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Lisa Kan
with gemstone drops

F ollowing the Art Nouveau era,
Art Deco became the trend from
1920−1939, reaching peak popularity
M at er i a l s
3 g each of matte rose gold, cranberry bronze,
and matte cabernet 11° Japanese triangle beads
6 g fuschia crystal-lined 15° Japanese seed beads
during the Roaring Twenties. The Art 1 g gold 15° charlottes
2 lt. rose satin Swarovski 4mm bicones
Deco style contrasted the stylized and 5 ametrine gemstone drops in
graduated formation 8x13mm to 8x15mm
flowing lines of its predecessor with 15" (38.5 cm) clear 2mm rubber cord
2 vermeil 12mm cubic zircon beadcaps
more structural, linear motifs. This collar 1 vermeil 19x7 mm cubic zircon floral Deco clasp
6" (15.5 cm) gold-filled 24 gauge wire
embodies the “transition” of Art Nouveau Size 12 needles
6 lb Fireline thread
to Art Deco. The Deco motif is brought to
T o ol s
life by the ornate clasp that serves as both Chain nose pliers
Round nose pliers
the closure and a decorative component. Wire cutter
The clasp is adorned with five gemstone Ruler

drops, which together make up the tiered Size

18" (46 cm) (measured end to end)
pendant. The collar is terminated with
T e c h n iqu e s
bead caps encrusted with cubic zircons, a Odd count tubular peyote, fringe

finishing touch that lends a classy exuber-

ance to the piece.

Black Lace Lariat

T his design is inspired by Victorian
lace work and Whitby jet mourning
necklaces, en vogue during Queen Victo-
M at er i a l s
3 hanks black 13° Czech charlottes
1 hank black 11° Czech charlottes
1 g jet black 11° Japanese triangle beads
ria’s reign (1837-1901). I decided to design 391 black 3 mm Czech firepolish beads
42 black 3x10mm Czech dagger beads
with Czech charlottes in a monochromatic 4 black oval 8x12mm faceted beads
4 black teardrop 6x10mm faceted beads
palette because black was the traditional Size 12 needles
Size 13 needles
color used for these necklaces. The faceted Black Silamide thread
cuts on the charlottes catch the light T o ol s
Chain nose pliers
at every angle so, although the piece is Beeswax
entirely black, the design elements are not Size
lost in the beadwork. 47.25" (120.5 cm)

T e c h n iqu e
Circular and flat peyote, brick stitch picot, fringe


Rivoli Medici Necklace

Quatrefoil Nouveau Festoon Necklace

Bohemian Drop Earrings

Rivoli Y Drop Necklace

Ndebele Pearl Medallion
Earrings and Bracelet

Ndebele Twist Band

with Flower Center

V-Scallop Necklace
Welcome to my Romantic Side
Materials and Tools
Tips and Tricks


The P rojects
Scallop Chain Necklace
Create unique beaded jewelry Ndebele Pearl Medallion Earrings
with modern romantic flair and Linked Bracelet
Netted Rivoli Chain Earrings
Inspired by art history, artist Lisa Kan offers a truly
Pearl Cascade Necklace
unique jewelry collection with a romantic yet modern
sensibility. Bead Romantique: Elegant Beadweaving V-Scallop Necklace
Designs features seventeen step-by-step designs Mesh Pearl Bracelet
influenced by the Gothic, Renaissance, Victorian, and Ndebele Twist Band with Flower Center
Art Nouveau eras, reinterpreted in Lisa’s distinctive Bohemian Drop Earrings
contemporary style. Emphasizing a mix of vintage Rivoli Y Drop Necklace
findings, sead beads, lampwork, freshwater pearls, and
Quatrefoil Nouveau Festoon Necklace
modern components, this jewelry brings a feminine
mystique and sophistication to beadwork design. Double Sided Maiden Necklace
Rivoli Medici Necklace
Simple elements combine to create sophisticated designs Deco Collar with Gemstone Drops
and elegant, heirloom-quality jewelry. Techniques include: Black Lace Lariat
Quatrefoil Renaissance Bracelet
 Off-loom seed beadweaving
 Stringing Victorian Diamond Cuff
 Wirework Triple Spiral Garden Lariat

Novice beaders will progress through projects and Techniques

increase their skills and beading confidence while Resources
advanced beaders will find exciting new challenges.
Included are Lisa’s expert design and technique tips and
tricks along with detailed instruction and illustrations. About the author
Beaders will love seeing projects worked in a variety of Lisa Kan is a lampwork bead artist and jewelry
colorways to provide ideas for endless customization.
designer based in San Marino, California.
Paperbound, 8½ x 9, 144 pages Her jewelry designs have been published in
90 photographs, 271 illustrations Beadwork, Stringing, Bead Unique, and Bead
ISBN 978-1-59668-046-3 Style magazines, and her lampwork has been
$24.95 featured in 1000 Glass Beads, More Than You
April 2008
Ever Wanted to Know about Glass Beadmak-
ing, and The Complete Book of Glass Bead-
making. She has also been a featured designer
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