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Omega sun visor handsfree car kit Thank you for selecting the Omega Bluetooth portable handsfree car kit. It is a rechargeable sun-visor speaker-phone which is easy to operate in the car. It is also portable and can be used in the home, in the office anywhere. This product is specially designed for connecting to Bluetooth compatible mobile phones wirelessly in the car. Whether the car engine is switched on or not, you can enjoy the freedom of wireless communication. No power connection or wired connection to the mobile phone is required. Using the single-button control of the handsfree, you can make and answer calls without touching your phone. You can even leave the phone in your pocket or any other location inside the car. With built-in DSP circuitry, echo and background noise are cancelled and suppressed effectively. Thus providing clear sound and high quality conversation even in the noisiest environment. This handsfree car kit is specially designed for Bluetooth mobile phones or other Bluetooth compatible devices that support Handsfree or Headset profiles. Bluetooth wireless technology is a worldwide specification for a small form-factor, low-cost and short-range (about 10metres) radio solution providing links between mobile computers, mobile phones, other portable and handheld devices and connectivity to the internet. Getting Started Before using the Omega for the first time, please charge the unit with the charger provided for a minimum of 3 hours. Once charged, you can proceed to upload your contacts into theunit. Please see section copying your phone book onto the unit Charging Charging the unit with the in car saver charger vehicle accessory point provided: Switch on the hands free 2) Connect the saver charger to the in car power socket, and then to the charging port of the handsfree kit. The LED indicator will be illuminated constant red Charging with the travel charger (optional) 1) Switch on the hands free. 2) Connect the travel charger to a mains power socket and then to the charging port of the hands free. The LED indicator will show constant red Notes: -Maximum charging time: 3 hours -The red LED indicator goes out when fully charged.-Talk time: up to 15 hours -Standby time: up to 250 hours -Low battery alert : the LED indicator flashes blue & red, a do sound will be heard until the hands free is recharged. Do not leave to charge overnight Do not leave unattended during the charge cycle

Keys and Functions To switch on handsfree Simply flip out the LCD from the unit, you will hear a low to high 'dodo' sound and LED indicator flashes blue. To switch off handsfree Simply flip in the LCD, LED indicator goes off.

Pairing with a phone Before using the handsfree, you must pair it with the mobile phone first. Once the handsfree and the phone have been paired.they store the ID of each other in their memory. Thus they can re-connect to each other automatically. You can check, delete or rename the paired device in the devices list of the mobile phone. Pairing 1. Place the Bluetooth handsfree and the Bluetooth mobile phone within a distance of 1metre of each other. 2. Switch on the Bluetooth mobile phone and enable the Bluetooth feature.*If the phone has 'Profile' options, you are recommended to select 'Handsfree Profile' rather than 'Headset Profile' 3. Turn on the handsfree. The LED indicator fl ashes blue every 5 seconds indicating it is in idle mode. 4. On the Bluetooth mobile phone, search for device, 'HF009' will appear in the device list. 5. Select device 'HF009' and enter fixed pass key '8888'. Pairing completed. The LED indicator turns blue steadily to indicate that the handsfree is connected to the phone in Handsfree Profile. 6. Make sure you return the mobile phone to the main menu. 7. The volume is automatically set to middle level. For best performance, press '+' or '-' to adjust a suitable volume level. Check if the mobile displays any message or icon which indicates the connected status. After pairing is completed, some phones automatically connect to the handsfree Some phones wait for you to connect manually. If this is the case, press the Multifunction Key once, the Omega will connect to the phone. Alternatively you can select 'HF009' from the "Paired Devices' list in your phone. The phone will then connect to the handsfree. Please refer to your phone's user manual for further details. You should now be able to communicate wirelessly with the handsfree. Maintain the distance between the handsfree and the mobile within 10 metres and free from obstacles. You can now dial and receive calls through your phone, you can activate voice dialing, redial the last number made and receive calls through the handsfree. * Handsfree Profile supports Caller ID display, Voice dial, Last number re-dial, Call waiting and Call transfer functions. If the mobile phone only supports Headset Profile, some of these functions may not be available.

Check records / Dial from phonebook 1. In stand by mode, press & hold Volume - button for 2 seconds to enter phonebook menu. 2. LCD displays letter 'A'. This is the 1st level of the menu, click Volume + or Volume - to move to other letters. The phonebook records the 1st letter of the names which are listed in alphabetical order. Other symbols are listed in '['. 3. Click Multifunction Key to select the desired letter. This is the 2nd level of the menu. The names under the selected letter will be shown. Click Volume + or Volume - to move to other names. 4. Click Multifunction Key to select the desired name. The phone number will be shown. 5. Click Multifunction Key to dial the number Menu Structure

Exit phonebook Double click Multifunction Key to go back to the previous menu level or exit the menu.(When there is an incoming call or you are connecting/disconnecting from your phone, the phone book menu will be exited automatically.) Erase all phonebook records 1. Disconnect the phone from the Omega. Press and hold volume + button for 2 seconds. 2. Click the volume ' + ' and ' - ' buttons at the same time. 3. The Omega will display ' Erase? ' Press ' + ' to erase. Press ' -' to take no action. Copying your phone book onto the unit You can wirelessly transfer your phonebook records from your phone to the memory of the Omega. In the phonebook menu, you can check the contact name and number and then dial out directly. When there is an incoming call and the number matches the phone book record, the Omega will show the caller name on the LCD. Transferring phonebook records You can transfer a single record or all the records from your phone at once. Some phone models support single record transfer only. The following are the general operating steps for your reference. For further details, please refer to your phones user manual.

Mounting the car kit on the sun visor (see image below) 1. Attach the magnetic clip onto the back of the handsfree until it clicks into place. 2. Place the sun visor clip onto your vehicles sun visor.

Quick user guide

Note: When the memory (250 records) is full, Omega will not receive the exceeded records. Do not use punctuation when entering the contact name such as . ; \ It will cancel the process. Some phone models do not support transferring records from the SIM card directly. In such cases, copy records from the SIM card to the phone first. Do not press any buttons on the Omega during the record transfer process. It will cause the transfer process to be cancelled.

Handsfree Functions Transferring a call back to your phone During a call, (call transfer) Press & hold Multifunction Key for 3 seconds. LCD displays BLUETOOTH. To transfer back to the handsfree, press MFB again. Redialing the last number In standby mode, press Multifunction Key twice. The last number will be redialed. LCD displays Dialing. Voice dialing In standby mode, press Multifunction Key once. LCD displays Voice Call. You will hear atone from the handsfree. It indicates the mobile phone is ready to receive the voice tag. Speak the name of the person you wish to call. Then the mobile starts the voice dial automatically. (Ensure the mobile phone supports Voice Dialing before use.) Muting the microphone To temporarily mute the microphone, click the volume + and - buttons at the same time. You will hear a do sound. This will allow you to hear the other side but the other side does not hear you. Press + and - again to un-mute. Adjusting the volume Press + or - button to adjust the volume up or down. The LCD displays the volume level. Private call Connect the external headphone. This will allow you to hear the other side but the other people in the car cannot. Disconnecting from your mobile phone In standby mode, press & hold the + button for 2 seconds. This function is for connecting the handsfree to another mobile phone. The LCD displays BLUETOOTH. To reconnect to the phone, click Multifunction Key once. The functions Caller ID display, Last number redial, Call waiting and Call transfer are supported by Handsfree Profile and may not be available with Headset Profile. To use those functions please check if the mobile phone supports Handsfree Profile. The function Volume Level Display is available if the phone supports Remote Volume Control. Connecting / Reconnecting to your phone After the handsfree is switched on, it is in idle mode. It is waiting to be paired or connected to a mobile phone. The LED indicator flashes blue every 5 seconds indicating this mode. When the handsfree and the device are disconnected, the handsfree will return back to idle mode. To connect the Omega to your phone a) To connect the handsfree to the phone, in the settings menu of the phone, select HF009from the Paired Device list. Select connect and the phone will connect to the handsfree. b) To connect to a paired phone or to reconnect to a previously connected phone, click Multifunction Key once. The handsfree will search and connect to the phone automatically.(The LED indicator flashes blue every second indicating it is in search mode. The search may last for 30 seconds. If no phone is found, the handsfree will return to idle mode.)

Key twice to reject the call and BLUETOOTH will be displayed. Ending a call During a call, press Multifunction Key once. LCD displays BLUETOOTH. Switching to/from a call - call waiting When a second call dials in during the call, the LCD displays the second calling number. 1. The incoming call will be rejected if you do not answer within 8 seconds. 2. Reject the incoming call by double clicking the Multifunction Key. 3. To receive the incoming call and end the active call, click multifunction Key once. 4. To switch to the incoming call, press & hold Multifunction Key for 2 seconds. LCD displays 'Call Hold'. To switch back, press & hold for 2 seconds again. Specification