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Turbine-Generator Acronyms and Terminology Acronyms & Nomenclature AIB Availability Improvement Bulletin (Westinghouse) AISI American Iron

on and Steel Institute ANSI American National Standards Institute AOP - auxiliary oil pump AOV - air-operated valve API - American Petroleum Institute ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials AVR - automatic voltage regulator BOP balance-of-plant BOP - bearing oil pump BUOT back-up overspeed trip BWR - boiling water reactor CE closed end CEOT - closed end overtravel CFD - computational fluid dynamics CM - condition monitoring Cr chromium Cu - copper CT - current transformer CV control valve (GE) CVSM control valve servomotor DCS - digital control system DI dial indicator DOE - Department of Energy DP - differential pressure ECT eddy current testing EG emergency governor EH - electrohydraulic EHC - electrohydraulic control EOP - emergency bearing oil pump EPDM - ethylene propylene rubber EPIX - Equipment Performance Information Exchange EPR electrical pressure regulator EPR - ethylene propylene rubber ETS - emergency trip supply

FAS fluid actuator supply FATT fracture appearance transition temperature FCD fluid drain cooler FEA finite element analysis FJS fluid jet supply FME - foreign material exclusion FPM - Fluorocarbon rubber FS front standard FSNL full speed, no load FVR - field voltage regulator GADS - Generating Availability Data System GER General Electric Reference GETURBGEN Turbine-Generator forum located in Yahoo groups website GSS - gland seal system GST - generator step-up transformer GV governor valve (Westinghouse) HAZ heat-affected zone HCF high cycle fatigue HP high-pressure HSS high speed stop I&C instrumentation and controls IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers IGSCC inter-granular stress corrosion cracking INPO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations IP intermediate pressure IPR initial pressure regulator ISA Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society ISI - in-service inspection ISO International Standards Organization IST - in-service testing IV intercept valve (GE & Westinghouse) IVR intercept valve relay IVSM intercept valve servomotor IVT intercept valve transmitter L-0 The last rotating stage of a low-pressure rotor/spindle L-1 The next to last rotating stage of a low-pressure rotor/spindle L-2 The second to last rotating stage of a low-pressure rotor/spindle LCF low cycle fatigue LEL lower explosive limit LL load limit LP low-pressure LSS low speed stop

LSTG large steam turbine generator (GE) LVDT linear variable differential transformer MAOP - main auxiliary oil pump (Westinghouse) MHA mechanical-hydraulic amplifier MHC mechanical-hydraulic control MHI - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries MOP - main oil pump MOV - motor-operated valve MPT/MT magnetic particle test MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet MSP - motor-driven suction oil pump MS - main steam system MSV main stop valve (GE) MSVBPV main stop valve bypass valve MTBF - mean time between failure MTS master trip solenoid MTS mechanical trip solenoid MTSV master trip solenoid valve MW megawatt NC normally closed switch contact NDE Non-Destructive Examination NEI - Nuclear Energy Institute NEMA National Electric Manufacturers' Association NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation NFPA - National Fluid Power Association NFPA National Fire Protection Association NO normally open switch contact NPSH - net positive suction head NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission OEM original equipment manufacturer OEOT open end overtravel OMM Operation & Maintenance Memo - Westinghouse OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration O&M - operation and maintenance OE - operating event(s) or operating experience (INPO) PCT - power current transformer PdM - predictive maintenance PE - polyethylene rubber PF - power factor PLC - programmable logic controller PM - preventive maintenance PMG permanent magnet generator

PMT - post-maintenance test PP - polypropylene rubber PPE personal protective equipment PPT - power potential transformer PRV - pressure relief valve PS - pressure switch PSS - power system stabilizer PSV - pressure safety valve PT dye penetrant test PT - potential transformer PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene rubber PWAT post-weld heat treatment PWR - pressurized water reactor RCA - radiologically controlled area RCC - reactive current compensation RCM - reliability-centered maintenance RFI - radio frequency interference RHT - reheat turbine RMS - root mean square RPV rotating pilot valve RPVB rotating pilot valve bushing RSV reheat stop valve (GE & Westinghouse) RT radiographic test RTD resistance temperature detector SCR - silicon controlled rectifier (common name, thyristor) SCC stress corrosion cracking SCL - stator current limiter SER - sequence of events recorder SLC speed load changer SLMS stator leak monitoring system SME - subject matter expert SOBP - seal oil backup pump SPE solid particle erosion SPE - steam packing exhauster SPL steam packing leakoff SR speed relay SSE - steam seal evaporator SSR secondary speed relay SSR steam seal regulator SVBP stop valve bypass (valve) SWCS - stator cooling water system TAN - total acid number TAR trip anticipator relay

TBWD thrust bearing wear detector TEN Turbine Engineer Network TC - thermocouple TGOP - turning gear oil pump (GE) TGSCC transgranular stress corrosion cracking TIL Technical Information Letter TIR total indicator runout TS - temperature switch TV throttle valve (Westinghouse) UEL - under-excitation limiter UT - ultrasonic testing VAR - volt amps reactive VI - viscosity index VI visual inspection Common Nomenclature Among OEMs General Electric bucket control valve diaphragm intercept valve reheat stop valve rotor shell steam packing exhauster stop valve Westinghouse blade governor valve blade ring interceptor valve reheat stop valve spindle casing gland seal exhauster throttle valve