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1 AFC NATIVITY PLAY 2010 THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS Reedited version SCENE 1 - The night before Christmas at the

George Household Perfect family happily preparing for Christmas decorating the Christmas tree, putting presents under tree; Little neighbour boy Ah Meng , joining them in the activities Mr & Mrs George /teenaged son Jerry /teenaged daughter Jenny / little Joey/ Grandpa & Grandma / Wong Ah Meng ( neighbours son) SONG 1 :ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Oh, how I love this Christmas season. Thank you so much for letting me come and decorate the Christmas tree with you all Uncle George . Oh, its my pleasure Meng, Its always nice to have an extra pair of hands . You sure your parents dont mind you being here with us on Christmas eve? Ya, they dont mind . Mum said I can be here til dinner time .( sighs) I just wish I could celebrate Christmas with my family too. There is so much joy here . I really love this feeling Yeah , I love this Christmas season. Its always such a joy. Dad, when you were a kid, did you help Grandpa put up the Christmas tree? I sure did son, and I looked forward to it the whole year. I cant wait to open up my presents .( picking up a gift and rattling it)I wonder whats inside this . New i-phone I hope . Meng, we have a present here for you too ( excited ) holding it to his heart) I wonder whats inside . I asked Santa for a train set I really, really hope I get a giant electric train set! (impatiently) Mum, when are Grandpa grandma coming? Its almost 7oclock. Oh theyd be here soon, just be patient. (looking excited & happy) Oh Mum, you know Christmas is THE BEST! I love the Christmas tree and the presents and lights and everything . It makes me feel sosohappy ! Yes silly, thats what they call Christmas Joy! Ya, thats why we sing so many lovely songs and carols during Christmas . Its such a joyous season and we cant help but sing . Well youve got that right. Thats what Christmas is about Joy to the world , Joy to you , to me and to my itsy, bitsy Joey!( playfully tickling the little daughter; playing , teasing children children laugh & giggle) (doorbell rings) That must be Grandpa ! ( all rush to the door grandpa & grandma enter with gifts etc ) Merry Christmas everyone !! Hooray , grandpa & Grandma are here now we can have a super duper Christmas ! Grandpa , you must be tired after that long drive from KK, Oh, Im not tired at all I love Christmas . I dont mind the long drive at all.I just feel so happy to be with all of you. You know Christmas is really my favourite time of the year. I get to see all of you and spend time with my favourite 1

Ah Meng Mr . George Ah Meng Jerry Mr George Jenny Ah Meng Joey Jerry Mrs .George Joey Jerry Jenny Mr George Mrs George Grandpa & Grandma Joey Jerry Grandpa

2 grandkids.(notices Ah Meng) ..and whos this young man? Jerry Ah Meng Grandma Mr George Mrs George Jenny Grandpa This is Ah Meng. He lives next door . He is helping us with the Christmas tree cos he doesnt have a tree in his house . Nice to meet you .I just love the Christmas season. Yes my dear, Christmas time always warms my heart. It makes me think back of all the things God has done for us . He has been so faithful. Right Mum, I know this festive season always causes a hole in my pocket- but I love it all the same . I cant help but reflect on Gods goodness and love to us and I think that sort of makes up for the pinch in the purse. (comes in carrying pot to the table ) yeah, I know its a lot of hard work what with all the cooking and entertaining, but when I think Im celebrating the birth of my Saviour- its worth it! Grandpa , which was your best Christmas ever ? do you remember? Oh, ho , ho .Ive enjoyed every Christmas my dear the Christmas your dad was born , then the Christmas when your parents got married and celebrated Christmas with us .. .And of course when you kids were bornHo Ho every Christmas has been a super duper one for me Grandpa , we have a song wed like to sing for you .. SONG 2 : SUPER DUPER CHRISTMAS Come on everyone Dinners ready ! ( everyone sits down ) (calling from offstage ) Meng, Ah Meng..Dinners ready .Were waiting for you! Oh ..Mums looking for me ..I gotta go .bye everyone .see you all tomorrow (pauses at Christmas tree) GeeI wish we could celebrate Christmas in my home. ( Mum call again Meng! ) Ok..I gotta go..Bye (runs off) Come lets give thanks to God for the food and for bringing all of us together today. ( everyone hold hands & bow) )Dear Lord, Thank You so much for gathering us as a family here today. Thank you for the food thats set before us. Thank You for Your love in our lives ..and most of all thank you for Christmas for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ thru whom we have life . In Jesus Name we pray Amen. And Jesus , please help Ah Meng, to have his own Christmas celebration in his house too . (everyone with gusto)AMEN !!! CURTAIN CLOSE SCENE TWO The Wong Household At dinner table very forlorn & cold husband & wife very distant Mr & Mrs Wong ; Ah Meng, ( 7-8yrs old) and Ah Seng (16-17yrs old) The house is cold and forlorn . No joy . Having dinner in silence .Sound of cutlery only . Ah Meng walks in and joins them at dinner table . (grumpily)Meng, Whats the time? where have you been ?Out wandering around the neighborhood again? He was at the George s house playing with their kids . I told him he could go . Its all your fault !You know my house rules about the boys being home before 2

Joey Mrs George Mrs Wong Ah Meng Mr George

Jerry Everyone

Mr Wong Mrs Wong Mr Wong

3 dark. Yet you let dont care .Ive told you many times - make sure the kids are in the house before sunset ! Why is it so hard for you to do even that! All you do all; day is waste your time in front of the stupid TV day in and day out.with your stupid Korean serials .... Dont you start it again! if you think its so easy , why dont you stay at home and mind the kids for a change .As if you really care about the boys .When was the last time you played with them or even talked to them like a father huh ?..... So, youre saying everything here is my fault ? If youre such a great mum where is that good for nothing son of yours huh? Ah Meng spends the whole day wandering around the neighbourhood.and Ah Seng. Where is Seng? All he does is laze around the house the whole day and at night he is hanging out in the streets with those useless girls .Like mother , like son. LookLook at him just look at him .and (angrily) who is that girl with him this time ? SONG 3: HOT & COLD (at the end of song, Seng, throws kisses at the girl and walks in to the dining table . Father shouts at him. Hold on a minute young man , what do you think is this some kind of motel ? You come in any time and go out as you wish ! You know my rules about being home before dark dont you? Aww , come on Pa ,I was only hanging out with my friends ..and its only eight ! Its not the end of the world you know ! And Im not a small kid anymore ! Well I expect you to be home by seven latest ! (raising his voice) Oh , for crying out loud ! Im not a small kid any more Pa ! !!! Dont you dare raise your voice at me Im your father and if I say you;re to be home before dark I WANT YOU HOME BEFORE DARK ! do you understand ? No going out after dark ! No going our after dark ! (bangs fist on table)NO GOING OUT AFTER DARK ! Come On Pa, just because it happened to Fei Fei, doesnt mean ( furious- gets up stormy faced !) Dont you mention her name ! ( controlling himself )Dont ! Dont you dare ! ( shakes finger at Seng) ( storms off the table angrily.. Sure , go ahead yell at me ! You dont love me you never did ! All you care about is your precious daughter ! Cant you get it ? Shes gone ! Shes dead ! Boy ! Sometimes I wish it was I who had died that night instead of her Then you would have been happier ! (Seng throws the napkin and leaves the room angrily) Mr Wong looks shocked , shaken &angry he goes and looks out the window silently. Mrs Wong moves to gently pacify him, he brushes off her hand and stares into space sadly) Mrs Wong comes back and sits with her head in her hands & sobs silently. Meng sits sullenly at table and eyes his food sadly .) SONG 4 : HOW DID WE GET SO FAR APART (looks up ,wipes her tears sees Ah Meng very sad goes to comfort him- tries to be cheerful).. Now, now why are you looking so sad huh ? (fusses over him) you are ok ? you want another piece of chicken . (Ah Meng shakes his head to indicate No) an icecream perhaps .Ive got your favourite vanilla and 3

Mrs Wong

Mr Wong

Mr Wong Ah Seng Mr Wong Ah Seng Mr Wong

Ah Seng Mr. Wong Ah Seng

Mrs Wong

4 chocolate chip cookies . (looks up) Mum, why cant we be like other families ? Why is dad always so angry? Why cant we celebrate Christmas ?...I wish we had a Christmas tree & Christmas presents ..and Christmas.. (quickly puts her hand on his mouth & a finger to her lips ) Shhhhhh, .dont say that word ! Which word Mum? (whispers ) Christmas..were not supposed to say that word in this house ! Your Dad doesnt like it!.... But why mum? Why cant we celebrate Christmas like all the other kids .look at Jerry & Jennythey all have Christmas trees & presents and songs .its so unfair..why cant we have the same here !! Shhhh, Meng, youll upset your Papa, .I told you, Papa doesnt like anyone to mention Christmas in this house . So drop it ok.I dont want to hear anymore of it (tags along behind Mum as she clears the table ) But why Mum? Why doesnt he like Christmas ? Why?..I want to know why? Ok Meng, come here . Let me tell you ..( picks up a photo from the side table ) You know who this is dont you? Yes, sure its Che Che Fei .my big sister .you told me that she died many years before I was born. And dad doesnt like us to talk about her ( wipes a tear & holds photo to her heart) Shhh, Yes, She was my precious baby.She died 10years ago on Christmas Day .at the stroke of 12 on Christmas morning. ( clasps photo to her heart & closes her eyes as if recalling) On Christmas Day? How did it happen Mum.please tell me . Ok, Come here , back then , we used to be really happy your dad was really loving & fun. SCENE 3 Flashback to 10years ago . Wongs Living room happier times . Mr & Mrs Wong ( younger& happier version) ; Ah Seng (7yrs old) Fei Fei(16yrs old ) Mr Wong playing & clowning around with son Ah Seng , Mrs Wong clearing the table sound of carols come from outside Fei Fei runs off happily and looks out window (looking outside window) Ohhh, Pa, look! . the carolers are at our neighbours house I love to listen to those songs ..Christmas time is so beautiful isnt it Pa? Listen to that songIts my favourite ..(sings along ) twirls around the house &sings along everyone is amused and laughing) SONG 5 : CAROLS WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS. ( Sits on dads armchair handrest & pleads charmingly ( like a spoilt child ) Oh papa , why dont we get a Christmas tree & celebrate Christmas too.please , please .itll be sooooo wonderful if we could have carols and presents and all that joy! (laughs) Oh my Princess.Christmas is only for the Christian people ..its not for 4

Ah Meng Mrs Wong Ah Meng Mrs Wong Ah Meng Mrs Wong Ah Meng Mrs Wong Ah Meng Mrs Wong

Ah Meng Mrs Wong

Fei Fei

Fei Fei

Mr Wong

5 us my girl.(plays fondly with her hair ) Oh Papa ..please please .its such a joyful celebration .Can we have just a teeny weeny Christmas tree and a teeny weeny Christmas cake and . (laughing) and a teeny weeny present for my teeny weeny Boy boy right? Yes Papaplease Id really really ,really love to celebrate Christmas. Please Pa, can we celebrate it toowell decorate the house and have a lovely Christmas party with lots of carols and .. (laughs condescendingly) Ha ha ha okok..perhaps next year ok? Yeah !! Next year well celebrate Christmas !!! (laughing) Oh honey , youre really spoiling this two . (Phone rings ) Fei Fei , its for you.its Linda ! (Fei Fei picks up the phone and talks excitedly to Linda) (on phone) Hi Linda Oh Pa , Linda is having a little Christmas Eve Party at her house and she has some presents for me under her tree.she wants me to go over to her house now Please Pa , can I go Please. Please .she said there will be carolers singing and everyone will be there . Now?....Its almost nine oclock.How will you go there ? She stays on the other side of town. Oh , Linda says Mandy can pick me .her brother John is driving over right now Papa can I go pleaase .pleese Pa ( manja voice) Hmmm, I dont know you need to ask your mum. Dont be silly Fei Fei. Its so late .how come Linda is inviting you so last minute come she didnt ask you earlier ? Aw, please mum..she had told me about it a few weeks ago but I didnt tell you about it. ..But Id really like to go.Please Mum.( turns to Dad) Please Pa Can I go say yes Please please ..please ..please pretty please !!! Oh.. its Ok Mei, let her go ! She is a big girl and its only a harmless Christmas party .let her go and have some fun . Ok listen Princessyou go and have fun but be back by midnight ok ? (kissing her dad on the cheek) Oh Payoure the best !!!! I love you .( rushes off to get dressed) Youre spoiling her (laughs) Dont be such an old nag Mei. ( Fei Fei grabs her bag, hugs her parents Oh Not fair , Che che gets to go for a Christmas Party ..I want to go too.. Not yet little fella youre too younggo to bed and dream of santa ! (pouts) I hope you have a horrible time ! Hey Sengwhat has Papa told you before dont say things like that!!!you dont have to be so mean! Its Ok Pa , he doesnt mean itBye Bye Ma ( skips off happily ) Family goes back to own activities Father reading newspaper Mum knitting or clearing table etc. door bell rings. Mr Wong goes to answer the door. -2 policemen at the door.)

Ah Seng Mr Wong Fei Fei Mr Wong Fei & Seng Mrs Wong Mrs Wong Fei fei Fei Fei

Mr Wong Fei Fei Mr Wong Mrs Wong Fei Fei Mr Wong Fei Fei Mrs Wong Mr Wong Ah Seng Fei Fei Ah Seng Mr Wong Fei Fei

6 Policeman 1 Mr Wong Policeman 2 Policeman 1 Excuse me , Is this Wong Siew Feis house ? Are you her parents ? Yes,Officer. Can I help you? Im sorry we have bad news for you sir . ( Mr & Mrs Wong panic & fearful) Were sorry Sir, but theres been an accident the car that your daughter was in was involved in a bad accident along the Highway an hour ago . Im afraid there were no survivors .All the occupants of the car were killed on the spot ! Oh No ! ( she collapses) (hysterical , going berserk) No,! No! Fei Fei .My baby ! My baby ! (grabs policeman) tell me its not true ..tell me its not true ..please Where is she ..? (tries to run past the policemen to look outside for Fei Fei - polcemen grab him and bring him in) My Princess!!! Oh Oh Where is she ? Where is my Princess? Were really sorry Sir , The bodies have been sent to the Ripas hospital. We can take you to the hospital now . There was nothing we could do to save her. (sobs ) My Baby My baby . (swipes at the table and causes all the things to go crashing down the noise brings little Ah Seng running in in pyjamas he stands there wondering whats going on) Oh my babymy Princess.Oh Fei Fei ..its all my fault ..I shouldnt have let you go..its that stupid Christmas party that has killed my baby (falls on knees and sobs uncontrollably) God why did you let this happenOh Fei Fei .( heart wrenching sobs ) Pawhats wrongwhy are these policemen here ? where is Che che (angrily) Get away you wished her a horrible you should be happy . (puhes Ah Seng away) Seng runs off to Mum crying and hugs her.Mum is stony faced , numbshocked .Police leave silently ) Mr Wong sobbing uncontrollably) God Why did this happen? Where are You? I need You..(shaking fist towards heaven) Where are You SONG 6 I WILL BE HERE CURTAIN CLOSES (Outside curtain Present day Mrs Wong & Ah Meng ; (still clutching the photo ; wipes tears) Well Meng, now you know why your Dad doesnt want anything to do with Christmas . He believes its because of Christmas that Fei Fei died . And I guess thats why he is always so angry at you and KoKo . Yes, since that day, your dad has hated Christmas .He has forbidden any of us to even mention that word in this house. He blames everyone me, your KoKo , Fei Feiss friend Linda , God, himself and most of all Christmas . I dont know how to help him Meng, so I pretty much try to stay out of the way and maintain the peace around here . ..So now you know why we cant celebrate Christmas in this house !! ( gets upruffles his hair , places photo back & leaves the room) (goes on knees) Dear God, I know you are listening to me ..Please can you fix my Dads heart? Please help him not be so mad . He is mad at everyone and especially at you. But God I know he is also very very sad. I think he misses my sister very much. God, Can you please , please do something and fix things here. Help my dad to be happy again. I want my family to be happy like Uncle George 6

Mrs Wong Mr Wong

Policeman 2 Mrs Wong Mr Wong

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7 s home. I want for us to be able to have the Joy of Christmas in my house too. Please God, please , fix my Dads broken heart. Let him see that Christmas is a time of good news . Only You can help him.please . ( End of prayer lights dim) SCENE 4 Wongs Home Christmas morning. Mr & Mrs Wong / Ah Meng / Ah Seng / Mr Robert Tan / Mrs Susan Tan / Julia Tan (Mr Wong is sitting quietly on rocking chair ..holding Fei Feis photo .Doorbell rings) Ah Meng Robert Tan Ah Meng Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Mrs Wong Robert Tan Julia Mrs Wong Robert Susan Tan Mrs Wong Robert Tan (Opens door) hello , Hello Young Man, Merry Christmas . you must be Wongs son . Whats your name ? Is Your Papa in? (whispers) Merry Christmas to you too . ( then louder) Pa, there is someone here to see you (Mr Wong comes to door ) Robert is that you..( both men embrace) wow , what a surprise !Come in Come In Wow ,Wonglook at you man. my you look terrible ! you look old !I can hardly recognize you. Robert Tan, (sarcastic) thanks for the complimentfor your information Im 55 years old! Im supposed to look like this another few more years and thatll be the end of my story.whats the point of. (cuts in) Oh ..dont be such a grouch man ! ..Wowits been 10years since we last met.Ive spent the last few years looking for you I went to your old place but they told me youd sold the place and moved out after the funeral.. (sadly) Yes, I moved out of that cursed place we couldnt bear to be in that same house without my little Princess. And your wife?... Oh, shes around here somewhere.Menggo call your mum . (comes in- happy to see Robert ) Oh ,Robert and Susan..its sooo good to see you bothhow did you manage to find us are you? ? ( looking at Julia )Is this your daughter ? Its good to see you too Mei.. Yes, this is our youngest daughter Julia . Shes in Year 9 in St Andrews School. Hi Aunty, Hi Uncle . Mum and Dad told me all about you . Ive been looking forward to meeting you all. Oh., its so good to see you all againHow have you all been? Oh were okmy wife well the accident totally wrecked the both of us Susan went into severe depression for almost five yearsbut God has been our source of strength and grace Yes, its true .if not for Gods comfort and grace I would not have been able to come out of my depression.. Oh .its the same here except we havent really come our of our pain. Well, at least I know Mandy and John are safe in heaven with Jesus. Enough 7

8 of me . Youre looking so old and haggard Wongdont tell me youre still holding onto the past youve got to let go .life goes on . Life may go on for you Robert , but Life stopped for me 10 years ago , I died the day Fei Fei was killed ! My baby .( sobs uncontrollably) Wong, Dont forget I too lost both my son & daughter in that accident . Fei wasnt the only one in that carboth my John and Mandy were killed too ! Yes, and all because of the stupid Christmas celebration they went to at Lindas house.. Its because of Christmas that my precious baby is dead ! Thats the night my daughter died ! ( spits it out like venom) Christmas Day ! The day she died and left forever !! Not true my friend , your daughter is alive ! Though her body is dead , her soul is alive and well . She is alive and living forever in heaven . (stands up )What do you mean ? You gone cuckoo or something ? We buried our children ,remember?.they are gone ! Its because of Christmas day , that our children are dead ! (stands up , puts arms around Mr Wongs shoulders) No, Wong, listen, Its because of Christmas day , that I know for sure our three kids are safe and alive in heaven ! I dont understand what youre saying Robert , .all I know is nothing will ever be the same here in my heart since the night Fei died.-that Christmas night! No, my friend nothing will ever be the same on planet earth since the night Jesus Christ was born the first Christmas night! The night Jesus was born ? What has that got to do with my Fei Fei..Robert , I dont know how you can bear the pain but I cant take it .its like someone reached in and ripped my heart out that night and all thats left in me is this dull ache that never goes away! Shes gone Robert, my precious baby and its all my fault I let her go ! My wife told me not to let her go ! I let her go ..I practically killed her !! Wong, why dont you turn to God, He knows your pain . God ? ( in disgust / disbelief) Huh !How can he know the pain of a father losing a child ! Cos thats what He did my friend on that first Christmas he sent His only Son Jesus Christ to this earth knowing that oneday He would die a cruel death on a cross for us . And He did It simply because He loves us you , me and your children. Thats why Jesus ,came my friend to save us and our loved ones from eternal death. Thats why He came! SONG 7: THATS WHY HE CAME / EMMANUEL Emmanuel ? What does that mean ? Whose name were they singing about? Emmanuel, it means God with us .Jesus is Emmanuel God with us ! I dont understand.. Yeah, me too.we dont understand .. You dont know why we celebrate Christmas do you? (stands up puzzled ) Christmas ? Ive told you. I dont care two hoots about it! All I know is that its something to do with Christmas trees, and presents & stuff like that its the ang mo festival .and I dont want to have anything to do with it !!! 8

Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong

Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong

Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan

Mr Wong Robert > Mr Wong Mrs Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong

9 Robert Tan No , my friend its not an ang mo festival its day of special significance to all man black, white , brown ..and yellow skinned Chinese like us and it is more than Christmas trees, & lights & presents .and its important that you know about it ! Cos it will help you to understand why I said your Fei Fei is alive ! Its because of Christmas Day, that we can be 100% sure that one day well see our children in heaven.. You too need this hope Mei . You say Fei Fei is alive in heaven?.....How can you be so certain that our children are in heavenHow can you be so sure that youd see them again? And whats that got to do with Christmas? (has come in silently and been listening to the conversation) Uncle Robert, do you know for sure that my sister is safe in heaven. Wow , Ah Seng, I didnt see you coming oh my how you have grown youre looking quite handsome .. Yes, its me Uncle Robert, its been ten years .but tell me how do you know for sure that my sister is safe in heaven .how do you know she is not gone forevertell me I need to know Seng , Wong .I know for sure because its written here in this book. A Book?... You know all this from a book!....what book is that ?.... Its the Bible Wong ..Gods Book.. .you mean this book tells you about what happens to us after we die? It tells you about life and death Sengand how to avoid hell and have eternal life Fei Fei loved this Book and she had made right choices during her time here on earth , so that she was confident of where she was heading. Fei Fei knew where she was going?....Please tell me more Robert ..Ive had nightmares about my daughter wandering around lost in darkness and in hell Please tell me more RobertI need to know.. Come .let me show you my favourite verse in this Book.John 3;16 says For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ so that if anyone believes in Him , he will not die but have eternal life . (repeats slowly as if hes digesting the words) ..will not die but have eternal life . SONG 8 : FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD God loves us ?....He sent His Son Jesus to die for us ?for my Fei Fei? Shes alive in heaven because of Jesus ?. Yes, thats the Story of Christmas . Havent you heard it before? Oh, sure, weve seen shows about it on TV & Disney Channel.its all about Santa and his reindeer Rudolphand Jingle bells and stuff like that . ( laughing) No, No, its not that story . This is the real story of Christmas . It actually happened !.Its recorded in the Bible ( all gather around Robert, looking at the Bible ..) As the rest of the family move to sit around Robert to listen , Ah Seng walks slowly to centre stage as if deep in thought.ponderingRoberts daughter Julia , walks up tp him Whats the problem Seng.what are you thinking about? Something troubling you? ( quickly brushes off a tear) Oh, its you Julia, I didnt see you coming. Its just that 9

Susan Tan * Mrs Wong Ah Seng Robert Tan Ah Seng Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Ah Seng Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Mr Wong Robert Tan Ah Meng Robert Tan

Julia Ah Seng

10 all these years, Ive never felt that anyone loved or cared about me except for my mum of course. and now youre telling me that God, loves me ! Its so hard to understand . Its true Seng, God is a loving Father and He loves you and your family so much You know all these years , Ive blamed myself for my sisters death..When she left for the Christmas party that night I shouted at her and wished that shed have a rotten time but I didnt think she would die you know .. My own Dad hates me I see it in his eyes ! There have been times when I wish it had been me who had died that night Between you and me , there were so many times when I have thought of ending my life, Sometimes , I ask myself whats the point of living Life is so meaningless. No, Seng , youre wrong Life is a gift from God ..Life is Precious SONG 9 : LIFE IS PRECIOUS ( after song) Wow Julia, Youre really into this God and Christmas stuff arent you Ah Seng, you need to know that your life is so precious to God . You need to know the Truth about His great love for you. (calling) Ah Seng, Come , let me tell you all the real story of Christmas as it happened 2000 years ago. SCENE 5 BETHLEHAM /MANGER SCENE The Bible says that because of our sins and wicked ways , we are all doomed to die and be separated from God forever . .However ,God loved us so much that he had a plan to save all mankind from eternal death in hell. So he set His salvation plan in motion . On that first Christmas , in the town of Nazareth in Galilee, God sent an angel to this young virgin named Mary to let her know that she was going to have a baby. not just any ordinary baby mind you, BUT the most special baby ever to be born. He was the Son Of God! ( Mary .seated on a stool working on something in her hand. Suddenly, an angel comes & talks to her ) Greetings Mary ! Do not be afraid ! God has chosen you to have a Baby. Hes Gods own Son. You will name Him Jesus ! He will be the Saviour of the world . then she leaves Joseph comes in Mary looks shocked , but listens quietly ) Let it be according to your Word . then she leaves. Joseph comes in Now Mary was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. God spoke to Joseph in a dream and revealed His plans to him. Joseph , do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife .She is going to have a very special Baby. You are to name Him Jesus , because he will save His people from their sins . At that time, the Roman Emperor , Caesar Augustus, sent out a decree that everyone had to go back to their hometowns to be registered. 10

Julia Seng

Julia Ah Seng Julia Robert Tan

Robert Tan

Angel :

Mary Susan Tan Angel Robert Tan

11 Ah Seng Robert Tan Susan Tan Mrs Wong Susan Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Susan Tan Mrs Wong Susan Tan Mrs Wong You mean something like a population census ? Yes, exactly ! Now, the baby was due to be born anytime but Mary and Joseph had to travel all the way to Bethleham for the census , on a donkey . Mary & Joseph slowly come to Bethleham .- Mary is very pregnant . Oooh that must have been extremely uncomfortable ! Yeah, I can just imagine the pain.but the worst was yet to come when they arrived at Bethlehem, there was no room for them to stay, so they had to stay in an old stable ! A stable ? mean like a barn? A cow shed?..that was where Gods Son was to be born? Yes Wong, On that cold night , Jesus , Gods own son was born The Savior of the whole universe was born in that stable ! ( sound of babys cries ) But Robert, Hes just a baby ! How could a baby bring life to a dying world ..How could this baby cause my Fei Fei to live forever? Jesus didnt remain a baby Wong. He grew up, did great miraculous things He healed diseases, made the lame to walk, raised the dead. Then , when the time was right, Jesus died on the cross- for your sins, my sins and Fei Feis sins. You mean , God knew that His Son, His only Son would suffer and die on that cross and yet He sent Him to be born for me? Yes, Mei, You see, that is was the only way that we and our children could be saved from eternal death a sinless God had to take our place and take our punishment and as a result cancel out the punishment that we deserved. (going to the manger looking at the baby Jesus and then turning to look at Jesus on the cross) (whispers) Mary , did you know ? Did you know that your baby would someday ..die on that cross for mefor my baby? SONG 10 : MARY DID YOU KNOW ? But there is still one more important fact that I havent told you yet , Wong. There is more ? Yes, Jesus didnt remain dead. If He did , He would have been no different from everyone else No, after He was certified dead, they buried Jesus body in a tombBUT three days later Jesus conquered death & rose again HE IS ALIVE ! and because He is alive death has no more power on all of us who believe in Jesus ! That is why even though we may die here on earth we will live forever with God in heaven thats why I said your Fei Fei is alive ! And that is why we celebrate Christmas Wong, its the story of our Heavenly Fathers great, great amazing love for His children . Robert, now I realize how much Gods heart must have been broken, when I pushed Him out of my life and blamed Him for everything..just as I cried for my Fei fei.. God must have been crying for me ..( falls on knees ) Oh God I am sorry .. I want to give You my heart come and take over my life O God. SONG : IT MUST ACHE TO BE GOD ( during this song , one by one the rest of the Wong family goes forward and join in the song & surrender their lives) CURTAIN CLOSE 11

Robert Tan Mr Wong Robert Tan Susan Tan Robert Tan Mr Wong

12 SCENE 6 BACK AT MR WONGS HOME I feel like a heavy load has been lifted from my heart Robert. Thank You for telling me the truth about Christmas . Robert, You said Fei Fei knew all this that she had the eternal life that Jesus gave how did she know ? We have never told her all this We dont even have a Bible in this house Mei, WongI have something for you- this was Fei Feis Bible and her diary . We found it among Mandys things . She had passed it to our daughter for safe keeping. I wanted to pass this to you when I found itbut you had moved house and we couldnt find you. But now seems the perfect moment for you to have it. There is an entry she made in Dec 1999 about a year before the accident I think you should read it. 2nd Dec 1999 This is the happiest day of my life Ive asked Jesus into my heart .He has washed away my sins . Now I know that even if I was to die right now at this very moment ., I will go straight up to heaven & be with Jesus forever .Jesus I want to live for you. Please help my papa , mama & Koko come to know the Christmas story too so that well all be in heaven forever & ever & ever . Amen. Wong, , you wanted to know how and when your Fei Fei knew the Good News about Jesus it was on the evening of Dec 2nd 1999, when she had come to visit us. It was there in our garden that Fei Fei invited Jesus into her heart . Mandy had told us exactly when and how it happened . FLASHBACK : Mandys Garden 2nd Dec 1999 ( action takes place in front of the stage Mandy & Fei sitting on a bench if possible have smoke machine effect ) Hey Fei, Im so happy we can hang out together todaylater, lets go and do some Christmas shopping ok? Mandy, theres something Ive always wanted to ask you..Why do you guys celebrate Christmas ? Whats it all about? Fei ,Christmas is the story of Gods unconditional , agape love for each one of us God loved us so much that He gave us His Son Jesus Christ , so that if you believe in Him , you will not die but have eternal life. Will not die , but have eternal life Cool .that sounds awesome ! what do I have to do to have this eternal life Mandy? All, you have to do is believe and to invite Jesus to come into your heart and be the Lord of your life its as simple as that. SONG 12 : HERE AM I Oh thank you so much for telling me the truth Robert. Ive been such a bitter old man and Ive wasted so much time wallowing in my self pity .Ive brought so much pain to my wife and family. ( to wife & Ah Seng) will you forgive me Ive been a rotten father to you Seng Im so sorry ! Its okay Dad I love you ! Please forgive me for being so mean too. Oh , Im so happy I feel the weight lifted from my heart its a day of joy!!

Mr Wong Mrs Wong Susan Tan

Robert Tan Fei Feis voice

Robert Tan

Mandy Fei Fei Mandy Fei fei Mandy

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Ah Seng Mrs Wong


13 Mr Wong Ah Meng Ah Meng Mr Wong Yes, its true Christmas IS the most wonderful time of the year ! I feel my heart overflowing with joy ! Gods joy!!! GODS JOY HAS COME INTO OUR HOME TODAY!! O I just feel like dancing! Thank You God for answering my prayer thank you for fixing my family! Thank you for bringing Christmas joy into my home ! Pa, Can we call Uncle George and their family to come over and join us ? They love Christmas too. Of Course my son lets get everybody up lets wake up the whole neighbourhood its Christmas morning !!! LETS CELEBRATE ! SONG 13 : JOY TO THE WORLD CLOSING FINALE : ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR Script by Pushpa Navamani For the Glory Of God ! Sept 2010 / AFC /BSB CAST AND CHARACTERS 1 Mr George 2 Mrs George 3 Jenny 4 Jerry 5 Joey 6 Grandpa 7 Grandma 8 Ah Meng 9 Mr Wong 10 Mrs Wong 11 Ah Seng( small boy version) 12 Ah Seng ( teenager version) 13 Fei Fei 14 Policeman 1 15 Policeman 2 16 Mr Robert Tan 17 Mrs Susan Tan 18 Julia Tan 19 Mandy 20 Angel Non- speaking characters 1 Mary 2 Joseph 3 Ah Sengs girlfriend Francis Lau Debbie Lau Alisa Lau Adam Lau Aaron Lau Jonathon Yap Healen Chin Joshua Leong Vincent Low Jasmine Riong Aaron Lim Dalvina Erik Kon Darren Chin David Chin Sarah Wong Abigail Tan Darren Chin Litos fianc Lito



LIST OF SONGS & DANCES Time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Super Duper Christmas I Am Hot and Im Cold How Did We Get So Far Apart Carol We Wish You A Merry Christmas I Will Be Here That Why He Came / Emmanuel For God So Loved The World Life Is Precious Mary Did You Know It Must Ache To Be God Here Am I Joy To The World Its the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 3:01 2:44 4:21 5:10 0:59 3:10 2:29

AFC NATIVITY PLAY 2010 WORKING COMMITTEE Coordinator Pushpa Assistant Coordinator Sophia / Aaron Drama ( In Charge) Dance ( In Charge ) Backdrop / Props & Decorations Costumes Make Up Stage & Floor Managers Logistics ,Sound & Lights Multi Media Pushpa / Faith Leong Mona/Jo Jo / Christina Sophia / Mei Mei / Jessie Jerold / Lito Kenny / Jon Yap / Tony Tan Kenny / Ryan



SCENES Georges Home Christmas Eve

DESCRIPTION Happy, Christmas Mood Family preparing for Christmas Decorating Tree Wrapping Presents Setting Up Dinner Table

PROPS NEEDED Dining Table & 6chairs Plates, Bowls , Glasses, Cutlery Table cloth 1 Apron 1 for Debbie Christmas tree Presents Suitcases Sofa set & low coffee table Dining Table & 4chairs Plates, Bowls , Glasses, Cutlery Table cloth 2 Apron 2 for Jasmine Low shelf table with photos Photo of Fei Fei Carpet Coffee table with magazines , Sofa Chairs kids games & toys Newspaper Telephone Police uniform (2) Rocking Chair Photo of Fei Fei Dining Table & chairs Plates, Glasses , etc Food and drinks to serve the visitors Photo album

Wongs Home Present Time

Having Dinner Gloomy atmosphere Outside the home , Ah Seng hanging out on the street

Wongs Home Flashback

Happy Family Home Carpet

Wongs Home Present Time

Living Room same as scene 3but change the table cloth etc Dining Table is set at the choir area ( as an extension of the house )


5 6

Bethlehem Manger Scene Wongs Home Present Time

Manger Coffee table double up as manger stand Living Room same as scene 3but change the table cloth etc Dining Table is set at the choir area ( as an extension of the house ) Flashback: A garden outside the house

Bible Diary Manger Doll Jewish costumes Photo of Fei Fei Dining Table & chairs Plates, Glasses , etc Food and drinks to serve the visitors Photo album Bench Diary Smoke machine