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This condition is not new, and can be beaten.

Golden Rule: Keep working the Word so God can Work! Besides the Bible commands to faint not, (Matt 7, Luke 11 and 18), in John Lakes ministry of the Spokane Healing Rooms his offer was to come every day for 30 day s for an hour of prayer and teaching and you will be improved if not fully heale d. The only faith required was to come. One with terminal cancer came 91 days be fore full healing. Lake based this ministry on 1 Cor 15:58. He was in the busine ss of healing the sick, not ministering to the sick, or prayer for the sick. Lak e had no problem staying 36 or 48 hours in continuous aiteo commands with a crit ical case until things got better. In one case, a girl with clubbed feet, the ankles gradually turned and then the feet straightened. They had some 200 people come every day. Roughly 80 were healed every day, or ab out 40%. I had estimated that roughly 10-30% got healed the first day, most in 3 -7 days, and a few took all 30 days for improvement or healing. In conversation Curry Blake agreed my estimates were reasonable. In 2004 David Hogan talked about going to a man who had lost his legs; they went back about 16 times, once a week, as a group, and stayed for more than an hour each time. The trip was over an hour each way. God grew the mans legs back from t he waist down - perfect job. It was something like a 75-100 hour investment. As the legs grew back they started at the hip and then formed the knee, then the lo wer leg, then the ankles and then the feet and then the toes. Each step appeared to be fully formed. Then the man walked freely. David Hogan said to raise the dead they plan on 36 hours of continuous or straig ht prayer in teams. He builds his churches to be able to do this. They do it whe never someone dies, young or old, sick or damaged, wounded or crushed. They do i t automatically whenever someone dies. As of around 2006, they got some 10% or m ore raised from the dead. They take seriously this command of Jesus: Matt 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the l epers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give. Faint not, David Hogan says that for years, and still often today, he sees most of his miracles happen 1-5 days later. He prays each time as if it will happen n ow, but if not, it will still happen We ministered off and on for 2 years to another before the healing was complete. We ministered daily to another for 3 or 4 months before we saw the first improv ement. I love the 5 second and 3 minute victories; they keep me going for the 10 minute, 1 hour or longer battles. To graduate from John Lakes ministry and become a Divine Healing Technician, they were sent to a terminally ill persons home and did not return until the person w as fully healed. In order to be ready for the graduation they had to be at the H ealing Rooms where they got to see some 80 people healed a day and heard Bible t eaching all day. Today we call this on-the-job training. Some got the terminal p erson healed in a short time, some longer, maybe a month. They stayed until heal ed or raised from the dead, 247, and few failed. It is great if you can have someone to go learn with, but if not, do like Curry Blake did, keep at it until you start to see immediate results. I like the way Charles Ndifon says it, if there is resistance, stop and focus on how big and great God is and how little the devil is. One of Charles common exp

ressions is, Little devil, he loses all the time. Another expression is: This is ea sy; God does this easily. Then he attacks the devil with the Word of God as a swo rd and then Charles ministers again. For me I have seen some massive miracles compared to the rather easy ones for re newing a joint or repairing a few nerves in a wheelchair vicitm. Sometimes I go, Soft tissue or hard tissue, all easy for God. Message: Keep your mind renewed in the Gospel of Christ in you the hope of glory , and greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Faint not! Jesus taught persevering prayer. When Peter was jailed (Acts 12), the Jesus-taug ht church went into continuous prayer 247 - Peter came out by a miracle. In James 5 we are told to pray like Elijah, until you get the answer. Jay Snell wrote in his article Healing for the Rest of Us how to attack delayed he aling ( I wrote Battle Prayer for Divine Healing - Field Manual 2 to address these issues. If you are in pastoral ministry, these tools are for you. If you will not give up and be willing to battle for 1, 8, 24, 36, 200 or m ore hours straight or in sections, it may not be fun, but you can win. Check out my blog article: aling-ministry-is-not-working-getting-power-for-divine-healing/ Do not attack the person for their unbelief or sin, Jesus never did and neither should we. Fasting does not change Gods mind. Fasting with Scripture immersion ca n get you to where you can believe God more. When the disciples could not cast o ut a demon, Jesus said it was due to the ministers unbelief and not the victim or the parent. In this case it appears that the disciples were more worried about what people thought of them and their stature to the religious leaders. Fear or man and fear of failure can be major stumbling blocks. Some translations state t his kind of unbelief goes out with fasting and prayer. Fasting can humble your soul so you can hear and believe God better. Jewish pray er was mostly praying the Scriptures back to God for Him to fulfill. Of course t hat is how we wrote the Battle Prayer in FM2, so that you both renew your mind a nd aiteo for healing as you minister life. In this case most people actually bui ld their faith as they use the Battle Prayer. Or course, if you see no immediate benefits, it takes more faith to do it again or to go back again and again. Each time you are knowing it is not you and your great prayers, but Gods love in grace. This principle always works: You can act your way into belief quicker than you ca n believe your way into acting. Gird your mind, stand in Gods love and strength, a nd who you are in the new creation, talk to the problem in the name of Jesus and minister again. It is orget l the been amazing. The devil will get you to focus on one problem and cause you to f all your other victories and the other victories you have heard. Recall al healing results and testimonies you have heard, and know, if the devil has beaten even once, he can be made to obey a second time.

I agree multiple prayer and continuous long time prayer is not the way Jesus ope rated in the Gospels for healing, deliverance, leper cleansing and dead raising, and there has got to be more to the story. In one recorded case Jesus did minis ter twice for a blind man. For now, it is what it is. Do what you can and you wi ll get more. Walk in agape love and agape love never gives up. Faint not! Get your daily affirmations at:

God bless you and yours to be more noble in Him (Acts 17:11-12) Jesus is Lord of Heaven and Earth! Don Donald C. Mann Speaker, teacher, navigator and author of: OK, God, Now What? Discovering Our Redemption Battle Prayer for Divine Healing-Field Manual 2 CPM: