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2343 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington D.C.2000g tel. (202)588-5899 exLZT tax- e02)588_8938

Veleposlanstvo Republike Hrvatske u Sjerfinjenim A.meriEkim DrZavama Embassy of Republic of croatia to the united.states of America


28, 1994

Daisy L. Crockett, Case Analyst US Parole Commissiotr, NCRO Air World Centr, Suite ZZ0 rc920 Ambassador Drive Kansas City, MO 64153
Dear Ms. Crockett:
Please be advised that the Republic of Croatia has no objections to Mr. Vinko Logarusic traveling to and from Croatia, on a single or continuing basis or any objections to his eventual permanent rftsidency in the Republic of Croatia.

Vladimir Seks Vice President Nrt-,rrGovemment of t e Republic of Croatia

IJ.S. DEPARTMEI{T OF JUSTICE United States Parole Cornrnigsion

10920 Ambcssodor Drive Air World Center, Suib 220 Krrnso;g

Cit!, MO 6r',163

June 22, 1994

The Honorable Howard M. Metzenbaum U. S. Senator L24O E. gth Street, Room 29t5 Cleveland, Ohio 44L99 Dear Senator Metzenbaum: Thank you for your inquiry relative to the request you received from Vinko Iogarusic.

I would like to advise you that Mr. L,ogarusic was committed to custody on June 30, L982 to serye a 20 year regular adult sentence for Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering. Mr. Logarusic and his codefendants participated in a Croatian terrorist ring from 1975-1981 and were responsible for two murders, several attempted
murders, approximately 15 bombings and aftsmFted bombings, and an international extortion scheme involving over 50 United States victims and the fuensportation of weapons and explosives throughout the country. According to the U.S. Attorneys report, the crimes comrnitted by this terrorist ring were a.mong some of the most violent ever committed in the United States over a sustained period of time with the codefendants receiving sentences of 20-40 years. It should also be noted that Mr. Ingarusic was responsible for 6ailing two book bombs to individuals; however, the bombs were intercepted by bomb squads. Even so, during the interception of the bombs, a police officer lost part of his hand when a blasting cap exploded. offense category Eight severity because he participated in a conspiracy to commit extortion, arson and murder. He has a salient factor score of 10 and the release guidelines were established at 100 months. He was eontinued to expiration of sentence. His case was also designated Original Jurisdietion by the Natioa4l Qsmrnissioners. NIr. Ingarusic was released via mandatory release on September 8, 1993 and has been on parole supervision approximately nine months. He initially requested a travel permit shortly after his release; however, I denied his request because he was unemployed at the time and living with a cousin who plantted on frnaneing the trip. Further, it was my decision that it would be very unwise to allow this parolee to travel to an area where he would likely receive s5'mpathy for his terrorist activities. Additionally, it is not my practice to allow an individual who is on parole supervision to travel outside of the country in less than one year of good parole supervision.

Mr. Ingarusic has been placed in

Senator Metzenbaum Jrrne 22, L994

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The offense behavior for which Mr. Iogarusic was committed and is on parole supervision is extremely serious behavior. It is my hope that Mr. Iogarusic will maintain an excellent adjustment to parole supervision and successfully complete his sentence on February 5, 2002.

I trust this has been responsive to your inquiry.

Sincerely yours,

/) (n,-/'./ @,,LM@
Carol Pavilack GettJ/
Regronal Comrni ssioner