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A BYTE OF LIFE Monday, November 17, 2008

Djokovic wins Shanghai Masters


It is an out and out Suriya special
as the actor plays the father
and son duo in Vaaranam Aayiram.
Read our review.
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Seeds of
Unfazed by previous failures,
a group of social entrepreneurs
in Kerala are working out a
system that could take ATM
Banking to the villages.
Liffy Thomas reports.
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

Malaysian films
The Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation in collaboration with the
Consulate General of Malaysia is organising a Malaysian Film Festival,
starting today till November 20. Duyung will be screened at South
Indian Film Chamber Theatre at 6.30 p.m. on Monday. For details on
the other films, call 98401 51956.

K-Community, a forum for
Knowledge Management, will
conduct an unconference at the
Cognizant Technology Solutions
facility in Okkiyam Thoraipakkam
on Tuesday.
Sukumar Rajagopal, co-chairman
and chief knowledge officer,
Cognizant Technology Solutions, has
welcomed associates from all
companies to participate in the
‘unconference,’ an exciting format
of meetings where the agenda is
set by the attendees and where
they also nominate themselves as
speakers. It has been proven to be a
success worldover, especially in
topics relating to blogging and
On the meeting itself, Mr.Rajagopal
said he hoped that the K-
Community in Chennai would

become as active as its counterpart
in Bangalore. The unconference was
an attempt to get more people
involved, he added. Among other
things, the K-Community is currently
putting together a primer on
Knowledge Management meant not

Caring and sharing

just for the IT companies but also
others such as manufacturing
Those interested in participating in
the ‘unconference’ can send in their
requests to For
further details, call S.Venkatesan at
98404 23438. ■ Sterians rock with a gala celebration for Children’s Day
V.HARIPRIYA said an employee. Competitions like they made sure it dominated the gully cricket, bay area decoration, event. “We teach English and Com-
tambola, mehendi, treasure hunt puter Science to government

y tearing apart the rope at the saw a good response. schools in our vicinity. We provide
tug of war contest, employees Education is the primary focus ar- scholarships to the students of Pad-
of Steria marked the finale of ea of Steria’s CSR programme and ma Adarsh School and have set up
the ‘One Day Challenge’, a well-equipped Computer centres
CSR initiative to celebrate Chil- with P4 systems and UPS provi-
dren’s Day. The Sterians were on sion,” said N. Kanchana, an em-
It was all fun amid tight work at a fund-raising spree ployee.
Steria India Limited. The Sterians Prize distribution and cultural
were on a fund-raising spree for the for the last three programmes were held in the latter
last three weeks through various weeks through various part of the evening, where em-
contests for the staff as well as ployees danced to various beats. In-
school children. contests for the staff mates of Share and Care, a home for
“Our CSR team took special care as well as school orphanage and physically chal-
to include all employees in the fund- children. lenged, also performed on the occa-
raising event and it was real fun,” sion. ■

Fun and frolic at Sify

Sify Technologies Ltd. celebrated Children’s Day dress competitions, painting contest on the theme
with employees and their kids on Saturday. ‘My School’, games and a magic show.
A correspondence from the HR team said that “Such events would provide a platform for the
around 50 children along with their parents spent spouse and children to interact with other families
an evening of joy and fun at Tidel Park. The more closely and develop a strong relationship,”
events organised for the little ones includes fancy say the organisers.
Monday, November 17, 2008
Totally animated
The Alliance Francaise of Madras is hosting a festival of animated movies, from November 17 to
21 at the AFM Auditorium; 6.30 p.m. Five movies will be premiered. The festival starts with the
screening of The Short and Long of It. The 63-minute movie on the French animation masters
takes a retrospective of seven animated films from the 40’s.

15 minutes of fame
On Children’s Day, Cognizant and its
associates saw to it that school
students got their share of attention
ERGO CORRESPONDENT media on Saturday, said more than 5,000 students studying in
classes one to twelve from vari-

n Children’s Day, asso- ous schools participated in the
ciates of Cognizant looked preliminary rounds of ‘TalHunt’
more like proud parents held from October 29 to Novem-
than software engineers as ber 5. Of them, over 600 students
the students they had reached from 14 schools had made it to
out to through the company’s the final rounds held on Novem-
corporate social responsibility ber 8 at the Sholinganallur Go-
initiative ‘Outreach’ took to the vernment Higher Secondary
stage to receive prizes for the in- School.
ter-school competitions The felicitation began with a
‘TalHunt’. lively dance performance by the
They cheered and whistled as students of Little Buds Alterna-
around 150 students, who ex- tive Primary School.
celled in the competitions, re- Audio-visual presentations
ceived their certificates and showcasing TalHunt highlights,
prizes from top executives of ranging from the enthusiastic
Cognizant, including president student participation in various
and managing director R.Chan- rounds of the competition, to 쒀 Students of Little
drasekaran, and also the Kan- their grooming by over 500 Buds Alternative
chipuram Collector Santosh volunteers from Cognizant, were Primary School,
K.Misra. screened. Congratulating the Panayur performing
Little Buds Alternative Primary winners and Cognizant asso- at the Children’s
School, Panayur and Govern- ciates for their dedicated efforts Day celebrations at
ment Higher Secondary School, in dispensing their corporate so- Cognizant
Pallikarani received the TalHunt cial responsibility, Misra, an IIT Technology
primary school championship Kanpur graduate, said: “Every in- Solutions
and secondary school champion- dividual should make an effort to
ship trophies respectively. Cogni- change the life of at least one
zant also gave away a Rs.50,000 kid.” He is himself a member of 쑸
grant to the schools for setting up the pan-IIT social outreach pro- R Chandrasekaran,
library facilities. gramme ‘Reach Out India’.In his president and
The various teams of Cogni- address, Chandrasekaran ex- managing director,
zant’s associates, who took up pressed happiness over the way Cognizant and Santosh
different tasks in the CSR initia- the company’s associates showed K Misra, district
tive in reaching out to the their passion to social commit- collector, Kanchipuram
schools, were also felicitated. ment, the same way they did with
A press note, released to the their office work. ■

Crime forecast Man behind the Bad luck An eyewash Fishy death
The recent clash between Many police officers, in- A salesgirl employed in a
two groups of law college attack cluding the city’s top cop, arrest well-known store in Pondy
students created much A national party function- were transferred after the law A lady pimp, who is known Bazaar committed suicide in-
ripples amongst the ary in Chennai is known to college incident. A deputy to be a kingpin in business, side the store a few days back.
media, public, poli- have orchestrated the Law commissioner, who was was arrested recently by the The sister of the deceased
tics and police. Ap- College students clash. The scheduled to be transferred to suburban police. Reliable po- who is also the staff of the
parently, some man had sent his car, packed a ‘lucrative’ post last week, lice sources say that the wom- store claimed that she was
students claiming to with weapons and two of his ended up being very annoyed an is good friends with some murdered. But the police
be from the college, men to the college campus. after he was asked to retain top officers. And the arrest stood by their stories of ‘sui-
had called the office of a The clubs, iron rods and tube his post. The government had was eyewash following a com- cide as a result of severe stom-
famous Tamil news channel lights were distributed to the cancelled all scheduled trans- plaint letter being sent to the ach pain’ and even ‘heart
in the afternoon, before the students near the canteen be- fer orders due to the sudden CM’s office and the DGP’s of- attack.’
clash and said: “we are going fore the deadly clash. turn of events. fice stating the steady rise of
to assault some students prostitution in the suburban
please come with cameras.” areas of Chennai city.
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

■ Can I reduce the TDS

that my company deducts
GOLD - Jitter or Glitter
from my salary?
The best investment in gold assets should be in the form of gold
Vignesh bullion and exchange traded funds, but not in jewellery
Yes you can. The extent of reduction de-
pends on your actual salary – higher the salary, AMBIGA RAJESHWARI
higher will be the deduction and lesser will be
the reduction.
The TDS can be reduced by planning your
Section 80C benefits, housing loan, leave travel

ndians simply adore the yellow
allowance, etc, but as salaried people there is metal for cultural and religious
only an extent to which income tax can be re- reasons and buy gold jewellery for
duced. Hence, TDS is a pain that we have to most social and family celebra-
live with. tions. The amount of gold in Indian
The positive side of TDS is that there will be households is close to 15,000 tonnes,
less burden at the end of the year to clear our which is valued at a whopping Rs. 17,
tax arrears. And we can always claim additional 06, 190 crores as of March 31, 2008.
tax paid if any with our tax returns. But, this trend is also changing as
Mail your queries to Your most youngsters are not very keen
queries will be replied by mail as well as printed about buying gold. Today, we don’t
in this column. All the answers will be neutral even spend 2 per cent on jewellery as
and your personal details will be kept confidential against 32 per cent 50 years ago. In
. cities like New Delhi and Mumbai,
surging incomes, changing lifestyles
and introduction of high-end goods
have pushed gold downward on con-
■ Term Insurance Plan sumers’ lists of must-haves. The dis-
posable income that traditionally
This is the most basic and fundamental type went exclusively to gold is now going
of insurance plan. Under this you pay a premi- to diamonds, overseas holidays,
um to the life insurance company to cover your fancy car, etc.
life for a period of one year for N number of India is still the world’s largest con-
years where ‘N is the term. After the year is sumer of gold, but most of the gold
over, the premium is not valid and you need to ends up in bank safes, viewed as a
pay for the next year. (It is exactly like your car hedge against inflation and as the
insurance, except that it provides cover for source of a woman’s security.
your life) With expected price shoot up of
gold during the marriage season be-
■ ULIP (Unit linked Insurance ginning November, portfolio strate-
Plan) gists have begun to advise people to
invest in gold. This view seems strong
In very simple terms it is a combination of a enough as most other assets are in
life insurance policy and a mutual fund. Part of trouble following the global financial
the amount you pay as premium is used to give meltdown.
you life cover and part of the premium is used
to invest your money in other investments. Is it a wise investment?
Thus you get the benefit of life cover as well as When we compare the price of gold
wealth creation at one go. with the inflation index, we can see
(This column will try to simply personal finance that gold gives only 0.8 per cent more returns over inflation. Though it has Gold bullion
related jargon) high liquidity and is easy to procure
and protect, it is not one that will give Good investors consider gold as a
returns. compliment rather than a replace-
Hence, it should be used for what it ment for stock investments. In the
is good at, that is, a hedge against long run, stocks have much higher
inflation. The reason why gold is con- growth potential, but gold can com-
sidered ‘inflation-resistant’ is that plement a diversified portfolio and
the amount of it on the surface is help hedge against some risk. Hav-
pretty much fixed. Since the demand ing gold comprise 10 to 15 per cent
for gold is almost twice the amount of any portfolio would probably be
that is actually mined, the prices for sufficient. The best investment in

gold are likely to go up steadily. gold assets should be in the form of

At present, gold prices are hovering gold bullion and exchange traded
between Rs.11,000 and Rs.13,000 per funds and never in jewellery. Gold
10 grams, giving investors an idea of can be a saviour from inflation and
easy return between 15 and 30 per recession rather than a high return
cent in a year. To look at, gold seems opportunity.
to be a good harbour amidst the ha- ■
voc of other assets caused by the The author is a Research Associate
global crisis. with Finerva
For answer turn to page 07
Monday, November 17, 2008
Websites of the day
A chronicle of enterprising demises:
See how far your personal computer has come with a visit to this
technology archive:

Banking for the

With its low-cost ATMs and STMs,
Cashnxt Technologies promises to provide
banking solutions for rural India

partner with companies that had and SKIT, Jaipur, which enables a
already launched similar low- customer perform all transac-
cost banking devices for the rural tions done in a regular bank by
poor.” interacting with a real teller from
the bank using two-way audio
Branching out and video), E-POS termi-
Their new kiosk is a nals, and a mobile and

he branchless banking ini- plug ‘n’ play branch- branchless banking ga-
tiative of countries like Bra- less banking network teway to offer services
zil and Philippines inspired that enables custom- like cash withdrawal,
these social entrepreneurs ers in semi-urban depositing cash, print-
to start a financial service outside and rural markets to ing cheque books, etc.
conventional banks using infor- undertake most finan- “Huge operational
mation and communication cial transactions. It uses cost and poor connectiv-
technologies. a network of low-cost ity are main reasons why
Cashnxt Technologies is the ATMs (manufactured by Vortex banks do not set up ATMs in vil-
latest entrepreneurial venture of Engineering, Chennai), Smart lages.
Anish Achuthan (26) and Ramee- Teller Machines (developed As service providers our net-
na Rabeedin (28). Both have ei- jointly by interns of IIT-Varanasi work can be used by any bank or
ther worked or founded a couple MFIs on a pay-per-use basis
of start-ups based in Kerala, mak- without any capital investment or
ing their entrepreneurial journey additional infrastructure,” ex-
more interesting. plains Anish, who also founded
Ridiculed by classmates and companies like Ifuturz Wireless
finding no support and encour- and TNGiCube.
agement from parents, the Cashnxt has partnered with
friends are out to prove that four banks in Kannur for their pi-
dreams can be fulfilled even in lot project, which will commence
the least conducive of environ- from December, and has de- Rameena and Anish; (below) The personal banking machine
ments. ployed 10 such kiosks. They are
currently looking for funding and In a Minute
Learning from failures partners to take them places. The Company: Cashnxt Technologies
The seeds for the venture (Mo- company is also moving its base
Started: 2008
beo Technologies) were sown in to Gurgaon where it hopes will
2007, where they christened their give them more access to Venture
Founders: Anish Achuthan and Rameena Rabeedin
low-cost banking terminal as Capitalists and like-minded Team: 25
‘Personal Banking Machines’. banks. Funding: self
These machines enabled custom- Focus areas: Offering banking service to the banked and
ers access ATM and banking ser- Funding dreams unbanked customers in rural and semi-urban markets
vices using their finger print and Anish’s exposure with various using low-cost ATMs and STMs
a mobile pin. But after a year of companies, which he was asso- Website:
operation they were forced to ciated since his engineering days, Email:
close down due to unfavourable helped him pool the initial re-
market conditions, including RBI source for Cashnxt. “We started expertise with him. Kishore Bob- forms.
regulations, viability of PBM in Kochi with a 15-member team, ba (former VP of First Bank of De- Their road ahead is challeng-
hardware distribution, etc. with investments from a group of laware, USA), Pradeep Bhutani ing, but they agree if they cross
“We realised our mistakes and friends and alumina of our col- (former VP technology of Know- these obstacles it will bring
took the failure of Mobeo as a lege,” they recall. cross Solutions) and Shivani Vig smiles to rural bankers.■
learning experience,” says Anish, Thanks to Venturewoods, (financial consultant with IBM (If you are an entrepreneur with
president and CEO of Cashnxt where Anish blogs, and LinkedIn Global Services) are other core a successful business model or
Technologies, which they re- he found more like-minded peo- members in his team, which he know one, write to us at
launched in 2008. “We decided to ple who were ready to share their connected through online plat-
06 VILLAGE ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

Dog glues jaw shut

A dog glued its jaws together after sinking his teeth
into a fast food menu. Cymbeline, a Scottish terrier,
turned the high-gloss finish into a papier mache
after biting into the pamphlet to bring it to her
owner Kimberly Fisher, 41.

New Zealand Nationals sign Husband’s foreign deals may

deal to form government pose issue for Clinton
New Zealand Prime Minister-elect John Key Former President Bill
announced on Sunday his party has signed a deal Clinton’s globe-trotting
with allies to form a government, allowing him to business deals and
start work on pulling the country out of recession. fund-raising for his
Key’s centre-right National Party won the largest foundation sometimes
share of the vote in a November 8 general put his activities
election, ending nine years of centre-left Labour abroad at odds with
Party rule under Helen Clark, but not enough to Hillary Rodham
govern outright. Clinton, and it could
Reuters cause complications for
her if President-elect
Barack Obama
considers her to be
Turkey’s energy minister secretary of state.
During her own
in Iran for gas talks presidential campaign
Turkish Energy Minister Hilmi Guler held talks with his earlier this year, the
Iranian counterpart in Tehran on Saturday on expanding New York senator criticised China for its crackdown on
the two countries’ gas ties, an official from Turkey’s protesters in Tibet and urged President George W Bush to
embassy told Reuters on Sunday. Turkish Energy Ministry skip the Olympics in Beijing. Her campaign was
sources had told Reuters last month that the two embarrassed by reports that her husband’s foundation had
neighbours had resolved problems on planned investment raised money from a Chinese Internet company that
in Iran’s South Pars gas field and they may sign a posted an online government ‘Most Wanted’ notice
production deal in November. Iran’s Oil Ministry news seeking information on Tibetan human-rights activists that
website SHANA reported may have been involved in the demonstrations.
he had met with Iranian PTI
Oil Minister
Gholamhossein Nozari
the same day, but did
not say whether the two U.S. to withdraw Apache
sides had signed any
deals or whether they helicopters from S.Korea
would meet again on The United States will withdraw Apache attack
Sunday. “Negotiations helicopters from South Korea in March and replace
on the development of them with A-10 attack aircraft and MH-53
three phases of the helicopters, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency
South Pars gas deal are quoted Seoul’s defence ministry as saying on
underway,” Iran’s ISNA Sunday. The 24 Apache helicopters, to be replaced
news agency quoted with 12 A-10 attack aircraft and two MH-53
Nozari as saying on helicopters, will be redeployed to Iraq or
Sunday. Afghanistan, it said.
Reuters Reuters

Oxford extends freeman right to women

he right to be a freeman of equality with women doing the through becoming someone’s
Oxford has always been same roles as me and rightly so,” apprentice. We felt that things
awarded to men, but now the Telegraph quoted Chris But- should become equal,” he said.
for the first time it has been terfield, an Oxford freeman, as The Privy Council agreed to
extended to women by the Ox- saying. change the charter in May and on
ford Freeman association. “The old rules stated that 30 October Linda Cox, 23, Butter-
Founded in Saxon times, the membership could only be field’s daughter became the first
association has now decided to passed from father to son or woman to join the association.
include the women folk also and “To me it was important to join
has this year accepted its first ten because my dad and the others
female members, with another 20 had worked so hard to change the
expected to be welcomed next The association has rules so that we would be allowed
year. now decided to to join and become Freewomen,”
The admissions overturn a ban she stated.
that was set out in the admission include the women At the time of the Domesday
rules contained in the associa- folk also and has book, only freemen could vote
tion’s charter of 1551. and trade in Oxford.
“In the old days there was no
this year accepted its They were also the only people
need for women to become free- first en female who could be elected to the town
men because they were busy hav- members council until 1835. ■
ing kids, but we live in an era of ANI
Monday, November 17, 2008
Couple get hitched in a tractor
A Chinese couple has tied the knot - mid-air in two This day, that year
tractor digger buckets. The pair wanted to honour It was on November 17, 1869 that the
Chinese tradition not to allow the bride’s feet to Suez Canal opened in Egypt, linking the
touch the ground - so they stood in the tractors, Mediterranean and the Red seas.
as the groom sells heavy machinery for a living.

Jab we met
Brown mulls tax to
welcome Santa Claus
ritish Prime Minister could be more than the 15 bil- their own tax cuts - a stance
Gordon Brown is said to lion pounds initially expected, which could hurt UK exporters.
be contemplating a pack- which works out at 500 pounds He hit back at George Osborne,
age of tax cuts, thereby for every family in the country. the shadow chancellor, for ac-
enabling people to have enough However, there are clear cusing him of pushing sterling
money to celebrate Christmas. signs of tension between to ‘collapse’ by increasing go-
The PM will make changes to Downing Street and the Treasu- vernment borrowing. The
the tax credits regime and tar- ry over the overall scope of the pound fell to 1.48 dollar last
get extra help at less well-off tax-cutting programme, which week.
families “as quickly as possible” will be targeted at boosting re- The Prime Minister said: “I
to meet what he said was the tail spending in the run-up to believe that at a time when na-
government’s ‘fairness agenda.’ Christmas. tions are coming together all
The better off are not expect- Darling is understood to be over the world to deal with
ed to be among the winners advocating a more cautious ap- these problems, I think people
from the package, to be an- proach, particularly as the mea- are looking to politicians to be
nounced by Chancellor Alistair sure can only be funded by responsible and to show leader-
Darling in the Pre Budget Re- increasing already high levels of ship. We are taking the policy
port (PBR) next week, reported government borrowing. that is absolutely essential to
The Telegraph. The Prime Minister admitted take people through these diffi-
The total ‘stimulus’ to Bri- that other countries were less cult times.” ■
tain’s beleaguered economy willing than Britain to bring in ANI

쒀 Bollywood actresses Mahima Choudhary and

Mandira Bedi at a promotional event iat Taj Hotel
in Lucknow on Saturday. PTI PHOTO


I R D A O British PM will make changes to the tax credits regime and
target extra help at less well-off families as quickly as possible
N L O A D to meet what he said was the government’s ‘fairness agenda’
08 SPORT ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

Nestor, Zimonjic win Masters doubles

Daniel Nestor and Nenad Zimonjic downed Bob and Mike Bryan in straight sets to claim
the Masters Cup doubles title and snatch the US twins’ number one ranking on Sunday.
The Canadian-Serbian Wimbledon champions won a first-set tie-break and dominated
the second set to win 7-6 (7/3), 6-2 in 74 minutes, ending the Bryans’ three-year run as
end-of-season number ones.

India start fa
Dhoni takes on Hayden
Un-amused by Matthew Hayden’s “third world”
remark, India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni on
Sunday hit back at the
Australian opener and said
the Aussies are always slow in
going through their overs, no
matter which part of the
world they play.
“The Australians have played
England scrambling to find the right balance before the second O
all over the world and their
over-rate has been slow all
over the world,” was Dhoni’s sarcastic comment
at the mandatory pre-match media conference
before Monday’s second One-Day International
against England. Back home after the 0-2 defeat
in the Test series against India, Hayden spoke
about, what he perceived, poor ground
conditions and inordinate delays during the
matches “that happen in Third World countries”.
“They (opposition batsmen) are very difficult to
get to face up,” Hayden said. "Often we find
ourselves with hands on hips waiting for
someone to either face up or someone in the
sight board to move away; all the little
frustrations that happen in Third World
countries and the heat as well,” he said.
Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has
already hit back at Hayden for his excuses for his
team not maintaining the required over-rate at
Nagpur which cost them dear at a crucial stage
of the fourth and final Test when they could not
use their frontline fast bowlers. “The thing
about the Aussies is that they are sore losers.
They get personal when they get beaten,”
Akram said.

No place for Becks Indian cricketers enjoy a game of football during a training session ahead of the second One-
England manager Fabio Capello has given a Day International between India and England in Indore. PHOTO: AFP
surprise call-up to Chelsea defender Michael
Mancienne for Wednesday’s friendly in Germany
and left out former captain David Beckham. As

ith their confidence on a Skipper Kevin Pietersen says his England counterparts – led by the
well as Mancienne, who is on loan with high after the landslide team would bounce back and redoubtable Andrew Flintoff –
Championship (second division) leaders win in the opening ODI, come hard at India in the second looked quite innocuous and
Wolverhampton Wanderers, Capello also named in-form batsman Yuvraj clash. But that looks easier said failed to take advantage of wha-
Aston Villa pair Curtis Davies and Gabriel Singh’s back injury is India’s only than done against an in-form In- tever juice it possessed in the
Agbonlahor in his 23-man squad on Saturday. concern as they prepare to take dian line-up, which did not show morning. Pietersen’s decision to
on a battered England in the sec- any sign of missing a stalwart in ask India to take first strike must
Squad ond one-dayer of the seven- Sachin Tendulkar, who has been have been prompted by the array
Goalkeepers: David James (Portsmouth), Scott match cricket series on Monday. rested for the first three matche- of pace bowlers at his disposal,
Carson (West Bromwich Albion), Joe Hart After drubbing the visitors by a s.It was Tendulkar’s masterly bat- but to his chagrin all of them
(Manchester City) Defenders: Wayne Bridge massive 158 runs, the Indians are ting that enabled India to tame were taken to the cleaners by the
(Chelsea), Glen Johnson (Portsmouth), Matthew hoping that Yuvraj, who pum- Australia in the latter’s lair in the Indian batsmen. It is unlikely the
Upson (West Ham United), John Terry (Chelsea), melled the English attack with an triangular ODI series Down Un- South Africa-born batsman, who
Curtis Davies (Aston Villa), Joleon Lescott unbeaten 138, would be fit to take der at the beginning of the year top-scored in England’s reply
(Everton), Michael Mancienne the field on Monday. Skipper Ma- and his absence was surprisingly with a confident and attractive 63
(Chelsea), Micah Richards hendra Singh Dhoni says a final not even felt at Rajkot’s Madhav- before he was run out, will repeat
(Manchester City) Midfielders: Steven call on the attacking left-hander, rao Scindia ground. The array of the same mistake henceforth.
Gerrard (Liverpool), Gareth Barry who required a runner for most stroke-players that India possess
(Aston Villa), Michael Carrick part of his innings in the Rajkot in the batting line-up, starting Lessons learned
(Manchester United), Frank Lampard ODI, would taken just before the with the potent opening combine “It’s definitely disappointing to
(Chelsea), Stewart Downing match. Pace spearhead Ishant of Virender Sehwag and Gautam lose. But there are six games left
(Middlesbrough), Ashley Young Sharma, meanwhile, is all but out Gambhir followed by Suresh Rai- in the series and we intend to
(Aston Villa), Shaun Wright-Phillips of the match after Dhoni admit- na, Yuvraj, Rohit Sharma and bounce back and hit India hard
(Manchester City), Theo Walcott ted that his ankle sprain needs Dhoni, must be causing not only on Monday. We would give them
(Arsenal) Forwards: Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth), more time to heal. envy but also awe among the vis- a good run for the money,” the
Darren Bent (Tottenham Hotspur), Peter Crouch iting team. England captain said after his
(Portsmouth), Gabriel Agbonlahor (Aston Villa). Time to crawl back The Indian new ball bowlers team’s humiliating defeat in the
(Reporting by Martyn Herman; Editing by Tony England, on the other hand, Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel in first ODI.
Jimenez) have to battle low morale after particular extracted life even in However, to achieve this he
Reuters the pasting they received at the the afternoon on what was a per- said the team has to improve in
hands of the marauding Yuvraj. fect belter in Rajkot while their all aspects of the game. India, on
Monday, November 17, 2008

No. No. I beat probably the best player of all time. I have no regrets about doing that. To
beat him means a similar amount to winning a tournament like this (Masters Cup). Ideally
I would have liked to have beaten him easier, and given myself a slightly better chance to
prepare for this match, but I’m proud that I gave 110 percent in the match.
Andy Murray has no regrets about his draining win over Roger Federer

orld number three Novak Djo- Djokovic broke back for 6-5 and made no

kovic thrashed Russia’s Nikolay mistake at his second attempt to serve it
Davydenko 6-1, 7-5 in the Mas- out, sinking to his knees as Davydenko
ters Cup final on Sunday to lift netted a return at 40-0.
his second major trophy this year. The
Australian Open champion fizzed Previous meeting
through most of the match in front of a Djokovic had already beaten Davy-
packed Qi Zhong Stadium and snuffed denko in the group stage along with
out a late revival as he ended a six- Juan Martin del Potro and downed Gilles
month title drought at the lucrative sea- Simon in the semi-finals. He lost all three
ODI son finale.
The 21-year-old Djokovic, who be-
group matches on his debut last year.
The two had only met once before this
comes the first Serbian year-end cham- tournament, when Djokovic retired from
pion and takes home 1.24 million dollars their Davis Cup match in February with
in prize money, also moves to within just dizziness and exhaustion. After the Aus-
10 points of Roger Federer’s second tralian Open, Djokovic won Masters
rankings spot. events in Indian Wells and Rome but had
“I certainly put it at level of the Grand not claimed a title since May. Davyden-
Slams. It’s a great achievement for me, ko is appearing at his fourth straight
I’m so happy,” Djokovic said. With de- end-of-year tournament after another
fending champion Federer knocked out busy season when he won more than 50
and top-ranked Rafael Nadal injured, it matches including titles at the Miami
was up to Djokovic to add a dash of class Masters, Poertschach and Warsaw. The
to the final and he duly delivered in a Russian, who beat Britain’s Andy Murray
clinical first set. in the last four, is left waiting for his first
top-level title after four Grand Slam
Good start semis and nearly three-and-a-half years
The 21-year-old Serb was immediately in the top 10. ■
spraying backhands past Davydenko AFP
and he broke at the first attempt when
the Russian netted. Davydenko was in
deep trouble when he miss-hit a back-
hand to go 4-0 down. Djokovic lifted a
perfect lob over Davydenko, who man-
aged just six points in the first five
games before finally holding serve 5-1.
The Serb briefly wobbled as he served
for the set, saving two break points be-
fore going ahead after just 32 minutes.
The fifth-ranked Davydenko unfroze at
the start of the second set and he won a
peach of a point with a savage approach
shot and tightly angled backhand volley.
But the Russian’s shoulders slumped
again as he hit an easy smash wide and
was broken again as the backhand vol-
ley failed him. He saved two match
points on his serve and then, as Djokovic
the other hand, could not have wicket and weather conditions. served for the match, broke for the first
asked for a better start to the sev- Samit Patel, who was set upon by time in a sudden resurgence. However,
en-match series that concludes Sehwag and Gambhir as soon as
on December 2 at the Ferozshah he was introduced to bowl, took
Kotla ground in Delhi. The man- two wickets but conceded 78 Djokovic
datory new ball after 34 overs and runs. With Monty Panesar not a
the new Power Play rule, taken by part of the ODI fold, visitors’ spin crushes
India from 34th to 38th overs, al- options are limited.
so is a big advantage for big hit- They are also missing the swing Davydenko
ters. At the end of the 34th over, bowling of Ryan Sidebottom, who
India were 216 for two giving a could have caused some prob- to win year-
run-rate of 6.35 and the team lems with his movement as the
added 171 runs in the last 16 other four – Flintoff, Steve Harmi- ending
overs at a whopping 10.6 per son, James Anderson and Stuart
over, a clear indicator of the dif- Broad – rely on pace and bounce Masters Cup
ference these two rules made to more than movement in the air to
the overall picture. get wickets. Sidebottom has not

played since suffering a heel in-
Spin problem jury during the Stanford Super
Yusuf Pathan, who lasted just Series of matches in the West In-
two balls after the electric start dies and even if passed fit, it is
provided by the openers, could difficult to see him getting in
give way for left-arm spinner Pra-
gyan Ojha if the think tank feels
that more variety is required in
the spin department which had
without bowling extensively at
the nets after having had such a
long break.The odds, thus, seem
to be in India’s favour ahead of
three off-spinners to fall back on the second ODI, but the home
at Rajkot. England, meanwhile, team needs to guard against
are grappling with their problems complacency more than anything
of how to forge a potent bowling else. ■
attack to take advantage of the PTI
10 FLICK ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

Pitt furious
Brad Pitt is said to be furious over his ex-
wife Jennifer Aniston’s comments about his
present spouse, Angelina Jolie. Aniston has
said that it was ’uncool’ for Jolie to spill the
beans about falling in love with him while
he was still married to her.


hey say when a man is pos-
sessed; there is no limit to
what he can do. He loses all
reason and does things out
of sheer instinct as though he has
It is an out and out Suriya special as
the strength of a 1000 elephants.
That is ‘Varanam Aayiram’ for
the actor plays the father and son
It explores the father-son bond
duo with ease
in depth, trying to bring out how his son at college and says “You sometimes overshadows the ol-
a father inspires his son since his are on your own now. We’re der Suriya’s character. His oozing
childhood days and how the child grown men. Take care”, you are charm and shirtless escapades
grows, struggling to find himself not only overwhelmed by the ma- were too much for the girls to
until passion overtakes him and turity of the father, trying to push take. Simran looks graceful as she
he finds solace in it, just as his his son into the world but also ages in the movie and in her quiet
father did. Here, both father and crushed by Suriya’s reply; “Bye support and unending love for
son are possessed. Possessed by daddy”, with tears in his eyes. her husband. Sameera Reddy
love and possessed by passion. So daddy taught him to fall in with her dashing smile looks
The movie begins with Krish- love. And he falls in love, twice. adorable throughout and Divya
nan (Suriya), dying after a long And both times, loving with all Spandana plays a mature, level
struggle with throat cancer. His his heart. headed Priya who becomes a vital
son Surya (Suriya again), an army The first half of the movie part of Suriya’s life later on in the
major who is heading to Kashmir breezes away light heartedly with movie.
on a rescue mission, crumbles five of its seven songs coming Gautham Menon has indeed
when he hears the news. He drifts even before the interval. The gen- lived up to his name of being a
into his past, remembering and eral pace of the movie is quick versatile, mature director with
savoring every memory of his fa- with scenes flashing by, all of this movie being his most perso-
ther and the things he taught them having some impact or the nal one yet. Thamarai’s lyrics give
him. As the flashback begins, other on you. The latter half gets the right mood for each scene
Krishnan is shown as a romantic, more serious and its message and Harris Jayaraj’s melodies
who woos Malini (Simran) and shows quite bluntly; saying no to complement them. Antony has
marries her. He is also an open drugs, booze and smoking. The yet again proved his editing bril-
minded and caring father, who movie hits the smokers hard as liance.
always wants the best for his son that is what ultimately leads to Totally realistic with many
though they were facing financial Krishnan’s death. scenes tugging at your heart and
problems. Somewhere between Suriya as Krishnan is brilliant at your tear glands, ‘Varanam
these things, he teaches his son and is almost perfect if it weren’t Aayiram’ is an out-and-out Suri-
how to love and how to live. And for the makeup that was scream- ya movie that not only shows him
Suriya looks up to him as an idol. ing for attention. The youngster maturing as a person in reel life
A scene where Krishnan drops role too is equally brilliant and but also as an actor in real life. ■


Monday, November 17, 2008

Fockers to return M wants to quit

Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro have signed up for a Judi Dench, who plays M in the James Bond movies,
second sequel to the Focker series. (Meet the wants to leave the 007 franchise, producer Barbara
Fockers was titled ‘Meet the Parents’ here). The film Broccolli, who is against her exit, has revealed.
is tentatively titled “Little Fockers,” Dench first appeared as M in 1995 when Pierce
reports. Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman are Brosnan played Bond in “Golden Eye”. After that,
also likely to reprise their roles she starred in seven more Bond movies.

Cine City
heads to UK for slim pill

addy, a.k.a. R. Madha- cular look that he has acquired
van, has headed to slim- for ‘Ghajini’. He needs to look
ming clinics at Ashford in leaner and more athletic, as he
the United Kingdom to did in ’Dil Chahta Hai’. Playing a
fit the role of a college student in student at 40-plus won’t be diffi-
Raj Kumar Hirani’s “Three cult for Aamir. He has done so in
Idiots”. ‘Rang De Basanti’ with great suc-
Madhavan, who has tempora- cess. Sharman doesn’t need to
rily shifted base to Mumbai to se- lose any weight. He looks com- Vaaranam Aayiram trimmed
riously pursue a career in Hindi pletely in character. Madhavan Vaaranam Aayiram has hit the screens finally. But
movies, has taken off for two needs to look more toned,” said a the talk among the film viewers is that the movie
weeks to Ashford to work on his source close to the project. is too long. There is lot of emotional drama and
physique. “My sister lives in Ash- A time frame has been set for the film to an extent is similar to Cheran’s
ford and there’re very good each of the actors to get into Thavamai Thavamirundhu. Now we hear that the
health clinics here. Whenever I shape to suit their characters. Varanam Aayiram team has cut 15 minutes of the
need to change around my me- “It’s not about looking thinner film. It is said that the sequence where Suriya goes
tabolism or rework my physique or younger. All three of us need to in search of a kidnapped boy in Delhi is trimmed.
for a role, I head for Ashford. And look convincing as IIT students. If that’s the case, the sad part is that actor
at the moment I’m re-working How we choose to do so has been Prithviraj (Babloo) will be no more be in the film.
my physique to look like a stu- left to us,” said 38-year-old
dent,” Madhavan told new agen- Madhavan.
cy IANS over the phone. He returns in two weeks to re-
Apparently, Hirani has asked sume the shooting of “Teen Pat-
all his three leading men - Aamir ti”, which was suspended when
Khan, Sharman Joshi and Mad- his co-star Amitabh Bachchan fell
havan - to “look like IIT (Indian ill.
Institute of Technology) “It was scary how suddenly he
students.” was taken ill. We really don’t care
The interpretation of that in- about the delay. All we want is for
struction has been left to Amitji to be perfectly all right
the individual actors. again,” Madhavan
“Aamir will lose added. ■
some of that ag-

Ghajini goes for reshoot

We hear that Aamir Khan is not satisfied with a
few shots of the Ghajini remake. The actor, after
seeing the rushes of Ghajini, has requested director
Murugadoss to reshoot a few scenes. As per
Aamir’s request the scenes will be shot again. We
have to wait and see whether the film would be
released in December as announced earlier.
12 ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

■ My sister with Gujarathi dress in

Friday’s Question: UKG
Recall your favourite Magesh,
fancy dress moment
■ I had a tiff with many of my
from school days... friends when they played sprinkling
■ ’The Hindu’ published my photo ink in my white shirt on 1st April as I
wearing Nehru dress during school sprinkled ink first on their clothes
Children’s’ day fest in 1994. What a Tony,
moment! CGSL
Sivakumar Ganesan,
Athena PA/S1 ■ My favourite fancy dress moment
will be the one in which I was
■ Yeah, I must say this instant where dressed like a tribal girl, complete
my younger brother stood like a with black make-up, spears and
stranger by wearing a coat and head-gears
dhothi to portray Mahakavi character Rakshita Sreenivasan,
with a bunch of people who were all Wipro Technologies Viswanahan Reddy from TCS has nominaed his
dressed as foreigners. collegues as Partners in Crime. This pic was clicked at
Arunkumar Raja, ■ In my LKG and I was wearing Kodaikanal.
CGSL Barath Maatha dress... Being in the
stage itself I asked my teacher ’ mam
■ When I dressed as enna pannaradhu’. All the audience
’kudkudupukaran’ and started started to laugh...
shouting ‘Nalla Kaalam Porakudu’ on Krishnaveni,
the stage. Accenture
E4E-Nittany ■ When i was in 3rd standard I was
dressed up as Gandhiji and my dhoti
■ When I was studying in 1st came off before I reached the stage...
standard my favourite fancy dress Tats unforgettable for me
Venkat.S, Bell Canada
■ I played Ravana with ten heads .
■ When I was in the attire of With coolers.
Chatrapati Sivaji on that day, the Jagan,
duplicate moustache fell down on Capgemini Tidal
stage. But got first prize. Good news
was that I was the only participant :) ■ I dressed as a heaven angel when I
he he he… was in my 3rd standard and I started
Divakar, eating fruits instead giving that to
Patni Computers the audience... Nazeer from HCL technologies has nominated his
friends Karthik, Venmani and Saravanan at Partners in
■ There wouldn’t have been a worse HCL Tech
Crime. This pic was clicked at Wayanad.
embarrassing situation than the one I
faced when I stood in front of our ■ Dressing and pretending like
folks during dress the couple event. Mahathma Gandhiji, Nehruji and
People pass comments on me even waving our Indian flag in air with
now. pride... Was my favourite one from
Ravi, my school days...
Wipro Ahmed,
■ Yeah.. I could remember I have
participated in a fancy dress
competition by wearing an elephant
Today’s Query:
dress I could not see anything in the
stage as I covered my face with a What Friends character
mask.. I fell down in the stage as I
did some few dance steps would you like to be
Ramco Systems and why?
■ Once I dressed up like Lord Readers, you can nominate your query for
Hanuman with all the perfect the Ergo Mobile column. Just send in your
costumes for a function at school.. question to with the
That was my memorable moment subject: Mobile query. If we like your
Vinoth Kumar, question, we will publish it with credit. Sakthi Nivashan MS from Infosys Technologies has
Allsec Cheers. nominated his team as Partners in Crime. This pic was
clicked at their project party.
Monday, November 17, 2008

■ Dear Thiru,
Mano, Venkat, Prasanna, From morning till night, May ur birthday be ATG ROCKERS- Kevin,Srini,Raghu,Sai Pratha,Arun
Laks, Durga, AValli, Seshu, bright, And nicer than ever before. And as Babu, Sushma, Vinoth, Rafiya, Prakash, Praveen,
Binod, Bala, Arun, Divya and years come and go, May ur happiness grow, Team Kevin & Team Srini
Sri have nominated B.Ra- and ur deams come true.Happy Birthday!
mesh of HCL Technologies by AP1, AP2, AP3 and EBPP Team, Wipro ■ Hi Vijay Krish,
for Talent Scout. A birthday is jus the first day of another 365-
He is very much talented in ■ Dear Nehru Dinakaran and Hima Bindu day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip.
acting and dancing. He never Happy Birthday, Bhoomi Ethirparthirupathu With luv,Venkat,Deepu,Aravind,Senthil, TCS
compromise perfection with Suriya Ozhi kaga, Nangal Ethirparthirupathu
anything else. That is the Un Anbana Treatu Kaga. We all Wish u a ■ Hey Bricky (Athish)
specialty of him. His Happiest Birthday:) Wishing u a very happy and fantabulous
performance in Semi finals Dinesh,Fiaz,Sheik,Bindu,Prem And Colleagues birthday. Njoi and tc:)
plays the major role for Regards,... Sharanya.. HCL Technologies
getting the first place in the ■ Dear Srinivasulu Sir (manager)
HCL Tidel Galatta event. We wish u very happy birthday and a great ■ Dear Chandana (colleague Shankari’s
year ahead daughter), Wishing u in advance of ur
Kesavan, Klenpal, Murali, Citi edp team stepping into 366th day of ur life. May God
bless u with all love & affection. Hav a fun
■ Dear Chithu, filled Birthday.
A heartfelt birthday wish to my sister. Wish u Hearty Wishes, Vinothkumar.A, CTS
many more happy returns of the day.
Hearty Wishes, Balamurugan-CGSL ■ Sir [Polachupo] Shivaprakash (BoK),
Namma Sangam sarbaga Engal Iniya pirandha
■ Dear Venki Remo naal nal vazhthukul. Nee sonna madhiriye
Many Many more Happy returns of the day vilambaram pannitom. Sandhoshama ??
Wishes by.... Stpi-hsdc group Idhallam pannadhu nee treat vaipannu oru
nambikaiyil dhan.
■ Dear Ragava .. By Sangam, Software Engineer, CMED, Infosys
Wish you many more happy returns of the
day. Happy Birthday:) ■ Dear Rupa,
wishing you always...T-50 Friends ILP 2007 We wish u belated happy birthday.
May god give u good health, wealth and
■ Dear Nancyga, peace of life.
Badhri from HCL Wish u a many more happy returns of the Best Wishes, DCMS –Team, FSS.
Technologies doodled this day.May God bless each and every desire of
urs.Blessed to hav u in my life. ■ Dear Thayir Sadham,
Dennisa Wishing u a day soft as silk. White as milk (to
make curd rice). Sweet as honey & full of
■ Hi Chitra, money (To sponsor us snacks everyday).
Wish u Many more Happy Returns of the Day. Message24 Team, FSS, Tidel Park.
May this day bring abundant joy and pleasure
to u. May this birthday bring u prosperity and ■ Dear Subhasri (Tina),
be the beginning of another spectacular year. "Happy Birthday" wish u many more happy
Chantigadu Local(Tadi), Kundavai, returns of the day. wish u all success. CHEERS!
Arunachalam,Krishna,Thiru, TCS-GE Wind Team Praveen Kumar, Allsec Tech.

■ Dear Suya Annie ■ Hi Annathey (Uchi Kanna),

May ur birthday be extra special, may ur Wish u Happy Birthday:)Thanks is not a word
dreams and wishes come true, We wish u will which would equal all ur caring and helpful
be a child forever, with ur face always smiling actions, Still I would like say that for all ur
and ur focus always on ur planned efforts in each and every step in my life. Also
acheivements. We wish u a very Happy for being a good friend and Philosopher for
Birthday. me.
Kalainathan.P, SundaramBusinessServices Ltd Your’s Sister, Mottai :) and Family Members, Infosys

■ Dear Sowmi, ■ Hi my dear Pattaani,

Belated happy birthday shorty. Many many Wish you a very happy Birthday. It’s a special
Question : You are driving a bus from Washington to Detroit with
more happy returns of the day dear. May ur time to celebrate and I hope all your wishes
33 people on board. At New Jersey, 12 people get down and 7
dreams and wishes come true. Keep smiling come true. Have a colourful day da.
people get in. At Chicago, another 11 people get in but no one got
always!!! Hearty wishes,... ur Tulasi :) Infosys
down. After 8 hours, the bus reaches Detroit with 42 people on
Aparna, Sutherland
board. ■ Hi Cathy Kutty,
Now find out what is the driver’s name? ■ Dear Senthil, Wish U Many More Happy Returns Of the
Ans : You are the driver.
We wish u a very Happy Happy Birthday with Day!
Shakeeb Aadil & AshokKumar Muniyandi from HCL
lots of Fun and Happiness. Let Gods Blessing With Lots Of Luv,... Kanimozhi S, Selvamani K,
Pallu valina palla pudungalaam aana...
be always with u to reach ur targets. May u Ramco Systems
kannu vali na kanna pudungamudiyuma... :)
hav a Special Birthday filled happiness.
Thannikulla kappal pona jolly...
With Lots of Care, Bell Wholesale Team, Sutherland ■ Hey Jan (Janani)
Kappalkulla thanni pona gali...
Happy Birthday MISS Bittu
Nee evalo periya swimmera irundhaalum, ■ Hi Serena, Have a rocking year ahead. Continue ur extra
Tumbler thannila neechal adikka mudiyaathu!!
Wish u a very happy Birthday. May god bless curricular activities he he .....
Jayalakshmi.S Hexaware Technologies.
u and all ur dreams come true... Luv,... Mega, Sindhya, Jeya, Wipro
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

A husband has been granted a divorce after
complaining his mother-in-law keeps nagging him.
Shopkeeper Luca Rossi, 36, told the court in
Salerno, Italy that his wife’s mother didn’t leave
him alone throughout four months of marriage.


Bright-eyed butterfly.
M. Madhava Kannan of
Visteon clicked this
picture in Kodaikanal
last week.
Hobbies: Photography,
reading and listening to

So you think you would make a

terrific photographer but never
really had the
platform? Mail us your best KAKURO
work and we’ll publish it in this
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Monday, November 17, 2008
Stolen church Word’s worth
A church has vanished from the Russian village
"Acroama" (ak-ro-am-uh) oral teachings heard
where it stood for almost 200 years. The Church of
only by close disciples, teachings that are not
Christ’s Resurrection, in the central Russian village
written down. From a Greek word meaning
of Komarovo, was reportedly removed in October
’anything heard.’
(08) when someone took it away brick by brick.



You may be warm and sympathetic towards others.
At office, you would be helping out others and may
handle their responsibilities too. You may be more
devoted to the family. Your beloved will be glad to
see your positive attitude towards family.


Your thoughts and beliefs will be deeply rooted.
You may not be willing to do anything superficial
and you may deal with details of each work. In love
life, you will be able to word your feelings properly
which will be appreciated by your mate or beloved.


You may be very sentimental with others. Ganesha
BORN LOSER finds you talking to everyone very nicely at office
and home. Due to this, colleagues will also have
high regards for you. Your beloved will have high
regards for you, feels Ganesha.
You may be emotional and dedicated today. You
will be studying all aspects related to work. In love
life, because of your soft and sweet nature, partner
will remain happy. On the whole, it’s a positive day
in your favour, by the Grace of Ganesha.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
At office, don’t work on anything without knowing
proper details of the matter. Else, you may end up
slogging. Ganesha feels that you may have
difference of opinion with your life partner in
emotional matters. In short, it’s a tricky day for you.
You will be able to work very amicably with your
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT colleagues. Positivity surrounds you today which will
help you perform in a very good manner. You may
have very friendly terms with your life partner. In
short, it’s a favourable day for you, says Ganesha.
You will be giving lots of creative inputs to your
colleagues. This will add to your plus points. You
may have emotional conflict with your life partner
as you may not be ready to compromise on work
and domestic life may also demand attention.
It is a lucky day for you. You will be able to finish
your routine work quickly. There will not be any
hassle in office work which will help you handle
everything efficiently. Love life may also be full of
romance. In short, day is beneficial and cool.
Despite hard work, you may not be able to finish
your work in time. Ganesha finds you bit
apprehensive about others at workplace. In love life,
you may remain passionate but there are chances of
disappointments leading to conflicts.
The day is not in your favour so it will be better not
to arrange important meetings today. You will not
be in a mood to rush for things. Pending work may
be done successfully. Personal life may be full of
love and you will be inclined towards your partner.
PREVIOUS Ganesha finds you working hard at office. The
moment you sort out a problem, there may be other
ISSUE’S issues to deal with. Domestic life may be sidelined
for a while. Your partner may not be happy with
SOLUTIONS your attitude. Handle everything with care.
It’s a day to develop better professional skills. You
will be able to perform well, specifically if you are
combining technology and creativity. If you are
planning to propose someone, it’s a favourable day.
Married couples will enjoy each other’s company.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ! ERGO Monday, November 17, 2008

Woman sells her name in eBay

Eileen De Bont, 37, is auctioning off her name for
charity on eBay. The dental assistant from Wales will
legally change her name to the pick of the highest
bidder. Half the funds raised will go to charity and the
other half will be spent on her children for Christmas.


News and Newsmakers in picture

A boatman rows his boat amid

snowfall in the famous Dal Lake
in Srinagar. Heavy snowfall and
thunderstorms hit Kashmir Valley
marking early onset of winter as
normal life was paralysed and all
flights cancelled. PTI PHOTO

Foreign tourists enjoy a light moment at the annual

Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan. PTI

actress Dia Mirza
presents a
creation by
Indian designer
Rocky S during a
fashion show at
the ’Chivas in
Fashion Tour 08’
in New Delhi.

An owner shows his rabbit in a Thai style dress during a

rabbit fashion contest at the Rabbit Festa in Yokohama city
in Kanagawa prefecture, suburban Tokyo. Some 8,000
rabbit lovers visited the annual two-day event.