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DESCRIPTION : This softpaq provides a utility which is designed to update the system BIOS thro ugh a Microsoft Windows

environment on hp compaq thin client series computers. T he batch file is provided as a self-documented example and will require modifica tion in order to work correctly. SPACE REQUIREMENTS : The AFUWIN utility requires a minimum of 1.20 MB of uncompressed free space to i nstall. More space may be required if the example batch file is not used, the %T EMP% and %TMP% variables are not temporarily re-defined to a network share on th e deployment server, or the install package is not executed from the deployment server. REMARKS : 1) After executing the utility, the write filter must commit the changes to the flash memory. This can be done by executing the command: C:\windows\system32\ewfmgr.exe c: -commit 2) A reboot must be executed after the changes are committed to the flash memory . This can be done from an Altiris deployment server job. For space reasons on a thin client running Windows XPe, HP recommends that the % TEMP% and %TMP% Windows XPe system variables be temporarily re-defined. INSTRUCTIONS : 1) Modify the enclosed example batch file (ie. Remote_WFlash.bat). ServerName, U serName, and Password needs to be changed to match your Altiris Server Setting. Example: set ServerName=Altiris Server Name set UserName=Altiris Server Name\Administrator set Password="Altiris Server Password" (Quotation marks must be in front and at the end of the password) 2) Copy the BIOS file "999aaxxx.rom" (substitute actual file name for 999aaxxx.r om), "AFUWIN.exe", "Ucoresys.sys", "Ucorevxd.vxd" and "Ucorew64.sys" to the RIPs directory located on the Altiris Server (C:\Program Files\altiris\eXpress\Deplo yment Server\RIPs). 3) Copy the modified "Remote_WFlash.bat" to the Scripts directory located on the Altiris Server (C:\Program Files\altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Scripts). 4) Create a new job in the Altiris deployment server. This action must be done o n the Altiris Deployment Server Console. Example: 1. Right Click on "Jobs" 2. Select "New Job"

3. Enter a Name for your "New Job" 4. After creating a "New Job", click on the Add button (located on the t op right) 5. Select "Run Script" from the drop down menu 5) Select the "Run the Script from file" option and select the " t" file. 6) The "Choose the script operating system" option must be set to "Windows". Cli ck Finish when done. 7) A reboot must be added to the job to complete the installation. Example: 1. Reselect your "New Job",Click on the Add button (located on the top r ight) 2. Select "Power Control" from the drop down menu 3. Select the "Restart" radio button (Click on Finish when done) 8) The job is now ready to be deployed. Copyright (c) 2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.