to (e kille as a su(stitute. :he (loo o' the la-( was to (e put on the sies o' an a(o#e the
oorwa! o' ea,h house. 0hen Go saw the (loo on the oorwa!" $e woul .pass o#er/ the- an the eath plague
woul not estro! the-. 0hat a woner'ul plan6 :he ,hilren o' 5srael were to keep the 9asso#er 'east e#er! !ear 'ro-
that ti-e on. 5t was to (e a -e-orial o' when Go1s 3ug-ent .passe o#er/ the-" (e,ause the! ha applie the (loo o'
the la-( to their oors. (:his stor! is 'oun in >Bous 12:1-F2.)
$ow pre,ious that Jesus1 'irst pu(li, introu,tion to the worl shoul (e as the .La-( o' Go/ (John 1:28)6 $e ,a-e
to (e the sa,ri'i,ial la-(" per'e,t an without (le-ish or sin" so that $is she (loo ,oul (e applie to the oor o' our
hearts an Go1s 3ug-ent 'or our sin ,an .pass o#er/ us6 $e(rews 8:22 tells us" ....without sheing o' (loo there is no
re-ission L'orgi#eness o' sinsM./ Le#iti,us 1?:11 sa!s" ....5t is the (loo that -akes atone-ent 'or the soul./ All the la-(s
slain through the !ears pointe to Jesus. $e woul ,o-e as .the La-( o' Go/ to she $is (loo" so that all who trust
$i- as %a#ior -ight ha#e $is (loo applie on the oorposts o' their own hearts. .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" he who
hears I! wor an (elie#es in $i- who sent Ie has e#erlasting li'e" an shall not ,o-e into 3ug-ent" (ut has passe
'ro- eath into li'e/ (John G:2F).
5saiah G3:? points out that .$e was le as a la-( to the slaughter./ Jesus ,a-e to ie 'or the sins o' the worl. 0h!
not thank $i- out lou right now 'or (eing the La-( o' Go" whose (loo was she 'or !ou an took awa! !our sins (i'
!ou are one who will trul! trust $i-)J 0hen Go sees the (loo" $e oes not see the sins an!-oreA $e sees onl! the
per'e,t sa,ri'i,e o' Christ who took our sins upon $i-sel' an re,ei#e our 3ug-ent 'or us. 9raise (e to Go6
ould you be free from your burden of sinI
ThereGs power in the blood, power in the blood4
ould you over evil a victory winI
ThereGs wonderful power in the blood"
A:4E>I>E: -eans (eing A: 4E> with Go (e,ause Jesus1 (loo ,o#ers o#er our sins.
;. 0hat was the wa! to es,ape the 3ug-ent o' Go towar the sin o' the >g!ptiansJ
.>#er! househol who woul _____________________ Go1s ,o--an woul li#e. Go ,o--ane a
_________ without ___________________ to (e kille as a su(stitute./
8. 0hat is our wa! toa! to es,ape the 3ug-ent o' Go towar our sinJ
.LJesusM ,a-e to (e the sa,ri'i,ial ______________ " per'e,t an without (le-ish or sin" so that $is she
_____________ ,oul (e applie to the oor o' our hearts an Go1s 3ug-ent 'or our sin ,an Hpass o#er1 us6/
Joy in the Gospel of John >
Getting to Know Jesus
John %::9;7&
Again" the neBt a!" John stoo with two o' his is,iples.
An looking at Jesus as $e walke" he sai" .&ehol the
La-( o' Go6/
:he two is,iples hear hi- speak" an the! 'ollowe Jesus.
:hen Jesus turne" an seeing the-
'ollowing" sai to the-" .0hat o !ou seekJ/ :he! sai to $i-" .<a((i/ (whi,h is to sa!" when translate" :ea,her)"
.where are 2ou sta!ingJ/
$e sai to the-" .Co-e an see./ :he! ,a-e an saw where $e was sta!ing" an re-aine
with $i- that a! (now it was a(out the tenth hour).
4ne o' the two who hear John speak" an 'ollowe $i-" was
Anrew" %i-on 9eter1s (rother.
$e 'irst 'oun his own (rother %i-on" an sai to hi-" .0e ha#e 'oun the Iessiah/
(whi,h is translate" the Christ).
An he (rought hi- to Jesus. Eow when Jesus looke at hi-" $e sai" .2ou are %i-on
the son o' Jonah. 2ou shall (e ,alle Cephas/ (whi,h is translate" A %tone).
:he 'ollowing a! Jesus wante to go to Galilee" an $e 'oun 9hilip an sai to hi-" .Follow Ie./
Eow 9hilip
was 'ro- &ethsaia" the ,it! o' Anrew an 9eter.
9hilip 'oun Eathanael an sai to hi-" .0e ha#e 'oun $i- o'
who- Ioses in the law" an also the prophets" wrote7Jesus o' Ea@areth" the son o' Joseph./
An Eathanael sai to
hi-" .Can an!thing goo ,o-e out o' Ea@arethJ/ 9hilip sai to hi-" .Co-e an see./
Jesus saw Eathanael ,o-ing
towar $i-" an sai o' hi-" .&ehol" an 5sraelite inee" in who- is no guile6/
Eathanael sai to $i-" .$ow o 2ou
know -eJ/ Jesus answere an sai to hi-" .&e'ore 9hilip ,alle !ou" when !ou were uner the 'ig tree" 5 saw !ou./
Eathanael answere an sai to $i-" .<a((i" 2ou are the %on o' Go6 2ou are the Oing o' 5srael6/
$ome and .ee
:wo o' John the &aptist1s is,iples were #er! ,urious to know -ore a(out Jesus when the! hear John sa!" .&ehol
the La-( o' Go6/ :he! e,ie to 'in out where Jesus li#e. Jesus in#ite the- to .Co-e an see./ Can !ou i-agine
what a woner'ul talk the! ha with Jesus6 :he! -ust ha#e learne a lot a(out Jesus" (e,ause soon a'ter that one o' the
-en" Anrew" tol his (rother 9eter that the! ha 'oun the .Iessiah6/
:he Iessiah -eans .the Anointe 4ne/7the person who woul (e sent (! Go as prophet" priest" an king to rule
o#er 5srael. Ian! o' the prophets in the 4l :esta-ent ha spoken a(out this #er! spe,ial person who woul ,o-e. >#en
Ioses ha written a(out $i-. Go ha sai to Ioses" .5 will raise up 'or the- a 9rophet like !ou 'ro- a-ong their
(rethren" an will put I! wors in $is -outh" an $e shall speak to the- all that 5 ,o--an $i-/ (Ceuterono-!
1;:1;). Later Jesus sai" .As I! Father taught Ie" 5 speak these things/ (John ;:2;(). $ow eB,ite these -en were6
Are !ou ,urious a(out JesusJ Co !ou want to learn -ore a(out $i-J Co !ou woner who Jesus isJ Jesus sa!s to !ou
toa!" .Co-e an see./ Cis,o#eries ,o-e (! sear,hing. Jesus sai" .%eek" an !ou will 'in/ (Iatthew ?:?(). 5' !ou
,o-e to Jesus" !ou will see6 5' !ou sta! with $i- an let $i- talk with !ou in $is 0or" $e will show !ou who $e reall!
is. 2ou ,an know $i- 'or !oursel'6 .:hen 5 will gi#e the- a heart to know Ie" that 5 a- the L4<CA an the! shall (e I!
people" an 5 will (e their Go" 'or the! shall return to Ie with their whole heart/ (Jere-iah 2F:?).
1+. 0hat oes .Iessiah/ -eanJ
.:he Iessiah -eans Hthe _________________ _________1 * the person who woul (e sent (! Go as prophet"
priest" an king to rule o#er 5srael./
Testimonies about Jesus
0hen a person ,o-es to Jesus an sees who $e is" then he wants to tell others a(out $i-6 $e wants to tell others
what $e knows a(out Jesus" so that his 'riens ,an also .,o-e an see./ 5' !ou know Jesus" an are learning 'ro- $i-"
are !ou sharing this goo news with so-eone elseJ
11. 0rite out (elow who Jesus is to !ou.
<s/ God for the opportunity to share your testimony with someone today or tomorrow, so that person also can come and see"#
Joy in the Gospel of John '
Lesson # he !irst Miracles
Jesus Brings Joy to a Marriage
John ):%;%%
4n the thir a! there was a weing in Cana o' Galilee" an the -other o' Jesus was there.
Eow (oth Jesus an $is
is,iples were in#ite to the weing.
An when the! ran out o' wine" the -other o' Jesus sai to $i-" .:he! ha#e no
Jesus sai to her" .0o-an" what oes !our ,on,ern ha#e to o with IeJ I! hour has not !et ,o-e./
$is -other
sai to the ser#ants" .0hate#er $e sa!s to !ou" o it./
Eow there were set there siB waterpots o' stone" a,,oring to the
-anner o' puri'i,ation o' the Jews" ,ontaining twent! or thirt! gallons apie,e.
Jesus sai to the-" .Fill the waterpots with
water./ An the! 'ille the- up to the (ri-.
An $e sai to the-" .Craw so-e out now" an take it to the -aster o' the
'east./ An the! took it.
0hen the -aster o' the 'east ha taste the water that was -ae wine" an i not know where it
,a-e 'ro- ((ut the ser#ants who ha rawn the water knew)" the -aster o' the 'east ,alle the (riegroo-.
An he sai
to hi-" .>#er! -an at the (eginning sets out the goo wine" an when the guests ha#e well runk" then that whi,h is
in'eriorA (ut !ou ha#e kept the goo wine until now./
:his (eginning o' signs Jesus i in Cana o' Galilee" an
-ani'este $is glor!A an $is is,iples (elie#e in $i-.
.omething to Eo
Fill in the (lanks (! using wors 'ro- the lesson.
1. 0hat i Jesus1 -other tell the ser#antsJ (#erse G)
.0hate#er $e ____________________ to !ou" _____________ _______________./
2. 0hen Jesus tol the ser#ants to 'ill the waterpots" what i the! oJ (?)
.An the! _______________ the- up to the ___________./
5bedience 3s the Jey to Joy
Jesus1 -other -a! ne#er ha#e seen Jesus per'or- a -ira,le (e'ore. &ut she i know that Jesus woul o so-ething
to help. Eow" we know that the kin o' wine whi,h was use at this -arriage was not the kin o' wine whi,h woul -ake
people runk. 5t was not the sa-e kin o' wine whi,h people -ake toa!. 5t was a eli,ious 3ui,e -ae 'ro- grapes. $ow
e-(arrassing to run out6
9erhaps !ou are a Christian. $a#e !ou .run out/ o' so-ethingJ Co !ou run out o' patien,e (e'ore the a! is oneJ 5s
!our heart e-pt! o' 3o! or lo#e right nowJ Jesus ,an see !our nee" whate#er it is. $e wants to (less !our li'e with a
-ira,le6 $e oes not want !ou e#er to (e e-(arrasse in !our Christian li'e (! not ha#ing enough 3o! an pea,e an lo#e
to -eet !ou in e#er! nee. $e has pro-ise" .An whoe#er (elie#es on $i- will not (e put to sha-e/ (<o-ans 8:33().
&ut there is a se,ret !ou -ust know6 5bedience is the ke! to (lessing. .0hate#er $e sa!s to !ou" o it/ (John 2:G). 0hen
we o(e!" Jesus ,an work a -ira,le. 4(e!ing shows we reall! trust $i-.
5' so-eone has wronge !ou" ha#e !ou 'orgi#en that person (Iatthew D:1F" 1G)J Are !ou la!ing up treasure in hea#en
(Iatthew D:2+)J 9erhaps !ou think !ou ,an1t gi#e to Go1s work. &ut Jesus knows !our nees. :rust $i- (! o(e!ing
.&e 'ille with the %pirit"/ Go sa!s to !ou toa! (>phesians G:1;). Eo Christian ,an eBpe,t to li#e a li'e o' 3o! i' he
oes not allow Go to 'ill hi- with $is %pirit ea,h a!.
9erhaps !ou are not a Christian. 9erhaps li'e is (oring to !ou. 2ou" too" ,an o(e! the ,o--an o' Jesus. Co-e to $i-
an re,ei#e $is li'e7to the (ri-. $e sai" .5 ha#e ,o-e that the! -a! ha#e li'e" an that the! -a! ha#e it -ore
a(unantl!/ (John 1+:1+).
:he ser#ants o(e!e 'ull!. :he! i not 'ill the waterpots hal'-'ull" or al-ost 'ull. :he! 'ille the- .to the (ri-./
4(e!ing Go with !our whole heart (rings 3o! an (lessing. .An whate#er !ou o" o it heartil!" as to the Lor an not
to -en" knowing that 'ro- the Lor !ou will re,ei#e the rewar o' the inheritan,eA 'or !ou ser#e the Lor Christ/
(Colossians 3:23" 2F).
5s there so-ething that Jesus has spoken to !ou a(out that !ou shoul o in o(eien,e to $i-J 0h! not o it toa!.
0hen the is,iples saw the -ira,le" their 'aith grew7the! .(elie#e on $i-./ 0hen !ou o(e! Go1s 0or an see
Go work" !our 'aith will grow" too. Faith is like a -us,le in our (oies. 5t is strengthene (! using it" (! eBer,ising it.
Let us ,hoose to walk (! 'aith ea,h a!. .:he 3ust shall li#e (! 'aith/ (<o-ans 1:1?).
Joy in the Gospel of John &
FA5:$ P Forsaking All" 5 :rust $i-
3. a. 0hat is the ke! to (lessingJ
. ________________________ is the ke! to (lessing./
(. 0h! is this soA what oes this ke! showJ
.4(e!ing shows we _______________ ___________ $i-./
Jesus leanses the !e"ple
John ):%:;))
Eow the 9asso#er o' the Jews was at han" an Jesus went up to Jerusale-.
An $e 'oun in the te-ple those who
sol oBen an sheep an o#es" an the -one!,hangers oing (usiness.
0hen $e ha -ae a whip o' ,ors" $e ro#e
the- all out o' the te-ple" with the sheep an the oBen" an poure out the ,hangers1 -one! an o#erturne the ta(les.
An $e sai to those who sol o#es" .:ake these things awa!6 Co not -ake I! Father1s house a house o'
:hen $is is,iples re-e-(ere that it was written" .Qeal 'or 2our house has eaten Ie up./
%o the Jews
answere an sai to $i-" .0hat sign o 2ou show to us" sin,e 2ou o these thingsJ/
Jesus answere an sai to the-"
.Cestro! this te-ple" an in three a!s 5 will raise it up./
:hen the Jews sai" .5t has taken 'ort!-siB !ears to (uil this
te-ple" an will 2ou raise it up in three a!sJ/
&ut $e was speaking o' the te-ple o' $is (o!.
:here'ore" when $e
ha risen 'ro- the ea" $is is,iples re-e-(ere that $e ha sai this to the-A an the! (elie#e the %,ripture an the
wor whi,h Jesus ha sai.
hat Jesus Jnew
Co !ou re-e-(er what the .9asso#er/ -eansJ (0e talke a(out it in the se,tion .Jesus" the La-( o' Go./) Jesus
went up to Jerusale- to ,ele(rate the 9asso#er. 0hat an a-a@ing sight $e saw in the te-ple6 5t i not look an soun
like a pla,e to worship Go or a pla,e to get right with Go. 5t was like a (us! -arket pla,e6 Go1s presen,e was 'ar
awa!. An Jesus was #er! angr! towar this terri(le sin.
5t was true that the people i nee to (u! ani-als to use as sa,ri'i,es to Go. &ut the -er,hants were reall! ,heating
the people (! ,harging high pri,es. An the! were selling the ani-als right in the te-ple6 Eo woner Jesus ro#e the- all
out o' the te-ple6 5t is re,ore in Iark 11:1? that $e sai" .5s it not written" HI! house shall (e ,alle a house o' pra!er
'or all nations1J &ut !ou ha#e -ae it a Hen o' thie#es.1/
Jesus tol the Jewish leaers that $is right to ,leanse the te-ple woul (e pro#e when the! woul estro! the
te-ple. $e" Jesus" woul raise it (a,k up in three a!s6 :he! were astonishe" (e,ause the! i not know that Jesus was
talking a(out the .te-ple/ o' $is own (o!. Jesus knew that these Jewish leaers woul ,ru,i'! $i-. $e also knew that
three a!s a'ter the! ,ru,i'ie $i-" $e woul raise $is own (o! 'ro- the ea6
F. 0h! i Jesus ri#e out the -er,hants 'ro- the te-pleJ
(see Iark 11:1?)
.I! house shall (e ,alle a house o' pra!er 'or all nations. &ut ______________________ ha#e -ae it a Hen o'
__________________________ .1/
e are each one responsible for our actions, for using GodGs resources =including our time? in ways differently than God intends"
Jesus Body as GodGs Temple
2ears (e'ore" the (eauti'ul te-ple %olo-on (uilt ha (een .'ille with the glor! o' the L4<C./ &ut (e,ause the
nation o' 5srael ha ser#e 'alse gos" the glor! o' the L4<C eparte 'ro- the te-ple" an it was estro!e. Later the
te-ple was (uilt again (! those who wante to turn (a,k to Go. Go sai at that ti-e" ....:he esire o' all nations Lthe
IessiahM shall ,o-e: an 5 will 'ill this house with glor!" saith the L4<C o' hosts/ ($aggai 2:? OJN). Eow here was
Jesus" ,o-ing into the te-ple to ,leanse it6 $ere $e was" e#en ,lai-ing that $is own (o! was the te-ple o' Go6
.For in $i- wells all the 'ullness o' the Gohea (oil!/ (Colossians 2:8).
....Go was -ani'este in the 'lesh.../ (1 :i-oth! 3:1D).
.H&ehol" a #irgin shall (e with ,hil" an (ear a %on" an the! shall ,all $is na-e 5--anuel"1 whi,h is translate"
HGo with us1/ (Iatthew 1:23).
Joy in the Gospel of John %(
.0hi,h none o' the rulers o' this age knewA 'or ha the! known" the! woul not ha#e ,ru,i'ie the Lor o' glor!/ (1
Corinthians 2:;).
<e-e-(er how Jesus (egan to -ani'est $is glor! in Lesson 3 (John 2:11)J :he Jewish leaers i not know that the
Lor o' glor! was a-ong the-" Go in the 'lesh" an ha e#er! right to ,leanse $is te-ple6
G. 0h! o we sa! that Jesus1 (o! was Go1s :e-ple
(see 1 :i-oth! 3:1D an Iatthew 1:23()J
....________________ was -ani'este in the 'lesh/" an
.HKthe! shall ,all $is na-e 5--anuel"1 whi,h is translate" H _______________ _______________
___________ .1/
here 3s GodGs Temple TodayI
.Co !ou not know that !ou are the te-ple o' Go an that the %pirit o' Go wells in !ouJ/ (1 Corinthians 3:1D).
Jesus li#es in e#er! person who trul! has (een (orn again through the $ol! %pirit6 4ur (oies are $is te-ple6 0hat
an aweso-e thought6 .4r o !ou not know that !our (o! is the te-ple o' the $ol! %pirit who is in !ou" who- !ou ha#e
'ro- Go" an !ou are not !our ownJ For !ou were (ought at a pri,eA there'ore glori'! Go in !our (o! an in !our
spirit" whi,h are Go1s/ (1 Corinthians D:18" 2+).
$ow i-portant it is 'or us to li#e hol! li#es6 0e shoul ne#er ,o--it sin with our (oies" (e,ause i' we ha#e
re,ei#e Christ into our li#es" then we are 3oine to $i- an shoul (e 'aith'ul to $i-. Go has e#er! right to ,leanse $is
te-ple. $e has e#er! right to ,leanse areas o' our li#es whi,h are not pleasing to $i-. Let us alwa!s !iel to $is
,leansing. $e ,leanses us through $is 0or.
.$ow ,an a !oung -an ,leanse his wa!J &! taking hee a,,oring to 2our 0or/ (9sal- 118:8).
.5' we ,on'ess our sins" $e is 'aith'ul an 3ust to 'orgi#e us our sins an to ,leanse us 'ro- all unrighteousness/ (1
John 1:8).
.&ut i' we walk in the light as $e is in the light" we ha#e 'ellowship with one another" an the (loo o' Jesus Christ
$is %on ,leanses us 'ro- all sin/ (1 John 1:?).
Eot onl! oes Go -ake ea,h ini#iual Christian $is te-ple" (ut also all Christians together are ,alle the .(o! o'
Christ./ .%o we" (eing -an!" are one (o! in Christ/ (<o-ans 12:Ga). .An $e is the hea o' the (o!" the ,hur,h/
(Colossians 1:1;a).
.Jesus Christ $i-sel' (eing the ,hie' ,ornerstone" in who- the whole (uiling" (eing 3oine together" grows into a
hol! te-ple in the Lor" in who- !ou also are (eing (uilt together 'or a ha(itation o' Go in the %pirit/ (>phesians 2:2+(-
22). $ow pre,ious is ea,h person in who- Go li#es6 0e -ust (e sure to treat other Christians with great tenerness an
lo#e. 5n the sa-e wa! that we treat the-" we are reall! treating Christ.
Let us sa! with 9aul" .%o now also Christ will (e -agni'ie in -! (o!" whether (! li'e or (! eath/ (9hilippians
Let us (e sure our .(o!-te-ples/ are pla,es o' pra!er" where we talk with Go ea,h a! an are aware o' $is
presen,e. Ee#er let the- (e,o-e a .en o' thie#es"/ where the ,ares an pleasures o' this li'e i- the glor! o' Go.
D. 0here is Go1s te-ple toa! (see 1 Corinthians 3:1D)J
.Co !ou not know that _______________ are the te-ple o' Go an that the %pirit o' Go wells in
______________ ./
?. 0hat responsi(ilit! o true Christians ha#e (e,ause o' this (see 1 Corinthians D:18" 2+)J
.For !ou were (ought at a pri,eA there'ore _________________________ _________________ in !our (o! an
in !our spirit" whi,h are Go1s./
Lesson $ %ow to Be Born &gain
John ::%;', %7;)%, :8
:here was a -an o' the 9harisees na-e Ei,oe-us" a ruler o' the Jews.
:his -an ,a-e to Jesus (! night an sai
to $i-" .<a((i" we know that 2ou are a tea,her ,o-e 'ro- GoA 'or no one ,an o these signs that 2ou o unless Go is
with hi-./
Jesus answere an sai to hi-" .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" unless one is (orn again" he ,annot see the
kingo- o' Go./
Ei,oe-us sai to $i-" .$ow ,an a -an (e (orn when he is olJ Can he enter a se,on ti-e into his
Joy in the Gospel of John %%
-other1s wo-( an (e (ornJ/
Jesus answere" .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" unless one is (orn o' water an the %pirit"
he ,annot enter the kingo- o' Go.
:hat whi,h is (orn o' the 'lesh is 'lesh" an that whi,h is (orn o' the %pirit is spirit.
Co not -ar#el that 5 sai to !ou" H2ou -ust (e (orn again.1
:he win (lows where it wishes" an !ou hear the soun o'
it" (ut ,annot tell where it ,o-es 'ro- an where it goes. %o is e#er!one who is (orn o' the %pirit.
.An as Ioses li'te up the serpent in the wilerness" e#en so -ust the %on o' Ian (e li'te up"
that whoe#er
(elie#es in $i- shoul not perish (ut ha#e eternal li'e.
.For Go so lo#e the worl that $e ga#e $is onl! (egotten %on" that whoe#er (elie#es in $i- shoul not perish
(ut ha#e e#erlasting li'e.
For Go i not sen $is %on into the worl to ,one-n the worl" (ut that the worl through
$i- -ight (e sa#e.
.$e who (elie#es in $i- is not ,one-neA (ut he who oes not (elie#e is ,one-ne alrea!" (e,ause he has not
(elie#e in the na-e o' the onl! (egotten %on o' Go.
An this is the ,one-nation" that the light has ,o-e into the
worl" an -en lo#e arkness rather than light" (e,ause their ees were e#il.
For e#er!one pra,ti,ing e#il hates the
light an oes not ,o-e to the light" lest his ees shoul (e eBpose.
&ut he who oes the truth ,o-es to the light" that
his ees -a! (e ,learl! seen" that the! ha#e (een one in Go.
.$e who (elie#es in the %on has e#erlasting li'eA an he who oes not (elie#e the %on shall not see li'e" (ut the
wrath o' Go a(ies on hi-./
.omething to Eo
Fill in the (lanks with the right wors 'ro- the lesson.
1. 0ho was Ei,oe-usJ (#erse 1)
.:here was a -an o' the 9harisees na-e Ei,oe-us" a ________________________ o' the Jews./
Jesus is interested in every manFpoor or rich, educated or ignorant"
2. 0ho i Ei,oe-us think Jesus wasJ (2)
.<a((i" we know that 2ou are a ______________________ ,o-e 'ro- Go./
3. Jesus sai that e#en to see the kingo- o' Go" one -ust (e whatJ (3)
.Kunless one is ____________________ _____________ " he ,annot see the kingo- o' Go./
F. A -an ,annot enter the kingo- o' Go unless he is (orn o' whatJ (G)
.Kunless one is (orn o' ______________________ an the ________________ " he ,annot enter the kingo- o'
To Nicodemus, water meant cleansing" 3n Besson ) we saw that John the Baptist baptiAed with water as people confessed
their sins and turned from their sins =repentance?" Jesus came to baptiAe with the Holy .pirit and to give people new life" To
enter the /ingdom of God, we must be willing to turn from our sins as well as receive the life of GodGs .pirit into our hearts"
G. .:hat whi,h is (orn o' the 'lesh is ___________________ ./ (D)
-lesh# refers not only to our physical bodies, but also to the human desires of our selfish nature =+omans ':', &?"
D. .:hat whi,h is (orn o' the %pirit is ___________________ ./ (D)
hen our bodies are born of our earthly parents, we, too, have earthly bodies" hen our spirits are born of God, we, too,
have a spirit that is alive and able to understand spiritual things of God =% $orinthians ):%), %7?"
?. :he %on o' -an (Jesus) ha to (e li'te up (,ru,i'ie on a ,ross) 3ust like whatJ (1F)
.An as Ioses li'te up the _________________________ in the wilerness" e#en so -ust the %on o'
Ian (e li'te up./
;. a. :he reason Jesus ,a-e was (e,ause .Go so ____________________________ the worl./ (1Da)
(. 0hat i Go o (e,ause o' thisJ (1D()
.Kthat $e ______________________________ $is onl! (egotten ________________________ ./
,. 0hat is the resultJ (1D,)
.Kwhoe#er (elie#es in $i- LJesusM shoul not _______________________ " (ut ha#e e#erlasting
_______________________ ./
8. Go in1t sen $is %on into the worl to ,_________________ the worl Lthough $e will 3uge the worl one a!MA
$e sent $is %on to ie so the worl -ight (e _______________. (1?)
1+. A person who (elie#es in Jesus is not ,____________________. A person re-ains ,one-ne onl! when he has not
________________________ in Jesus. (1;)
Joy in the Gospel of John %)
11. Light has ,o-e into the worl" an -en lo#e ______________ rather than ________________ (e,ause their ees
were ________________________ . Jesus ,alls this .the ,______________________________ ./ (18)
$ondemnation means eternal Hudgment and separation from God"
12. $e that oes the ___________________ ,o-es to the light. (21)
3t is not the man who does good who comes to the light" There is none who does good, no, not one# =+omans ::%)b?" The
man who does truth is the man who confesses the truth of his sin and receives GodGs cleansing" 3f we confess our sins, He is
faithful and Hust to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness# =% John %:&?"
13. 5ptional: 0rite these #erses on s-all ,ars an -e-ori@e the-. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e the-J 9lease write the- 'ro-
a. John 3:1D
(. John 3:3D
hat 3t 1eans to Be Born <gain
:o (e (orn again is to (e (orn .'ro- a(o#e"/ to start li'e o#er" to ha#e a ,o-pletel! i''erent (eginning. Eatural (irth
-akes one a -e-(er o' the hu-an 'a-il!. %piritual (irth -akes one a -e-(er o' Go1s 'a-il!. :he %pirit works in us
an we see outwar ,hanges. For eBa-ple" a person who has stolen oesn1t steal an!-ore. 5t is 3ust like when the win
(lows. 0e ,an1t see the win" (ut we ,an see what it oes.
A person whose spirit has not (een (orn o' Go is spirituall! .ea/ (>phesians 2:1" G). Cleansing 'ro- sin ,o-es
'irst (! the eath o' Christ an the eath o' our ol wa! o' li'e. :hen the %pirit -akes us ali#e with new li'e7Christ1s
resurre,tion li'e. &oth are ne,essar! to enter into Go1s kingo-. Eew (irth takes pla,e when the $ol! %pirit (the %pirit
o' Jesus $i-sel') a,tuall! enters an li#es in our (oies. .Eow i' an!one oes not ha#e the %pirit o' Christ" he is not $is/
(<o-ans ;:8().
0e inherit Christ1s nature (2 9eter 1:F): new attitues" new -ins to unerstan %,ripture" a new power in our wills to
sa! no to sin an to sa! !es to what Christ wants.
Are !ou like Ei,oe-usJ 9erhaps !ou ha#e alwa!s (een a religious person. 4r a person who o(e!s all the laws.
9erhaps !ou are e#en a leaer. &ut ha#e !ou e#er (een (orn again 'ro- a(o#e (! Go1s $ol! %pirit" so that !ou are a new
,reationJ .:here'ore" i' an!one is in Christ" he is a new ,reationA ol things ha#e passe awa!A (ehol" all things ha#e
(e,o-e new/ (2 Corinthians G:1?). 5' !ou are not .(orn again"/ wh! not ,o-e to Jesus right now" like Ei,oe-us iJ
Call upon Jesus to sa#e !ou. .$e who has the %on has li'eA he who oes not ha#e the %on o' Go oes not ha#e li'e/ (1
John G:12).
1F. 0h! are goo works" e#en (eing .religious"/ not enough to sa#e a personJ
.A person whose spirit has not (een ___________________ o' Go is spirituall! H _____________________ .1/
1G. 0hat o we eBperien,e when we ienti'! with (trust in) ChristJ
.we ienti'! with Christ an eBperien,e the eath o' our ____________ ____________ o'
_________________ ./
1oses in the ilderness
Long (e'ore" when the ,hilren o' 5srael were li#ing in the wilerness uner their leaer" Ioses" the! gru-(le an
spoke (a things against Go an against Ioses. :he! ,o-plaine a(out the wa! Go was pro#iing 'or the-. %o Go
sent serpents (snakes) a-ong the people to (ite the-. Ian! people ie. :he people ,a-e to Ioses an ,on'esse their
sin. :he! (egge Ioses to pra! that Go woul take awa! the serpents. Go answere their pra!er in a i''erent wa!. $e
tol Ioses to -ake a serpent o' (ron@e an put it on a pole. 0hoe#er looke at this (ron@e serpent" e#en though he ha
(een (itten (! a eal! snake" when he saw the serpent" he woul li#e. (:his stor! is 'oun in Eu-(ers 21: F-8.)
%in is like the (ite o' a eal! snake. 0e" too" will ie unless we look to Jesus" who took the sins o' others upon
$i-sel' (though $e $i-sel' ne#er sinne). Ian! perishe in the wilerness. 4nl! those who looke were heale. Jesus
warne Ei,oe-us that he" too" woul perish i' he i not look to Jesus to re,ei#e new li'e.
Joy in the Gospel of John %:
As -en looke at the .ea/ serpent an li#e" the! also -ust look at the 4ne who took the sin o' the worl upon
$i-sel'" ,ru,i'ie on a ,ross" (John 12:32" 33). Look an li#e6 :he! in1t nee to unerstan .how/ it heale the- to
look at the serpent o' (ron@e. All the! ha to o was 3ust o(e! in 'aith. An Go i the rest6
.An as Ioses li'te up the serpent in the wilerness" e#en so -ust the %on o' -an (e li'te up: :hat whosoe#er
(elie#eth in hi- shoul not perish" (ut ha#e eternal li'e/ (John 3:1F-1G OJN).
Boo/ and live, my brother, liveK
Boo/ to Jesus now and live4
GTis recorded in His ord, halleluHahK
3t is only that you loo/ and live"#
1D. :he people in the wilerness ha to o(e! Go (! looking at the (ron@e serpent on the pole in orer to (e sa#e. 0hat
-ust we o in orer to (e sa#eJ (John 3:1G)
.An as Ioses li'te up the serpent in the wilerness" e#en so -ust the %on o' -an (e li'te up: :hat whosoe#er
_________________________ _______ ____________ shoul not perish" (ut ha#e eternal li'e./
$oming to the Bight
0hen we ,o-e to Christ" our sin is eBpose (e,ause Jesus is the true light (John 1:8). Carkness hies the truth" (ut
the light shows how things reall! are.
:he one who ,hooses not to ,o-e to Go1s light has ,hosen to hol on to his sins an not allow Go to ,hange hi-.
%in'ul -an is alrea! heae 'or hell. $e nees Christ to es,ape. :hose without Jesus are uner Go1s wrath now (John
3:3D)" (ut the one who trul! trusts Christ (egins the sa-e li'e he will ha#e in hea#en7Go1s eternal li'e. .:his is the
-essage whi,h we ha#e hear 'ro- $i- an e,lare to !ou" that Go is light an in $i- is no arkness at all. 5' we sa!
that we ha#e 'ellowship with $i-" an walk in arkness" we lie an o not pra,ti,e the truth. &ut i' we walk in the light as
$e is in the light" we ha#e 'ellowship with one another" an the (loo o' Jesus Christ $is %on ,leanses us 'ro- all sin/ (1
John 1:G-?).
0hen a -an wants to (e hol!" he is willing to ha#e his sins eBpose an 'orgi#en. %o" ,o-ing to Christ is a li'e an
eath -atter. 2our estin! epens on what !ou o with Christ. 2our estination epens on what !ou o with the light.
Co !ou ,o-e to itJ 4r o !ou hie 'ro- itJ
FA5:$ R G4C1% 04<C (J>%=%) P >:><EAL L5F>
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
1?. 0hat is !our personal response to !our sin pro(le-J
Lesson ' More than a Carpenter
Jesus #ffers $i%ing Water
John 7:9;7)
%o $e ,a-e to a ,it! o' %a-aria whi,h is ,alle %!,har" near the plot o' groun that Ja,o( ga#e to his son Joseph.
Eow Ja,o(1s well was there. Jesus there'ore" (eing wearie 'ro- $is 3ourne!" sat thus (! the well. 5t was a(out the siBth
A wo-an o' %a-aria ,a-e to raw water. Jesus sai to her" .Gi#e Ie a rink./
For $is is,iples ha gone awa!
into the ,it! to (u! 'oo.
:hen the wo-an o' %a-aria sai to $i-" .$ow is it that 2ou" (eing a Jew" ask a rink 'ro- -e"
a %a-aritan wo-anJ/ For Jews ha#e no ealings with %a-aritans.
Jesus answere an sai to her" .5' !ou knew the gi't
o' Go" an who it is who sa!s to !ou" HGi#e Ie a rink"1 !ou woul ha#e aske $i-" an $e woul ha#e gi#en !ou
li#ing water./
:he wo-an sai to $i-" .%ir" 2ou ha#e nothing to raw with" an the well is eep. 0here then o 2ou get
that li#ing waterJ
Are 2ou greater than our 'ather Ja,o(" who ga#e us the well" an rank 'ro- it hi-sel'" as well as his
sons an his li#esto,kJ/
Jesus answere an sai to her" .0hoe#er rinks o' this water will thirst again"
(ut whoe#er
rinks o' the water that 5 shall gi#e hi- will ne#er thirst. &ut the water that 5 shall gi#e hi- will (e,o-e in hi- a 'ountain
o' water springing up into e#erlasting li'e./
Joy in the Gospel of John %7
:he wo-an sai to $i-" .%ir" gi#e -e this water" that 5 -a! not thirst" nor ,o-e here to raw./
Jesus sai to her"
.Go" ,all !our hus(an" an ,o-e here./
:he wo-an answere an sai" .5 ha#e no hus(an./ Jesus sai to her" .2ou
ha#e well sai" H5 ha#e no hus(an"1
'or !ou ha#e ha 'i#e hus(ans" an the one who- !ou now ha#e is not !our
hus(anA in that !ou spoke trul!./
:he wo-an sai to $i-" .%ir" 5 per,ei#e that 2ou are a prophet.
4ur 'athers
worshippe on this -ountain" an !ou Jews sa! that in Jerusale- is the pla,e where one ought to worship./
Jesus sai to
her" .0o-an" (elie#e Ie" the hour is ,o-ing when !ou will neither on this -ountain" nor in Jerusale-" worship the
2ou worship what !ou o not knowA we know what we worship" 'or sal#ation is o' the Jews.
&ut the hour is
,o-ing" an now is" when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit an truthA 'or the Father is seeking su,h to
worship $i-.
Go is %pirit" an those who worship $i- -ust worship in spirit an truth./
:he wo-an sai to $i-" .5
know that Iessiah is ,o-ing/ (who is ,alle Christ). .0hen $e ,o-es" $e will tell us all things./
Jesus sai to her" .5
who speak to !ou a- $e./
An at this point $is is,iples ,a-e" an the! -ar#ele that $e talke with a wo-anA !et no one sai" .0hat o 2ou
seekJ/ or" .0h! are 2ou talking with herJ/
:he wo-an then le't her waterpot" went her wa! into the ,it!" an sai to the
.Co-e" see a Ian who tol -e all things that 5 e#er i. Coul this (e the ChristJ/
:hen the! went out o' the ,it!
an ,a-e to $i-.
5n the -eanti-e $is is,iples urge $i-" sa!ing" .<a((i" eat./
&ut $e sai to the-" .5 ha#e 'oo to eat o' whi,h
!ou o not know./
:here'ore the is,iples sai to one another" .$as an!one (rought $i- an!thing to eatJ/
Jesus sai
to the-" .I! 'oo is to o the will o' $i- who sent Ie" an to 'inish $is work.
Co !ou not sa!" H:here are still 'our
-onths an then ,o-es the har#est1J &ehol" 5 sa! to !ou" li't up !our e!es an look at the 'iels" 'or the! are alrea!
white 'or har#est6
An he who reaps re,ei#es wages" an gathers 'ruit 'or eternal li'e" that (oth he who sows an he who
reaps -a! re3oi,e together.
For in this the sa!ing is true: H4ne sows an another reaps.1
5 sent !ou to reap that 'or whi,h
!ou ha#e not la(oreA others ha#e la(ore" an !ou ha#e entere into their la(ors./
An -an! o' the %a-aritans o' that ,it! (elie#e in $i- (e,ause o' the wor o' the wo-an who testi'ie" .$e tol
-e all that 5 e#er i./
%o when the %a-aritans ha ,o-e to $i-" the! urge $i- to sta! with the-A an $e sta!e
there two a!s.
An -an! -ore (elie#e (e,ause o' $is own wor.
:hen the! sai to the wo-an" .Eow we (elie#e"
not (e,ause o' what !ou sai" 'or we ha#e hear 'or oursel#es an know that this is inee the Christ" the %a#ior o' the
.omething to Eo
Answer the )uestions 'ro- the lesson.
1. 0hat 'eelings i Jesus ha#e whi,h show us $e was also trul! hu-anJ (#erse D)
.Jesus there'ore" (eing _____________________ 'ro- $is 3ourne!K/
2. 0hat i Jesus sa! to the wo-an o' %a-ariaJ (?)
.Jesus sai to her" .__________________ Ie a rink.1/
3. 0h! was she surprise that Jesus woul speak to herJ (8)
.$ow is it that 2ou" (eing a Jew" ask a rink 'ro- -e" a _____________________________ wo-anJ/
The .amaritans were descendants of Jews and foreigners who had married Jews" They did not worship Hust the God of 3srael
but false gods as well" hen the true Jews rebuilt their temple in Jerusalem, they would not allow .amaritans to help them"
But Jesus was always interested in every individual person4 He was interested in every personGs needs, even though it was not
the custom for a Jewish man to spea/ to a woman in public"
F. 0hat woul Jesus ha#e gi#en this wo-an i' she ha known to askJ (1+)
.$e woul ha#e gi#en !ou ____________________ water./
G. 0hat woul (e the i''eren,e (etween rinking the well water an rinking the water Jesus ga#eJ (13" 1F)
D. 0hat i Jesus know a(out this wo-anJ (1;)
Jesus /nows the secret sins of each of us"
?. 0hen Jesus pointe out her sin to her" what su(3e,t i the wo-an (ring upJ (2+)
.4ur 'athers _______________________ on this -ountain" an !ou Jews sa! that in Jerusale- is the pla,e where
one ought to ________________________ ./
Joy in the Gospel of John %9
.amaritans worshipped at their own temple on 1t" GeriAim" They believed in only the first five boo/s of the 5ld Testament"
Eo you li/e to discuss religion# instead of getting right with GodI
;. $ow o true worshipers worship the FatherJ (23)
.the true worshipers will worship the Father in ___________________ an ____________________ ./
3n order to worship God truly, we must be born of the .pirit"
8. 0hen the wo-an reali@e who Jesus reall! was" what i she oJ (2;" 28)
1+. 0hat satis'ie Jesus 3ust like 'ooJ (3F)
.I! 'oo is to _____________________ the ____________ o' $i- who sent Ie" an to 'inish $is work./
11. 0ho i the %a-aritans (elie#e Jesus wasJ (F2)
.Kwe ha#e hear 'or oursel#es an know that this is inee the _____________________ " the
____________________ o' the worl./
12. 5ptional: Ie-ori@e John F:2F" writing it on a s-all ,ar. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e itJ 9lease write it out 'ro- -e-or!
How -aith Grows
5sn1t it interesting to see how the wo-an o' %a-aria ,o-es to know an (elie#e -ore a(out Jesus the -ore $e talks
to herJ %ee #erse 8. %he 'irst re,ogni@es Jesus as a Jew who ha spoken to her kinl!. %ee #erse 11. $er respe,t rises" an
she ,alls $i-" .%ir./ %ee #erse 18. Jesus knew so -u,h a(out her" she now thinks $e -ust (e a prophet. %ee #erse 28. %he
now (elie#es Jesus -ust (e the Christ" the pro-ise Iessiah.
:he -ore we allow Jesus to talk to us through the &i(le" the -ore our 'aith in $i- will grow" too6 .%o then 'aith
,o-es (! hearing" an hearing (! the wor o' Go/ (<o-ans 1+:1?).
13. $ow oes 'aith growJ (<o-ans 1+:1?)
.%o then 'aith ,o-es (! ___________________ " an __________________ (! the _______________ o' Go/
hat 3s Biving aterI
:he wo-an o' %a-aria thought it woul (e a woner'ul thing i' she i not ha#e to lower her skin (u,ket own into
Ja,o(1s well. :he water le#el was 8+ 'eet (elow. &ut Jesus was not talking a(out ph!si,al water. Jesus was talking a(out
the satis'a,tion $e ,oul gi#e her to stop the ,ontinual thirst o' her e-pt! spirit 'or sin'ul pleasures. :he li#ing water $e
talks a(out is the gi't o' eternal li'e7$is own li'e. :he gushing spring is the o#er'lowing 3o! an pea,e we ,an
eBperien,e when we are 'ille with $is $ol! %pirit6
:he wo-an wants the water" (ut 'irst Jesus nees to pri,k her ,ons,ien,e. %he -ust ,on'ess her sin an (e willing to
turn 'ro- it (e'ore she ,an re,ei#e li#ing water 'ro- Jesus.
1F. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0hat oes !our ,ons,ien,e tell !ou a(out !our own sins7,an !ou ,ontinue in the- an still
ha#e hope o' the li#ing waterJ
hat This .tory Teaches <bout or/ing for God
>#er! person nees to hear the gospel an (elie#e in Christ 'or sal#ation. 0e shoul not treat an!one as an out,ast or
una,,epta(le. Jesus in1t.
:he spiritual .'iels/ o' the worl are ripe an rea! to (e har#este. 0e nee to look up an see how -an! people
aroun us are hungr! 'or the truth an rea! to re,ei#e it.
4ne person -a! sow (tell others a(out Jesus" gi#e out literature" tea,h Go1s 0or). Another person -a! reap
(a,tuall! introu,e so-eone to Christ). 0e nee to (e willing to o either. &oth the one who sows an the one
who reaps ,an ha#e 3o!.
Coing Go1s will an 'inishing our work ea,h a! (rings a satis'a,tion e#en -ore than 'oo ,an gi#e.
Joy in the Gospel of John %8
:hough it is i-portant to tell our 'riens a(out Jesus" we also nee to present to the- their nee to know $i-
personall! 'or the-sel#es.
Jesus Heals the &o'le"ans Son
John 7:78;9:
%o Jesus ,a-e again to Cana o' Galilee where $e ha -ae the water wine. An there was a ,ertain no(le-an
whose son was si,k at Capernau-.
0hen he hear that Jesus ha ,o-e out o' Juea into Galilee" he went to $i- an
i-plore $i- to ,o-e own an heal his son" 'or he was at the point o' eath.
:hen Jesus sai to hi-" .=nless !ou
people see signs an woners" !ou will (! no -eans (elie#e./
:he no(le-an sai to $i-" .%ir" ,o-e own (e'ore -!
,hil ies6/
Jesus sai to hi-" .Go !our wa!A !our son li#es./ %o the -an (elie#e the wor that Jesus spoke to hi-" an
he went his wa!.
An as he was now going own" his ser#ants -et hi- an tol hi-" sa!ing" .2our son li#es6/
:hen he
in)uire o' the- the hour when he got (etter. An the! sai to hi-" .2estera! at the se#enth hour the 'e#er le't hi-./
%o the 'ather knew that it was at the sa-e hour in whi,h Jesus sai to hi-" .2our son li#es./ An he hi-sel' (elie#e"
an his whole househol.
The 2ower of GodGs ords
0hen Go sa!s so-ething" it happens6 :he Go who ,reate the worl an the hea#ens an e#er!thing in the- 3ust
(! speaking the wor is now speaking to the no(le-an" .Go !our wa!A !our son li#es/ (John F:G+). An it was so.
Jesus sai that e#er!thing pro-ise in the &i(le woul happen (Iatthew G:1;). Co !ou (elie#e Go1s 0orJ Co !ou
a,t like !ou (elie#e it7like the -an in our stor! iJ
0e ha#e responsi(ilit! too" i' Christ li#es in our hearts. 5n Iark 11:22" 23 Jesus tol $is is,iples" .For assurel!" 5
sa! to !ou" whoe#er sa!s to this -ountain" H&e re-o#e an (e ,ast into the sea"1 an oes not ou(t in his heart" (ut
(elie#es that those things he sa!s will ,o-e to pass" he will ha#e whate#er he sa!s./ An Jesus eBplaine this 'urther with
so-e i-portant ,onitionsK
.5' !e a(ie in Ie" an I! wors a(ie in !ou" !e shall ask what !e will" an it shall (e one unto !ou/ (John 1G:?).
.An whatsoe#er !e shall ask in I! na-e" that will 5 o" that the Father -a! (e glori'ie in the %on/ (John 1F:13).
.An this is the ,on'ien,e that we ha#e in $i-" that" i' we ask an! thing a,,oring to $is will" $e heareth us/ (1
John G:1F).
:he wors we speak a,,oring to the will o' Go" (a,ke (! 'aith in Go" are power'ul. 0hat kin o' wors o !ou
speakJ Co !ou speak wors o' en,ourage-ent" ,o-'ort" trust" an lo#eJ
1G. &rie'l! list so-e o' the re)uire-ents gi#en in these %,riptures 'or e''e,ti#e pra!er.
hat This 2assage Teaches ,s about 2rayer
Coes Jesus answer our re)uests toa!J $e(rews 13:; tells us that Jesus Christ is .the sa-e !estera!" toa!" an
'ore#er./ 0e know that we -ust ,o-e to $i- with our re)uests. $e sa!s that .the one who ,o-es to Ie 5 will (! no
-eans ,ast out/ (John D:3?(). $e tells us to .Ask" an it will (e gi#en to !ouA seek" an !ou will 'inA kno,k" an it will
(e opene to !ou/ (Iatthew ?:?).
EeBt" we -ust ,o-e (elie#ing that $e will answer. .&ut without 'aith it is i-possi(le to please $i-" 'or he who
,o-es to Go -ust (elie#e that $e is" an that $e is a rewarer o' those who iligentl! seek $i-/ ($e(rews 11:D).
0e -ust (e satis'ie with the answer Jesus gi#es. :he no(le-an aske Jesus to ,o-e own to his house" (ut Jesus i
not ,hoose to o that. 5nstea" $e sai" .Go !our wa!A !our son li#es/ (John F:G+). $e -a! not answer !ou in eBa,tl! the
wa! !ou ask" nor in the ti-e 'ra-e !ou woul like" (ut $e will alwa!s o what is (est 'or !ou" an it will alwa!s (e
a,,oring to $is 0or (see <o-ans ;:2;" 28).
Faith oes not alwa!s (ring eli#eran,e (stu! $e(rews 11:3G-38)" (ut 'aith alwa!s (rings ire,tion an pea,e. .&e
anBious 'or nothing" (ut in e#er!thing (! pra!er an suppli,ation" with thanksgi#ing" let !our re)uests (e -ae known to
GoA an the pea,e o' Go" whi,h surpasses all unerstaning" will guar !our hearts an -ins through Christ Jesus/
(9hilippians F:D" ?).
Joy in the Gospel of John %>
0hen !ou (elie#e Go" an Go works with power" !our 'aith will (e strengthene. :he 'aith o' !our 'a-il! o'ten
will (e strengthene too" 3ust as the whole househol o' the no(le-an (elie#e Go.
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
1D. Co !ou (elie#e Go1s 0orJ Co !ou a,t like !ou (elie#e it7like the -an in our stor! iJ
1?. 0hat kin o' wors o !ou speakJ Co !ou speak wors o' en,ourage-ent" ,o-'ort" trust" an lo#eJ
Lesson ( Jesus )roclai*s %is "eity
Jesus Heals the I"potent Man
John 9:%;&, %7;%'
A'ter this there was a 'east o' the Jews" an Jesus went up to Jerusale-.
Eow there is in Jerusale- (! the %heep
Gate a pool" whi,h is ,alle in $e(rew" &ethesa" ha#ing 'i#e por,hes.
5n these la! a great -ultitue o' si,k people"
(lin" la-e" paral!@e" waiting 'or the -o#ing o' the water.
For an angel went own at a ,ertain ti-e into the pool an
stirre up the waterA then whoe#er steppe in 'irst" a'ter the stirring o' the water" was -ae well o' whate#er isease he
Eow a ,ertain -an was there who ha an in'ir-it! thirt!-eight !ears.
0hen Jesus saw hi- l!ing there" an knew
that he alrea! ha (een in that ,onition a long ti-e" $e sai to hi-" .Co !ou want to (e -ae wellJ/
:he si,k -an
answere $i-" .%ir" 5 ha#e no -an to put -e into the pool when the water is stirre upA (ut while 5 a- ,o-ing" another
steps own (e'ore -e./
Jesus sai to hi-" .<ise" take up !our (e an walk./
An i--eiatel! the -an was -ae well"
took up his (e" an walke. An that a! was the %a((ath.
A'terwar Jesus 'oun hi- in the te-ple" an sai to hi-" .%ee" !ou ha#e (een -ae well. %in no -ore" lest a worse
thing ,o-e upon !ou./
:he -an eparte an tol the Jews that it was Jesus who ha -ae hi- well.
For this reason
the Jews perse,ute Jesus" an sought to kill $i-" (e,ause $e ha one these things on the %a((ath.
&ut Jesus answere the-" .I! Father has (een working until now" an 5 ha#e (een working./
:here'ore the Jews
sought all the -ore to kill $i-" (e,ause $e not onl! (roke the %a((ath" (ut also sai that Go was $is Father" -aking
$i-sel' e)ual with Go.
.omething to Eo
Fill in the (lanks to ,o-plete the senten,es.
1. A ,ertain -an waite (! the pool o' &ethesa. $e ha (een si,k or eBtre-el! weak 'or _________________ !ears.
(#erse G)
2. Jesus aske hi- a #er! i-portant )uestion: .Co !ou want to (e -ae __________________________ J/ (D)
3. Jesus tol hi- to o what see-e i-possi(le. $e sai"
. ______________________ " take up !our (e" an _______________________ ./ (;)
F. Later" when Jesus 'oun hi- in the te-ple" what ,o--an i Jesus gi#e hi-J
.%ee" !ou ha#e (een -ae well. ___________________ ___________ __________________ " lest a worse thing
,o-e upon !ou./ (1F)
G. :he Jews sought to kill Jesus 'or two -ain reasons: (1;)
a. (e,ause $e not onl! (roke the _______________________
Lby healing a man on the day when Jews were not supposed to do any wor/,# but healing was not defined as wor/ in GodGs
(. (ut also (e,ause $e sai that Go was $is Father" -aking $i-sel' _________________ __________
___________ .
Joy in the Gospel of John %'
Eo Cou Need to Be 1ade ellI
9erhaps !ou ha#e a nee to (e -ae well an strong in !our (o!" -in" or e-otions. 9erhaps !ou ha#e a (a ha(it
that hiners !ou 'ro- ser#ing Go as !ou woul like. 9erhaps resent-ent an (itterness are eating !ou up insie.
Jesus sees !our nee" an $e sa!s to !ou" .Co !ou want to (e -ae wellJ/ (or whole). 2ou -a! ha#e eB,uses wh!
!ou are not whole. 9erhaps !ou are the onl! Christian in !our ho-e" !our s,hool" or !our work.
4r !ou -a! think other ,ir,u-stan,es in li'e are all against !ou. 2ou -a! (e sel'ishl! onl! looking at an wanting
what !ou think is goo 'or !oursel'6 An !ou 'eel e#er!thing is against !ou.
:hese are no pro(le-s to Jesus. $e ,an -ake !ou whole i--eiatel!6 &ut $e -a! ask !ou to o so-ething that
see-s i-possi(le" 3ust like $e aske the -an who ,oul not walk to get up an walk" an e#en ,arr! his (e6 For sure" $e
,o--ans !ou to trust $i- (whi,h -a! see- i-possi(le to !ou). 0hate#er it is" as !ou start to o(e! Go1s 0or" Jesus
will -ake !ou whole. :hen $e ,an lea !ou to a li'e o' #i,tor!.
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
D. :o what egree o !ou ha#e resent-ent an (itterness insieJ
?. :o what egree are !ou -aking eB,uses 'or ,ontinuing in a li'e o' sinJ
!wo Resurre(tions
John 9:)7;)&
.Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" he who hears I! wor an (elie#es in $i- who sent Ie has e#erlasting li'e" an
shall not ,o-e into 3ug-ent" (ut has passe 'ro- eath into li'e.
Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" the hour is ,o-ing" an
now is" when the ea will hear the #oi,e o' the %on o' GoA an those who hear will li#e.
For as the Father has li'e in
$i-sel'" so $e has grante the %on to ha#e li'e in $i-sel'"
an has gi#en $i- authorit! to eBe,ute 3ug-ent also"
(e,ause $e is the %on o' Ian.
Co not -ar#el at thisA 'or the hour is ,o-ing in whi,h all who are in the gra#es will hear
$is #oi,e
an ,o-e 'orth7those who ha#e one goo" to the resurre,tion o' li'e" an those who ha#e one e#il" to the
resurre,tion o' ,one-nation./
.omething to Thin/ <bout
5sn1t it woner'ul that when we hear Jesus ,alling us" an we trul! trust $i- (! looking to $i- alone 'or our
sal#ation an turning to $i- in 'aith" then we ,an ha#e e#erlasting li'e6 0e ,an know that we shall ne#er (e ,one-ne.
0e ,an know that we ha#e passe 'ro- eath to li'e. Co !ou woner how this ,an (eJ 5t is (e,ause Jesus has li'e in
$i-sel' (#erse 2D). :hose without Christ ,annot please Go (<o-ans ;:;)" so when the! are raise 'ro- the gra#e" the!
,an eBpe,t onl! 3ug-ent an eternal separation 'ro- Go. &ut those in Christ are e#erlastingl! se,ure.
.omething to Eo
;. 5ptional: Ie-ori@e John G:2F as an assuran,e to re-in !ou what sal#ation reall! -eans. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e itJ
9lease write it 'ro- -e-or!.
<s long as you are hearing GodGs ord and truly trusting in Him =obedience to Him shows you trust Him?, do not doubt what God
has done" God wants you to /now you are His if you are" 3f something comes between you and God, God will point it out to you
clearly so you can confess it and forsa/e it" God restores4 .atan merely accuses"
Joy in the Gospel of John %&
Jesus Is the Bread of $ife
John 8:9;%7, :9, 7>;9%, 9:;98, 8:
:hen Jesus li'te up $is e!es" an seeing a great -ultitue ,o-ing towar $i-" $e sai to 9hilip" .0here shall we
(u! (rea" that these -a! eatJ/
&ut this $e sai to test hi-" 'or $e $i-sel' knew what $e woul o.
9hilip answere
$i-" .:wo hunre enarii worth o' (rea is not su''i,ient 'or the-" that e#er! one o' the- -a! ha#e a little./
4ne o'
$is is,iples" Anrew" %i-on 9eter1s (rother" sai to $i-"
.:here is a la here who has 'i#e (arle! loa#es an two s-all
'ish" (ut what are the! a-ong so -an!J/
:hen Jesus sai" .Iake the people sit own./ Eow there was -u,h grass in the
pla,e. %o the -en sat own" in nu-(er a(out 'i#e thousan.
An Jesus took the loa#es" an when $e ha gi#en thanks
$e istri(ute the- to the is,iples" an the is,iples to those sitting ownA an likewise o' the 'ish" as -u,h as the!
%o when the! were 'ille" $e sai to $is is,iples" .Gather up the 'rag-ents that re-ain" so that nothing is lost./
:here'ore the! gathere the- up" an 'ille twel#e (askets with the 'rag-ents o' the 'i#e (arle! loa#es whi,h were le't
o#er (! those who ha eaten.
:hen those -en" when the! ha seen the sign that Jesus i" sai" .:his is trul! the 9rophet
who is to ,o-e into the worl./
An Jesus sai to the-" .5 a- the (rea o' li'e. $e who ,o-es to Ie shall ne#er hunger" an he who (elie#es in Ie
shall ne#er thirst./
.Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" he who (elie#es in Ie has e#erlasting li'e.
5 a- the (rea o' li'e.
2our 'athers ate
the -anna in the wilerness" an are ea.
:his is the (rea whi,h ,o-es own 'ro- hea#en" that one -a! eat o' it an
not ie.
5 a- the li#ing (rea whi,h ,a-e own 'ro- hea#en. 5' an!one eats o' this (rea" he will li#e 'ore#erA an the
(rea that 5 shall gi#e is I! 'lesh" whi,h 5 shall gi#e 'or the li'e o' the worl./
:hen Jesus sai to the-" .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" unless !ou eat the 'lesh o' the %on o' Ian an rink $is
(loo" !ou ha#e no li'e in !ou.
0hoe#er eats I! 'lesh an rinks I! (loo has eternal li'e" an 5 will raise hi- up at
the last a!.
For I! 'lesh is 'oo inee" an I! (loo is rink inee.
$e who eats I! 'lesh an rinks I! (loo
a(ies in Ie" an 5 in hi-./
.5t is the %pirit who gi#es li'eA the 'lesh pro'its nothing. :he wors that 5 speak to !ou are spirit" an the! are li'e./
.omething to Eo
8. 5n what wa! are Jesus1 wors .li'e/J (D3)
.5t is the %pirit who _____________________ li'eA the 'lesh pro'its nothing. :he wors that 5 speak to !ou are
____________________ " an the! are _______________ ./
1+. 5ptional: 9lease -e-ori@e these #erses. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e the-J 9lease write the- out 'ro- -e-or!.
a. John D:3G
(. John D:D3
hat This Besson Teaches ,s
Jesus ,ares a(out our nees. $e alrea! has plans to pro#ie 'or all o' our nees" (ut $e wants to test our 'aith in $i-.
$e wants us to look to $i- an epen on $i- 'or e#er! nee that we ha#e.
>#en Jesus ga#e thanks 'or the little that $e ha. Go sa!s to us" .5n e#er!thing gi#e thanksA 'or this is the will o' Go
in Christ Jesus 'or !ou/ (1 :hessalonians G:1;).
Jesus ,an sol#e e#er! pro(le- an -eet e#er! nee in a(unan,e. .Eow to $i- who is a(le to o eB,eeingl!
a(unantl! a(o#e all that we ask or think" a,,oring to the power that works in us/ (>phesians 3:2+).
Go oes not like waste. $e wants us to use e#er!thing that $e gi#es to us" .that nothing (e lost./
$e wants us to use our ti-e wisel!: .<eee-ing the ti-e" (e,ause the a!s are e#il. :here'ore o not (e unwise" (ut
unerstan what the will o' the Lor is/ (>phesians G:1D" 1?).
$e wants us to use our a(ilities an talents wisel!: .$is lor sai to hi-" H0ell one" goo an 'aith'ul ser#antA !ou
were 'aith'ul o#er a 'ew things" 5 will -ake !ou ruler o#er -an! things. >nter into the 3o! o' !our lor1/
(Iatthew 2G:21).
Joy in the Gospel of John )(
Jesus also wants us to use our -one! wisel!: .Co not la! up 'or !oursel#es treasures on earth" where -oth an rust
estro! an where thie#es (reak in an stealA (ut la! up 'or !oursel#es treasures in hea#en" where neither -oth
nor rust estro!s an where thie#es o not (reak in an steal. For where !our treasure is" there !our heart will (e
also/ (Iatthew D:18-21).
As the is,iples re,ei#e the 'oo 'ro- Jesus" the! istri(ute it to the hungr! ,row. 0hen we re,ei#e spiritual 'oo
'ro- Jesus ea,h a!" we also ha#e so-ething to share with those aroun us who nee the .(rea o' li'e./
11. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0here is !our treasureJ
Two Jinds of Bread
:he great ,row o' people were gla to ha#e 'oo to eat when the! were so hungr!. %el'ishl!" the! wante Jesus to (e
their king" so the! woul ne#er ha#e to worr! a(out working 'or 'oo again6 &ut Jesus re-ine the- o' what ha
happene to their an,estors long (e'ore. :he ,hilren o' 5srael were on their wa! 'ro- >g!pt to the lan Go ha
pro-ise the-. :his great ,row o' people (e,a-e hungr! in the wilerness. %o Go .raine/ (rea 'ro- hea#en to 'ee
the- ea,h a!. 0hat a woner'ul -ira,le this was (>Bous 1D:F-3G)6 :he people i not know eBa,tl! what this new kin
o' 'oo was" so the! ,alle it manna, whi,h -eans" .0hat is this6J/
Later Go taught the people wh! $e ha one this. Ioses tol the people" .An !ou shall re-e-(er that the L4<C
!our Go le !ou all the wa! these 'ort! !ears in the wilerness" to hu-(le !ou an test !ou" to know what was in !our
heart" whether !ou woul keep $is ,o--an-ents or not. %o $e hu-(le !ou" allowe !ou to hunger" an 'e !ou with
-anna whi,h !ou i not know nor i !our 'athers know" that $e -ight -ake !ou know that -an shall not li#e (! (rea
aloneA (ut -an li#es (! e#er! wor that pro,ees 'ro- the -outh o' the L4<C/ (Ceuterono-! ;:2" 3).
>#en though Go pro#ie -anna 'ro- hea#en in su,h a -ar#elous wa! 'or -an! !ears" the -anna was 3ust (rea
'or ph!si,al (oies. :he people who ate it still grew ol an later ie. %o now" when Jesus 'e the -ultitue that a!" the
(rea the! ate was 3ust 'or their ph!si,al (oies. :hough the! ate it an were 'ille" the! woul still grow ol an ie later.
&ut Jesus ha great news6 Eow Jesus was o''ering a new kin o' .(rea"/ whi,h i' people ate o' it" woul ,ause the-
not to ie. 2es" their ph!si,al (oies woul ie" (ut the! the-sel#es woul ne#er ie" an Christ woul raise their (oies
at the last a! when $e ,o-es again. Jesus tol the people that $e" $i-sel'" was a i''erent kin o' (rea that ,oul (e
eaten. $e was li#ing (rea 'or their souls6 $e ha ,o-e own 'ro- hea#en 3ust like the -anna ha ,o-e own 'ro-
hea#en. $e ha ,o-e to gi#e $is li'e 'or the worl. 0hoe#er .eats/7or re,ei#es into their souls7the li'e o' Jesus" will
ne#er ie.
$ow ,an we .eat/ this &rea o' Li'e" whi,h is JesusJ $ow ,an we .rink/ $is (looJ 0e ,an trust in Christ1s
sa,ri'i,e o' $is (o! on the ,ross 'or our own sal#ation. 0e ,an trust in Jesus as the La-( o' Go whose (loo ,o#ers our
sins. 0e ,an re,ei#e $is li'e-gi#ing %pirit into our hearts. 0e ,an also re,ei#e $is li'e-gi#ing wors (! stu!ing the- an
o(e!ing the-. 0e nee to keep taking in $is li'e e#er! a!" 3ust as we nee to eat 'oo e#er! a! 'or our ph!si,al (oies.
al/ing in -ellowship with Jesus 0ach Eay
5n a spiritual sense !ou ,an .eat/ an .rink/ o' Jesus ea,h a!:
>a,h a! walk in the light o' Go1s 0or. 5' !ou sin" a-it !our sin to Go" an the (loo o' Jesus will ,leanse !ou so
that !ou ,an ,ontinue ha#ing goo 'ellowship with $i- (1 John 1:?" 8).
>a,h a!" hu-(le !oursel' (e'ore Go" so that $e -ight 'ill !ou with $is $ol! %pirit. 5n e#er! thing !ou o" epen on
the power o' $is %pirit within !ou. <e,ei#e instru,tions 'ro- $i- ea,h a! 'ro- the &i(le. Go1s 0or is li'e to us.
%pen so-e ti-e alone with Go ea,h a! when !ou ,an talk to $i- alou. :hen" uring the a!" keep thinking a(out
$i-. :alk to $i- in !our -in a(out e#er!thing. 2ou will 'in !oursel' (e,o-ing -ore an -ore like Jesus.
Go has a woner'ul pro-ise 'or !ou i' !ou o these things: .:hen those who 'eare the L4<C spoke to one another"
an the L4<C listene an hear the-A so a (ook o' re-e-(ran,e was written (e'ore $i- 'or those who 'ear the L4<C
an who -eitate on $is na-e. H:he! shall (e Iine"1 sa!s the L4<C o' hosts" Hon the a! that 5 -ake the- I! 3ewels.
An 5 will spare the- as a -an spares his own son who ser#es hi-1/(Iala,hi 3:1D" 1?).
12. 0hat are the two things we are responsi(le to o to .eat an rink/ o' Jesus ea,h a!J
Joy in the Gospel of John )%
GodGs ord 3s -ood for Cour .oul
Long ago" Jo( sai" .5 ha#e not eparte 'ro- the ,o--an-ent o' $is lipsA 5 ha#e treasure the wors o' $is -outh
-ore than -! ne,essar! 'oo/ (Jo( 23:12).
Jere-iah e,lare" .2our wors were 'oun" an 5 ate the-" an 2our wor was to -e the 3o! an re3oi,ing o' -!
heartA 'or 5 a- ,alle (! 2our na-e" 4 Lor Go o' hosts/ (Jere-iah 1G:1D).
:he psal-ist sai" .$ow sweet are 2our wors to -! taste" sweeter than hone! to -! -outh6/ (9sal- 118:1+3).
9eter urge" .As new(orn (a(es" esire the pure -ilk o' the wor" that !ou -a! grow there(!" i' inee !ou ha#e
taste that the Lor is gra,ious/ (1 9eter 2:2" 3).
Let us .eat/ Go1s 0or e#er! a!.
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
13. $ow o'ten ha#e !ou rea Go1s 0or in the past two weeksJ
Lesson + Jesus Is Lord and Sa,ior
Jesus Walks on the Water
John 8:%8;)%
An when e#ening ,a-e" $is is,iples went own to the sea"
got into the (oat" an went o#er the sea towar
Capernau-. An it was now ark" an Jesus ha not ,o-e to the-.
:hen the sea arose (e,ause a great win was
%o when the! ha rowe a(out three or 'our -iles" the! saw Jesus walking on the sea an rawing near the
(oatA an the! were a'rai.
&ut $e sai to the-" .5t is 5A o not (e a'rai./
:hen the! willingl! re,ei#e $i- into the
(oat" an i--eiatel! the (oat was at the lan where the! were going.
.omething to Thin/ <bout
Are !ou li#ing in a stor-J Coes li'e see- ark right nowJ Coes Jesus see- 'ar awa!J Are !ou an those aroun
struggling (! !oursel#es in the stor-" tr!ing in !our own weak strength to get to the other sieJ 5' this es,ri(es !ou"
know that Jesus ,ares. $e knows" an $e sees. $e walks towar !ou in !our esperate situation. Co not (e a'rai. <e,ei#e
Jesus glal! into the pro(le- or situation. Gi#e it to $is ,ontrol. $e will s-ooth the ru''le waters an lea !ou sa'el!
through to the other sie. .2ea" though 5 walk through the #alle! o' the shaow o' eath" 5 will 'ear no e#ilA 'or 2ou are
with -e/ (9sal- 23:Fa).
1. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: :o what egree are !ou trusting Jesus Christ in the -ist o' !our .stor-/J
Jesus !alks a'out )reedo"
John '::%;:>, 7), 7>
:hen Jesus sai to those Jews who (elie#e $i-" .5' !ou a(ie in I! wor" !ou are I! is,iples inee.
An !ou
shall know the truth" an the truth shall -ake !ou 'ree./
:he! answere $i-" .0e are A(raha-1s es,enants" an ha#e ne#er (een in (onage to an!one. $ow ,an !ou sa!"
H2ou will (e -ae 'ree1J/
Jesus answere the-" .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" whoe#er ,o--its sin is a sla#e o' sin.
An a sla#e oes not a(ie in the house 'ore#er" (ut a son a(ies 'ore#er.
:here'ore i' the %on -akes !ou 'ree" !ou
shall (e 'ree inee.
5 know that !ou are A(raha-1s es,enants" (ut !ou seek to kill Ie" (e,ause I! wor has no pla,e
in !ou./
Joy in the Gospel of John ))
Jesus sai to the-" .5' Go were !our Father" !ou woul lo#e Ie" 'or 5 pro,eee 'orth an ,a-e 'ro- GoA nor
ha#e 5 ,o-e o' I!sel'" (ut $e sent Ie./
.$e who is o' Go hears Go1s worsA there'ore !ou o not hear" (e,ause !ou are not o' Go./
John >:%>
.5' an!one wants to o $is will" he shall know ,on,erning the o,trine" whether it is 'ro- Go or whether 5 speak on
I! own authorit!./
.omething to Eo
Fill in the (lanks:
2. .5' !ou ______________________ in I! wor"/ sa!s Jesus" .!ou are I! _____________________________ ./ (31)
< disciple# is one who learns from a 1aster"
3. 0hat shall -ake !ou 'reeJ (32)
.:he _____________________ shall -ake !ou 'ree./
Jesus said later, Thy ord is Truth# =John %>:%>?"
F. 0hat is the result o' !our ,o--itting sinJ (3F)
.0hoe#er ,o--its sin is a ________________ o' sin./
G. 0ho is the onl! one who ,an set !ou 'ree 'ro- sinJ (3D)
.5' the ____________________ -akes !ou 'ree ('ro- sin)" !ou will (e 'ree inee./
D. 0hat will our attitue (e i' we are trul! a ,hil o' GoJ (F2)
.Jesus sai to the-" H5' Go were !our Father" !ou woul _____________ Ie.1/
?. 0hat is another result o' (eing a ,hil o' GoJ (F?)
.$e who is o' Go hears Go1s _________________ ./
;. 5' an!one wants to o Go1s ______________________ "
he shall __________________________ whether Jesus1 o,trine (tea,hing) is o' Go or not. (?:1?)
Jesus Is the $ight of the World
John ':%)
:hen Jesus spoke to the- again" sa!ing" .5 a- the light o' the worl. $e who 'ollows Ie shall not walk in arkness"
(ut ha#e the light o' li'e./
John &:%;&, %:;)9, ::;:'
Eow as Jesus passe (!" $e saw a -an who was (lin 'ro- (irth.
An $is is,iples aske $i-" sa!ing" .<a((i"
who sinne" this -an or his parents" that he was (orn (linJ/
Jesus answere" .Eeither this -an nor his parents sinne"
(ut that the works o' Go shoul (e re#eale in hi-.
5 -ust work the works o' $i- who sent Ie while it is a!A the
night is ,o-ing when no one ,an work.
As long as 5 a- in the worl" 5 a- the light o' the worl./
0hen $e ha sai
these things" $e spat on the groun an -ae ,la! with the sali#aA an $e anointe the e!es o' the (lin -an with the
An $e sai to hi-" .Go" wash in the pool o' %iloa-/ (whi,h is translate" %ent). %o he went an washe" an ,a-e
(a,k seeing.
:here'ore the neigh(ors an those who pre#iousl! ha seen that he was (lin sai" .5s not this he who sat an
%o-e sai" .:his is he./ 4thers sai" .$e is like hi-./ $e sai" .5 a- he./
:he! (rought hi- who 'or-erl! was (lin to the 9harisees.
Eow it was a %a((ath when Jesus -ae the ,la! an
opene his e!es.
:hen the 9harisees also aske hi- again how he ha re,ei#e his sight. $e sai to the-" .$e put ,la!
on -! e!es" an 5 washe" an 5 see./
:here'ore so-e o' the 9harisees sai" .:his Ian is not 'ro- Go" (e,ause $e
oes not keep the %a((ath./ 4thers sai" .$ow ,an a -an who is a sinner o su,h signsJ/ An there was a i#ision a-ong
:he! sai to the (lin -an again" .0hat o !ou sa! a(out $i- (e,ause $e opene !our e!esJ/ $e sai" .$e is a
&ut the Jews i not (elie#e ,on,erning hi-" that he ha (een (lin an re,ei#e his sight" until the! ,alle the
parents o' hi- who ha re,ei#e his sight.
An the! aske the-" sa!ing" .5s this !our son" who !ou sa! was (orn (linJ
$ow then oes he now seeJ/
$is parents answere the- an sai" .0e know that this is our son" an that he was (orn
Joy in the Gospel of John ):
(ut (! what -eans he now sees we o not know" or who opene his e!es we o not know. $e is o' ageA ask hi-.
$e will speak 'or hi-sel'./
$is parents sai these things (e,ause the! 'eare the Jews" 'or the Jews ha agree alrea!
that i' an!one ,on'esse that $e was Christ" he woul (e put out o' the s!nagogue.
:here'ore his parents sai" .$e is o'
ageA ask hi-./
%o the! again ,alle the -an who was (lin" an sai to hi-" .Gi#e Go the glor!6 0e know that this
Ian is a sinner./
$e answere an sai" .0hether $e is a sinner or not 5 o not know. 4ne thing 5 know: that though 5
was (lin" now 5 see.
5' this Ian were not 'ro- Go" $e ,oul o nothing./
:he! answere an sai to hi-" .2ou were ,o-pletel! (orn
in sins" an are !ou tea,hing usJ/ An the! ,ast hi- out.
Jesus hear that the! ha ,ast hi- outA an when $e ha 'oun
hi-" $e sai to hi-" .Co !ou (elie#e in the %on o' GoJ/
$e answere an sai" .0ho is $e" Lor" that 5 -a! (elie#e
in $i-J/
An Jesus sai to hi-" .2ou ha#e (oth seen $i- an it is $e who is talking with !ou./
:hen he sai" .Lor" 5
(elie#e6/ An he worshippe $i-.
ho .aid 3tI
8. 0ho sai" .:he night is ,o-ing" when no one ,an work/J (8:F)
1+. 0ho sai" .5s not this he who sat an (eggeJ/ (;)
11. 0ho sai" .:his -an is not o' Go/J (1D)
The 2harisees were a Jewish religious sect" They were strict in obeying the laws of 1oses and especially their own
12. 0ho sai .$e is o' ageA ask hi-"/ (e,ause the! 'eare the JewsJ
______________________ (2+-23)
3t was a serious matter to be put out of the synagogue" The outcast would be treated li/e a leper" No one was allowed to eat
with that person or do business with him"
13. 0ho sai" .5' this Ian were not 'ro- Go" $e ,oul o nothing/J (33)
1F. 0ho sai" .Co !ou (elie#e in the %on o' GoJ/ (3G)
1G. 0ho sai" .Lor" 5 (elie#e/J (3;)
Jesus Brings Bight
0hen Jesus opene the (lin -an1s e!es" $e (rought light into his li'e. &ut Jesus wante to show that $e ha reall!
,o-e to open the spiritual e!es o' all people who sit in arkness.
Ian! !ears (e'ore" Go pro-ise through $is prophets that 4ne woul ,o-e who woul (ring light. Go es,ri(e
Jesus: .5" the L4<C" ha#e ,alle 2ou in righteousness" an will hol 2our hanA 5 will keep 2ou an gi#e 2ou as a
,o#enant to the people" as a light to the Gentiles" to open (lin e!es" to (ring out prisoners 'ro- the prison" those who sit
in arkness 'ro- the prison house/ (5saiah F2:D" ?). 5saiah saw Jesus1 a!: .:he people who walke in arkness ha#e seen
a great lightA those who welt in the lan o' the shaow o' eath" upon the- a light has shine/ (5saiah 8:2).
0hen Jesus ,lai-e to (e the light o' the worl" the Jews knew Jesus was ,lai-ing to (e Go" (e,ause Go is light.
.Go is light" an in $i- is no arkness at all/ (1 John 1:G).
.:he L4<C is -! light an -! sal#ation/ (9sal- 2?:1a).
.0hen 5 sit in arkness" the L4<C will (e a light to -e/ (Ii,ah ?:;().
Ca#i" thanking Go" sai" .For 2ou are -! la-p" 4 L4<CA :he L4<C shall enlighten -! arkness/ (2 %a-uel
:his is wh! -an! o' the religious leaers hate Jesus so -u,hA the! knew that $e was ,lai-ing to (e Go" an the!
ha to either (ow to $i- an worship $i-" or ,o-pletel! re3e,t $i-7there was no -ile groun6 $e ,oul not (e 3ust
a har-less .goo tea,her/ an ,lai- to (e Go. >ither $e was who $e ,lai-e to (e" Go $i-sel' ,o-e in the 'lesh" or a
0hen we know Jesus" there'ore" we know Go. Jesus sai" .5 an I! Father are one/ (John 1+:3+)" an" .5' !ou ha
known Ie" !ou woul ha#e known I! Father also/ (John 1F:?a). .For it is the Go who ,o--ane light to shine out o'
Joy in the Gospel of John )7
arkness who has shone in our hearts to gi#e the light o' the knowlege o' the glor! o' Go in the 'a,e o' Jesus Christ/ (2
Corinthians F:D). $a#e !ou re,ei#e this lightJ
1D. .Go is ____________________ " an in $i- is no
__________________________ at all./ (1 John 1:G)
1?. 0h! i so -an! religious leaers hate JesusJ
.the! knew that $e was ,lai-ing to (e _______________ ./
al/ing in the Bight
:hose who 'ollow Jesus o not walk in arkness an! -ore" (ut in light. .For !ou were on,e arkness" (ut now !ou are
light in the Lor. 0alk as ,hilren o' light/ (>phesians G:;).
.:he wa! o' the wi,ke is like arknessA the! o not know what -akes the- stu-(le/ (9ro#er(s F:18). .&ut the path
o' the 3ust is like the shining sun" that shines e#er (righter unto the per'e,t a!/ (9ro#er(s F:1;).
Go1s 0or is light. .2our wor is a la-p to -! 'eet an a light to -! path/ (9sal- 118:1+G). .:he entran,e o' 2our
wors gi#es lightA it gi#es unerstaning to the si-ple/ (9sal- 118:13+). As we ,o-e to Go1s 0or ea,h a!" we -ust
listen an o(e! what it sa!s. :hat is what it -eans to .walk in the light./ Coing what Go sa!s is walking in the light. Co
!ou re-e-(er Jesus1 ,o--an-ent that we shoul lo#e one anotherJ :hat is wh! Go1s 0or sa!s" .&ut he who hates
his (rother is in arkness an walks in arkness" an oes not know where he is going" (e,ause the arkness has (line
his e!es/ (1 John 2:11).
:he )ui,kest wa! to (e,o-e (lin is to walk in arkness all the ti-e. 0hen -ules are use unergroun to help -ine
,oal" the! -ust (e (rought up to the light at least one a! ea,h week. 5' the! were to (e kept unergroun all the ti-e"
the! woul )ui,kl! go ,o-pletel! (lin. %o it is with usA we -ust keep walking in the light" or else our spiritual e!es ,an
(e e,ei#e (! %atan" an he ,an (lin our -ins an hearts. 0e (egin to think that we nee things or pleasures in the
worl in orer to (e happ!. 4r we (egin to think that all our pro(le-s woul (e sol#e i' onl! so-e other person woul
,hange. 0e get our e!es o'' o' Jesus an onto the worl an others. 0e (egin to ou(t Go1s ,hara,ter an to think that
$e is not a goo Go.
1;. 0hat o those who 'ollow Jesus walk inJ
:he! .o not walk in ______________________________ an! -ore" (ut in ________________________ ./
18. 0hat is the )ui,kest wa! to (e,o-e .spirituall! (linJ/
.:he )ui,kest wa! to (e,o-e (lin is to walk in _________________________ all the ti-e./
2+. &rie'l!" what are so-e wa!s gi#en that %atan e,ei#es our spiritual e!esJ
e <re Bights in the orld
.Co all things without -ur-uring an isputing" that !ou -a! (e,o-e (la-eless an har-less" ,hilren o' Go
without 'ault in the -ist o' a ,rooke an per#erse generation" a-ong who- !ou shine as lights in the worl/
(9hilippians 2:1F" 1G). Go has ,hosen us to .pro,lai- the praises o' $i- who ,alle !ou out o' arkness into $is
-ar#elous light/ (1 9eter 2:8(). 5s !our li'e a light to those aroun !ouJ 5' not" the apostle 9aul urges us to .,ast o'' the
works o' arkness" an let us put on the ar-or o' light/ (<o-ans 13:12().
0e nee to (e rea! 'or our Lor1s return. 4nl! i' we are awake" an walking in the light" will we (e rea!. .2ou are
all sons o' light an sons o' the a!. 0e are not o' the night nor o' arkness. :here'ore let us not sleep" as others o" (ut
let us wat,h an (e so(er/ (1 :hessalonians G:G" D).
Jesus sai" when telling a(out the new hea#en an the new earth" that the new Jerusale- will ha#e .no nee o' the sun
or o' the -oon to shine in it" 'or the glor! o' Go illu-inate it" an the La-( is its light/ (<e#elation 21:23(). 5sn1t it
woner'ul that Jesus will (e our light 'or all eternit!6
or/ing hile 3t 3s Bight
=ntil Jesus ,o-es (a,k" we nee to work while it is light in this ark worl. 4ne a!" this earth will pass awa!
(Iatthew G:1;). :hose who ha#e not ,o-e to the light will pass on into outer arkness 'ore#er an e#er (Iatthew 22:13).
Let us ser#e .to open their e!es an to turn the- 'ro- arkness to light" an 'ro- the power o' %atan to Go" that the!
-a! re,ei#e 'orgi#eness o' sins/ (A,ts 2D:1;a).
Joy in the Gospel of John )9
:he Jews on,e aske Jesus" .0hat shall we o" that we -a! work the works o' Go/ (John D:2;)J Jesus answere
the-" .:his is the work o' Go" that !ou (elie#e in $i- who- $e sent/ (John D:28). Jesus taught #er! plainl! that .5' !ou
o not (elie#e that 5 a- $e" !ou will ie in !our sins/ (John ;:2F().
First" we -ust (e sure we oursel#es ha#e ,o-e to the light to re,ei#e eternal li'e. :hen we -ust ser#e with Jesus to
(ring others to the light (not to earn $is 'a#or" (ut out o' a -oti#e o' lo#e 'or $i- an the-). .Co not la(or 'or the 'oo
whi,h perishes"/ $e sai" .(ut 'or the 'oo whi,h enures to e#erlasting li'e" whi,h the %on o' Ian will gi#e !ou/ (John
<e-e-(er the (lin -an in our stor!J $e (oll! tol others what Jesus ha one 'or hi-. :hough he was ,ast out (!
those who were spirituall! (lin (e#en the religious leaers)" Jesus ,are an ,a-e to hi- to re#eal -ore o' $i-sel' to
hi-. $e will o this 'or !ou" too" i' !ou ,all upon $i-6
21. 0hat are two responses to the light o' JesusJ
.First" we -ust (e sure we oursel#es __________________ ____________________to the light to re,ei#e eternal
.:hen we -ust _______________________ with Jesus to (ring others to the light./
Lesson - Jesus eaches the )eople
Jesus Is the Good Shepherd
John %(:%;%8, )>;::
.Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" he who oes not enter the sheep'ol (! the oor" (ut ,li-(s up so-e other wa!" the
sa-e is a thie' an a ro((er.
&ut he who enters (! the oor is the shepher o' the sheep.
:o hi- the oorkeeper opens"
an the sheep hear his #oi,eA an he ,alls his own sheep (! na-e an leas the- out.
An when he (rings out his own
sheep" he goes (e'ore the-A an the sheep 'ollow hi-" 'or the! know his #oi,e.
2et the! will (! no -eans 'ollow a
stranger" (ut will 'lee 'ro- hi-" 'or the! o not know the #oi,e o' strangers./
Jesus use this illustration" (ut the! i not
unerstan the things whi,h $e spoke to the-.
:hen Jesus sai to the- again" .Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" 5 a- the
oor o' the sheep.
All who e#er ,a-e (e'ore Ie are thie#es an ro((ers" (ut the sheep i not hear the-.
5 a- the oor.
5' an!one enters (! Ie" he will (e sa#e" an will go in an out an 'in pasture.
:he thie' oes not ,o-e eB,ept to
steal" an to kill" an to estro!. 5 ha#e ,o-e that the! -a! ha#e li'e" an that the! -a! ha#e it -ore a(unantl!.
5 a-
the goo shepher. :he goo shepher gi#es $is li'e 'or the sheep.
&ut he who is a hireling an not the shepher" one
who oes not own the sheep" sees the wol' ,o-ing an lea#es the sheep an 'leesA an the wol' ,at,hes the sheep an
s,atters the-.
:he hireling 'lees (e,ause he is a hireling an oes not ,are a(out the sheep.
5 a- the goo shepherA an
5 know I! sheep" an a- known (! I! own.
As the Father knows Ie" e#en so 5 know the FatherA an 5 la! own I!
li'e 'or the sheep.
An other sheep 5 ha#e whi,h are not o' this 'olA the- also 5 -ust (ring" an the! will hear I! #oi,eA
an there will (e one 'lo,k an one shepher.
.I! sheep hear I! #oi,e" an 5 know the-" an the! 'ollow Ie.
An 5 gi#e the- eternal li'e" an the! shall ne#er
perishA neither shall an!one snat,h the- out o' I! han.
I! Father" who has gi#en the- to Ie" is greater than allA an
no one is a(le to snat,h the- out o' I! Father1s han.
5 an I! Father are one./
:hen the Jews took up stones again to
stone $i-.
Jesus answere the-" .Ian! goo works 5 ha#e shown !ou 'ro- I! Father. For whi,h o' those works o
!ou stone IeJ/
:he Jews answere $i-" sa!ing" .For a goo work we o not stone 2ou" (ut 'or (lasphe-!" an
(e,ause 2ou" (eing a Ian" -ake 2oursel' Go./
.ome Bessons from This 2assage
Jesus is the onl! oor to sal#ation. 4nl! (! hearing $is #oi,e an 'ollowing $i- ,an we (e $is #er! own sheep. $e
,alls !ou (! !our na-e" $e leas !ou" $e gi#es !ou pasture" $e gi#es $is li'e 'or !ou. .All we like sheep ha#e
gone astra!A we ha#e turne" e#er! one" to his own wa!A an the L4<C has lai on $i- the ini)uit! o' us all/
(5saiah G3:D). $a#e !ou turne (a,k 'ro- !our own wa! to go $is wa!J
Jesus is the onl! true %hepher. .For $e is our Go" an we are the people o' $is pasture/ (9sal- 8G:?a). Onow that
the L4<C" $e is GoA it is $e who has -ae us" an not we oursel#esA we are $is people an the sheep o' $is
Joy in the Gospel of John )8
pasture/ (9sal- 1++:3).
5' we are $is sheep" $e knows us" an we know $i-. .&ut 2ou" 4 L4<C" know -eA 2ou ha#e seen -e" an 2ou
ha#e teste -! heart towar 2ou/ (Jere-iah 12:3a). Co !ou know Jesus as !our %hepherJ 5' !ou o" !ou will
'ollow $i- an no one else. Coes the %hepher know !ouJ 0hen .the Chie' %hepher shall appear"/ -an! will
sa! to hi-" .Lor" Lor" ha#e we not prophesie in 2our na-e" ,ast out e-ons in 2our na-e" an one -an!
woners in 2our na-eJ/ (Iatthew ?:22). Jesus sa!s" .An then 5 will e,lare to the-" H5 ne#er knew !ouA epart
'ro- Ie" !ou who pra,ti,e lawlessness61/ (Iatthew ?:23). 0hat -atters is not whether we ,lai- to know the
Lor" (ut whether $e trul! knows us6 0e ,annot (elong to the %hepher an go our own wa! at the sa-e ti-e.
0ithout holiness no one will see the Lor ($e(rews 12:1F).
0hen we (elong to Jesus" we are sa'e 'or eternit!. Eo one ,an plu,k us out o' $is han. :his pro-ise is gi#en onl! to
those who are 'ollowing that .great %hepher o' the sheep"/ the Lor Jesus Christ.
:he one who 'ollows Jesus will 'lee 'ro- strangers. %atan is like a thie'" who wants to steal" kill" an estro! (John
Jesus ,lai-e to (e Go. 0hen Jesus ,lai-e to (e the Goo %hepher" an when $e sai that $e an $is Father
were one" the Jews knew that $e was -aking $i-sel' e)ual with Go. 5' the! ha (een 'ollowing Go" the!
woul ha#e re,ogni@e Jesus as their %hepher. 5saiah prophesie" .&ehol" the Lor Go shall ,o-e... $e will
'ee $is 'lo,k like a shepherA $e will gather the la-(s with $is ar-" an ,arr! the- in $is (oso-" an gentl!
lea those who are with !oung/ (5saiah F+:1+" 11).
The .hepherdGs 2salm N 2salm ):
:he Lor is -! shepherA 5 shall not want.
$e -akes -e to lie own in green pasturesA $e leas -e (esie the still
$e restores -! soulA $e leas -e in the paths o' righteousness 'or $is na-e1s sake.
2ea" though 5 walk through
the #alle! o' the shaow o' eath" 5 will 'ear no e#ilA 'or 2ou are with -eA 2our ro an 2our sta''" the! ,o-'ort -e.
prepare a ta(le (e'ore -e in the presen,e o' -! ene-iesA 2ou anoint -! hea with oilA -! ,up runs o#er.
gooness an -er,! shall 'ollow -e all the a!s o' -! li'eA an 5 will well in the house o' the Lor 'ore#er.
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
1. 5n what wa!s is it a ,o-'ort to !ou that Jesus Christ is the Goo %hepherJ
2. &ase on $is own wors" o !ou see how Jesus ,oul not (e 3ust a .goo tea,her"/ (ut -ust (e either ,o-pletel!
re3e,te as a liar" or else worshippe as the true GoJ
Jesus Is the Resurre(tion and the $ife
John %%:%;>, %>;78
Eow a ,ertain -an was si,k" La@arus o' &ethan!" the town o' Iar! an her sister Iartha.
5t was that Iar! who
anointe the Lor with 'ragrant oil an wipe $is 'eet with her hair" whose (rother La@arus was si,k.
:here'ore the
sisters sent to $i-" sa!ing" .Lor" (ehol" he who- 2ou lo#e is si,k./
0hen Jesus hear that" $e sai" .:his si,kness is
not unto eath" (ut 'or the glor! o' Go" that the %on o' Go -a! (e glori'ie through it./
Eow Jesus lo#e Iartha an her sister an La@arus.
%o" when $e hear that he was si,k" $e sta!e two -ore a!s
in the pla,e where $e was.
:hen a'ter this $e sai to the is,iples" .Let us go to Juea again./
%o when Jesus ,a-e" $e 'oun that he ha alrea! (een in the to-( 'our a!s.
Eow &ethan! was near Jerusale-"
a(out two -iles awa!.
An -an! o' the Jews ha 3oine the wo-en aroun Iartha an Iar!" to ,o-'ort the-
,on,erning their (rother.
:hen Iartha" as soon as she hear that Jesus was ,o-ing" went an -et $i-" (ut Iar! was
sitting in the house.
:hen Iartha sai to Jesus" .Lor" i' 2ou ha (een here" -! (rother woul not ha#e ie.
&ut e#en
now 5 know that whate#er 2ou ask o' Go" Go will gi#e 2ou./
Jesus sai to her" .2our (rother will rise again./
Iartha sai to $i-" .5 know that he will rise again in the resurre,tion at the last a!./
Jesus sai to her" .5 a- the
resurre,tion an the li'e. $e who (elie#es in Ie" though he -a! ie" he shall li#e.
An whoe#er li#es an (elie#es in Ie
shall ne#er ie. Co !ou (elie#e thisJ/
%he sai to $i-" .2es" Lor" 5 (elie#e that 2ou are the Christ" the %on o' Go"
who is to ,o-e into the worl./
Joy in the Gospel of John )>
An when she ha sai these things" she went her wa! an se,retl! ,alle Iar! her sister" sa!ing" .:he :ea,her has
,o-e an is ,alling 'or !ou./
As soon as she hear that" she arose )ui,kl! an ,a-e to $i-.
Eow Jesus ha not !et
,o-e into the town" (ut was in the pla,e where Iartha -et $i-.
:hen the Jews who were with her in the house" an
,o-'orting her" when the! saw that Iar! rose up )ui,kl! an went out" 'ollowe her" sa!ing" .%he is going to the to-( to
weep there./
:hen" when Iar! ,a-e where Jesus was" an saw $i-" she 'ell own at $is 'eet" sa!ing to $i-" .Lor" i'
2ou ha (een here" -! (rother woul not ha#e ie./
:here'ore" when Jesus saw her weeping" an the Jews who ,a-e with her weeping" $e groane in the spirit an was
An $e sai" .0here ha#e !ou lai hi-J/ :he! sai to $i-" .Lor" ,o-e an see./
Jesus wept.
:hen the Jews sai" .%ee how $e lo#e hi-6/
An so-e o' the- sai" .Coul not this Ian" who
opene the e!es o' the (lin" also ha#e kept this -an 'ro- !ingJ/
:hen Jesus" again groaning in $i-sel'" ,a-e to the
to-(. 5t was a ,a#e" an a stone la! against it.
Jesus sai" .:ake awa! the stone./ Iartha" the sister o' hi- who was
ea" sai to $i-" .Lor" (! this ti-e there is a sten,h" 'or he has (een ea 'our a!s./
Jesus sai to her" .Ci 5 not sa!
to !ou that i' !ou woul (elie#e !ou woul see the glor! o' GoJ/
:hen the! took awa! the stone 'ro- the pla,e where
the ea -an was l!ing.
An Jesus li'te up $is e!es an sai" .Father" 5 thank 2ou that 2ou ha#e hear Ie.
An 5 know that 2ou alwa!s
hear Ie" (ut (e,ause o' the people who are staning (! 5 sai this" that the! -a! (elie#e that 2ou sent Ie./
Eow when
$e ha sai these things" $e ,rie with a lou #oi,e" .La@arus" ,o-e 'orth6/
An he who ha ie ,a-e out (oun han
an 'oot with gra#e ,lothes" an his 'a,e was wrappe with a ,loth. Jesus sai to the-" .Loose hi-" an let hi- go./
:hen -an! o' the Jews who ha ,o-e to Iar!" an ha seen the things Jesus i" (elie#e in $i-.
&ut so-e o' the-
went awa! to the 9harisees an tol the- the things Jesus i.
.omething to Thin/ <bout
5t is so goo to know that Jesus lo#e $is 'riens so -u,h6 2ou are $is 'rien" too" i' !ou trul! know $i- an o
whate#er $e sa!s (John 1G:1F). 5n this stor!" Jesus1 'riens were 'a,ing a #er! sa situation. &rother La@arus ha ie. 5t
see-e at 'irst that Jesus in1t ,are. Co !ou e#er 'eel that Go oes not ,are a(out a har situation !ou are 'a,ingJ &ut
Go is ne#er asleep. $e alwa!s has a plan. 0e -ust alwa!s keep trusting $i- to work things out that will (ring the -ost
glor! to Go.
Go has a plan 'or !ou" too. $e wants to -ake !ou like $is %on" Jesus Christ. .An we know that all things work
together 'or goo to those who lo#e Go" to those who are the ,alle a,,oring to $is purpose. For who- $e 'oreknew"
$e also preestine to (e conformed to the image of His .on, that $e -ight (e the 'irst(orn a-ong -an! (rethren/
(<o-ans ;:2;" 28). %o this is wh! we ha#e to go through har ti-es: to (e,o-e -ore like Jesus Christ.
0hen things are eas!" we are o'ten te-pte to take Go 'or grante" an to allow oursel#es to (egin to epen upon
our own talents an strengths rather than upon Go. %o Go tenerl! allows so-e harships into the li#es o' $is ,hilren"
so we -a! grow in 'aith to trust $i- -ore. .:hat the genuineness o' !our 'aith" (eing -u,h -ore pre,ious than gol that
perishes" though it is teste (! 'ire" -a! (e 'oun to praise" honor" an glor! at the re#elation o' Jesus Christ/ (1 9eter
Jesus wante to tea,h Iar! an Iartha" an us" too" that (elie#ing in $i- -eans we will ne#er ie. 0hen those who
(elie#e in Jesus ie" the! are .a(sent 'ro- the (o!/ an .present with the Lor/ (2 Corinthians G:;).
Jesus pro#e also that $e ,an (ring ea (oies (a,k to li'e (! 3ust ,alling their na-e. La@arus hear the #oi,e o'
Jesus ,alling hi-" an he li#e. 0hen Jesus ,o-es (a,k to this earth again" .the ea will hear the #oi,e o' the %on o'
GoA an those who hear will li#e/ (John G:2G().
>#en now" those who hear $is #oi,e an ,all upon $i- with sa#ing 'aith (e,o-e a new ,reation. .An !ou $e -ae
ali#e" who were ea in trespasses an sins/ (>phesians 2:1). .Likewise !ou also" re,kon !oursel#es to (e ea inee to
sin" (ut ali#e to Go in Christ Jesus our Lor. :here'ore o not let sin reign in !our -ortal (o!" that !ou shoul o(e! it in
its lusts. An o not present !our -e-(ers as instru-ents o' unrighteousness to sin" (ut present !oursel#es to Go as
(eing ali#e 'ro- the ea" an !our -e-(ers as instru-ents o' righteousness to Go/ (<o-ans D:11-13).
This 1iracle +eDuired 5bedience
Co !ou 'a,e a hopeless situation that nees a -ira,leJ Jesus -a! allow -an! har things to ,o-e in !our li'e .'or the
glor! o' Go./ $e -a! use a ,ir,u-stan,e in !our li'e to show,ase $is ,hara,ter an power to others. As people see $i-
work in !our li'e" the! will praise $i-.
&ut ne#er 'orget that $e lo#es !ou as $e i Iartha an Iar!. $e -a! (e planning a -ira,le !ou on1t eBpe,t. &ut
noti,e the o(eien,e that was ne,essar! 'or this -ira,le o' new li'e. Jesus sai" .:ake awa! the stone./ >#en though the!
thought it was 'oolish" the! o(e!e. :hen a'ter La@arus ,a-e 'orth" Jesus sai" .Loose hi-" an let hi- go./
Joy in the Gospel of John )'
:o see the glor! o' Go1s power" we" too" -ust (e o(eient in e#en s-all things that Go tells us to o. 5' we nee to
ask so-eone1s 'orgi#eness when we are onl! 2S wrong" we -ust o it. 5t -a! (e the stone that nees to (e rolle awa! so
Jesus ,an work a -ira,le in the other person1s heart. An when Jesus oes work a -ira,le" let us lo#ingl! help to loose
others 'ro- the things that woul hiner the- 'ro- 'ull 'reeo-. 0asn1t it woner'ul that Jesus allowe $is 'riens to
parti,ipate in the -ira,leJ
3. 0hat were the two rea,tions to the -ira,leJ (FG" FD)
.:hen -an! o' the Jews who ha ,o-e to Iar!" an ha seen the things Jesus i"
_________________________ in $i-. &ut so-e o' the- ______________ ______________ to the 9harisees
an tol the- the things Jesus i./
F. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0hat is !our rea,tion to this -ira,leJ
G. 0hat are three reasons that Go allows su''ering in the li#es o' ChristiansJ
a. .Go has a plan 'or !ou" too. $e wants to _________________ _____________ ________________ $is %on/
(. .0hen things are eas!" we are o'ten te-pte to take _______________ 'or ____________________________ "
an to allow oursel#es to (egin to epen upon our own talents an strengths rather than upon Go. %o Go
tenerl! allows so-e harships into the li#es o' $is ,hilren" so we -a! grow in
to _____________________________ $i- -ore./
,. Jesus -a! allow -an! har things to ,o-e in !our li'e .'or the ______________________ o'
__________________ ./
D. 0hat has (een -ost -eaning'ul to !ou personall! in all these lessons o' Joy in the Gospel of JohnI
Lesson . Mo,ing oward Cal,ary
!he oun(il Plans to Kill Jesus
John %%:7>;9:
:hen the ,hie' priests an the 9harisees gathere a ,oun,il an sai" .0hat shall we oJ For this Ian works -an!
5' we let $i- alone like this" e#er!one will (elie#e in $i-" an the <o-ans will ,o-e an take awa! (oth our
pla,e an nation./
An one o' the-" Caiaphas" (eing high priest that !ear" sai to the-" .2ou know nothing at all"
o !ou ,onsier that it is eBpeient 'or us that one -an shoul ie 'or the people" an not that the whole nation shoul
Eow this he i not sa! on his own authorit!A (ut (eing high priest that !ear he prophesie that Jesus woul ie
'or the nation"
an not 'or that nation onl!" (ut also that $e woul gather together in one the ,hilren o' Go who were
s,attere a(roa.
:hen 'ro- that a! on the! plotte to put $i- to eath.
+eHection of a Jing
:he Jewish ,oun,il ha seen the -ira,les o' Jesus. :he! ha hear $i- tea,h that $e was one with $is Father an
that $e ha eBiste (e'ore A(raha- (John ;:G;). 2et" the! ,oul not (elie#e that Jesus was the pro-ise Oing o' 5srael.
:his stor! suggests that the Jewish leaers were not willing to gi#e up their own position. :he! were like the wi,ke
ser#ants in a para(le Jesus tol. :he ser#ants sai" .0e will not ha#e this -an to reign o#er us/ (Luke 18:1F(). (&elie#ing
in Jesus results in ser#ing $i- as one1s Oing.) %o" the Jewish leaers e,ie to put one -an to eath7Jesus7
supposel! in orer to keep the nation sa'e" (ut -ainl! to keep their own positions. 4' ,ourse the! ,oul not ha#e one
an!thing i' Jesus ha not willingl! gi#en $is li'e.
Joy in the Gospel of John )&
Go1s purpose in Jesus 'ro- (e'ore the worl (egan was to sa#e people not onl! 'ro- the nation o' 5srael" (ut also
'ro- all nations (11:G2)6 .2et it please the L4<C to (ruise $i-A $e has put $i- to grie'. 0hen 2ou -ake $is soul an
o''ering 'or sin" $e shall see $is see" the pleasure o' the L4<C shall prosper in $is han/ (5saiah G3:1+).
1. Ci the religious leaers ou(t that Jesus worke true -ira,lesJ (F?)
.0hat shall we oJ For this Ian works -an! ______________________ ./
2. 0hat i the! think woul happen i' the! let Jesus aloneJ (F;)
.5' we let $i- alone like this" e#er!one will ________________________ in $i-K./
3. 0h! woul not Jewish religious leaers (e happ! i' the Iessiah ,a-e an e#er!one (elie#e in $i-J (F;()
.Kan the <o-ans will ,o-e an take awa! (oth _______________ _________________ an nation./
F. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0hat e#ien,e o !ou see in !our own li'e o' sel'-,entereness as the -oti#ation 'or -ost o'
!our own wors an a,tionsJ
!he Story of a ostly Gift
John %):%;'
:hen" siB a!s (e'ore the 9asso#er" Jesus ,a-e to &ethan!" where La@arus was who ha (een ea" who- $e ha
raise 'ro- the ea.
:here the! -ae $i- a supperA an Iartha ser#e" (ut La@arus was one o' those who sat at the
ta(le with $i-.
:hen Iar! took a poun o' #er! ,ostl! oil o' spikenar" anointe the 'eet o' Jesus" an wipe $is 'eet
with her hair. An the house was 'ille with the 'ragran,e o' the oil.
:hen one o' $is is,iples" Juas 5s,ariot" %i-on1s
son" who woul (etra! $i-" sai"
.0h! was this 'ragrant oil not sol 'or three hunre enarii an gi#en to the poorJ/
:his he sai" not that he ,are 'or the poor" (ut (e,ause he was a thie'" an ha the -one! (oBA an he use to take what
was put in it.
:hen Jesus sai" .Let her aloneA she has kept this 'or the a! o' I! (urial.
For the poor !ou ha#e with !ou
alwa!s" (ut Ie !ou o not ha#e alwa!s./
Jesus 3s orthy of <ll Honor
0hen Jesus raise La@arus 'ro- the ea" the Jewish Coun,il e,ie that Jesus -ust ie. &ut Jesus1 'riens were so
happ! an 'ull o' praise that the! put on a spe,ial supper to honor Jesus. Eow Iar! knew who Jesus reall! was. $er lo#e
'or $i- ,ause her to sa,ri'i,e ,ostl! oint-ent7worth a(out one !ear1s wages. Iar! ha unerstoo Jesus1 wors that
$e was to (e ,ru,i'ie within a 'ew a!s (Iatthew 2D:2).
Iar! (elie#e what John later wrote" .2ou are worth!" 4 Lor" to re,ei#e glor! an honor an powerA 'or 2ou ,reate
all things" an (! 2our will the! eBist an were ,reate/ (<e#elation F:11).
John gi#es us a peek into hea#en" when all the reee-e 'ro- e#er! kinre" tongue" people" an nation will 3oin with
ten thousan ti-es ten thousan angels to gi#e praise to Jesus" .0orth! is the La-( who was slain to re,ei#e power an
ri,hes an wiso-" an strength an honor an glor! an (lessing6/ (<e#elation G:12(). Jesus is worth! o' all the praise
an worship we ,an gi#e $i-6
Gifts e $an Give Jesus
0hat ,an we gi#e Jesus to eBpress our grate'ul worshipJ 9aul sa!s" .5 (esee,h !ou there'ore" (rethren" (! the -er,ies
o' Go" that !ou present !our (oies a li#ing sa,ri'i,e" hol!" a,,epta(le to Go" whi,h is !our reasona(le ser#i,e. An o
not (e ,on'or-e to this worl" (ut (e trans'or-e (! the renewing o' !our -in" that !ou -a! pro#e what is that goo
an a,,epta(le an per'e,t will o' Go/ (<o-ans 12:1" 2). Let us gi#e our (oies to Jesus (! li#ing to please $i-. Let us
gi#e our -ins to $i-" to think on $is na-e" $is 0or" an $is works instea o' thinking a(out things o' the worl.
4' ,ourse" so-e -a! think !ou are wasting !our li'e an talents (! ser#ing Go. Cin1t Juas think that Iar!1s
sa,ri'i,ial gi't o' ,ostl! oint-ent was wasteJ &ut where is Juas toa!J .:he -e-or! o' the righteous is (lesse" (ut the
na-e o' the wi,ke will rot/ (9ro#er(s 1+:?). .:he righteous will (e in e#erlasting re-e-(ran,e/ (9sal- 112:D().
0hen we show lo#e to Christian (rothers" we honor Christ who li#es in the- (John 13:3F). 0hen we lo#e our
neigh(ors" we e-onstrate Go1s lo#e in us (Luke 1+:2?)). Co !ou treat !our parents" spouse" or ,hilren as !ou woul
treat JesusJ 0e also honor Jesus when we lo#e our ene-ies" (e,ause $e aske us to o so (Iatthew G:FF).
Joy in the Gospel of John :(
Christ lo#e us so -u,hA $e ga#e $i-sel' 'or us .an o''ering an a sa,ri'i,e to Go 'or a sweet-s-elling aro-a/
(>phesians G:2(). .:here'ore (! $i- let us ,ontinuall! o''er the sa,ri'i,e o' praise to Go" that is" the 'ruit o' our lips"
gi#ing thanks to $is na-e/ ($e(rews 13:1G).
G. 0hat was Juas1 -oti#ation 'or wanting to sell the oint-entJ (D)
.:his he sai" not that he ,are 'or the poor" (ut (e,ause he was a ______________________ " an ha the -one!
(oBA an he use to _________________ what was put in it./
D. 0hat is ,o--ane to (e our response to Jesus1 unspeaka(le gi't to usJ (<o-ans 12:1" 2)
a. .5 (esee,h !ou there'ore" (rethren" (! the -er,ies o' Go" that !ou present !our (oies a
_____________________ ___________________________ " hol!" a,,epta(le to Go" whi,h is !our reasona(le
(. .An o not (e __________________________________ to this
_________________________________________ " (ut (e _________________________________________ (!
the renewing o' !our -in" that !ou -a! pro#e what is that goo an a,,epta(le an per'e,t will o' Go./
?. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: Co !ou treat !our parents" spouse" or ,hilren as !ou woul treat JesusJ Co !ou treat !our
ene-ies this wa!J
;. a. 0hat is to (e our response to Christ1s lo#eJ ($e(rews 13:1G)
.:here'ore (! $i- let us ,ontinuall! o''er the sa,ri'i,e o' _______________________ to Go" that is" the 'ruit o'
our lips" gi#ing __________________________ to $is na-e./
(. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: $ow oes !our response to Christ1s lo#e ,o-pare with thisJ
!he Story of a $owly King
John %):%);%8
:he neBt a! a great -ultitue that ha ,o-e to the 'east" when the! hear that Jesus was ,o-ing to Jerusale-"
took (ran,hes o' pal- trees an went out to -eet $i-" an ,rie out: .$osanna6 H&lesse is $e who ,o-es in the na-e
o' the Lor61 :he Oing o' 5srael6/
:hen Jesus" when $e ha 'oun a !oung onke!" sat on itA as it is written:
.Fear not"
aughter o' QionA (ehol" !our Oing is ,o-ing" sitting on a onke!1s ,olt./
$is is,iples i not unerstan these things
at 'irstA (ut when Jesus was glori'ie" then the! re-e-(ere that these things were written a(out $i- an that the! ha
one these things to $i-.
Jesus ill +eturn as an 06alted Jing
:he 4l :esta-ent prophet ha sai" .<e3oi,e greatl!" 4 aughter o' Qion6 %hout" 4 aughter o' Jerusale-6 &ehol"
!our Oing is ,o-ing to !ouA $e is 3ust an ha#ing sal#ation" lowl! an riing on a onke!" a ,olt" the 'oal o' a onke!/
(Qe,hariah 8:8). 2es" the ,o-ing o' Jesus as a -an" as a %a#ior" as a ser#ant was ,learl! 'oretol (! the prophets. Iore
than 3++ prophe,ies" written hunres o' !ears (e'ore" were 'ul'ille in Jesus1 li'e" eath" an resurre,tion. &ut three ti-es
-ore prophe,ies than that -ust !et (e 'ul'ille when Jesus returns as the >Balte Oing to reign on the earth 'ore#er
(<e#elation 11:1G).
.For the Lor $i-sel' will es,en 'ro- hea#en with a shout" with the #oi,e o' an ar,hangel" an with the tru-pet o'
Go. An the ea in Christ will rise 'irst. :hen we who are ali#e an re-ain shall (e ,aught up together with the- in the
,lous to -eet the Lor in the air" an thus we shall alwa!s (e with the Lor/ (1 :hessalonians F:1D" 1?).
.:he Lor Jesus is re#eale 'ro- hea#en with $is -ight! angels" in 'la-ing 'ire taking #engean,e on those who o
not know Go" an on those who o not o(e! the gospel o' our Lor Jesus Christ/ (2 :hessalonians 1:?(" ;).
<re Cou +eady for His $omingI
Go alwa!s keeps $is pro-ises. $e has ela!e $is ,o-ing so that -an! -ore people -a! (e sa#e. $e is .not
willing that an! shoul perish (ut that all shoul ,o-e to repentan,e/ (2 9eter 3:8(). &ut $e -a! (e ,o-ing at an! ti-e6
Are !ou rea!" li#ing a hol! li'e an (ringing others to $i-J .&ut the a! o' the Lor will ,o-e as a thie' in the night" in
Joy in the Gospel of John :%
whi,h the hea#ens will pass awa! with a great noise" an the ele-ents will -elt with 'er#ent heatA (oth the earth an the
works that are in it will (e (urne up. :here'ore" sin,e all these things will (e issol#e" what -anner o' persons ought
!ou to (e in hol! ,onu,t an goliness/ (2 9eter 3:1+" 11).
8. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: Are !ou rea! 'or Jesus1 ,o-ing againJ
Lesson 1/ o Li,e0 1ne Must "ie2
!he Story of a Grain of Wheat
John %):)7;)8
.Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" unless a grain o' wheat 'alls into the groun an ies" it re-ains aloneA (ut i' it ies" it
prou,es -u,h grain.
$e who lo#es his li'e will lose it" an he who hates his li'e in this worl will keep it 'or eternal
5' an!one ser#es Ie" let hi- 'ollow IeA an where 5 a-" there I! ser#ant will (e also. 5' an!one ser#es Ie" hi-
I! Father will honor./
hat 3t 1eans to Eie
C!ing ,o-es (e'ore resurre,tion power. :his was true 'or Christ" an it is true 'or us. :he apostle 9aul showe us
what it -eans to ie to our sel' 'or the sake o' Christ. .&ut what things were gain to -e" these 5 ha#e ,ounte loss 'or
Christ. :hat 5 -a! know $i- an the power o' $is resurre,tion/ (9hilippians 3:?" 1+a).
Ian! ti-es o(e!ing Christ -eans that so-e personal esire -ust ie. &ut when sel' ies" then the power o' Christ in
us ,an operate. 0e ,an re,kon our ol sel' ,ru,i'ie with ChristA our new sel' li#es (! 'aith as we step out in o(eien,e. .5
ha#e (een ,ru,i'ie with ChristA it is no longer 5 who li#e" (ut Christ li#es in -eA an the li'e whi,h 5 now li#e in the 'lesh
5 li#e (! 'aith in the %on o' Go" who lo#e -e an ga#e $i-sel' 'or -e/ (Galatians 2:2+). .For i' !ou li#e a,,oring to
the 'lesh !ou will ieA (ut i' (! the %pirit !ou put to eath the ees o' the (o!" !ou will li#e/ (<o-ans ;:13). Let the
%pirit o' Go re#eal to !ou through Go1s 0or what !ou -ust put to eath in !our li'e: so-e (a ha(it" so-e wrong
attitue perhapsJ As !ou ,hoose to ,ount that ea" an step out in o(eien,e" !ou will 'in that Go1s power will ,arr!
!ou on in newness o' li'e" gi#ing !ou the power to put on new ha(its" new attitues" an to see #i,tor! in !our li'e. .For it
is Go who works in !ou (oth to will an to o 'or $is goo pleasure/ (9hilippians 2:13).
.Onowing this" that our ol -an is ,ru,i'ie with $i-" that the (o! o' sin -ight (e estro!e" that hen,e'orth we
shoul not ser#e sin. For he that is ea is 'ree 'ro- sin. Eow i' we (e ea with Christ" we (elie#e that we shall also
li#e with $i-K Likewise re,kon !e also !oursel#es to (e ea inee unto sin" (ut ali#e unto Go through Jesus Christ
our Lor. Let not sin there'ore reign in !our -ortal (o!" that !e shoul o(e! it in the lusts thereo'/ (<o-ans D:D-;" 11-
.An $e sai to the- all" 5' an! -an will ,o-e a'ter Ie" let hi- en! hi-sel'" an take up his ,ross ail!" an 'ollow
Ie/ (Luke 8:23).
1. 0hat is a law o' nature 'or sees to prou,e grainJ (2F)
.Kunless a grain o' wheat 'alls into the groun an __________________ " it re-ains aloneA (ut i' it
__________________ " it prou,es -u,h grain./
2. 0hat i Jesus tell us a(out how this applies to us spirituall!J (2G)
.$e who lo#es his li'e will __________________________ it" an he who
___________________________ his li'e in this worl will keep it 'or eternal li'e./
The true $hristian e6periences the same life;giving seDuence which was our BordGs at His crucifi6ion: there is a death to the
old life and a resurrection to an entirely new life" Eeath to self# includes the forsa/ing of all our own desires, interests,
hobbies, and affections, replacing them with a new all;sufficient love for Jesus $hrist"
3. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: $ow o !ou (elie#e Jesus1 ,o--an to .en! !oursel'/ applies to !ou personall!J (Luke 8:23)
Joy in the Gospel of John :)
Jesus !ea(hes 'y *+a"ple and o""and"ent
John %:::;%>, :7, :9
Jesus" knowing that the Father ha gi#en all things into $is hans" an that $e ha ,o-e 'ro- Go an was going to
rose 'ro- supper an lai asie $is gar-ents" took a towel an gire $i-sel'.
A'ter that" $e poure water into a
(asin an (egan to wash the is,iples1 'eet" an to wipe the- with the towel with whi,h $e was gire.
:hen $e ,a-e to %i-on 9eter. An 9eter sai to $i-" .Lor" are 2ou washing -! 'eetJ/
Jesus answere an sai to
hi-" .0hat 5 a- oing !ou o not unerstan now" (ut !ou will know a'ter this./
9eter sai to $i-" .2ou shall ne#er
wash -! 'eet6/ Jesus answere hi-" .5' 5 o not wash !ou" !ou ha#e no part with Ie./
%i-on 9eter sai to $i-" .Lor"
not -! 'eet onl!" (ut also -! hans an -! hea6/
Jesus sai to hi-" .$e who is (athe nees onl! to wash his 'eet" (ut
is ,o-pletel! ,leanA an !ou are ,lean" (ut not all o' !ou./
For $e knew who woul (etra! $i-A there'ore $e sai" .2ou
are not all ,lean./
%o when $e ha washe their 'eet" taken $is gar-ents" an sat own again" $e sai to the-" .Co !ou know what 5
ha#e one to !ouJ
2ou ,all Ie :ea,her an Lor" an !ou sa! well" 'or so 5 a-.
5' 5 then" !our Lor an :ea,her" ha#e
washe !our 'eet" !ou also ought to wash one another1s 'eet.
For 5 ha#e gi#en !ou an eBa-ple" that !ou shoul o as 5
ha#e one to !ou.
Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" a ser#ant is not greater than his -asterA nor is he who is sent greater than
he who sent hi-.
5' !ou know these things" happ! are !ou i' !ou o the-./
.A new ,o--an-ent 5 gi#e to !ou" that !ou lo#e one anotherA as 5 ha#e lo#e !ou" that !ou also lo#e one another.
&! this all will know that !ou are I! is,iples" i' !ou ha#e lo#e 'or one another./
.omething to Eo
0hat two things i Jesus tea,h (! $is own eBa-pleJ
F. $e sai" .5' 5 then" !our Lor an :ea,her" ha#e washe !our 'eet" _______________ also _____________________
to wash one another1s 'eet./ (#erse 1F)
G. $e also sai" .As 5 ha#e __________________________ !ou" that !ou also ____________________ one another./
The .ecret of Happiness
Jesus sai we woul (e happ! i' we woul 'ollow $is eBa-ple an ser#e others. 0hat a pi,ture6 :o see the Creator
(ening o#er an oing the 3o( o' a ser#ant: washing o'' the ust o' the a! 'ro- the 'eet o' $is is,iples6 .Let this -in
(e in !ou whi,h was also in Christ Jesus" who" (eing in the 'or- o' Go" i not ,onsier it ro((er! to (e e)ual with Go"
(ut -ae $i-sel' o' no reputation" taking the 'or- o' a ser#ant" an ,o-ing in the likeness o' -en. An (eing 'oun in
appearan,e as a -an" $e hu-(le $i-sel' an (e,a-e o(eient to the point o' eath" e#en the eath o' the ,ross.
:here'ore Go also has highl! eBalte $i-.../ (9hilippians 2:G-8a).
Let us wat,h 'or wa!s to ser#e others" to -eet their nees. 5' we o this in lo#ing o(eien,e to Go" we will ha#e true
3o!. %er#ing an lo#ing others shows that we are trul! the 'ollowers o' Christ" (e,ause that is what $e i 'or us.
D. 0hat is the se,ret to true happinessJ (1?)
.5' !ou know these things" happ! are !ou i' !ou _______________________ the-./
?. 0hen Go ,o--ans us to .Let this -in (e in !ou whi,h was also in Christ Jesus"/ what spe,i'i,all! applies to
(9hilippians 2:G-8a)
.-ae $i-sel' o' _________________ reputation"K
.taking the 'or- o' a __________________________ "K
.$e ______________________________ $i-sel' anK
.(e,a-e _______________________ to the point o' eath./
2lease ta/e a few minutes and meditate on this truth" .earch your heart as to whether this is true of you" <s/ God to ma/e it
true in your life"
Joy in the Gospel of John ::
)i%e Wonderful Pro"ises
%" John %7:%;:, 8
.Let not !our heart (e trou(leA !ou (elie#e in Go" (elie#e also in Ie. 5n I! Father1s house are -an! -ansionsA i' it
were not so" 5 woul ha#e tol !ou. 5 go to prepare a pla,e 'or !ou. An i' 5 go an prepare a pla,e 'or !ou" 5 will ,o-e
again an re,ei#e !ou to I!sel'A that where 5 a-" there !ou -a! (e also./ KJesus sai to hi-" .5 a- the wa!" the truth"
an li'e. Eo one ,o-es to the Father eB,ept through Ie./
)" John %7:%)
.Iost assurel!" 5 sa! to !ou" he who (elie#es in Ie" the works that 5 o he will o alsoA an greater works than these
he will o" (e,ause 5 go to I! Father./
:" John %7:%:, %7
.An whate#er !ou ask in I! na-e" that 5 will o" that the Father -a! (e glori'ie in the %on. 5' !ou ask an!thing in
I! na-e" 5 will o it./
7" John %7:%9;%>
.5' !ou lo#e Ie" keep I! ,o--an-ents. An 5 will pra! the Father" an $e will gi#e !ou another $elper" that $e
-a! a(ie with !ou 'ore#er" e#en the %pirit o' truth" who- the worl ,annot re,ei#e" (e,ause it neither sees $i- nor
knows $i-A (ut !ou know $i-" 'or $e wells with !ou an will (e in !ou./
9" John %7:)>
.9ea,e 5 lea#e with !ou" I! pea,e 5 gi#e to !ouA not as the worl gi#es o 5 gi#e to !ou. Let not !our heart (e
trou(le" neither let it (e a'rai./
Jesus pro-ise to prepare a pla,e 'or those who 'ollow $i- (John 1F:1-3" D).
Jesus pro-ise greater power (e,ause $e woul (e going to the Father. $is %pirit li#ing in (elie#ers woul (e a(le to
o e#en greater things than Jesus i as a -an (John 1F:12).
Jesus pro-ise a greater pri#ilege o' pra!er to those who (elong to $i- (John 1F:13" 1F).
Jesus pro-ise a greater presen,e with ea,h is,iple. 0hen the $ol! %pirit ,a-e" Jesus woul (e a(le to li#e in ea,h
(elie#er" not 3ust (e with the- (John 1F:1G-1?).
Jesus pro-ise a greater pea,e than the worl ,oul gi#e (John 1F:2?). 0e nee not e#er (e a'rai" (e,ause .$e who
is in !ou is greater than he who is in the worl/ (1 John F:F().
.omething to Eo
;. <ea these #erses again ,are'ull! as i' Jesus is talking 3ust to !ou. 0rite own all the things that Jesus sa!s $e" or the
$ol! %pirit" will o. (Eoti,e how -an! a,tions are personal.)
8. 5ptional: Choose two #erses 'ro- John 1F whi,h are spe,ial to !ou" an -e-ori@e the-. $a#e !ou -e-ori@e
the-J 9lease write out the re'eren,es an the #erses 'ro- -e-or!.
Joy in the Gospel of John :7
Lesson 11 he Inti*ate Lo,e o3 Jesus
!he Story of the ,ine
John %9:%;%%
.5 a- the true #ine" an I! Father is the #ineresser.
>#er! (ran,h in Ie that oes not (ear 'ruit $e takes awa!A an
e#er! (ran,h that (ears 'ruit $e prunes" that it -a! (ear -ore 'ruit.
2ou are alrea! ,lean (e,ause o' the wor whi,h 5
ha#e spoken to !ou.
A(ie in Ie" an 5 in !ou. As the (ran,h ,annot (ear 'ruit o' itsel'" unless it a(ies in the #ine"
neither ,an !ou" unless !ou a(ie in Ie.
5 a- the #ine" !ou are the (ran,hes. $e who a(ies in Ie" an 5 in hi-" (ears
-u,h 'ruitA 'or without Ie !ou ,an o nothing.
5' an!one oes not a(ie in Ie" he is ,ast out as a (ran,h an is withereA
an the! gather the- an throw the- into the 'ire" an the! are (urne.
5' !ou a(ie in Ie" an I! wors a(ie in !ou"
!ou will ask what !ou esire" an it shall (e one 'or !ou.
&! this I! Father is glori'ie" that !ou (ear -u,h 'ruitA so !ou
will (e I! is,iples.
As the Father lo#e Ie" 5 also ha#e lo#e !ouA a(ie in I! lo#e.
5' !ou keep I! ,o--an-ents"
!ou will a(ie in I! lo#e" 3ust as 5 ha#e kept I! Father1s ,o--an-ents an a(ie in $is lo#e.
:hese things 5 ha#e
spoken to !ou" that I! 3o! -a! re-ain in !ou" an that !our 3o! -a! (e 'ull./
<biding in $hrist
5' we re,ei#e 'orgi#eness an ,leansing an new li'e 'ro- Jesus (! trusting in $i- at the (eginning" we -ust ,ontinue
to li#e (! $is %pirit throughout our Christian li'e. 0e shoul ne#er think we ,an li#e (! our own strength or a(ilities. 9aul
sai" .Are !ou so 'oolishJ $a#ing (egun in the %pirit" are !ou now (eing -ae per'e,t (! the 'leshJ/ (Galatians 3:3).
%o-eti-es Jesus has to .prune/ us. :his -a! -ean that we go through ti-es o' su''ering or testing. &ut $e onl!
wants to -ake us -ore 'ruit'ul. .Eow no ,hastening see-s to (e 3o!'ul 'or the present" (ut grie#ousA ne#ertheless"
a'terwar it !iels the pea,ea(le 'ruit o' righteousness to those who ha#e (een traine (! it/ ($e(rews 12:11).
hat 3s .piritual -ruitI
9aul tells us that .the 'ruit o' the %pirit is lo#e" 3o!" pea,e" longsu''ering" kinness" gooness" 'aith'ulness" gentleness"
sel'-,ontrol/ (Galatians G:22" 23). As !ou ask Jesus to ,leanse !ou" an ea,h a! ask $is %pirit to 'ill !ou" !our li'e will
start prou,ing -ore an -ore o' this (eauti'ul 'ruit. Fruits o' righteousness in,lue ha#ing a thank'ul an singing heart"
ha#ing a su(-issi#e spirit" introu,ing others to Jesus" gi#ing to Go1s work" not wasting ti-e" speaking the 0or o' Go
with (olness" an seeing answers to pra!er.
< .erious arning
5' we o not a(ie in Christ" Jesus warns that we are ,ast 'orth as a (ran,h" an are withere" gathere" an (urne.
4nl! those who (ear 'ruit (! a(iing in Christ are $is is,iples (#erses D an ;). :he apostle Jue re-ins us .that the
Lor" ha#ing sa#e the people out o' the lan o' >g!pt" a'terwar estro!e those who i not (elie#e/ (Jue G().
Although we ,annot prou,e 'ruit oursel#es" it is goo to look into Go1s 0or" 3ust as we look into a -irror" to
.eBa-ine !oursel#es as to whether !ou are in the 'aith. 9ro#e !oursel#es ...that Jesus Christ is in !ou/ (2 Corinthians
5' we ha#e Jesus1 wors in us" an o(e! what $e tells us" we shall a(ie in $is lo#e (John 1G:1+). 5' we know that
Go has gi#en us a new heart" we o not nee to 'ear" (e,ause the $ol! %pirit is a guarantee an an assuran,e that we are
$is. <e-e-(er that lo#e is the i-portant test: .Go is lo#e" an he who a(ies in lo#e a(ies in Go" an Go in hi-/ (1
John F:1D(). $ow Go lo#es !ou6 Li#e in that lo#e.
1. Can we o an!thing o' #alue in our own strength without JesusJ (#erse G)
.$e who a(ies in Ie" an 5 in hi-" (ears -u,h 'ruitA 'or without Ie !ou ,an o
________________________ ./
2. 0hat is Jesus1 own e'inition 'or .a(iing/J (1+)
.5' !ou ______________ I! _______________________ " !ou will a(ie in I! lo#e" 3ust as 5 ha#e kept I!
Father1s _________________________ an a(ie in $is lo#e./
Joy in the Gospel of John :9
3. 0hat is Jesus1 purpose in ,o--aning us to a(ie in $i-J (11)
.:hese things 5 ha#e spoken to !ou" that I! ____________ -a! re-ain in !ou" an that !our ________________
-a! (e _______________________ ./
F. 0hat is Jesus1 purpose .pruning/ usJ
.:his -a! -ean that we go through ti-es o' su''ering or testing. &ut $e onl! wants to -ake us
_________________ ___________________________ ./
G. Let us eBa-ine oursel#es. 0hat is the ke! test as to whether we are trul! a(iing in ChristJ
.<e-e-(er that ____________________ is the i-portant test: HGo is ____________________ " an he who
in ____________________ a(ies in Go" an Go in hi-1 (1 John F:1D()./
D. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0hat a,ts o' lo#e ,oul !ou o to-orrow in !our i--eiate surrounings that woul glori'!
Go an (e use 'or goo to those ,lose (!J
hosen to Be )riends-
John %9:%);%>
.:his is I! ,o--an-ent" that !ou lo#e one another as 5 ha#e lo#e !ou.
Greater lo#e has no one than this" than
to la! own one1s li'e 'or his 'riens.
2ou are I! 'riens i' !ou o whate#er 5 ,o--an !ou.
Eo longer o 5 ,all !ou
ser#ants" 'or a ser#ant oes not know what his -aster is oingA (ut 5 ha#e ,alle !ou 'riens" 'or all things that 5 hear
'ro- I! Father 5 ha#e -ae known to !ou.
2ou i not ,hoose Ie" (ut 5 ,hose !ou an appointe !ou that !ou shoul
go an (ear 'ruit" an that !our 'ruit shoul re-ain" that whate#er !ou ask the Father in I! na-e $e -a! gi#e !ou.
:hese things 5 ,o--an !ou" that !ou lo#e one another./
?. 0hat is the ini,ator o' !our (eing a 'rien o' Jesus or notJ (1F)
.2ou are I! 'riens i' !ou o ______________________ __________ ____________________________ !ou./
;. Jesus sai to .lo#e one another as 5 ha#e lo#e !ou./ $ow i Jesus e-onstrate $is lo#eJ (13)
.Greater lo#e has no one than this" than to ______________ ______________________ one1s
_____________________ 'or his 'riens./
8. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
a. $ow ,oul !ou .la! own !our li'e/ 'or othersJ
(. 5s there an! one on earth that !ou woul (e willing to la! own !our li'e 'orJ 0hoJ
Jesus !ea(hes .s to *+pe(t Perse(ution
John %9:%';)9
.5' the worl hates !ou" !ou know that it hate Ie (e'ore it hate !ou.
5' !ou were o' the worl" the worl woul
lo#e its own. 2et (e,ause !ou are not o' the worl" (ut 5 ,hose !ou out o' the worl" there'ore the worl hates !ou.
<e-e-(er the wor that 5 sai to !ou" HA ser#ant is not greater than his -aster.1 5' the! perse,ute Ie" the! will also
perse,ute !ou. 5' the! kept I! wor" the! will keep !ours also.
&ut all these things the! will o to !ou 'or I! na-e1s
sake" (e,ause the! o not know $i- who sent Ie.
5' 5 ha not ,o-e an spoken to the-" the! woul ha#e no sin" (ut
now the! ha#e no eB,use 'or their sin.
$e who hates Ie hates I! Father also.
5' 5 ha not one a-ong the- the works
Joy in the Gospel of John :8
whi,h no one else i" the! woul ha#e no sinA (ut now the! ha#e seen an also hate (oth Ie an I! Father.
&ut this
happene that the wor -ight (e 'ul'ille whi,h is written in their law" H:he! hate Ie without a ,ause.1/
John %8:%;:, ::
.:hese things 5 ha#e spoken to !ou" that !ou shoul not (e -ae to stu-(le.
:he! will put !ou out o' the
s!nagoguesA !es" the ti-e is ,o-ing that whoe#er kills !ou will think that he o''ers Go ser#i,e.
An these things the!
will o to !ou (e,ause the! ha#e not known the Father nor Ie.
:hese things 5 ha#e spoken to !ou" that in Ie !ou -a! ha#e pea,e. 5n the worl !ou will ha#e tri(ulationA (ut (e o'
goo ,heer" 5 ha#e o#er,o-e the worl./
.omething to Eo
1+. :he worl hates those who 'ollow Jesus (e,ause the! are not o' the _______________________ . (1G:18)
To be of# something is to follow its pleasures and principles"
11. a. Jesus sai" .$e who hates Ie hates I! ________________ also./ (1G:23)
(. :here'ore" is it possi(le to pro'ess lo#e to Go an still not (e 'ollowing JesusJ
12. >#en though Jesus i -an! woner'ul works while $e was on earth" the un(elie#ing worl has
___________________ an ____________________ (oth Jesus an $is Father. (1G:2F)
13. A,tuall!" the worl hates Jesus without a __________________. (1G:2G)
1F. :he ti-e will ,o-e when those who _____________________ Christians will think the! are oing
___________________ ser#i,e. (1D:2)
=2erhaps this time has already come"?
1G. :he! will o these aw'ul things (e,ause the! ha#e not ________________________ the Father or Jesus. (1D:3)
1D. >#en though we ha#e tri(ulation in the worl" we ,an (e o' goo ,heer" (e,ause Jesus has
____________________________ the worl. (1D:33)
Jesus Prays for .s
John %>:%;', %9;)8
Jesus spoke these wors" li'te up $is e!es to hea#en" an sai: .Father" the hour has ,o-e. Glori'! 2our %on" that
2our %on also -a! glori'! 2ou"
as 2ou ha#e gi#en $i- authorit! o#er all 'lesh" that $e shoul gi#e eternal li'e to as
-an! as 2ou ha#e gi#en $i-.
An this is eternal li'e" that the! -a! know 2ou" the onl! true Go" an Jesus Christ who-
2ou ha#e sent.
5 ha#e glori'ie 2ou on the earth. 5 ha#e 'inishe the work whi,h 2ou ha#e gi#en Ie to o.
An now" 4
Father" glori'! Ie together with 2oursel'" with the glor! whi,h 5 ha with 2ou (e'ore the worl was.
.5 ha#e -ani'este 2our na-e to the -en who- 2ou ha#e gi#en Ie out o' the worl. :he! were 2ours" 2ou ga#e
the- to Ie" an the! ha#e kept 2our wor.
Eow the! ha#e known that all things whi,h 2ou ha#e gi#en Ie are 'ro-
For 5 ha#e gi#en to the- the wors whi,h 2ou ha#e gi#en IeA an the! ha#e re,ei#e the-" an ha#e known surel!
that 5 ,a-e 'orth 'ro- 2ouA an the! ha#e (elie#e that 2ou sent Ie.
.5 o not pra! that 2ou shoul take the- out o' the worl" (ut that 2ou shoul keep the- 'ro- the e#il one.
are not o' the worl" 3ust as 5 a- not o' the worl.
%an,ti'! the- (! 2our truth. 2our wor is truth.
As 2ou sent Ie into
the worl" 5 also ha#e sent the- into the worl.
An 'or their sakes 5 san,ti'! I!sel'" that the! also -a! (e san,ti'ie (!
the truth.
.5 o not pra! 'or these alone" (ut also 'or those who will (elie#e in Ie through their worA
that the! all -a! (e
one" as 2ou" Father" are in Ie" an 5 in 2ouA that the! also -a! (e one in =s" that the worl -a! (elie#e that 2ou sent Ie.
An the glor! whi,h 2ou ga#e Ie 5 ha#e gi#en the-" that the! -a! (e one 3ust as 0e are one:
5 in the-" an 2ou in
IeA that the! -a! (e -ae per'e,t in one" an that the worl -a! know that 2ou ha#e sent Ie" an ha#e lo#e the- as
2ou ha#e lo#e Ie.
.Father" 5 esire that the! also who- 2ou ga#e Ie -a! (e with Ie where 5 a-" that the! -a! (ehol I! glor!
whi,h 2ou ha#e gi#en IeA 'or 2ou lo#e Ie (e'ore the 'ounation o' the worl.
4 righteous Father6 :he worl has not
Joy in the Gospel of John :>
known 2ou" (ut 5 ha#e known 2ouA an these ha#e known that 2ou sent Ie.
An 5 ha#e e,lare to the- 2our na-e"
an will e,lare it" that the lo#e with whi,h 2ou lo#e Ie -a! (e in the-" an 5 in the-./
1?. Coes it surprise !ou that the Lor o' Glor! is now pra!ing 'or the nees o' those who trul! (elie#e in $i-J List so-e
o' the things whi,h this passage tells us $e spe,i'i,all! pra!s 'or.
.that 2our %on also -a! ___________________ 2ou"/ (1)
.that $e shoul gi#e ____________________ _____________ to as -an! as 2ou ha#e gi#en $i-"/ (2)
.that 2ou shoul keep the- 'ro- the _____________ one"/ (1G)
._______________ the- (! 2our truth. 2our wor is truth" (1?)
.that the! also -a! (e san,ti'ie (! the truth"/ (18)
.that the! also -a! (e ________________ in =s"/ (21a)
.that the worl -a! __________________________ that 2ou sent Ie"/ (21()
.that the! -a! (e _________________ 3ust as 0e are _________________ "/ (22)
.that __________________ -a! (e -ae per'e,t in one"/ (23a)
.that the _________________________ -a! know that 2ou ha#e sent Ie"/ (23()
.an ha#e lo#e ______________________ as 2ou ha#e lo#e ________________ "/ (23,)
.that the! also who- 2ou ga#e Ie -a! (e ________________ Ie where 5 a-"/ (2Fa)
.that the! -a! (ehol I! _____________________ whi,h 2ou ha#e gi#en Ie"/ (2F()
.that the ______________________ with whi,h 2ou lo#e Ie -a! (e in the-" an ______________ in the-./ (2D)
1;. A'ter reaing o#er this list again" what is !our i-pression o' the pra!er li'e o' the Lor Jesus Christ whi,h is
o,,urring at this #er! -o-entJ
Jesus 2rays for Cou
5saiah" the prophet" prophesie that the Iessiah .-ae inter,ession 'or the transgressors/ (5saiah G3:12). $e wante
to gi#e eternal li'e to -an! (John 1?:2) 'or $is glor!.
Jesus also pra!e 'or $is own is,iples. >arlier he ha sai to 9eter" .%i-on" %i-on6 5nee" %atan has aske 'or !ou"
that he -a! si't !ou as wheat. &ut 5 ha#e pra!e 'or !ou" that !our 'aith shoul not 'ail/ (Luke 22:31" 32a). Eow again"
3ust (e'ore $e is to ie" Jesus pra!s 'or $is is,iples to (e kept 'ro- %atan" the >#il 4ne. $e also pra!s 'or all who" in
'uture generations" will (elie#e on Jesus (e,ause o' the witness o' these 'aith'ul is,iples. Christian" $e was pra!ing 'or
$e pra!s 'or true (elie#ers ,onstantl!. .:here'ore $e is also a(le to sa#e to the utter-ost those who ,o-e to Go
through $i-" sin,e $e e#er li#es to -ake inter,ession 'or the-/ ($e(rews ?:2G). 0hat a woner'ul %a#ior we ha#e6 An"
oh" how $e pra!s 'or us to (e one with $i-" an one with ea,h other in lo#e6 Ia! $is pra!ers (e answere in !our li'e" in
!our ho-e" an in !our ,hur,h toa!.
Later" when Jesus was pra!ing in Gethse-ane" $e aske $is is,iples" .0hat" ,oul !ou not wat,h with Ie one
hourJ/ (Iatthew 2D:F+(). Co !ou spen ti-e alone with Jesus ea,h a!" inter,eing (pra!ing) 'or the lost an 'or $is
(o!" the Chur,hJ 0hat a pri#ilege to -eet with $i- at the .throne o' gra,e/ ea,h a!6 .Let us there'ore ,o-e (oll! to
the throne o' gra,e" that we -a! o(tain -er,! an 'in gra,e to help in ti-e o' nee/ ($e(rews F:1D).
18. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: Ces,ri(e when !ou pra!e in the last week" an the egree o' epth an sin,erit!.
Joy in the Gospel of John :'
Lesson 12 Jesus4 "eath0 Burial0 and 5esurrection
Jesus Had Power o%er His #wn $ife and /eath
John %(:%>, %'
.:here'ore I! Father lo#es Ie" (e,ause 5 la! own I! li'e that 5 -a! take it again.
Eo one takes it 'ro- Ie" (ut
5 la! it own o' I!sel'. 5 ha#e power to la! it own" an 5 ha#e power to take it again. :his ,o--an 5 ha#e re,ei#e
'ro- I! Father./
John %&:7;%%
9ilate then went out again" an sai to the-" .&ehol" 5 a- (ringing $i- out to !ou" that !ou -a! know that 5 'in
no 'ault in $i-./
:hen Jesus ,a-e out" wearing the ,rown o' thorns an the purple ro(e. An 9ilate sai to the-"
.&ehol the Ian6/
:here'ore" when the ,hie' priests an o''i,ers saw $i-" the! ,rie out" sa!ing" .Cru,i'! $i-" ,ru,i'! $i-6/ 9ilate
sai to the-" .2ou take $i- an ,ru,i'! $i-" 'or 5 'in no 'ault in $i-./
:he Jews answere hi-" .0e ha#e a law" an
a,,oring to our law $e ought to ie" (e,ause $e -ae $i-sel' the %on o' Go./
:here'ore" when 9ilate hear that
sa!ing" he was the -ore a'rai"
an went again into the 9raetoriu-" an sai to Jesus" .0here are 2ou 'ro-J/ &ut Jesus
ga#e hi- no answer.
:hen 9ilate sai to $i-" .Are 2ou not speaking to -eJ Co 2ou not know that 5 ha#e power to
,ru,i'! 2ou" an power to release 2ouJ/
Jesus answere" .2ou ,oul ha#e no power at all against Ie unless it ha (een
gi#en !ou 'ro- a(o#e. :here'ore the one who eli#ere Ie to !ou has the greater sin./
$ould Jesus EieI
%in,e Jesus was trul! the %on o' Go" was it possi(le 'or -en to kill $i-J Eo -an ha power o#er $i-. 4nl! $e
,oul ,hoose to ie an ,o-e (a,k to li'e again.
Jesus sai to 9ilate" ....I! kingo- is not o' this worl. 5' I! kingo- were o' this worl" I! ser#ants woul 'ight"
so that 5 shoul not (e eli#ere to the Jews.../ (John 1;:3D). Jesus allowe $i-sel' to (e arreste (! the Jews. 0hen $e
was arreste" $e sai" .4r o !ou think that 5 ,annot now pra! to I! Father" an $e will pro#ie Ie with -ore that
twel#e legions o' angelsJ $ow then ,oul the %,riptures (e 'ul'ille" that it -ust happen thusJ/ (Iatthew 2D:G3" GF). :he
angels who -inistere to Jesus as $e pra!e in the garen ,oul ha#e estro!e the soliers who arreste $i-. &ut Jesus
knew Go1s purpose as re#eale in the %,riptures.
Jesus $i-sel' ha sai" .:he %on o' Ian -ust su''er -an! things" an (e re3e,te (! the elers an ,hie' priests an
s,ri(es" an (e kille" an (e raise the thir a!/ (Luke 8:22). 2ou see" Jesus ie (e,ause it was Go1s plan 'ro- (e'ore
the (eginning o' the worl (<e#elation 13:;).
5t was Go1s woner'ul plan that Jesus woul ,on)uer eath6 .5nas-u,h then as the ,hilren ha#e partaken o' 'lesh
an (loo" $e $i-sel' likewise share in the sa-e" that through eath $e -ight estro! hi- who ha the power o' eath"
that is" the e#il" an release those who through 'ear o' eath were all their li'eti-e su(3e,t to (onage/ ($e(rews 2:1F"
1G). Co !ou 'ear eathJ Jesus ie so that !ou" (elie#ing" -ight (e 'ree an li#e 'ore#er6 2es" Jesus ,hose to la! own $is
li'e so that those who trust in $i- -ight li#e6
1. 0ho was in ,o--an o' Jesus1 eathJ (1+:1;)
.Eo one takes it 'ro- Ie" (ut 5 la! it own o' _______________________. ___________ ha#e power to la! it
own" an ____________ ha#e power to take it again. :his ,o--an 5 ha#e re,ei#e 'ro- I! Father./
2. 0hat are two aitional results 'ro- Jesus1 eath" in aition to the sal#ation o' those who (elie#e in $i-J ($e(rews
2:1F" 1G)
a. .that through eath $e -ight ______________________ ________________ who ha the power o' eath" that
is" the e#ilK/
(. .Kan ____________________ those who through 'ear o' eath were all their li'eti-e su(3e,t to
Joy in the Gospel of John :&
Jesus Is ru(ified and Buried
John %&:%>;%', :(;:>
An $e" (earing $is ,ross" went out to a pla,e ,alle the 9la,e o' a %kull" whi,h is ,alle in $e(rew" Golgotha"
where the! ,ru,i'ie $i-" an two others with $i-" one on either sie" an Jesus in the ,enter.
%o when Jesus ha re,ei#e the sour wine" $e sai" .5t is 'inishe6/ An (owing $is hea" $e ga#e up $is spirit.
:here'ore" (e,ause it was the 9reparation Ca!" that the (oies shoul not re-ain on the ,ross on the %a((ath ('or that
%a((ath was a high a!)" the Jews aske 9ilate that their legs -ight (e (roken" an that the! -ight (e taken awa!.
the soliers ,a-e an (roke the legs o' the 'irst an o' the other who was ,ru,i'ie with $i-.
&ut when the! ,a-e to
Jesus an saw that $e was alrea! ea" the! i not (reak $is legs.
&ut one o' the soliers pier,e $is sie with a
spear" an i--eiatel! (loo an water ,a-e out.
An he who has seen has testi'ie" an his testi-on! is trueA an he
knows that he is telling the truth" so that !ou -a! (elie#e.
For these things were one that the %,ripture shoul (e
'ul'ille" .Eot one o' $is (ones shall (e (roken./
An again another %,ripture sa!s" .:he! shall look on $i- who- the!
John %&:7(;7)
:hen the! took the (o! o' Jesus" an (oun it in strips o' linen with the spi,es" as the ,usto- o' the Jews is to (ur!.
Eow in the pla,e where $e was ,ru,i'ie there was a garen" an in the garen a new to-( in whi,h no one ha !et
(een lai.
%o there the! lai Jesus" (e,ause o' the Jews1 9reparation Ca!" 'or the to-( was near(!.
$hristGs Eeath as No <ccident
:he ke! to unerstaning the &i(le is to reali@e that all the %,riptures ,enter aroun Christ. .An (eginning at Ioses
an all the 9rophets" $e eBpoune to the- in all the %,riptures the things ,on,erning $i-sel'/ (Luke 2F:2?). Jesus knew
that .all things -ust (e 'ul'ille whi,h were written in the Law o' Ioses an the 9rophets an the 9sal-s ,on,erning
Ie/ (Luke 2F:FF(). .An $e opene their unerstaning" that the! -ight ,o-prehen the %,riptures. :hen $e sai to
the-" H:hus it is written" an thus it was ne,essar! 'or the Christ to su''er an to rise 'ro- the ea the thir a!" an that
repentan,e an re-ission o' sins shoul (e prea,he in $is na-e to all nations" (eginning at Jerusale-1/ (Luke 2F: FG-
$ow woner'ul Go1s plan is6 5' !ou ha#e a &i(le" stu! the %,riptures (elow to see how Go tol the worl $is plan
in the 4l :esta-ent %,riptures an how Jesus 'ul'ille that plan ,o-pletel!. (:hese are onl! a #er! 'ew o' the 3++
prophe,ies in the 4l :esta-ent a(out the li'e o' Jesus in $is 'irst ,o-ing.)
%atan atte-pte to steal Go1s people awa! into (onage" (ut Go ha a ree-ption plan all worke out" an that
plan has (een 'inishe per'e,tl! at the ,ross an in the resurre,tion6 All who trul! want to (e res,ue ,an (e eli#ere
'ro- %atan1s (onage now6
61"4S )L&7
3or J8S9S
9ro-ise .see o' a wo-an/
9ro-ise .see o' A(raha-/
&irth in &ethlehe-
&orn o' a #irgin
Iinistr! in Galilee
:o (e a 9rophet
:o (e a 9riest
:o (e a Oing
<e3e,tion (! Jews
:riu-phal >ntr!
&etra!e (! a 'rien
%ol 'or 3+ pie,es o' sil#er
False witnesses a,,use $i-
%ilent when a,,use
%-itten an spat upon
Cru,i'ie with sinners
$ans an 'eet pier,e
Io,ke an insulte
Gi#en #inegar to rink
9ra!s 'or $is ene-ies
%ie to (e pier,e
Eot a (one to (e (roken
:o (e (urie with the ri,h
$is <esurre,tion
$is As,ension
Joy in the Gospel of John 7(
Genesis 3:1G
Genesis 22:1;
Ii,ah G:2
5saiah ?:1F
5saiah 8:1" 2
Ceuterono-! 1;:1G
9sal- 11+:F
5saiah 8:?
5saiah G3:3
Qe,hariah 8:8
9sal- F1:8
Qe,hariah 11:12
9sal- 2?:12
5saiah G3:?
5saiah G+:D
5saiah G3:12
9sal- 22:1D
9sal- 22:D-;
9sal- D8:21
5saiah G3:12
Qe,hariah 12:1+
9sal- 3F:2+
5saiah G3:8
9sal- 1D:1+
9sal- D;:1;
Galatians F:F
A,ts 3:2G
Iatthew 2:1
Iatthew 1:1;
Iatthew F:12-1D
John D:1F
$e(rews D:2+
John 1;:3D" 3?
John 1:11A G:F3
John 12:13-1G
Iark 1F:1+
Iatthew 2D:1G
Iatthew 2D:D+" D1
Iatthew 2D:D2" D3
Iark 1F:DG
Iatthew 2?:3;
John 2+:2?
Iatthew 2?:38" F+
John 18:28
Luke 23:3F
John 18:3F
John 18:33
Iatthew 2?:G?-D+
Iatthew 2;:8
Luke 2F:G+" G1
Joy in the Gospel of John 7%
(For the ,o-plete stor! o' Jesus1 eath" rea Iatthew 2D an 2?" Iark 1F an 1G" Luke 22 an 23" John
1; an 18" 5saiah G3" an 9sal- 22.)
3. 4' all the in,rei(le 'ul'ill-ents o' prophe,! liste" whi,h one stans out to !ou as espe,iall! signi'i,antJ
Eid you /now that the 5ld and New Testaments of the Bible are the only writings of all religions that have prophecies of
future events which have proven to have actually occurred in historyK =5thers have prophetic events recorded only at the
time of the event"?
Jesus Rises fro" the /ead
John )(:%;&
4n the 'irst a! o' the week Iar! Iagalene ,a-e to the to-( earl!" while it was still ark" an saw that the
stone ha (een taken awa! 'ro- the to-(.
:hen she ran an ,a-e to %i-on 9eter" an to the other is,iple" who-
Jesus lo#e" an sai to the-" .:he! ha#e taken awa! the Lor out o' the to-(" an we o not know where the!
ha#e lai $i-./
9eter there'ore went out" an the other is,iple" an were going to the to-(.
%o the! (oth ran
together" an the other is,iple outran 9eter an ,a-e to the to-( 'irst.
An he" stooping own an looking in" saw
the linen ,loths l!ing thereA !et he i not go in.
:hen %i-on 9eter ,a-e" 'ollowing hi-" an went into the to-(A
an he saw the linen ,loths l!ing there"
an the hanker,hie' that ha (een aroun $is hea" not l!ing with the
linen ,loths" (ut 'ole together in a pla,e (! itsel'.
:hen the other is,iple" who ,a-e to the to-( 'irst" went in
alsoA an he saw an (elie#e.
For as !et the! i not know the %,ripture" that $e -ust rise again 'ro- the ea.
hy the +esurrection 3s .o 3mportant
Jo( aske the )uestion long ago" .5' a -an ies" shall he li#e againJ/ (Jo( 1F:1Fa). :his was his gla answer:
.For 5 know that -! <eee-er li#es" an $e shall stan at last on the earthA an a'ter -! skin is estro!e" this 5
know" that in -! 'lesh 5 shall see Go/ (Jo( 18:2G" 2D). 2es" (e,ause $e li#es" we will li#e also (John 1F:18).
.For though $e was ,ru,i'ie in weakness" !et $e li#es (! the power o' Go. For we also are weak in $i-" (ut
we shall li#e with $i- (! the power o' Go towar !ou/ (2 Corinthians 13:F).
:he whole gospel -essage was su--ari@e (! 9aul in two #erses: .For 5 eli#ere to !ou 'irst o' all that whi,h
5 also re,ei#e: that Christ ie 'or our sins a,,oring to the %,riptures" an that $e was (urie" an that $e rose
again the thir a! a,,oring to the %,riptures/ (1 Corinthians 1G:3" F). 5' it were not 'or the resurre,tion o' Jesus
Christ" we woul ha#e nothing to prea,h. 0e woul ha#e no hope. 0e woul still (e li#ing in our sins an oo-e
to eath. &ut" praise Go" Jesus is ali#e" an $e ,an li#e in !ou6 .&ut i' the %pirit o' $i- who raise Jesus 'ro- the
ea wells in !ou" $e who raise Christ 'ro- the ea will also gi#e li'e to !our -ortal (oies through $is %pirit
who wells in !ou/ (<o-ans ;:11).
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 7)
Now e 1ust Bive for Him
.For the lo#e o' Christ ,onstrains us" (e,ause we 3uge thus: that i' 4ne ie 'or all" then all ieA an $e ie
'or all" that those who li#e shoul li#e no longer 'or the-sel#es" (ut 'or $i- who ie 'or the- an rose again/ (2
Corinthians G:1F" 1G). 0e were ea in our sins when Christ ie 'or usA now" when $e gi#es us new (irth" we are
ali#e to Go. 0e are new ,reations in $i-. 0e -ust not li#e this new li'e 'or oursel#es" (ut 'or $i-6 2ou o not
(elong to !oursel' now. .For !ou were (ought at a pri,eA there'ore glori'! Go in !our (o! an in !our spirit"
whi,h are Go1s/ (1 Corinthians D:2+).
F. 0h! is the resurre,tion o' Jesus Christ 'ro- the ea so i-portant to Christianit!J (1 Corinthians 1G:3" F)
.K$e rose again the thir a! a,,oring to the %,riptures./ 5' it were not 'or the resurre,tion o' Jesus
Christ" we woul ha#e _________________________ to prea,h. 0e woul ha#e no
_______________________ . 0e woul still (e li#ing in our sins an oo-e to eath.
G. 1a/ing 3t 2ersonal: 0h! is the resurre,tion o' Jesus Christ 'ro- the ea i-portant to !ouJ
Lesson 1# he 5isen Sa,ior
Jesus 0ppears to Mary
John )(:%%;%>
&ut Iar! stoo outsie (! the to-( weeping" an as she wept she stoope own an looke into the to-(.
An she saw two angels in white sitting" one at the hea an the other at the 'eet" where the (o! o' Jesus ha
:hen the! sai to her" .0o-an" wh! are !ou weepingJ/ %he sai to the-" .&e,ause the! ha#e taken awa!
-! Lor" an 5 o not know where the! ha#e lai $i-./
Eow when she ha sai this" she turne aroun an saw
Jesus staning there" an i not know that it was Jesus.
Jesus sai to her" .0o-an" wh! are !ou weepingJ 0ho-
are !ou seekingJ/ %he" supposing $i- to (e the garener" sai to $i-" .%ir" i' 2ou ha#e ,arrie $i- awa!" tell -e
where 2ou ha#e lai $i-" an 5 will take $i- awa!./
Jesus sai to her" .Iar!6/ %he turne an sai to $i-"
.<a((oni6/ (whi,h is to sa!" :ea,her).
Jesus sai to her" .Co not ,ling to Ie" 'or 5 ha#e not !et as,ene to I!
FatherA (ut go to I! (rethren an sa! to the-" H5 a- as,ening to I! Father an !our Father" an to I! Go an
!our Go.1/
Jesus +espects <ll 2eople
5n (oth the hours o' arkest trage! an the hours o' (rightest 3o!" Jesus showe respe,t 'or people 'ro- all
walks o' li'e. Curing the agon! o' $is ,ru,i'iBion" Jesus tenerl! spoke to $is -other an ga#e her into the ,are o'
$is (elo#e is,iple" John (John 18:2D" 2?). Eow" in the triu-ph o' $is resurre,tion" $e ,hose to appear 'irst to a
wo-an7another Iar!" one who ha pre#iousl! li#e a li'e o' great sin.
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 7:
Gol! wo-en" who trust in Go an wear the orna-ent o' a -eek an )uiet spirit" are .pre,ious in the sight o'
Go/ (1 9eter 3:F(). 5n the sa-e wa!" all -en are to .$u-(le !oursel#es there'ore uner the -ight! han o' Go/
(1 9eter G:D). 5n spiritual things" Go ,alls -en an wo-en o' all (a,kgrouns an eBperien,es in the sa-e wa! to
,o-e to Christ an re,ei#e the sa-e inheritan,e. .&! whi,h ha#e (een gi#en to us eB,eeingl! great an pre,ious
pro-ises" that through these !ou -a! (e partakers o' the i#ine nature/ (2 9eter 1:Fa). .:here is neither Jew nor
Greek" there is neither (on nor 'ree" there is neither -ale nor 'e-aleA 'or !ou are all one in Christ Jesus/ (Galatians
3:2;( OJN).
Go honors wo-en so -u,h that $e ,o--ane hus(ans to lo#e their wi#es 3ust as Christ lo#e the Chur,h
an ga#e $is #er! li'e 'or it (>phesians G:2G). .%o hus(ans ought to lo#e their own wi#es as their own (oiesA he
who lo#es his wi'e lo#es hi-sel'/ (>phesians G:2;). Go lo#es per'e,t union an har-on! (etween hus(an an
wi'e. $e hates i#or,e. .For the Lor Go o' 5srael sa!s that $e hates i#or,e"/ (Iala,hi 2:1Da).
.Ful'ill -! 3o! (! (eing like--ine" ha#ing the sa-e lo#e" (eing o' one a,,or" o' one -in. Let nothing (e
one through sel'ish a-(ition or ,on,eit" (ut in lowliness o' -in let ea,h estee- others (etter than hi-sel'/
(9hilippians 2:2" 3).
1. 5' !ou are a true (elie#er in Jesus Christ" what is to (e !our response to other Christians who -a! ha#e ha a
-u,h less respe,ta(le (a,kgroun than !ou" or who ,o-e 'ro- a i''erent ,lass in so,iet!J (9hilippians 2:2" 3)
.Ful'ill -! 3o! (! (eing ___________________________ " ha#ing the sa-e lo#e" (eing o' one a,,or" o'
one _________________ . Let nothing (e one through sel'ish a-(ition or ,on,eit" (ut in
__________________________ o' -in let ea,h estee- others _______________________ than hi-sel'./
Jesus 0ppears to His /is(iples
John )(:%&;))
:hen" the sa-e a! at e#ening" (eing the 'irst a! o' the week" when the oors were shut where the is,iples
were asse-(le" 'or 'ear o' the Jews" Jesus ,a-e an stoo in the -ist" an sai to the-" .9ea,e (e with !ou./
Eow when $e ha sai this" $e showe the- $is hans an $is sie. :hen the is,iples were gla when the! saw
the Lor.
:hen Jesus sai to the- again" .9ea,e to !ou6 As the Father has sent Ie" 5 also sen !ou./
An when
$e ha sai this" $e (reathe on the-" an sai to the-" .<e,ei#e the $ol! %pirit./
.omething to Eo
0hat i Jesus sa!J Fill in the (lank spa,es.
2. . _________________________ (e with !ou./ (#erse 18)
3. .As the Father has sent Ie" 5 also ____________________ _________________ ./ (21)
F. . __________________________ the $ol! %pirit./ (22)
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 77
0 /ou'ting /is(iple Belie%es
John )(:)7;)&
&ut :ho-as" ,alle Ci!-us" one o' the twel#e" was not with the- when Jesus ,a-e.
:he other is,iples
there'ore sai to hi-" .0e ha#e seen the Lor./ &ut he sai to the-" .=nless 5 see in $is hans the print o' the
nails" an put -! 'inger into the print o' the nails" an put -! han into $is sie" 5 will not (elie#e./
An a'ter eight a!s $is is,iples were again insie" an :ho-as with the-. Jesus ,a-e" the oors (eing shut"
an stoo in the -ist" an sai" .9ea,e to !ou6/
:hen $e sai to :ho-as" .<ea,h !our 'inger here" an look at
I! hansA an rea,h !our han here" an put it into I! sie. Co not (e un(elie#ing" (ut (elie#ing./
An :ho-as
answere an sai to $i-" .I! Lor an -! Go6/
< .pecial Blessing
Jesus sa!s !ou ha#e a spe,ial (lessing i' !ou (elie#e on $i- e#en when !ou ha#e not seen $i- with !our e!es.
:oa! we know Jesus (! $is %pirit re#ealing $i- to us through the wors $e speaks to us through the &i(le.
4ne a! we shall see $i-. .0e know that when $e is re#eale" we shall (e like $i-" 'or we shall see $i- as
$e is/ (1 John 3:2(). .&lesse are the pure in heart" 'or the! shall see Go/ (Iatthew G:;). .&ehol" $e is ,o-ing
with ,lous" an e#er! e!e will see $i-" an the! also who pier,e $i-. An all the tri(es o' the earth will -ourn
(e,ause o' $i-/ (<e#elation 1:?a).
0hen !ou see Jesus" will !ou (e gla or saJ 5' Jesus is !our Lor an Go" as $e was 'or :ho-as" !ou will (e
so gla inee6
G. 0as :ho-as1 initial un(elie' a la,k o' e-otion or a e,ision o' his willJ (2+:2G)
.=nless 5 see in $is hans the print o' the nails" an put -! 'inger into the print o' the nails" an put -!
han into $is sie" 5 ____________________ not (elie#e./
Jesus Has Power to Pro%ide
John )%:);8, &;%), %9;%>
%i-on 9eter" :ho-as (,alle Ci!-us)" Eathanael o' Cana in Galilee" the sons o' Qe(eee" an two others o'
$is is,iples were together.
%i-on 9eter sai to the-" .5 a- going 'ishing./ :he! sai to hi-" .0e are going with
!ou also./ :he! went out an i--eiatel! got into the (oat" an that night the! ,aught nothing.
&ut when the
-orning ha now ,o-e" Jesus stoo on the shoreA !et the is,iples i not know that it was Jesus.
:hen Jesus sai
to the-" .Chilren" ha#e !ou an! 'ooJ/ :he! answere $i-" .Eo./
An $e sai to the-" .Cast the net on the
right sie o' the (oat" an !ou will 'in so-e./ %o the! ,ast" an now the! were not a(le to raw it in (e,ause o' the
-ultitue o' 'ish.
:hen" as soon as the! ha ,o-e to lan" the! saw a 'ire o' ,oals there" an 'ish lai on it" an (rea.
sai to the-" .&ring so-e o' the 'ish whi,h !ou ha#e 3ust ,aught./
%i-on 9eter went up an ragge the net to
lan" 'ull o' large 'ish" one hunre an 'i't!-threeA an although there were so -an!" the net was not (roken.
Jesus sai to the-" .Co-e an eat..../
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 79
%o when the! ha eaten (reak'ast" Jesus sai to %i-on 9eter" .%i-on" son o' Jonah" o !ou lo#e Ie -ore than
theseJ/ $e sai to $i-" .2es" LorA 2ou know that 5 lo#e 2ou./ $e sai to hi-" .Fee I! la-(s./
$e sai to hi-
again a se,on ti-e" .%i-on" son o' Jonah" o !ou lo#e IeJ/ $e sai to $i-" .2es" LorA 2ou know that 5 lo#e
2ou./ $e sai to hi-" .:en I! sheep./
$e sai to hi- the thir ti-e" .%i-on" son o' Jonah" o !ou lo#e IeJ/
9eter was grie#e (e,ause $e sai to hi- the thir ti-e" .Co !ou lo#e IeJ/ An he sai to $i-" .Lor" 2ou know
all thingsA 2ou know that 5 lo#e 2ou./ Jesus sai to hi-" .Fee I! sheep./
$ome and Eine
0hat a (eauti'ul pi,ture o' Jesus gi#ing an in#itation to (reak'ast6 Jesus guie $is is,iples to the pla,e o'
a(unant pro#ision. Are !ou hungr! an thirst! 'or righteousnessJ Jesus sai" .&lesse are those who hunger an
thirst 'or righteousness" 'or the! shall (e 'ille/ (Iatthew G:D). Co-e into $is presen,e ea,h -orning 'or a spiritual
(reak'ast" 'eeing on $is 0or whi,h satis'ies the soul. :he Lor !our Go" who has le !ou out o' (onage" sa!s
to !ou" .4pen !our -outh wie" an 5 will 'ill it/ (9sal- ;1:1+().
5' !ou (elong to Christ" !ou ha#e another (eauti'ul in#itation to .,o-e an ine./ &e'ore Jesus returns to this
earth as O5EG 4F O5EG% an L4<C 4F L4<C%" $is eternal union with all (elie#ers will (e ,ele(rate with a
-arriage supper. John re,ors" .HLet us (e gla an re3oi,e an gi#e $i- glor!" 'or the -arriage o' the La-( has
,o-e" an $is wi'e has -ae hersel' rea!.1 An to her it was grante to (e arra!e in 'ine linen" ,lean an (right"
'or the 'ine linen is the righteous a,ts o' the saints/ (<e#elation 18:?" ;).
Are !ou rea! 'or that supper ,allJ <e-e-(er" we ,annot wear our own righteousnessA we ,annot epen upon
our own goo works to (e goo enough. 5n Go1s sight" .all our righteousnesses are like 'ilth! rags/ (5saiah DF:D).
Jesus $i-sel' is the onl! gar-ent o' righteousness that -akes us a,,epta(le 'or that woner'ul -arriage 'east. .For
$e -ae $i- who knew no sin to (e sin 'or us" that we -ight (e,o-e the righteousness o' Go in $i-/ (2
Corinthians G:21). 0hat a woner'ul eB,hange: $e took our sin an ga#e us $is righteousness6
-eed 1y .heep
A'ter Jesus has 'e !ou" $e wants !ou to 'ee others. $a#e !ou (een 'e in !our soul (! stu!ing this &i(le
stu! on the Gospel of JohnI :hen !ou -ust share with others what Go has taught !ou. .%hepher the 'lo,k o'
Go whi,h is a-ong !ou" ...(eing eBa-ples to the 'lo,k/ (1 9eter G:2a" 3(). 0e ,an (less others (! sharing Go1s
0or with the- an (eing an eBa-ple to the-. .:ea,hing the- to o(ser#e all things that 5 ha#e ,o--ane !ouA
an lo" 5 a- with !ou alwa!s/ (Iatthew 2;:2+a).
Call upon Jesus Christ toa!A re3e,t !our ol li'eA repent 'ro- all !our sinA an trust $i- as !our Lor an
%a#ior6 :hank $i- 'or the new li'e $e gi#es to those who will (elie#e in $i-. >n3o! 'ellowship with $i- ea,h
a!. Li#e e#er! a! to please $i-. An tell others a(out this woner'ul Jesus. :he! nee to know $i- too6
1a/ing 3t 2ersonal
D. A regular -orning ti-e with the Lor is the -ost woner'ul wa! to start ea,h a!. 2ou ,an rea $is 0or"
pra!" an e#en sing a h!-n o' praise to $i-.
&rie'l!" es,ri(e !our own -orning .)uiet ti-es/ with Jesus in the past week.
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 78
?. 0hat is !our own ,o--it-ent to sharing the goo news o' the gospel with othersJ
;. :ake so-e ti-e to re#iew all the lessons o' this stu! o' Joy in the Gospel of John. 0hat new unerstaning
ha#e !ou gaine a(out who Jesus Christ is" what $e is like" an who $e is to !ouJ
Than/ you for ta/ing this course"
1ay you be encouraged to continue your studies of GodGs ord"
2lease download your ne6t course now"
Joy in the Gospel of John =JG %;%:? page 7>