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Question 1 On a newly constructed hip style roof that measures 34' wide x 62' long, with a 2' overhang

all around, how many rolls of ice and water seal would be needed? 1 2 Ice and water seal is not used on hip roofs 8 5 Question 2 According to the Owens-Corning "Guide to Installing Asphalt Roofing Shingles," what must first be done before shingling over existing tile, slate, or wood shake? Tile, slate, and wood shake cannot be shingled over, they must be removed Slit any buckles in the segment and nail them down evenly Cut away curled or loose pieces, use a mortar to fill in gaps in slate and tile Lay 30# felt over the tile, slate, or wood shake Question 3 What is the nominal thickness of the Premium Pro-Rib and Premium Pro-Snap after painting? . 0157" .018" . 0142" .081" Question 4 How many square feet are in five squares of shingles? 50 0

20 0 40 0 10 0 Question 5 One roll of full coverage roll roofing covers how many squares? 1 2 3/4 1/2 Question 6 A Guest with an older home without a vapor barrier in the ceiling is looking to ventilate an 1800 sq. ft. attic. How many sq. inches of net free ventilation will the Guest need? To determine your static ventilator needs, first multiply attic length by attic width to find square feet, then divide that number by 300 to find required net free area. Because most vents are marked in square inches of net free area, multiply the number by 144. The total of static vents you install should equal that number in total square inches. If no vapor barrier is used, multiply the total square inches by 2. 1800/300= 6 6*144= 864 864*2= 1728 42 2 172 8 543 6 345 6 Question 7 On a newly constructed, gable style roof that measures 34' wide x 62' long, with a 2' overhang all

around, how many rolls of ice and water seal would be needed? Depends on the size of the roll. They range between 36 75 feet. 6 4 8 2 Question 8 A Guest is ventilating an 1800 sq. ft. attic. How many square inches of exhaust should there be? 1800/150 = 12 12*144= 1728 86 4 271 8 172 8 21 1 Question 9 Every roofing system should incorporate the use of at least one static vent and one power vent. True False Question 10 How is a "laminate" shingle made to give the appearance of a cedar shake? Every other course or row of shingles is installed upside down A special roof coating is brushed on after installation By combining an additional layer of tabs to create extra thickness

Wood strips are added after installation Question 11

The diagram above displays the overview of a gable style roof. Estimate how many bundles of shingles (@ 3 bundles per square) are needed to cover this newly constructed roof. Do not calculate for the starter course. Assume the roof has a 5/12 slope (or 1.08 slope factor). Hint: 1. Multiple lenght x width of teh building including overhangs. 2. Multiple this area x slope factor 3. Add 10% on gable roofs, 17% on cottage roofs for hips, ridges, and waste 31 bundles 28 bundles 26 bundles 38 bundles (Im guessing. Ive bid hundreds of roofs, any never measured like this.) Question 12 What are asphalt shingles made of? asphalt coating granules

fiberglass matting all of the above Question 13 A Guest is installing a residential metal roof with a 10/12 pitch and an 18' valley; which width of flashing should the Guest use? 10" 30" 20"I would recommend using wvalley for something this steep, not ordinary valley tin.. 40" Question 14 According to the Owens-Corning guide, coated sheets, heavy felts, and other vapor barriers should not be used on a roof deck as these could trap moisture. True False Question 15 Which of the following is not a characteristic of EPDM rubber roofing? Remains stiff in sub-zero temperatures to -50 degrees F Ideal for covering flat or gently sloping residential roof surfaces Designed to be durable and flexible for ease of handling and installation Provides waterproof protection Question 16 What is the slope factor for an 8/12 roof? 1.5 0 . 667

1.2 0 1.1 2 Question 17 Shingle underlayment is not recommended with roll roofing. True False Question 18 Which covers more: one roll of 15# felt or one roll of 30# felt? 15# - 30 # covers a little more than half of what 15# does. 30 # They cover the same amount All of the above Question 19

Regarding the above roof, how many pieces of 10' roof (drip) edge would be needed? 13 pieces

7 pieces 12 pieces 6 pieces Question 20

What is the slope factor of the example shown above? 1.0 8 4/12 1.4 1 12/12 The picture of the triangle is severely deceiving! At a glance it looks like a 4/12, but the numbers produce a 12/12.