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TC48 is a programmable microprocessor based pulse counter with 3

output functioning and 2 counting modes (UP or DOWN), all
programmable. The counting state is visualised on 4 digits display while
the output state is signalised by a led. The instrument has a relay output, 1
counting input (IN) and 1 or 2 digital inputs for reset (RES) and count

TC 48 enable (EN) . The programming of the instrument is possible by means of

the keys placed on the front where is present also a reset key.


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Vr. 02 (I - GB) - cod.: ISTR 03899 1 - Key P : Used for the set point setting and to program the functioning
2 - Key DOWN : Used to decrease the values or to select parameters
PREVIOUS STATEMENT: In this manual are contained all the necessary 3 - Key UP : Used to increase the values or to select parameters
information for a correct installation and the instructions for the use and 4 - Key RESET : Used to reset the count
the maintenance of the product; we recommend, therefore, to read
5 - Led OUT/SET : Signalize when the output is on (on) or off (off) and
carefully the following instructions. The maximum care has been used in
signalize the set point or the parameters programming mode (flashing)
the realisation of this document, anyway TECNOLOGIC S.p.A. does not
6 - Led COUNT : Signalize when the couting is enable (flashing)
assume any responsibility deriving from the use of itself. The same
consideration has to be done for each person or Company involved in the
creation of this manual. The herewith issue is an exclusive property of
TC 48 a b cc
TECNOLOGIC S.p.A. which forbids any reproduction and divulgation, a = SUPPLY
although partial, if not expressly authorised. TECNOLOGIC S.p.A. Y : 24 VDC
reserves the right to execute aesthetically and functional modifications, at A : 24 VAC
any moment and without any notice. C : 110 VAC
D : 230 VAC
4 OPERATING MODE Supply: 24 VDC, 24, 110, 230 VAC +/- 10%
4.1 OUTPUT OPERATING MODE Frequency AC: 50/60 Hz
4.2 OPERATING MODE OF COUNTING CONTROLS Power consumption: 3 VA approx.
4.3 DISPLAY AND OUTPUT OPERATING MODE Input/s: 2/3 digital inputs for Counting (IN), Reset (RES), and (only for
5 PROGRAMMING Undecal conn.) Count Enable (EN); non-optoisolated for voltage-free
contacts or Open Collector (NPN transistors)
Output/s: Relay (8A-AC1, 3A-AC3 250 VAC)
6 DESCRIPTION OF PARAMETERS Auxiliary supply output: 12 VDC / 30 mA Max (only for Undecal conn.)
Electrical life for relay output: 100000 operat.
Protection class against electric shock: Class II for Front panel

TECNOLOGIC - TC 48 USER MANUAL (I - GB) - Vr. 02 - ISTR 03899 - PAG. 1

Insulation: Reinforced insulation between the low voltage section (supply
and relay output) and the front panel; Basic insulation between the low
voltage section (supply and relay outputs) and the extra low voltage section
Housing: Self-extinguishing plastic, UL 94 V0
Dimensions: 48 x 48 mm DIN, depht 91 mm
Weight: 200 g approx.
Mounting: Flush in panel in 45,5 x 45,5 mm hole
Connections: Octal or Undecal pin socket
Degree of protection of front panel : IP 54 mounted in panel with gasket
Pollution situation: Normal Wiring example of IN counting input of a NPN transistor device, directly
Operating temperature: 0 ... 55 °C supplied by the instrument trough the auxiliary output.
Operating humidity: 30 ... 95 RH% without condesation
Storage temperature: -10 ... +60 °C
Operation: 3 programmable modes: COUNT, RESTART, RESTART-LAP
Measurement range: Display 9999 Max
Max counting input frequency: 30 Hz, 300 Hz, 1000 Hz programmable
Action: 1C type according to EN 60730-1
Compliance: ECC directive EMC 89/336 (EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1), ECC
directive LV 73/23 and 93/68 (EN 60730-1)
MECHANICAL MOUNTING: The instrument, in DIN case 48 x 48 mm, 4.1 - OUTPUT OPERATING MODE
is designed for panel mounting. Make an hole 45,5 x 45,5 mm and insert The instrument can be programmed by the parameter "F" to operate in any
the instrument, fixing it with the provided special brackets . We of the following 3 modes:
recommend to mount the gasket to obtain an IP 54 front protection. Avoid 1 = RESTART: When reaching the programmed set or the 0000 value
to place the instrument in areas with humidity or dirt. Connect the (depending on whether the counting mode is UP or DOWN) the ouput is
instrument as far as possible from source of electromagnetic disturbances activated and it remains in this state for the whole time programmed in the
so as motors, power relays, relays, electrovalves,etc. "r" parameter; the display shows the value reached, and the counter does
ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS: Carry out the electrical wiring not count any pulses received during this time. When the "r" time has
connecting only one wire for each terminal , according to the following elapsed the output is deactivated and the counter automatically resets
diagram, check that the power supply is the same as indicated on the counting, thus setting itself for a new cycle: it then starts again to count the
instrument and the loads current is not upper than the maximum current pulses received. Therefore, reset of counting and output occurs when the
admitted. The instrument, being a built in equipment with permanent "r" time has elapsed.
connection into a cabinet, is not furnished with internal device protecting
from overcurrent : it's recommended , therefore, to properly protect all the
electric circuits connected to the instrument, with devices (ex. fuses)
proportionate to the circulating currents. It's strongly recommended to use
cables with proper insulation, according to the working voltages and
temperatures. Furthermore, the input cables has to be kept separate from
line voltage wiring. If the input cables is screened, it has to be connected
on the ground with only one side. It is advisable to check that the 2 = RESTART-LAP: This operating mode is similar to the previous one,
parameters are those desired before connecting the outputs to the the only difference being that during the "r" time the counter - even though
actuators so as to avoid malfunctioning . Whenever a failure of the it continues to display the value reached and maintains the output
instrument could cause dangerous or damaging situations, it should be activated - counts all the eventual pulses it receives. When the "r" time has
kept in mind that the plant has to be provided with additional devices to elapsed, output is deactivated and counting continues starting from the
ensure the safety. value reached during the "r" time. Therefore, the counting reset occurs
when the programmed set has been reached, while the output reset is
carried out when the "r" time has elapsed.

3 = COUNT: The ouput is activated when the programmed set or the 0000
value have been reached (counting mode may be UP or DOWN), and it
remains activated until receiving the manual reset control, which can be
transmitted by the remote input or the front key.

TECNOLOGIC - TC 48 USER MANUAL (I - GB) - Vr. 02 - ISTR 03899 - PAG. 2

4.2 - OPERATING MODE OF COUNTING CONTROLS Exit from the parameter programming mode occurs automatically when no
When the EN input is closed the pulse counter is ready for counting (i.e. it key is pressed for about 20 sec, or manually by pressing the RESET key.
can count pulses), and this state is signalled by the flashing of the decimal P.A.: During the counting is't possible to enter in the parameters
point led on the left of the display. When counting is enabled the set can be programming mode.
displayed but not modified, and obviously access to the parameter
programming mode is not possible. In order to modify the set or to 6 - DESCRIPTION OF PARAMETERS
programme parameters with the EN input closed, use the RESET and P F - OPERATING MODE : Permits the user to select the operating mode.
keys (see Chapter 5). With the EN input closed, pulses received by the IN The 3 mode are:
input are recorded by the counter. Reset of the counting and of the output 1 = RESTART
state occurs automatically if operating mode is "F" = 1 (restart) or "F" = 2 = RESTART-LAP
2 (restart-lap); otherwise it can be carried out manually in any mode by 3 = COUNT
means of the RESET key or the RES input. C - COUNTING MODE: It establishes whether counting must be carried
out by increments (UP) or decrements (DOWN), i.e. whether the display
4.3 - DISPLAY AND OUTPUT OPERATING MODE must show the pulses which have been counted or remaining pulses. The
The decimal point on the right operates as OUT/SET (i.e. it signals the options are:
output state or, when flashing, the input state in the set programming 1 = UP
mode), while the decimal point on the left flashes to indicate that the 2 = DOWN
counting mode is activated. After reset the display will show 0000 if the r - RESTART AND RESTART-LAP TIME: This parameter allows the user
counting mode programmed is UP, or the set value programmmed if the to determine the automatic reset delay time in "F"= 1 and "F"= 2
counting mode is DOWN. If the counting mode is UP, output is always operating modes (refer to what has already been said in the description of
activated at the end of counting, i.e., when the set value has been reached. these operating modes). Programming options for this parameter are:
Otherwise, if the counting mode is DOWN, it is activated when the 0000 1 ... 99 (tenths of sec.)
value is reached. The output is always deactivated by means of the reset H - MAXIMUM COUNTING FREQUENCY: This parameter acts on a
control, either automatically (at the end of the time "r" in modes "F" = 1: software filter and allows the user to select the maximum acceptable input
RESTART and "F" = 2 RESTART-LAP) or manually (mode "F" = 3: frequency for counting, and it is used according to the type of signal
COUNT). transmitted at the input port (from relay, contact, encoder, etc.). The
options are:
5 - PROGRAMMING 1 = 30 Hz
2 = 300 Hz
During the counting enable phase (which is signalled by the flashing led at d - COUNTING DIVISION: This parameter permits the user to divide the
the left of the display and can be activated by closing the EN input) the set number of pulses received by the input port and to use the result as the
value can only be displayed but not modified; the set is displayed by counting value of the counter (both for display and the output operating
pressing and then releasing the P key (the set value is displayed and the mode). Programming options for this parameter are:
OUT/SET led flashes). The set programming can, on the other hand, be 1 ... 999
carried out: b - BACK-UP MODE : It determines counter behaviour in case of power
A - When the instrument is not in the counting enable phase (EN input is failure. The options are:
open and the left led display is on); by pressing and releasing the P key the 1 = It stores counting: in the eventuality of power failure the counter stores
programmed set is displayed and the OUT/SET led flashes. the value reached, and when the power supply is restored it restarts
B - When the instrument is in the counting enable phase (EN input is closed counting from this value.
and the left led display is flashing); by pressing and releasing the RESET 2 = It resets counting: in the eventuality of power failure the counter does
and P keys the programmed set is displayed and the OUT/SET led flashes. not store the value reached, and when the power supply is restored it
At this point, to modify press key UP so as to increase value or DOWN so restarts counting from 0000 (if in UP mode) or the set value (if in DOWN
as to decrease it. These keys count one digit at a time but if the keys are mode).
pressed for over one second the value increases or decreases rapidly and
after two seconds the speed increases even more, so as to reach the desired 6.1 - PARAMETERS TABLE
value immediately. Exit from the set programming mode occurs Par. Description Range Def. Notes
automatically when no key is pressed for about 5 sec, or manually by F Operating mode 1-2-3 1
pressing the RESET key. C Counting mode 1-2 1
P.A.: During the counting is possible to show the set but is't possible to r Restart time 1 ... 99 1
modify it. tenths
H Maximum input frequency 1-2-3 1
d Counting division 1 ... 999 1
During the counting phase access to parameter programming is forbidden;
access is possible: b Back-up mode 1-2 1
A - When the counter is not in the counting phase (EN input is open and
the left led display is on), by pressing the P key and holding it down for 7 - PROBLEMS, MAINTENANCE AND WARRANTY
about 5 sec. HOW TO CLEAN: We recommend to avoid abrasive cleaners or
B - When the counter is in the counting phase (EN input is closed and the containing solvents which could damage the instrument.
left led display is flashing), by pressing the RESET and P keys and holding WARRANTY AND REPAIRS: The instrument is under warranty against
down the latter for about 5 sec. construction vices or defected material, noticed within 12 months from
After 5 sec, the alphanumerical code of the first parameter and its set value delivery date.The warranty is limited to the repairs or to the substitution of
will be displayed and the OUT/SET led will flash so as to signal access to the instrument. The eventual opening of the housing, the violation of the
the parameter programming mode. instrument or the wrong use and installation of the product means the
At this point, by releasing the P key and pressing the UP or DOWN keys automatically decay of the warranty
the various operating parameters and their settings can be shown on the
display. Once the parameter to be modified has been displayed, press the P
key and hold it down, then press UP or DOWN in order to modify its
setting. Once the desired value has been set, release the P key and, if
necessary, select and modify another value following the same procedure.

TECNOLOGIC - TC 48 USER MANUAL (I - GB) - Vr. 02 - ISTR 03899 - PAG. 3