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Programming with Scratch

7th Grade Math

Lesson 1: Intro to Programming

Objectives: Materials:
• What is computer programming? • Intro to Programming PPT
• Why should students program? • Getting Started with Scratch PDF
• Introduce Scratch
Activity: What and Why • Install scratch at home
• Lecture/discussion on what and why; • Finish the Getting Started Tutorial
Intro to Programming PPT

Activity: Getting started with Scratch (PDF

handout pp. 1-7)
• Introduce Scratch Environment
• Guided Practice:
o Start Moving
o Add a Sound
o Start Dancing
o Again and Again
o Green Flag

Lesson 2: Scratch Syntax: Part 1

Objectives: Materials:
• Recognize, understand, and apply • Scratch Syntax: Part 1 PPT
statements, expressions, conditions, and • Follow Me handout and Scratch file
loops in Scratch • Cat Walk Project handout
• Scratch Reference Guide
Activity: The Scratch “Language” • Cat Walk Project Grading Rubric
• Lecture/discussion on statements,
expressions, conditions and loops; Homework:
Scratch Language 1 PPT • Cat Walk Project

Activity: Follow Me
• Guided Practice: Follow Me
• Highlight Scratch structures in the
Lesson 3: Scratch Syntax: Part 2
Objectives: Materials:
• Recognize, understand, and apply • Scratch Syntax: Part 2 PPT
variables, events, and threads. • Chopper Game flight code, level one
code, and finished game
Activity: Review Scratch • “Background” Scratch program
• Collect and discuss the CatWalk
Project Homework:
• Your First Game Project (simple game
Activity: The Scratch “Language” with 2 levels)
• Lecture/discussion on variables, events,
and threads.

Activity: Chopper Game

• Guided Practice: Chopper Game flight
code, level one code, and game
• “Background” Scratch program to
demo how to change backgrounds

Lesson 4: Create Your Own Project

Objectives: Materials:
• Assimilate what students have learned • Create Your Own Project Handout
about Scratch into a project of their • Grading Rubric
own design.
Activity: Review Your First Game • Review the Scratch Project Gallery for
• Collect and discuss the First Game ideas
Project. • Create a project per the guidelines

Activity: Create Your Own Project

• Provide and discuss project
• Allow students to review the Scratch
project gallery
• Begin drafting ideas for the final

Lesson 5: Final Project Sharing

Objectives: Materials:
• Present and explain final projects
Activity: Present and Share • Complete an evaluation form for
• Students will present their final project another student’s project
and explain the programming used