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UniLodge Stafford House Handbook

Welcome! We are delighted to offer you a place at UniLodge Stafford House and trust that you will accept our offer and join us in working toward an enjoyable and successful year for you as a full time student at Victoria University of Wellington (V.U.W.).

Mission Statement

UniLodge Stafford House provides an independent, safe and friendly living environment with a focus on academic success and personal growth. We offer a selection of social, cultural and leisure opportunities that foster community spirit and respond to residents needs. What does UniLodge Stafford House have for you? We have great facilities, a great location, people and student life!

Accepting a place at UniLodge Stafford House means that you must thoroughly understand the commitments you are making. In particular that you have: Entered into a residency contract that commits you financially for the full term of that contract, and, Read, fully understand and do willingly agree to live by the conditions described in both the contract and this Handbook.

Living at UniLodge Stafford House is an opportunity to meet people from many different cultures, ages and levels of study. Sharing apartments allows you to form close friendships and to learn the skills to successfully transition to flatting. You have your independence but if you want some encouragement or support, we have a huge resource of people in the building willing to share their experience. Facebook:

UniLodge Stafford Houses rules are to ensure that the right to study and live in reasonable peace, security and quiet is uncompromised. Our management team are happy to answer any questions you have and in addition, are willing and able to guide and support you in resolving any problems that may arise.


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A Brief History of UniLodge Stafford House

Stafford became part of the Victoria University of Wellington (V.U.W.) Student Accommodation programme for the first time in 2003.

The Stafford building was designed and constructed in 1981 for offices and was used for that purpose by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade until 2002. Late 2002 converted into an accommodation facility specifically to cater for university students. UniLodge Australia Pty Ltd purchased the management rights in December 2009.

UniLodge Stafford House provides 104 apartments, consisting of 91 three-bedroom and 13 two-bedroom units. Each apartment has separate bedrooms, a kitchen and living area and a bathroom.

Situated at the North end of The Terrace, UniLodge Stafford, besides offering proximity to Victoria University campuses, also provides easy access to Parliament, the main railway station, Westpac Stadium and Wellingtons primary retail strip along Lambton Quay. Motorway egress to UniLodge Stafford House is from The Terrace exit, turning left onto The Terrace itself, and access to the motorway is via Bowen and Molesworth Streets.

Airport bus access is via Lambton Quay and either the Woodward Street pedestrian street or the Mason Lane stairs.


All residents at UniLodge Stafford House pay a deposit of NZD $600. The deposit comprises a non-refundable Administration Fee of $100, a non-refundable Activity Fee of $100 and a refundable Bond of $400. The deposit paid at the time of accepting the accommodation offer from UniLodge Stafford House. If you decide to withdraw after the deposit paid If you have informed UniLodge Stafford House in writing by the date and time specified in your contract, the deposit, less the Administration Fee of $100 refunded (i.e. $500). Withdrawals after the date and time specified in the contract loose the full NZD $600 deposit. (1) Pay for your extra nights stay and, (2) Advise your arrival date and time as soon as you have made your travel arrangements. Failure to do so may result in you not being able to move into UniLodge Stafford House prior to the residency contract start-date. Please ensure that you also notify Victoria International at as they will arrange a person to meet you at Wellington Airport and transport you to Stafford. First year students A first-year student is a person coming direct from secondary-school education to begin his or her first year of tertiary study. Unless otherwise arranged, first-year students must move into the building between 1.00pm and 5.00pm on the residency contract start date. All first-year students are required to be here on this day in order to attend the first-year welcome and B.B.Q.

Bond Return
The refundable portion of the deposit returned within 6 weeks of the end of your contract date less any outstanding debt and/or charges for either individual or communal cleaning, or damage costs incurred.

Please advise your arrival date and time at least two weeks beforehand. Email to International Students The Orientation Programme prepared for international students means that you will arrive earlier than the residency contract start-date. We can accommodate you. However, please be aware that you must

Security Photos
As specified in your contract, all residents are required to send a passport size (no smaller than 50mm x 40mm), recent photograph of themselves, at the time of accepting the residency contract. Emailed files are acceptable. Any residents not providing photographs will have digital photos taken at the earliest opportunity once in Stafford. These photos kept in the office to assist in identifying residents.


Accommodation Fees
International students Accommodation is payable per trimester and in advance. New Zealand-resident students Accommodation is payable in advance and in either two or four instalments as per the residency contract term. Payment method Payment accepted by New Zealand-based bank or personal cheque or debit card (Eft-POS card), internet banking or international bank transfer and by both New Zealand-based and international credit card. Internet banking or international bank transfer please direct to: Bank of New Zealand, Queen Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand Account number: 02-0108-0144516-00 Account name: UniLodge New Zealand Limited SWIFT code: BK NZ NZ 22 We do not accept bank notes and coins. Payment timing and penalties Payment on time, of all due amounts, is your responsibility. A late payment penalty fee of $50 will be incurred for each instalment paid after the due date, unless, arrangement has been made with the Hall Manager at least seven days prior to the payment due date. Where serious payment default occurs, Victoria University of Wellington (V.U.W.) may cancel the students entitlement to have a degree

conferred, receive grades, or a transcript or academic certificate in response to non-payment of accommodation fees and/or other liabilities.

The Extras bill is a monthly account to each resident at Stafford. This account includes charges for initial internet connection, any printing or extra internet downloaded by the resident, and the residents share of the apartment monthly electricity. The account is invoiced and printed on the last day of each calendar month and is put into the residents apartment letterbox. The Extras account is payable within seven working days. Payment is accepted by New Zealand-based bank or personal cheque or debit card (Eft-POS card), internet banking and by both New Zealandbased and international credit card.

Electricity supplied to each apartment as part of the overall supply. Electricity usage measured by an individual meter for each apartment. Management read each meter at the end of each month and the cost charged equally amongst the residents sharing the apartment. Using extra appliances, especially heaters etc. requires that the student consider the financial impact for all apartment residents.


Electricity Saving
Using less electricity helps protect our environment and keeps your electricity down. Several suggestions to reduce the amount of electricity use: Dress for the weather Heating Wear layered clothing. Thermals, woollen socks and jerseys, a beanie and fingerless gloves. Wrap yourself in a duvet or rug while watching television, studying or reading. Buy a hot water bottle or wheat bag. Take a study break and run up the stairs. Sunshine is the cheapest form of heating and it is free. Open your blinds (its good for your health too!). Laundry Use cold water for most washing. Use a warm wash once a month to clean out the washing machine. Machines operate inefficiently if clogged. Another tip is to spin your clothes a second time once the washing has finished. When all of the cycles have finished, turn the machine off, re-set the dial to 'spin' mode, power the machine back on and let it finish as usual. Hang laundry up on clothes racks to dry overnight. Peg your clothes onto it rather than just draping them over as it speeds up drying time. Do not use the dryer. It uses a lot of electricity. Full the washing machine to reduce the number of loads. During winter hang your clothes on the heater panels! The heating is piped hot water so if your clothes fall down the other side it doesn't matter. There is no fire risk (they just might get a bit dusty!).

Lighting Use natural light as much as possible. Open the window blinds. Turn the light off when you leave the room.

Bathroom How much time are you spending in the shower? If you don't know, time yourself using the stopwatch on your mobile phone. You can have a shower in five minutes. There is a difference in electricity use between a five minute shower and a twenty minute shower. Times that by three people with at least one shower a day and you get the picture! Do not leave the hot water running unnecessarily. Ensure you report leaks and leaky taps. A tap that drips 30 times a minute will waste 200 litres of water per month. Do not use the shower just to warm up during winter.

Kitchen The dishwasher heats its water rather than drawing it from the hot water cylinder. It uses less electricity and is more efficient. Using the dishwasher twice a week - full - uses less electricity than hand washing dishes three times a day. Hand washing dishes half-fill the sink only. Ensure there is space in the fridge for air to circulate. De-frost the fridge/freezer regularly to stop ice building up.


Suspension and or Eviction

Any resident who is suspended or evicted during the academic year is liable for any outstanding accommodation and other fees for the period of the contract, in addition to any costs incurred in cleaning, or repair or as determined by the Hall Manager at the date of suspension or expulsion. The resident also forfeits the refundable bond.

Graduation Accommodation
UniLodge Stafford House can provide short-stay accommodation for students, family and friends during the December graduation period.

A resident cannot leave UniLodge Stafford House before the term of his or her contract ends and remains liable for all contract accommodation fees unless: (1) The resident can provide evidence of mitigating circumstances that UniLodge Stafford House management at its discretion, is willing to accept and, (2) That assuming UniLodge Stafford House agrees in writing to the resident ending his or her contract due to the special circumstances and, (3) That assuming a suitable replacement is found, It is only after the replacement begins his or her contract that any remaining accommodation fees held will be refunded. All withdrawals pay an Exit Fee of the equivalent amount of two weeks accommodation.

A departure form put into your letterbox prior to you leaving. Departure process: (1) Please complete your departure form. (2) Return the form to the office at least 5 days before your departure date. (3) Arrange an apartment inspection date and time. Departure means: (1) Payment in full of any outstanding accommodation fees, (2) Payment in full of your final Extras account, (3) Apartment inspection completed and approved. (4) Return of your room key and access fob. Failure to follow this process may result in you losing your refundable bond. Apartment inspection We are required to ensure that all of the apartments are in good condition when the residents leave. Your bedroom, the kitchen, living area and bathroom inspected in order to assess both cleanliness and any damage. Once an inspection date and time arranged, each resident emailed in advance with the requirements for the apartment inspection.

Summer Accommodation
For residents staying on at UniLodge Stafford House during the Summer Trimester: Please be aware that due to either annual maintenance or apartment owners requirements, you may be asked to relocate within the building.


Residential Assistants (R.A)

Residential Assistants (R.A.) are students living and working in Stafford House supporting the Hall Manager and Customer Service Manager in the day-to-day care of the residents. Residential Assistants are responsible for supporting the pastoral care of students, for organising hall events and maintaining acceptable standards of behaviour in the UniLodge Stafford House environment. The Duty R.A. for the day has his or her name, contact details and photograph displayed on the Stafford office door. He or she contacted by calling or texting the Duty Phone. The Duty Phone number is 0274 694 620 We strongly suggest that you enter this number into your own phone as soon as you move into UniLodge Stafford House.

Outside of these hours, residents can text or call the Duty R.A. Residents pay accommodation and Extras accounts and can have photocopying, printing, scan and emailing or faxing done at the Stafford office during office hours. Hours are subject to change during holiday periods.

Help and Support

If a resident wants to report noise, disturbance or needs urgent maintenance contact the Duty R.A. The Duty R.A. for the day has his or her name, contact details and photograph displayed on the Stafford office door. He or she contacted by calling or texting the Duty Phone. The Duty R.A. phone number is 0274 694 620 After-hours non-urgent messages left on the office answering machine. The phone number is +64 4 463 2200 If you wish to talk to either the Hall Manager or Customer Service Manager about a particular issue, please contact them during office hours to arrange a time. Contact any of the UniLodge Stafford House management team ANY TIME in case of emergency, if you have a serious personal problem, or you have a flatmate with a serious problem. We are here to support you.

The UniLodge Stafford House office is open during trimester time for the following hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 12:00 noon and 4.00pm to 6.00pm Friday 8.30am to 12:00 noon and 4.00pm to 5.00pm Saturday 12:00 noon to 1.00pm Sunday CLOSED


Any incoming mail addressed to the resident at: Name and apartment number UniLodge Stafford House PO Box 8050 Wellington 6143 Any package or item couriered addressed to the resident at: Name and apartment number UniLodge Stafford House 40 The Terrace Wellington 6011 Mail collected Monday to Friday and put into the residents apartment letterbox. The letterboxes are located in the ground-floor foyer. Packages and courier items received Monday to Friday only. Packages retained in the office for collection by the resident during office hours. Any remaining packages delivered to the residents apartment by the Duty R.A. for the day.

Keys and access fobs issued for the sole use of residents. Do not lend your key or access fob to anyone at any time under any circumstances. Residents must report any lost key or access fob to the office immediately.

The UniLodge Stafford House shared facilities include: (1) A Common Room with SKY TV and a DVD-watching Room (2) A Gym and Games Room (3) A Study Room and Music Room (4) Secure bike storage and a Project Room (5) Residents can also have photocopying, printing, scan and emailing or faxing done at the Stafford office during office hours. (6) Soft drink and water, and snack vending machines are available. (7) Stafford also provides controlled access storage areas.

Apartment Allocation
UniLodge Stafford House management make bedroom and apartment allocation prior to your arrival. Disability and health issues are priority. The preference form part of the residency contract used to place you, where possible, with your choices or with compatible people. Arriving early does not give you the choice of a different room or apartment. The offer of a place at UniLodge Stafford House is for a room and is not specific to a particular room or apartment.

Keys and Access fobs

At the time of arrival into UniLodge Stafford House the new resident is issued with a set comprising (1) A bedroom and apartment key, and, (2) An access fob Keys and access fobs lost or not returned at departure replaced at the residents expense. The key and access fob are $25.00 each.


You may request to make an apartment or room move for the end of the trimester. This requires the agreement of UniLodge Stafford House Management and a $50 fee applies.

International students only may hire bed and bath linen from UniLodge Stafford House for the duration of their stay. We suggest you also bring or buy toilet paper, a clothes-drying rack, coat hangers and plenty of dish-drying towels. Cleaning products are important. A mop and bucket, bathroom sponge or scouring pad, dishwashing detergent, dishwasher powder and toilet cleaner are all useful additions. UniLodge Stafford House provides one item of dishwasher powder, Jif cream cleanser and laundry powder to each apartment at the start of the new university year. Residents are encouraged to make their apartment their home but cannot re-paint walls or attach anything to any surface that results chips, gouges, marks or general damage. Bedroom notice boards use tacks, pins or push pins. All other items such as photographs or posters etc. attached using BluTac only. Removable poster hooks etc. do remove paint and chip walls. The cost of repairing any damage deducted from the residents bond. Do not move furniture from one apartment to another. Limited space means that a resident brings in any additional furniture after first seeking the approval of UniLodge Stafford House management. Email requests please to

Apartment Folder
Every apartment has a folder that contains information such as: (1) The name and contact details of the Residential Assistant (R.A.) for the apartment (2) Apartment phone numbers (3) Apartment cleaning instructions (4) Emergency instructions (5) Washing machine and dishwasher instructions (6) UniLodge Stafford facilities map (7) Victoria University of Wellington (V.U.W.) and Wellington city information

Notices regarding Stafford events and activities, room inspections and payment deadlines, as well as Victoria University relevant information posted onto the UniLodge Stafford House intranet. Poster copies also put on the notice boards in the foyer and on each floor. Any resident wanting to put up a poster advertising an event must have the prior approval of UniLodge Stafford House management.

Furniture and Furnishings

Apartments are fully furnished and basic household appliances, cooking and eating utensils provided. You need your own bed and bath linen (sheets, pillows, duvet cover and inner or blanket and bath towels.

10 | P a g e

UniLodge Stafford House has security camera monitored access. Security staffs provide regular night-time coverage.

If you have damaged to Stafford House property and failed to clean or arrange repair, the cost of replacing or repairing damaged or missing property deducted from your bond. Please acknowledge responsibility for your actions. Where we are required to seek out the individual responsible for damage we are more inclined to look at disciplinary action. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guest. You charged for any damage caused by your guest.

In order to contribute to the safety and security of your flatmates, other residents, yourself and all your belongings please: Keep your room locked. Do not lend your room key or fob to anyone. Firmly lock the apartment door when leaving the apartment. Check the identity of any unexpected visitor or trade person. Advise the Duty R.A. of any suspicious visitor. Do not allow people to tail you through the access doors. Do not remove or tamper with any security device.

Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and apartments. UniLodge Stafford House provides clean apartments in good condition. We expect you to keep it this way. Vacuum cleaners are available during office hours. Apartment inspections held each month. The bedroom smoke-alarms tested and the bathroom, kitchen and livings areas inspected for cleanliness. Residents notified a week in advance and each floor has a specified day for inspection. Information provided on what is required. The floor R.A. and one other test and inspect. Unsatisfactory apartments have 48-hours in which to rectify failings. The floor R.A. advises the residents on improvements required and arranges a re-inspection. Failure to improve, in the standard required, or within the specified time, may result in commercial cleaners at the residents expense.

We advise arranging insurance cover for your personal effects. UniLodge Stafford House cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage which may occur during your stay at the Hall.

Occasionally accidents occur which may result in a cost to the resident. Any behaviour that results in the need for replacement, repair or cleaning around UniLodge Stafford House charged the individual or apartment residents responsible. Significant cleaning charges incurred for alcohol-related cleaning.

11 | P a g e

Departure cleaning Every resident when departing is required to clean his or her room and the bathroom and kitchen areas. An inspection and pass or fail grade made as part of the departure process.

through the room and leave the extractor fan running for a few minutes. How to remove mould (1) Wash off any mould using diluted bleach and hot water. (2) Ensure all windows are open to encourage drying. (3) Do not remove mould by brushing as this may release a large number of spores into the atmosphere triggering allergic reactions in allergy sensitive people. (4) Talk to your R.A. and ask for the mould cleaning spray.

Mould is a naturally occurring cluster microscopic fungus, which reproduces by releasing airborne spores. The mould spores released year round found in both indoor and outdoor environments. The predominant mould found in housing is Cladosporium. Mould can aggravate asthma and respiratory disease in sensitive people. How does mould spread? Spores, like dust carry by air currents or by adhering to insects or animals. Mould spores are always present in the air; blown in from outside or disturbed from surfaces during housework. The main factors, which support the growth of mould, are condensation (water), high humidity (no ventilation), warmth (heating), compatible surfaces to grow on (walls) and lack of sunlight (closed blinds). How to prevent mould forming (1) Ensure adequate sunlight and ventilation. Pull up your blinds and open your windows for at least two hours every day particularly during the winter months. (2) If you are drying laundry inside your bedrooms ensure a window is open in order to reduce condensation. (3) Keep the bathroom as dry as possible. Open the bathroom and shower door to allow as much air as possible to circulate

All apartment and personal waste (food scraps, packaging, bottles and tin cans etc.) goes to the Rubbish Room on the ground floor. Use a supermarket plastic-bag in your waste bin. Tie it up and deposit it into the big waste bin. Recycling bins for cans, glass, plastic and paper provided. cardboard boxes. Do not leave your waste beside the bins. Flatten

The telephone installed in each apartment has its own direct dial (DDI) number. You can receive external and inter-apartment calls. Wellington local area (which excludes the Kapiti Coast) calls free. Mobile phone, national or international calls require a calling card. Calling cards are available from the Fix Convenience Store 40 metres along The Terrace from UniLodge Stafford House.

12 | P a g e

To make a call out of the building dial 1 then the phone number. The apartment telephone does not provide Internet access.

Our storage space is limited. We can store a small number of suitcases and boxes. Please see a Residential Assistant if you have baggage to store. UniLodge Stafford House will not accept responsibility for any belongings not removed from your room, apartment or storage when you leave. Anything you leave when you depart Stafford will be disposed of within one month of your departure.

All bedrooms wired for Internet connection to the UniLodge Stafford House internal broadband network. Wireless connection is available to most but not all bedrooms. An initial connection fee of $25.00 charged to your Extras account. User Agreement and sign-up forms issued on arrival, and Ethernet cable available for purchase at $10.00. Free reasonable usage (2 GB per week) is available to all residents. Once the 2 GB weekly limit reached email notification sent and you may choose to top up online at additional expense. 250 Mb $2.50, 500 Mb $5.00 and 1 GB $10.00

Bikes may only be stored in the specific bike storage area in the basement. Admission to the storage area by controlled access fob. Do not store or lean your bike in the apartments, stairwells, and common areas or outside the front of the building on The Terrace.

Car Parking
There are no parking facilities on site.

The television in the Common Room provides all free-to-air and a number of pre-paid Sky (cable) television channels. Use the television in the small room off the Common Room to play PlayStation, X-Box etc. and to watch DVD. All bedrooms have a TV connection point that can receive free to air channels. Residents wishing to receive Sky will have to pay for the Sky connection, the decoder and rental costs for their bedroom.

Refer to UniLodge Stafford House Regulations on page 20.

Living together comfortably at UniLodge Stafford House is reliant on residents co-operating with each other. Everyone has different needs and standards when it comes to routines, study, apartment cleanliness, cooking, cost sharing and visitors. You must keep your own room clean, tidy and free of rubbish. You are required to co-operate with your flat mates to maintain the communal areas of your apartment.

13 | P a g e

We strongly recommend that a cleaning roster be organised as soon as everyone has arrived in the apartment. For hygiene, remove rubbish daily. You and your flatmates are responsible for all charges incurred by your apartment. If problems arise, call an apartment meeting and discuss them. Where problems continue, contact your R.A. or management to discuss having a mediated apartment meeting.

Is hurtful or offensive to another person, whether or not that is conveyed to the person complained about, and is repeated, or of such a significant nature that it has a detrimental effect on that other person.

Causing racial disharmony includes: Publishing or distributing written, visual or electronic material, considered threatening, abusive or insulting. Using words, which are considered threatening, abusive or insulting.

Staff and residents at UniLodge Stafford House endeavour to treat one another with respect and confidentiality. However, on occasion it may be necessary to contact other concerned parties outside of Stafford House (usually parents or financial guarantors, or Student Services staff at Victoria University of Wellington). Your bedroom and apartment only entered in your absence to ensure your personal safety and wellbeing, i.e. checking bedroom smoke detectors, making necessary repairs, and to ensure personal safety. R.A. also enters to deliver uncollected parcels. Where UniLodge Stafford House Management requires access to your room or apartment, staff will endeavour to notify you in advance.

Racial harassment not permitted at UniLodge Stafford House or within the Victoria University of Wellington community.

Sexual Harassment
Any form of sexual harassment of residents or staff is a serious offence. Disciplinary action will result. Sexual harassment is any suggestive behaviour with or without direct sexual connotations, which the person receiving considers offensive or unwanted.

The close proximity of the hall apartments makes the totally unsuitable for parties.

Racial Harassment and Racial Disharmony

Racial harassment includes the use of language (written or spoken), visual material, or physical behaviour that: Expresses hostility against, or brings into contempt or ridicule, any other person on the grounds of colour, race or ethnic or national origins of that person, and

Visitors are people here between 8:00am and 10:00 or 10:30pm. UniLodge Stafford House is your home and your visitors are welcome provided they are Sober, reasonably quiet, considerate and follow the Hall rules. Two visitors only permitted per resident at any time.

14 | P a g e

Behave responsibly while on the premises and leave quietly when they depart. Remain in your company while on the premises.

Collect the form from the office during office hours or from the Duty R.A. before 10:00pm. Your flatmates must sign agreement and the form returned to the office at least 24-hours prior to your guests arrival. The first two nights stay are free, remaining nights cost $20.00 per night, payable in advance. No guests permitted to stay during study and exam periods and during the first two weeks of trimester one. The reason for the form is that we are required to have this information for the New Zealand Fire Service in case of an emergency. Please remember, UniLodge Stafford House is a university hall of residence not a back-packer hostel.

Every visitor must be met in the foyer and signed into the book on the table. Your visitors cannot go to your apartment without you. Signing in means writing in the book on the table when the person arrived and what apartment they are visiting. For example, apartment 094 and 2:00pm When your visitor leaves they must also sign out. This means writing in the time that they left. All visitors must leave by quiet time for that day. No visitors are permitted entry to UniLodge Stafford House after quiet time at night You are personally responsible for your visitors' behaviour while they are visiting UniLodge Stafford House. The reason for the book is that we are required to have this information for the New Zealand Fire Service in case of an emergency. The reason for 10:00pm leaving time for guests is that this is student accommodation and we have people in the building needing quiet. The reason for meeting your visitors is that many of our residents live here because we have a safe environment. We don't allow strangers to wander around in the building.

Noise kept to a reasonable level at all times.

Quiet Time:
Sunday to Thursday 10.00pm to 8.30am Friday and Saturday 10.30pm to 8.30am during study and exam periods or at

Quiet times may differ managements discretion.

Overnight Guests
You are welcome to have overnight guests at UniLodge Stafford House for a maximum of seven nights. This requires you to fill in a stay over permission form.

It is expected that UniLodge Stafford House residents will show due consideration and respect for others at all times including people living or working in the neighbourhood on The Terrace. Television, stereo or radio music volume must not be at a level to disturb neighbours or residents in nearby apartments.

15 | P a g e

Where disturbed by noise from another apartment, knock, and quietly request that the noise reduce. If your "please turn it down" request does not produce results, contact the duty R.A. Please be aware; especially at night, noise does travel throughout the building. This is particularly evident in the lift and reception area.

UniLodge Stafford House is a smoke-free building. Smoking anywhere within the building is a health and fire risk and may result in eviction. The designated smoking area is outside the Common Room at the back of the building. Please ensure you use the ashtrays provided to dispose of any cigarette butts.

UniLodge Stafford House promotes and enforces a sensible and responsible attitude towards alcohol and its use. Age-related laws concerning the purchase and consumption of alcohol apply within the building. You may have alcohol within your apartment. However, no alcohol permitted in UniLodge Stafford House during: (1) (2) The first two weeks after the Contract start date, and Study and Exam weeks

Drugs and Illegal Substances

The use or possession of marijuana or any other illegal substances on UniLodge Stafford House premises strictly prohibited. Use or possession of marijuana and other illegal substances constitutes grounds for eviction and prosecution. Eviction includes liability for all contract fees.

No one permitted to walk around the Common Areas with alcohol. Carrying alcohol in an opened container outside your apartment results in confiscation. Intoxicated guests not permitted on UniLodge Stafford House premises. Alcohol brought into UniLodge Stafford House premises in amounts considered excessive results in confiscation. Kegs not permitted. If you believe our attitude towards alcohol is too restrictive then please do not choose UniLodge Stafford House as your Hall of Residence.

Social Events and Activity Fee

The deposit payment includes a $100.00 non-refundable activity fee. This fee supports social and sporting events, and for purchasing of recreational equipment for residents use. We hope that as a resident of UniLodge Stafford House you will enjoy taking part in the various social activities arranged throughout the year and of being part of the community. We are always happy to have suggestions from residents about the sort of activities you would like to see happening at the Hall. We will be even happier to have your help in organising them!

16 | P a g e

Wellington experiences earthquakes and UniLodge Stafford House has provided for this in its emergency response planning. Basic emergency supplies kept at the Hall. Take responsibility for yourself and prepare for an emergency. Each apartment has information about earthquake preparedness, which you are encouraged to read. Please feel free to ask any questions or talk about any concerns. Your floor RA or other Hall staff will be happy to help. If an earthquake happens and you are in Stafford House Get under your desk or the kitchen table. Put your hands behind your head and wait until the shaking stops. Stay away from the windows. Do not use the lifts. Do not leave the building. If an earthquake happens and you are in the street Stand in a building doorway. Crouch down, put your hands behind your head and wait until the shaking stops. Stay out of the road and away from windows. Please remember Buildings in New Zealand designed to withstand earthquakes.

Wellington City Councils Policy determines that as a general guidance an earthquake prone building will have strength that is 33% NBS or less of the seismic loading standard. Victoria University Council has indicated that all Victoria University student accommodation buildings should be at a level of 67% NBS. STAFFORD HOUSE SCORES: 174%

Fire Alarms
The smoke detectors are very sensitive. We can also assess which detector activated. If you or your guest deliberately tampers with any fire equipment such as sprinklers, heat detectors or fire switches, which set off the fire alarms, then you incur the $2000.00 Fire Service call out charge and any New Zealand Fire Service action. Tampering with fire or safety equipment constitutes grounds for eviction and prosecution. Please be aware that the fire alarm tests for 30 seconds every month.

Fire Evacuation Procedures

When the fire alarm sounds continuously, you and everyone else in your room must: (1) Leave your room immediately. (2) Place your fire tag on the outside of your apartment door. (3) Leave the building immediately using the nearest exit or fire escape. Do not use the elevators. (4) Proceed to the designated assembly area.

17 | P a g e

(5) Stay out of the building until told you may return by either the Fire Service or the UniLodge Stafford House Managers.

Fire Safety
(1) Do not disconnect the apartment door closing mechanism. (2) Residents with overnight guests must complete a permission form at least 24-hours in advance. (3) Naked flames (candles, incense and tea-lights etc.) forbidden. (4) Any electric blanket safety checked. (5) Please ensure that you read the evacuation procedure, within 24 hours of your arrival.

The garden maintained in our own time at our personal expense. Please respect that for both the Property Manager and the Customer Services Manager this is our home.

Use of the gym is available for all residents only. Guests not permitted. The gym is unsupervised and therefore use of any of the equipment is the responsibility of each resident. Any equipment malfunction or breakdown reported immediately to the Duty R.A.

If you are sick, or you know that another resident is sick, please inform a R.A. or management so that the appropriate care can be given or arranged. If you need to see a doctor contact: Student Health Service, Mauri Ora Kelburn Campus, Level 1, Student Union Building, Gate 1: Telephone: 463 5308 Alternatively, at Pipitea Campus on 463 7474 Call the Healthline free on 0800 611 116 The nearest after hours-emergency clinic is: 17 Adelaide Road, Newtown Telephone: 384 4944

Firearms or weapons of any sort are not permitted on the premises and if found will be confiscated. Any such use or possession constitutes grounds for immediate eviction.

Fire-related devices
Flame-related devices not permitted within UniLodge Stafford House grounds or buildings at any time.

Gardens and grounds

UniLodge Stafford Houses location in the centre of Wellington city means limited grounds. Please help keep the grounds looking neat and tidy by not discarding, or allowing your guests to discard cigarette butts or other litter in the grounds or street frontage.

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All apartments equipped with either a front-loading or a top-loading washing machine. Important Use the correct washing powder for the machine. Front-loading washing machines use low-suds powder designed specifically for front-loading machines. Using incorrect washing powder results in over-sudsing (too many soapsuds) damaging the machines electronics. The appliance technician can identify over-sudsing, leaving the residents in the apartment liable for the cost of repair. Each apartment supplied with an iron and an ironing board.

Wellington, attendance at lectures and tutorials, and status as a Victoria University of Wellington student.

Repairs and Maintenance

Please notify the office of all maintenance requirements (blinds fallen, taps loose, toaster broken etc.). Call into the office during office hours or email information please to For urgent repairs, contact the Duty R.A. Light bulbs are available at the office. Please be aware; that maintenance or repair may require a UniLodge Stafford House staff member or associated tradesperson to enter your bedroom or apartment without prior notification. Large-scale maintenance and cleaning occurs during summer.

Sadly, no pets permitted at UniLodge Stafford House!

If budgeting sends you to sleep, try a smart phone application! The MyBudget app is a great tool as it breaks down your expenses individually, is colour coded and easy to use. A few tips Have a budget! Work out a weekly and monthly budget for rent, electricity, food, personal items, mobile phone, transport and social activities. Set yourself small and realistic goals to keep you motivated, even if it is putting away as little as $5.00 each week. Start savvy! Check out all student-banking options before you choose your bank.

Privacy Act
In compliance with the Privacy Act, residents provide UniLodge Stafford House Management with their Victoria University of Wellington (V.U.W.) student identify number in order to; (1) Confirm continued full time enrolment at Victoria University. (2) Provide statistical information university Hall of Residence. regarding students in the

(3) Disclose to UniLodge Stafford House from time to time details of the residents programme of study at Victoria University of

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New Zealand resident students, apply for a Community Services card. It saves you money at the public library, swimming pool etc. Take advantage of regular discounts. card or look online for special offers. Tuesday movies, your student

Mattress protector Mobile drawers unit Desk with shelf Desk chair Desk lamp Notice board Waste paper bin Grey Clothes Rack Dinner plates Bowls Mugs Juice glasses Table knives Table forks Dessert spoons

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Large flat Fish slice Water jug Container Chopping board

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Go to the Sunday Farmers Market (at Te Papa or on Willis Street) to buy fruit and vegetables. Plan your meals for the week and write a list before you go to the supermarket. Stick to it! Be wary of deals, sure the second pair of jeans are half price but do you really need two pairs of jeans? Learn to say no! If you cant afford it, dont spend it. If money becomes a problem, please talk to either the Property Manager or Customer Services Manager. Support is available. Dont allow money worries affect you! Victoria University of Wellington Financial Support and Advice:

Glass Casserole dish w/ lid 1 Large cooks knife Paring knife Two-slice toaster Kettle Iron Ironing board Rubbish bin Toilet brush set Dust pan and brush Apartment Folder 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Apartment Inventory
Each apartment is provided with the following items:
2 Bedroom apartment/3 Bedroom apartment. Item Dining table Dining chairs Two-seater sofa Single bed Quantity 1 2 1 2 1 3 1 3 Item Teaspoons Saucepan set 3 pots Wok Frying pan Large Serving spoon Quantity 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 1

The Regulations of UniLodge Stafford House

1. UniLodge Stafford House is operated by the guidelines in this booklet and the Victoria University of Wellington Statute on Conduct. The Statute is contained in the University Calendar and on their website. Residents will be advised of any change in the rules contained in this booklet, or other rules that UniLodge Stafford House may introduce. Where a students conduct outside UniLodge Stafford House is in question, Victoria University of Wellington may take independent action. If the management of UniLodge Stafford House believe on reasonable

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grounds that a person has committed or is committing a breach of the Statute, or of any rules governing behaviour in UniLodge Stafford House, and that action is required to ensure that peace and good order is maintained, he or she may instruct the person to cease the misconduct and/or vacate the area where the misconduct has occurred. Management may in addition, or instead, at that time or later impose any of the following: a. Where the person is not a resident of the hall of residence, ban the person from the premises or any part thereof for any specified period which he or she thinks fit. Where the person is resident in UniLodge Stafford House: An oral or written warning; A fine not exceeding twice the single room weekly full board rate; An order to pay compensation for any loss or damage caused by or arising from the misconduct. Assignment of a community service project within UniLodge Stafford House which bears some relevance to the respondents conduct; Exclusion of the respondent from any particular area of, or particular social activities, in UniLodge Stafford House. Exclusion of the respondent from UniLodge Stafford House for any specified period which he or she thinks fit; Eviction from UniLodge Stafford House on not less than 24 hours notice provided prior consultation has taken place with the Director of Student Services. A decision of management shall take effect as soon as the person is advised of it.


Management shall within 2 working days of making a decision under section 1 (b) (vi) and (vii) above, advise the Convener of the Universitys Disciplinary Committee of the decision and provide both the Convener and the person with a written statement of the reasons for it. The Convener shall review the decision and shall confirm it or modify, suspend, or terminate it as he or she thinks fit.


Resident means any person who for the time being resides in UniLodge Stafford House with the consent of UniLodge Stafford House management. Misconduct is defined as any breach of the rules of UniLodge Stafford House or the Universitys Student Statute on Conduct. Any resident who is concerned about any disciplinary action of any of the administrative staff at UniLodge Stafford House should attempt to seek resolution through negotiation with the person concerned. Residents are invited to enlist the assistance of support people throughout these proceedings. Further options (including the right of appeal) are spelled out in the Student Statute on Conduct. Where damage to or within UniLodge Stafford House is caused by a resident(s) and the person(s) concerned are not disclosed, a levy or pro-rata fine or pro-rata deduction from deposits may be made on all residents. A resident will be liable for the cost of making good any damage or deficiency for which he/she is responsible and to pay or reimburse the full cost of meeting any charges incurred for unauthorised actions for which he or she is responsible within 7 days of being informed of the cost.

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(v) (vi) (vii)



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