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The world isnt flat By Pankaj Ghemawat

1. Introduction 2. Summary 3. Critique 4. Conclusion 5. References

The article titled why the world isnt flat by pankaj ghemawat, focuses on the contrary happening in the world according to the spherical shape of the earth. In this modern era the world being spherical in shape should be in contact and well informed with everything going around the world but the case however is just the opposite. We call this era as the age of modernization and international relations but the present scenario as depicted by pankaj ghemawat in his article tells us that globalization is surely not what we think it is but is more complex and vast than our thinking confinements. All this while the countries have been sharing and exchanging their ideas, thoughts and technologies but is not as successful as the sharing of ideas and thoughts is in their own country. Exchange is happening but is happening within these countries only wherein the advancement of the discovery remains in its origin place and doesnt spread in the outer world. When we look at the data presented by several organisations and firms, we find that the exchange has happened mostly in the country than outside the country. Taking an example from the extract, about 90 % of the calls in the world are domestic calls rather than international calls. People are busy expanding their horizons which are confined and are limited in content, rather than breaking the barriers and going beyond the walls to explore new horizons and thought processes. Writers, authors and researchers all of them considered globalization was happening and was making the spread of news information dn data much faster and convenient until their blindfolds were removed. People saw a projected world where globalization was on a hike and it was taking over the world rapidly and making lives of people

easier and more effortless and convenient, this projection however was removed by the data represented in front of the people by researchers and analysts. Globalization was happening but at a comparatively very slow pace than projected and hyped about. People surely were expanding their horizons, but still were not able to get over the boundaries and reach a limitless expansion internationally rather than nationally. As a result, our world in spite of being round and limitless was flat and limited.

The articles starts with defining globalization as a stage where the ideas and thoughts will spread faster and easier than they are at present, poor countries will have access to technology and other important commodities they never could afford or offer their citizens. The trade would go up and the exchange of ideas and innovation will happen the way it never happened before and no one could ever imagine it would happen. It also adds more points by telling us that we no longer are staying in isolated nations which are concerned with themselves but live in a cluster of nations which are developing and should work together towards the betterment of the society. In the past decade globalization has caught the eyes of many writers and publishers which have been publishing books, journals ,and articles on globalization without realizing that it was not going the way it should be. Some see globalization as a good thing and believe it to be an escape from the ideas which say humans are not equal. Globalization hence ensures that everyone around the world gets the same amount and quality of information or other commodities as other parts are getting facilitated to. Hence viewing globalization as an advantage is something people are looking forward to. They focus on technology for the upcoming changes and lay emphasis on giving their children and themselves gaining quality education, leaving no stone unturned for achieving

globalization. But amidst all of the above things, according to the author globalization is facing a challenge today. investment knows no boundaries this one saying which can lead the world towards globalization , but is being neglected by many of the main business cities of the world. Frankfurt hong kong, new york and london these are some of the biggest cities which are very well connected to each other but when it comes to being connected with rest of the world, these cities never thought of investing outside their reaches and expand their business so the economic activity which could be conducted either within or outside border still remains domestic with no influence from the international front. More than 90% of the of the total investments made in the world are still domestic. Getting a little deeper into the topic, the amount of attention globalization has caught and the exaggeration is of no use unless and until companies move out of their cuntries and plans to invest in international markets. Taking the example of the canadian u.s trading case. Before the establishment of nafta canadian merchandises had a domestic bias and did not trade much with the united states but after nafta, canadian market showed a rise in foreign trade and benefitted from it. One major reason why globalization is not getting better is because people are not getting connected via the internet. According to studies an average korean guy spends a lot of time online but ends up talking to people in his country only, here there is a chance of globalization but it does not happen because people like to talk to their known ones. Just like this, google has opened its office in russia and has made an entirely russian google search engine which means only russian people access it and there is no scope for a foreigner to be involved in it even if he wants to, because the language is russian.

The article is based on a major issue many times neglected by us. Globalization the need of the hour, the word contains globe in it which means our earth which is spherical in shape and should be connected, but unfortunately this is not case and our world becoming flat. According to me, globalization means to share the ideas and views with as many people from different religion, countries and cultures. In the article the writer pints out at serious issue, wherein we believe we are living in a globalized world but we are wearing blindfolds which show us the way we want to see things. After all the happenings and researches it has been proved that globalization is happening at a really slow rate and is not benefiting many people.if we look at the staistics on the internet, they wil tells us the details of companies investing in the international market. Till now all the companies are busy making profits in domestic markets only, because it is their comfort zone and they do not want to take any risk but to achieve anything in life we have to sometimes take risks and trust our capabilities. The international market is full of opportunities and ways to improve upon business which opens the doors for globalization, but peole are not willing to invest. Out of the whole 100% investment made around the world, 90% is domestic and the remaining 10% is international which does not comes into limelight due to a mere 10% investment. But it is a fact that these 10%

investers earn huge profits and name in the market. People around the world are scared to come out of their comfort zone because they do not want face the challenges, and this thinking is what stops the spread of globalization. Globalization is often confused with integration, people think living with people from different regions of the world is the door to globalization but it is not. For globalization to take effect we have to share our views and ideas, the way of thinking when shared with people from backgrounds and improve upon our ways of work and handling different situations. Also when there is domestic production, i feel that the opportunity to improve is less because of no exposure, but while trading with international firms we get to know about the latest technology and here is where globalization is pushed forward. I agree to the fact that globalization is not happening at a pace it should be but then one important point we must not forget is that time is a really big factor when it comes to investments and markets. Maybe globalization will happen in the coming years at a double pace than it happening now. Because as people are getting aware of technology and the technology is improving day by day, it might so happen that in the next 10 years globalization will be at a pace where development will happen every alternate minute. Any new thing which comes into the limelight takes time to get familiar with people, with the ongoing progress and introduction of proper education in poor countries, globalization will take place much before it should take place and the world will be a place with only hypothetical boundaries. The need of the hour is to open up the business and investments to international scenario. Investments in international projects will not only help in globalization but will help in building good international relations. The author has focused on the issue of globalization happening much less than it is said to have been , but should also not forget the opportunities which will be available in the future to reach our goal of globalization.

In the end i would like to conclude by saying that globalization is a matter of time and our efforts, the more time we give it and the harder our effort is, the better the result will be. For it happen we will need a lot of effort and opening your doors for international trade and business. Investing outside you country. Challenging your comfort zone and open your business for international clients and implementing ideas both nationally and internationally will help in achieving globalization faster and easier. The goal should be achieving globalization and not profits because if globalization happens it is surely going to affect the economy and boost it greatly. A country open for new investees is always the one who has the maximum benefit and a major role in globalization. We should always remember that opportunities are always there but it on the person to take it or not. An opportunist risks what he owns but when the same opportunist takes up an opportunity with a risk and succeeds in what he does, owns a lot more than he wishes. So its always wise to grab every opportunity which comes your way and make way for globalization. In the end i would like to say something globalization is not a bird which would fly past your window, instead it is a bird which will always be on your window and it is up to you to open the window and let it in.

 Why the world isnt flat- Pankaj Ghemawat