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Houses in astrology is one of the way, to put components of your astrological chart into a real world context is to look

at the twelve houses of the zodiac. The houses is as below :

Kendras : Most benefic house; Trikona : Next benefic houses; Trika : Weak houses regarding death, disease, expenses etc. Maraka Houses : lead to deaths. Astrologers suggests Gem stone of the houses of Kendras & trikonas. Gems are not suggested for maraka houses. Zodiac Table S.No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Zodiac Sign HOME Aries- Personality health Taurus- Vaani Dhan Gemini- Bro. Sis. Cancer Mother, Vehicle Leo Gyan, Santan Virgo- Rog, Libra- Saadi Scorpio- aayu, excedent Sagittarius-Bhagya Capricorn- Karam Aquarius- How to labh Pisces- Kharcha Hindi Name Mesha Vrishabha Mithuna Karkataka Simha Kanya Tula Vrishchika Dhanu Makara Kumbha Meena Ruling Planet 10 Mars ( Mangal ) 4 Venus ( Shukra ) Mercury ( Budha ) Moon ( Chendra ) 1 Leo ( Surya ) 7 Mercury ( Budha ) 6 Venus ( Shukra ) 12 Mars ( Mangal ) 4 Jupiter ( Guru ) 10 Saturn ( Shani ) 7 Saturn ( Shani ) 1 Jupiter ( Guru )

In this chart, I have shown the exact position of directions. At the time of birth, Cancer Sign comes in the east direction of a horoscope. So native has a cancer Ascendant. How things comes in a horoscope. As you planets keeps always moving. In astrology, Planet always moves in Zodiac Signs. At particluar place, at particular time, at particular date, the planets get fix in that position, in that Zodiac Sign, in which they have. Next put Signs, enter anticlockwise, Leo sign ofr number 5 comes in in house 2, and number 6 or Virgo Sign comes in 3house as in left side chart. Now enter your date of birth, time of birth, place of birth; the software will make you the chart.

how The planets come in am ascendant? Answer : This is good question. 1st question comes in a mind of a native. How the planets comes in a chart. What is the process or alotment procedure of getting a position in a chart. Simple Formula you can use it, which describe in a jyotish shastram by our sages : In astrology we measure every thing in 30 degree. Same as we measure a difference between Delhi to Mumbai = 1500km say. Similarly total surface areas of zodiac signs has measured in 30 degree. As you have above seen total surface area of Zodiac Signs divided into the angle of 360 degree. it means 30 degree for each zodiac signs. Total hours in a day : 24;

Total Zodaic Signs : 12; Each Zodiac Sing hour per day : 24 / 12 = 2hr; 2 hour = 120 minutes

30 degree = 120 minutes. ( For each zodiac sign ) 1 degree will move in = 4 minutes. ie in every 4 minutes the zodiac sign move 1 degree; and appx 2 hours move forward to another zodiac sign; A complete block shift in every 2 hours. As in above example, 12-1-1872, 8.30, Delhi ; The position of planet is as

In above chart the degree of Ascendant is as 17 degree. it means Total timings = 2 * 60 : 120 minutes

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The Planets are next to their opposite (horizontally).

The Sun - Leo
self, ego, & personality. confidence, assertive, leader arrogance, egotistical, power-hungry show, leadership, entertainment The Ego, & Sense of Self Days 19: 1, 10, 28 -Sunday

The Moon - Cancer

the subconscious mind & emotions. caring, intuitive, nurturing moody, shy, insecure imagination, family, receptive The Mother & Baby Days 18: 2,11, 20, 29 -Monday

Mars - Aries
physical desire & competition aggression, active, direct temperamental, impulsive, rude unrestrained energy, sport The Masculine Days 16: 9, 18, 27 -Tuesday

Venus - Libra & Taurus

love, art, music & society. expression, social, sympathetic indecisive, dependent, too passive partnerships, marriage, harmony The Feminine Days 3: 6, 15, 24, 30 -Friday

Jupiter - Sagitarrius
expansion, opportunity & travel. positive, optimistic, cheerful lazy, careless, excessive abundance, humor, philosophy The Higher mind Days 10: 3, 12, 21, 30 -Thursday

Saturn - Capricorn
responsibility, duty, & "must do's". caution, serious, determination cold, rigid, pessimism restriction, karma, work, obstacles The Father & Old man Days 21: 8, 17, 26 -Saturday

Mercury - Gemini & Virgo

intellect & the conscious mind. analytical, speedy, witty, nervous, scattered, gossipy communication, logic The Teenager Days 1: 5,14, 23 -Wednesday

Neptune - Pisces
abstract, hypnosis, & faith compassion, idealist, psychic delusions, confused, self-less trance, illusion, confusion, oceans The Spirit Days 7, 16, 25

Uranus - Aquarius
sudden change, surprises & new. unique, intuitive, shocking erratic, unpredictable, high-strung rebellion, freedom, revolution, electric The Teacher & Knower Days 4, 13, 22, 31 Planet for Taurus - Unknown

Pluto - Scorpio
mystery, secrets & the hidden. concentration, detecting, dedicated, controlling, dominating, obsessive metamorphosis, destruction The Transformer Days 0: 00 Planet for Virgo - Unknown

Brief relationship of Planets among themselves Why is this that these planets benefit some people and harm others? The answer lies within their personal enemity. You can take example of a family which lives in a house with 12 rooms. Each room is occupied by one person. Some members of the family are friendly to each other, some are loving and others cant stand each other. Now, two siblings who are in nearby rooms, will help each other, if they are friendly. They shall quarrel if they clash. Similarly, you can imagine, the planets are also friendly, neutral or inimical to each other. The friendliness or enemity directly affects our destiny. Please memorise the chart given below: Name of Planet Sun 5 Moon 4 Mars 1-8 Mercury 3-6 Jupiter 9-12 Venus 2-7 Saturn 10-11 Rahu Ketu Friendly Planets Moon, Mars, Jupiter Sun, Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn, Rahu Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu Mercury, Venus, Saturn Venus, Saturn Neutral Planets Mercury Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Saturn, Ketu Sun, Moon, Ketu Venus, Ketu Moon, Jupiter Moon, Mars Moon, Ketu Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu Enemy Planets Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu No enemy planets Mercury, Venus, Rahu Mars, Jupiter Mercury, Saturn, Rahu Sun, Mars Sun, Jupiter Sun, Mars, Jupiter Sun

The Planet Effect:

The Sun: The most powerful body in our Solar System whose very existence insures our own on Earth. In Astrology, the Sun is associated with power, strength, leadership and self-expression - qualities found in the Sun Sign, Leo. But the power of the Sun in your Horoscope also depends upon where the Sun is located elsewhere in your birth chart - as configured in your exact birth date, time, and location. In terms of face-reading, the Sun face radiates health, power and self-confidence, as one would expect. The Sunfaced personality is graceful, magnetic and attention-getting. S/he lights up a room. The more influential the Sun is in your birth chart, the more brilliantly you shine.

The Moon: Next in importance to the Sun, the Moon controls the rhythms of our lives. The Moon influences how we respond to certain experiences and conditions. As our nearest neighbor, and although we have visited it, the Moon retains its dreamy mystery. The moon controls the tides of Earths oceans; so we know how to measure its force and influence visually, but not how to explain its cosmic force in our lives. Astrologers like Sybil Leek believes the Moon is as important as the Sun in preparing Horoscopes. One of her books focuses solely on Moon Signs - for example, Moon in Pisces, she believes, creates artful and avant garde personalities. In terms of face-reading, the moon-face is quite often round and open, with luminescent in eyes and pearl-like skin. Sometimes the face seems unfocused. Again, just what one would expect from a face influenced by the Moon. Moon is the ruling sign for Moon Child/Cancer, so you may likely find all of these factors in that Sun Sign.

Mercury: This planet influences our nervous system; its close location to Earth in our Solar System causes frequent erratic fluctuations here. To my mind, Mercury (like a thermometer) can go to extremes; hot or cold, and often rather quickly. Mercury plays up the sensitive side of a person- motivating creativity and nearly constant activity in those it influences. Depending on where Mercury appears in your chart, you will likely be a great communicator of ideas or messages. Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo in Sun Signs (two extremes, in one sense - the airy Gemini and the grounded Virgo). Mercurys negative aspect may create a sarcastic, bitter personality; on the positive side, Mercury is detailed, clever and usually wins an argument. In terms of face-reading, Mercurys two extremes show up in the propensity for the Mercury personality to wear either a great deal of make-up or absolutely none at all. With Mercury on board, its either big-time make-up face or fresh face to the world.

Venus: Sometimes known as the planet of harmony and constancy, Venus orbit is locked into axial rotation with earth. This explains how positive we generally feel about this Planet and our acceptance and enthrall with the arts created most often by those with strong Venus influence in their charts. Venus is associated directly with beauty and the arts - many Venus influenced people work in design, fashion, adornment. There also is the undeniable power to love in a Venus influence. Venus is a magnetic planet - often attracting followers and admirers (watch out for the green-eyed envies). Venus seeks the most harmonious partnerships, which this Planet shows with acceptance and grace. On the negative side,

Venus may become dependent and sometimes appears indecisive and excessively romantic. In terms of face-reading, as you would expect, Venus is unusually attractive - either dressing up to adorn and show off the beauty ( in the case of designers and fashion plates), or caring about fashion and style not at all (in the case of artists, writers, creators). This follows because Venus rules both graceful,elegant Libra and stalwart, no-nonsense Taurus. If you are boldly attracted (physically or mentally) to a new person you meet - although their face may have less than perfect features- you are, no doubt, in the presence of someone with a strong Venus effect in their chart.

Mars: Astrology views the attributes of this Red planet to be strength, power, optimism. Those who have Mars influence in their charts will show off this strength, depending on where the Planet appears. Mars rules Aries, which is so often why that Sun Sign is viewed as easy-to-anger (red), but also powerful and optimistic. Mars is a warrior, so this is a good influence in any aspect where you may need to fight - and win. Mars is the first superior planet; its orbit falling outside of Earths (unlike Mercury and Venus who are much closer to Earth). The Mars effect is to create pioneers and leaders, on the positive. On the negative side, Mars can become overly aggressive and argumentative; sometimes even rude. In terms of face-reading, the Mars face is easy to distinguish in most cases: the dominant powerful expression of Mars is shown clearly in the face it affects. Mars faces are generally square and strong, thin-lipped, with deep, penetrating eyes and often a ruddy complexion. You may find a number of Mars personalities with auburn or reddish hair; perhaps the deeper the red, the more Mars factors in a chart.

Jupiter: Astrology generally views Jupiter as the planet of power. So the man or woman standing in front of you, dressed in a power suit, will look you straight in the eye,speak to the point, and tell you how s/he thinks it is. Jupiter is one of the newer planets (discovered as one in the 1920s), but even so, its connection to earth is strong - and powerful due to its enormous source of radio radiations. The largest planet in our Solar system, Jupiter seems to have a mind of its own - spending more time transiting some Signs than others. On the positive side, Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is fortunate in business and generally successful throughout life. Jupiter is generally loyal and optimistic. On the negative side, Jupiter does not like to power-share, and sometimes may seem conceited or risk-taking to the extreme. In terms of face-reading, Jupiters influence shows itself in the look of confidence, self-control, a warm smile

and a friendly handshake. A Jupiter face is solid and square-jawed. You will feel warmth in his or her presence.

Saturn: Ah - mysterious Saturn and its rings. The influence of Saturn in your chart (ruling Capricorn) may provide some limitations in terms of reaching goals and destinations (its because of those ring barriers). But the hearty Capricorn is generally impervious to limitations, and keeps on climbing anyway (the climb may be a long and windy road, however). So depending on where Saturn falls in your chart, Saturn can unleash genius (Picasso) or limit production (George Gershwin). On the positive side, Saturn is a deepthinker and quite deliberate in work. On the negative, Saturn may seem aloof and dogmatic. in terms of face-reading, you can spot a Saturn straight off; they are quite likely to be the person in the crowd who looks the most pessimistic. They will likely not wear much make-up, if female, but their dark, flashing eyes will signal determination, strength and willingness to tackle the hardest work. Upon first meeting, if you think you are the one checking out the face, think again; Saturn is absolutely scrutinizing you to see what s/e can learn.

Uranus: This planet of eccentricity rules Aquarius. Known as one of three modern planets (the others being Neptune and the used-to-be, Pluto), Uranus, like the others, is thought to have less direct influence on a person that the more Ancient planets. I see Uranus as an important influence on the thinking in those in the science/high-tech/inventor fields. The Uranus factor lends itself to unconventional, farsighted vision. Uranus-influenced personalities are most likely to get along with those who think along the same high-levels and who understand their unconvential behavior. Uranus may bluntly speak the truth as s/he sees it, caring little about political correctness. In the positive, Uranus can change the world; in the negative, the Uranus influence may cause a personality to over-react in a desire to be perverse and different. In terms of face-reading, the slim, sallow-faced Uranus is often either wearing thick-lens glasses or a distracted, far-away look. The pale Uranus face may look sleepy or weak, but if you pay close attention you will notice the wheels turning in his/her mind. Unpredictable Uranus - but what a ride!

Neptune: Likewise a newer planet, not discovered until the 1840s, Neptune was not first seen in an orbit, but viewed as a giant planet pulling Uranus out of its orbit. Due to the amount of water believed to exist

on the planet, it bears its iconic water name and also rules Pisces. All of this water makes the Neptuneinfluenced personality fluid, mysterious and highly spiritual (reflected in his/her thinking or artistic talents). Perhaps one of the most sensitive influencing planets, Neptune can help create great artists, authors and overwhelmingly alluring personalities (Marilyn Monroe). This planet inspires intuition and imagination. On the negative side, Neptunes influence may create a self-indulgent, careless and single-minded personality. In face reading, Neptune is likely to be the woman who wears the most makeup in the room or dresses provocatively; the male Neptune may call attention to himself with his unusual hair style or dramatic sunglasses (even if not needed). Neptune loves the mystery of the masquerade. Neptune can become a great partner in creative work, so long as you understand the ups and downs of working with this fluid, intensely dramatic personality.

Pluto &Vulcan: Poor Pluto. Discovered in 1930, it was demoted to a plutoid several years ago. Scientists are still arguing about its place (or absence) in our Solar System. In the good old days, Pluto was thought to rule Scorpio (I believe it still does). At the heart of Pluto is the disagreement over its status - considering that Pluto is so powerful in terms of influencing earthquakes, volcanoes, the underworld and the creative and regenerative forces in the body, one would think reconsideration of its status as a Planet is in order (especially given the state of our current economic woes).Then, there is Vulcan, which may or may not be a Planet, depending on which solar system you are talking about (or which Star Trek episode). At this point, Vulcan has no appearance as a Planet in Astrology, but Pluto still does, even though scientifically, its a non-planet. However, I disagree. I believe both Pluto and the distant Vulcan are influencing certain people to some extent: creators of graphic sci fi novels, inventors of timemachines, those who see the world in other dimensions. If you spot a Pluto/Vulcan in a crowd, s/he most likely will be dressed in black; hair will be shaggy or partially mo-hawked; piercings and tattoos aplenty. Look for heavily made up cosmic makeup and black nail polish. These personalities appear slight or fully androgynous, seemingly existing on the very outer edges of politically correct reality. They are an acquired taste, but there is something to be learned from Plutoids and Vulcanites - and its not about visage.

The impact of Carl Jung on Astrology and the non-causal theory of the Universe. If I had world enough and knowledge enough, I could more fully explain how important this pre-eminent psychiatrist, the founder of analytic psychology, was to the validation of Astrology. During his lifetime (1875-1961), this one-time disciple of Freud, began to study the way paranormal activities (clairvoyance, telepathy) worked to enhance the spiritual nature of humanity. Jung began to collect astrological data from his patients, which he used to help him evaluate their prognosis and treatment. He conducted research on 500 married couples and found a correlation between the wifes moon sign and her husbands sun sign. As he recognized that certain character traits were being revealed by his patients through their horoscopes, he postulated there was something else in the Universe besides the causal chain. Jung later developed his theory of synchronicity (which, broadly, helps to define how extraordinary coincidences occur). A great believer in the dynamic truths found in the I Ching, Jungs search for explanations to behavior that could not be explained otherwise (or demonstrated in the laboratory) did, at the time, help validate the truth of Astrologys archetypes and the need to continue exploring the otherwise-unexplained.