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Mobile Shopping at METRO GROUP

Increased convenience thanks to innovative applications

Retail goes mobile

Everyone will have his own pocket telephone that will enable him to get in touch with anyone he wishes. This sentence was written by the American author Robert Sloss over a hundred years ago. His vision of the future of communication was pro phetic, but todays reality far exceeds his predictions. Now adays, life without mobile phones is unthinkable for many. Modern devices are capable of far more than just communica tion: they are multifunctional. Today, our mobile phones are practical helpers in all walks of daily life.

More functions, more options

Retail companies that focus on the needs of their customers are reacting to the increase in mobile phone usage. By de veloping their own innovative applications they are able to make shopping easier for both normal consumers and busi ness customers and are also able to tap into new customer groups. As part of its Future Store Initiative, a platform for pioneering retail innovations, METRO GROUP has pushed ahead with the development of mobile shopping for instance, by designing new apps. The advantages of these smartphone applications are obvious: customers not only experience a new kind of shopping, but are also able to plan and make their purchases on the move.

Mobile Shopping the METRO GROUP applications

Planning your shopping trip

A shopping list is a tried and tested method of making sure that every shopping trip goes off as quickly and efficiently as possible. Suitable for most modern mobile phones, the first real, electronic shopping list application has been available since 2008. The Mobile Shopping List can be downloaded from the real, website. Owners of iPhones or An droid devices, can instead make use of the real,- App. It too can be used to create Mo bile Shopping Lists, but the application also shows the location of the nearest store. Similar functions are also available from the MSA App, which turns an iPhone into a Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA).

Advertising and marketing

People who are looking for in formation on products and prices generally turn to their usual retailers either in the store or via the Internet. Appli cations or apps for short now give customers new oppor tunities to find out more about offers in their neighbourhoods. The real,- App for iPhone and Android devices displays the locations of the hypermar kets and shows any special promotions. A cooking show integrated into the app provides inspir ation for the next shopping trip. The METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative also has its own app. It presents innova tive technologies and con cepts for the retail and wholesale trade of the future.

For commercial customers

Apps not only offer great ben efits for consumers, but also for business customers, such as restaurateurs or hoteliers. For instance, METROphone: this app is currently being test ed by selfservice wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry in Ger many. It is aimed at commercial customers who intend to make use of the delivery service. They can use the app to or der goods directly from their iPhones. To do this, they simply select products from a search screen or by scan ning existing barcodes using the phones builtin auto focus camera. METROphone also provides updates on delivery status.

In-store use
METRO GROUP has been using its Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA) at the real, Future Store since 2008. Since 2011, the in novative application has also been available as an app for iPhones. Customers can use it to scan product barcodes in the store and add items to a vir tual shopping basket. This helps them to keep an eye on the overall cost of their purchases. It can also be used to show product information. Once the customer has fin ished shopping, the MSA displays a barcode on its screen. This is then scanned at a paystation to pay for the purchases. This saves the customer time and effort, as it is no longer necessary to unpack items and place them on the conveyor belt.

At home, on the move, in the store

Thanks to their large range of functions, modern smart phones are ideal companions throughout the entire purchas ing process from planning to payment. Here is an overview of possible uses: At home and on the move

Call up information on special offers Read product information Draw up Mobile Shopping List Locate store




In the store: paying

Scan items Display barcode for paystation on screen Pay by Wireless (NFC)*

In the store: shopping

Search according to product group Use Mobile Shopping List Find your way around the store Call up product information

*Tested in METRO GROUP pilot projects between 2008 and 2010. Further tests planned from 2011.

The future of trade

The METRO GROUP Future Store Initiative is a driving force for the modernisation of the retail industry. Partners from the retail, consumer goods, IT and service sectors are driving forward the development and implementation of innovations that can make shopping more convenient for consumers, provide them with better service and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of retail processes. The initiatives workshop is the real, Future Store in Tnisvorst in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. In this modern hypermarket, the co operation partners test new technologies and retail concepts. Applications such as the Mobile Shopping List and the Mobile Shopping Assistant (MSA) have all undergone trials here. METRO SYSTEMS, METRO GROUPs IT subsidiary, de velops all of the Groups apps in collaboration with the partners from the Future Store Initiative.

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