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1. Birds are covered in...... which keep them warm and protect them. a :scales b : fins c: feathers d : fur 2. They..... a lot of changes at the zoo last year. , a :did b: made c :found d: played 3. Britain is a large...... in the north of Europe. A: island b: place c: town d: sea 4. Hatim said he ... flown to Istanbul the week before a: has b: had c :is d: was 5. When will we ....... do our English test this term? A: must b: have c: should d: have to 6. Sand cats, tigers and lions are all.... animals. a : wild b: huge c : extreme d : dry 7. Birds live in..... which they often build in trees. A: houses b: holes c: branches d: nests 8. I want to ....... my English. I am taking extra lessons next week. a : improve b: best c: good d : higher 9. ... I was working, my mobile phone rang three times. A: During b: As soon as c: While d: Then 10. John said his favourite drink......... tea. a : has been b : was c : was being d : are 11. I'm sorry to hear you're ill. I hope you get..... it soon a better b over c on d off

If we........... the bus at 2.30, we can get the next one at 3 o'clock. a catch b leave c miss d lose 13. You'll have to....... more if you fly business class. a pay b cost c buy d price 14. 8 You shouldn't look at sun. You may hurt eyes a: a b: an c: the d : any 15. 9 Mount Everest is the ...... mountain in the world. a high b highest c higher d most high 16. When she was young, she had a........ of the dark. a session b panic c frightened d fear 17. I've lost my tennis shoes. Have you them? a : watched b: S seen c: looked at d: saw 18. I'm hoping to... maths when I go to university. a : make b : go c : study d : see 19: When I first went to school,I lots of new friends. a : made b : making c : did d : had 20:When I was on holiday, I ....swimming every day. a : go b : made c : went d : had 19. Liza asked me if I ........ on the school trip to the museum tomorrow. a : go b : was going c : went d had gone 20. There are beautiful beaches on this.... aren't there? a community b climate c coast d scene 21. You haven't seen my history book,............? a :has it b: haven't you c: have you d :hasn't it

22: Hound of the Baskervilles was Conan Doyle A: wrote b :written c :writing d : write 22. The room is very dull. We should it. A: inherit b :orbit c:arrange d: decorate 23. I'm having a lesson with my sports .this afternoon. A:lesson b: instructor c: teaching d: member 24. My sister Mona is three years older a: that b :as c: than d : for 25. Hesham and Salah are very good ............... now and do a lot of things together. a : interviewers b : friends c: families d: brothers 31: Sometimes I wanted to be with Mona, but Mona didn't ....... to be with me. A :want b :wanted c : wants d : wanting 32 When we argue much, our parents.angry with us. a : were b : are c : was d : be 33 : Fish are covered in. a :fins b: scales c : feathers d: hair 34Mona is the university where she is training to be a doctor. A: study b :studied c :studies d: studying 35: Many animals have...... to life in extreme environments. A: ended b : started c : adapted d : gone 36: The Old Man and the Sea,....... was written by Hemingway, is about an old fisherman. a who b whose c where d which: If you 37: have a radio, you can listen......... all kinds of programmes. a at b in c to d on

38:This is the bedroom......... I sleep, use my computer and do my homework. a where b which c when d there 39: When he looks down from a high building, he feels......... 40: The rainforests of Borneo,.... it is very hot, are the home of the orangutan. 41: Father is going to the village now,.............. a isn't he b aren't they c is he d will he 42: If something is of poor quality, then it is ........ a very good b tired c not good d expensive 43: You haven't finished your homework yet,......? a did you b have you c do you d haven't you 44: Satellites are devices which......... the earth. a travel b walk c orbit d forecast 45: The Mona Lisa...... by Leonardo Da Vinci. a painted b paint c painting d was painted 46:The last ..... in the book shows Catherine dying. a scene b film c crime d place 47: Sherlock Holmes is a famous fictional............. a crime b detective c author d doctor 48: Ahmed, AH and Ashraf all live..... the same flat. a on b with c in d about 49: My diving.... showed me how to use the diving equipment. a adventure b expedition c instructor d experience 50: James asked if I...... England last summer. a:had visited b: would visit c:visit d: am visiting a: where b : when c :who d : which 51: .......... has made the world a smaller place.

A:A plane b: The plane c: Planes d: This plane 52: When the waiter brought me the........... I was shocked at how much I had to pay. a bill b phone c menu d money 53: like to see my photo album? ; a Could b Will c Would d May 54: I've just ..........that I forgot my wallet at home! A: realised b relaxed c: known d: reached 55: This is I've ever seen. a bad b worse c the worst d worst 56: A someone who has done something wrong. a gang b servant c lawyer d criminal 57: My father..... LE 3000 for the new computer. a cost b paid c owned d bought 58: She got the full mark on her exams. She......clever a: must be b: must have c: must have had d: had 59: My new shoes aren't expensive. They .... LE 50. a paid b cost c sold d weighed 60: Marconi,... invented the radio, was born in 1874 a whom b whose c who d which 61: The platypus is not adaptedlife in the desert. a- with b- to c- for d- at 62: Even extreme are home to many animals. a- environments b- deserts c- palaces d- castles 63: :The platypus is not adaptedlife in the desert. a- with b- to c- for d- at 64: Even extreme are home to many animals. a- environments b- deserts c- palaces d- castles 65: Sand are piled up by the wind in the desert.

a- banks b- lands c dunes d grounds 66: The tiger is hungry and is hunting its . a- prey b kid c handler d trainer 67: The desert is full ofsnakes, sand cats and foxes. a- insects b- humans c- pests d- wildlife 68: Desert animals get.from their food. a- moisture b- ice c- sand d- dryness 69: A. is a person who asks the questions in a competition about sports, news,etc a-headmaster b-quizmaster c-trainer d-teacher 70: If they had a mirror, they couldto ships. a) signal b) sign c) sing d) signature 71: Daniel Defoe was one of the first .. of novels in England. d) authors c) farmers b) readersa) writers 72: In December 1686, an English ship arrived and took Crusoe and Friday the island. a) away b) of c) off d) on 73:Crusoe was very surprised when he found a human in the sand. a) foot b) footprint c) finger d) fingerprint 74: Defoe died at the.. .of 71 in 1731. a) cage b) age c) ago d) again 75:Samira asked Mona what time ................. work. a- did she finished c- had she finished b- does she finish d- she finished 76: I have never been injured . a) worse b) bad c) badly b d) bade 77:I enjoy to the passengers. a) talk b) talks c) talked d) talking

78:I have three holiday a year, and I have all the national holidays a) week b) weeks c) weeks' d) peeks 79: I answer telephone calls and also translate letters from English into Arabic. a) in b) to c) into d) by 80: A list was made of the . Wonders of the world. a) seven b) even c) seventeen d) seventy 81: What are the wonders of the. world? a) new b) news c) mode d) modern 82: Computers are connected the internet to shops and banks. a) with b) by c) for d) of 83:There have been enormous advances in ..treatment a) medicine b) physical c) chemical d) medical 84:The Egyptian pyramids are the ...of the ancient kings a) tombs b) bombs c)temples d)temps 85: To get the stones as high as they needed, they pulled them up a) ropes b) hopes c) ramps d)lamps 86: . Nile is the longest river in the world. a) a b) an c) the d) no article 87: I sawaccident this morning. a) a b) an c) the d) no article 88: Verne wrote stories .air travel, space travel and submarines. a) of b) on c) about d) for 89: Many people call Jules Verne the father of fiction'. a) science b) scientist c) sense d) since 90: After he left school, Jules Verne studied law to be a.

a) mayor b) lawyer c) buyer d) seller 91: Verne spent a lot of his time stories about fantastic journeys. a) write b) writes c) writing d) wrote 92Jules' most well- book, was Around the World in Eighty Days. a) know b) knows c) knew d) known 93: The three men travel to Bombay .. ship, then to Calcutta by train. a) by b) with c) on d) in 94:A kitchen is a roomwe cook our food. a) who b) which c) where d) when 95: If you are extremely frightened 0f something , you have ... a)courage b) fear c) phobia d) freedom 96:A phobia is often regarded as..................fear a) rational b) irrational c) real d) factual 97: to make sure that something bad doesn't happen a) panic b) dizzy c) fear d) avoid 98: Some children are frightened the dark. a) at b) in c) to d) of 99: The . who is giving the treatment remains calm and helps the patient to relax a) therapist b)tailor c) seller d) client 100: Experts believe that about 50 percent of all students suffer.exam phobia a) at b)in c) on d) from 101: Who's knocking at the door ? It.............Amani .I asked her to come . a- must be b- can't be c- must have been d- might have been

102: The . programmes are good, but there were enough sports programmes already. a- educational b- education c- information d- punctuation 103: We're not going to agree, . we? a- were b- are c- is d- was 104: Satellites can . hundreds of channels of high quality. a- transmit b- release c- rely d- forecast 105: Satellites have made it easier to .. the weather accurately. a- forecast b- cast c- cassette d- case 106: A .. is a type of dog, used in hunting. a) hound b) hour c) horse d) hotdog 107: She her mother's good looks and her father's bad temper. a) inherited b) inhaled c) inhibited d) inhabited 108: Scientists are .to find out the cause of the crash. a) inventing b) inviting c) investigating d) invested 109: Sherlock Holmes was a fictional .. who was invented by the writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. a- officer b- general c-soldier d-detective