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Volume 1 Issue 5

G.A.W.W Ministry Newsletter


Oct. 2009-Nov. 2009


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This is now Gods season to bring to pass everything He promised you! No matter What kind of adversity has come against you, be obedient to God, in the Walking in Victory Ministry He has given you. If it looks like it wont happen, it will, dont let Womens Winter Retreat People turning their backs discourage you, God said keep working, and it might December 11-12, 2009 Not look like things are working out now, but trust me, dont stop, and dont fear, For I am with you and I will give you my glory! Youth Anointed 4 Christ You shall receive the manifestation of Gods Glory in your life, in the book of Arise & Walk Youth Haggai 2:4, Yet now be strong, Zerubbabel, says the Lord; and be strong, Conference, 2010 Joshua, son of Jehozadak, the high priest; and be strong all you people of the Land; says the Lord, and work; for I am with you, says the Lord of hosts. 5) According to the word that I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, so My Spirit remains among you; do not fear! 6).I will shake heaven And earth, the sea and dry land; 7) and I will shake all nations, and they shall Come to the Desire of All Nations, and I will fill this temple with glory, says the Lord of hosts. Inside: Bios, Testimonies & Features on:

The Struggles of Women in Ministry.

Ministry Resources by Minister Michelle Ragland

Kingdom Benefits, Kingdom Restoration & Who Am I? Defining yourself through knowledge With Audio Sermon

Front cover pageThe Birthing Place (theme)-Pg 3 Evangelist=> Someone who Testimonies, Bios and Articles by front cover women of God: announces or proclaims the Page 4- HIV / Aids is no match for our God! good news of Jesus Christ! It is By: Evangelist Ethel Buchanan (Louisiana) also a special endowment that Page 5- A decision to change from rags to riches one gets as a gift of the Holy By: Evangelist Linda Edmond (Ohio) Spirit. (Everyone is not an Ad page- Walking in Victory Womens Winter Retreat evangelist) By: Gods Anointed Women of the Word Page 7 A servants Bio What are the names given to the By: Minister Angela Harris (Henderson, NC/ Bio) three Hebrew boys at birth? Ad page Help the Orphans Mission Event By: Gods Anointed Women of the Word *Shadrach(King Darius) Page 9-10 The secret-the Abuse, the lies behind closed doors Hananiah(birth name) By: Dr. Faye (Texas) Page 11-12 Faith Inspiration *Meshach (King Darius) By: Rev. F. Deborah Poaty Mishael (birth name) Page 13 Its a wonder what the Lord can do By: Crystal Coleman *Abednego (King Darius) Page 14-15 The Event That Revolutionized My Life Azariah (birth Name) By: Minister Cormikia Southerland (WGCC Norlina, NC) Page 16 My Miracle By: Minister Laurie Marks Vincent Submit your questions for the AD Page- Music N the Air (Music Lessons) Halifax, VA. next issue to: By: Rev. Marion Chandler Page 18 Believers In Jesus Christ Ministries International By: Gods Anointed Women of the Word Others inside Ministry study guides and resources! l Help us to get our Ministry directory together! Submit information for Ministers, Ministries and Church organizations in your area. (Praise Dance, Musicians, Preachers, mimes, Play writer, etc.)

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(Vines Dictionary of the bible) Birthright=Preeminence and authority Divine= is used of the power of God, of His nature. Vision= to see, behold, select for oneself, that which is seen, an appearance. A divine revelation. A prophetic means by which divine messages are communicated. (Websters pocket Dictionary) Birth= the beginning of existence. To bring forth a baby from the womb. Birth-right=Privilege granted by virtue of birth especially to the first-born. Conceive= Design, create, imagine, devise, concoct. Conception= A mental thought or plan. Divine= of, relating to, proceeding from, or pertaining to God. Vision= the power of sight; the ability to see; an image created in the imagination; a supernatural appearance.

God in all His infinite wisdom has a place and time for His divine vision to come to past. You have to go through a season of transformation in the spirit realm in order to receive a divine manifestation of Gods predestined plan. Conception takes place after the spiritual implantation of destiny. The destiny begins to mature into full grown purpose and then the birthing has begun. God will put you in the right place at the right time to birth out of your spirit what He has already placed in you before creation. When you work hard you sweat, and when you continue to trust God it takes you to another realm of destiny, predestined in you that you may complete the plan of God. Ex. If you have never seen demonic manifestation of a spirit in a person and God places you, through your obedience to the Holy Spirit of God, in the right place at the right time, and the manifestations begin to happen around you and you take authority over the enemy, casting out devils in the name of Jesus it is because He has already put in you what you need for that realm of authority and you are now in your place of divine conception, because you have grabbed onto the purpose of God in your life! Why couldnt the 7 sons of Scheva cast out devils? Because they did not have that authority, they did not have proper relationship with the one that give the divine vision and they did not have the maturity or destiny for a task such as that. We all possess gifts that the spirit of God has given us, but in predestined areas or realms of authority according to the vision of God. The divine Vision of God is a privilege of all the sons and daughters of God and we are commissioned to walk in our destiny and purpose!


Help the orphan children of Bujumbura, Burundi through your donations to this ministry in the form of: Clothes, food, or monetary For more information, check us out on the web. 252-425-3773/ 434-470-3015 Please Support this ministry

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Learning the names/ character of God / Gods End Time Evangelistic Ministries Worldwide AIDS IS NO MATCH FOR OUR MIGHTY GOD LOUISIANNA
The Lord saved me in January of 1976, and I was called to preach the gospel of Jesus in 1981. I became angry with God over the outcome of my marriage and backslid out of the will of God in 1993. I allowed the devil to deceive me and proceeded on a downward spiral into a promiscuous lifestyle on crack cocaine for the next 4 years. In 1994, I moved to Louisiana, thinking I could get a fresh start there, but if holiness doesnt go before you, then your sins will follow you. Finally, in October of 1997, I became tired of being tired of the life I was living, and the Lord delivered me in one night from crack cocaine, with no rehab or 12 step programs. All it took was my godly repentance and the knowledge that God still loved me and forgave me, and I went running back to the Lord. During that time; I met someone whom I thought, I would someday marry, but over a 10 year period of talking and seeing each other every day; it still turned out not to be Gods will. In January of 2005, I found out that I had contracted the AIDS virus, and I began a journey in mind and spirit that was mentally, emotionally and physically painful, exhausting, stressful and very lonely. During the past 3 years, I have

endured hundreds of shots, many hospital stay for flu, dehydration and minor surgeries, 2 strokes, and 21 medications twice a day for an assortment of illness that came about in relation to AIDS. My spiritual parents in Louisiana, Apostle Alfred Showers and his wife Elect Lady Sophia Showers, of Showers of Blessing Deliverance Temple, they encouraged me, prayed with me, and never stopped believing God with me, and its important to have someone touching and agreeing with you for what you know God is going to do. I moved back to St. Louis in January of 2006, during these past 2 yrs, the Lord has brought me through much, shown me much, and developed my ministry much. My prayer and study life has increased by leaps and bounds, and my love for the work of God and the people of God knows no end. Whatever my hands have found to do, I have done. There have been many times when I wasnt able to do what I desired, due to health problems, but the Lord and my church family in Missouri and Louisiana, kept me encouraged and determined to do His will, and allow Him to have His way in my life. On Thursday, September 18, 2008 my sister-in-law invited me to go to a conference at her church. I went to that seminar the next morning, and met a 19 yr. old prophet from Florida, Prophet Brian Carn Jr. He looked at me several times during the seminar, that morning, but said nothing directly to me at first. After the seminar, he told me God is going to bring Ezekiel 12: 28 (Thus saith the Lord God; There shall none of my words be prolonged any more, but the word which I have spoken shall be done, saith the Lord God.) to pass for you because of your faithfulness, because you trust Him, and for His glory that others may benefit from your healing. Whatever you have to do, be back here tonight! Well, I had stopped taking ally my medications a month previous, because I felt led of the Lord to stop. So there was no medication in my system at all. At midnight the prophet of God had a Bishop call me up to the pulpit. He began to minister some things to me privately, and then 4 times he passed his hands in front of me. The power and anointing and PURE GLORY of God fell on me so that I couldnt stand, I couldnt speak, I sank to the floor, legs feeling like jelly, my body feeling like rain was pouring over me, from the inside out. 4 times the prophet told the helpers to stand me back up. The fourth time, he approached me and laid his hands on my stomach, and cried out Thou foul demon of disease, come out of her in the name of Jesus. I felt like something was snatching and ripping everything inside my body out, and twisting it as it pulled its way out. I was slain in the spirit for quite some time, and when I got up, I stumbled my way to the ladies room with help, and began to vomit every color in the rainbow, all manner of everything, until I was slain in the spirit again. I made an appointment with my doctor to have a complete battery of lab tests done, and the tests that were done 3 times show that there is NO SIGN OF AIDS in my body whatsoever, that I am as healthy as anyone can be. END Gods End Time Evangelistic Ministries Worldwide Headquarter Mississippi: Attn: Evang. Ethel L. Buchanan, 1110 S. Spruce St. Evang. Ethel L. Buchanan Hammond, LA 70403, (989) 345-4431 P.O. Box 572, Hollandale, MS 38748


A Decision to Change from Rags to Riches

The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, I will make a way of escape for you. A door of opportunity I will place before you, now its up to you to choose whether to walk through it or not.
As we journey through this Christian walk, all those that make that decision to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God will suffer persecution. As Jesus said in Luke 9:23, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily, and follow me. There is across that all Christians must carry which will allow each individual to have a testimony that can and will help someone else.

As I strived to live a Godly life, the enemy crept in unaware and destroyed my marriage. This destruction caused me to experience a season of homelessness. Never understood why this would happen to me but I found myself living in places that were empty and desolate. I could have asked for help but I was at a point in my life when I needed to know if this Jesus that everyone was praising was real. So many days, I would sleep in a couch where the cushions were on the floor in the frame of the couch. Emotionally, I experienced depression, despair, even thoughts of suicide. Not realizing the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy; but as that songwriter pinned so nicely, because He lives, I can face tomorrow. I remembered that I was at (what I thought) the end of my rope. I collected any type of medicine that was thrown away in the street garbage cans and lined them up in the unoccupied room with a plan to end my life, but god had another plan! As time passed, I relocated from New Jersey to Ohio and tried to start a new life which wasnt easy! It was extremely difficult to live a life that was pleasing to God. There are many things that happened between these lines but about true repentance. I remembered praying and crying out to God, begging Him to help me and begging Him to get me out of the dilemmas I caused myself to be in. The Spirit of the Lord spoke to me and said, I will make a way of escape for you. A door of opportunity I will place before you, now its up to you to choose whether to walk through it or not. Well, I made a decision to walk through whatever door that God would open, I wanted to be delivered and set free. My son and I lived from paycheck to paycheck, from food stamps to food stamps, from hand-me-down clothes to run over shoes, eviction to eviction, but I was spiritually delivered and set free. God gave me a second chance; I remembered praying I was that prodigal daughter that came back to the Lord. After many changes, I was now a single woman again, gleaning in a field in order to and crying out to God, survive. God started opening doors for me and I accepted His call to the begging Him to help me ministry, I was Ministering to women, received the deliverance mantle and I and begging Him to get me out of the dilemmas started traveling as He enlarged my territory. As like the story of Ruth, my I caused myself to be Boaz recognized me in his field. I could never write in detail the whole testimony, but to try and sum this testimony up, I never dated my husband, in. who is a pastor. Through this union, I literally went from rags to riches but without pain and tears. This is the reason why I wrote the book entitled, Tears behind a Servant. I made a decision to change my life by coming back to God and because of that I became rich, both spiritually and naturally. I can now understand when Jesus said in John 10:10, the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill and to destroy: I come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. Now Im living the abundant life through Jesus Christ. Father, I pray that everyone that reads this testimony would feel the great affect of your love and mercy. Some woman, some girl will see that its never too late! The key is to make the decision to truly repent. God will place all your sins in the sea of forgetfulness. He can make you the head and not the tail and you can live the abundant life in Jesus name. Amen! (END)


Quality Inn 2001 Seymour Drive South Boston, VA. Registration: $ 30 (W/ Event T-shirt)


Guest Speakers: Minister Angela Harris
Cornerstone Christian Community Church

Victory in Marriage

Rev. Joann Allen

Divine Habitation Ministries

PRAISE DANCE Minister Michelle ragland Minister Rita Taylor

Raleigh, NC

Praise & Worship

Victory in Singleness INTERCESSORY PRAYER SERVICE: Dec. 11th @ 12Mid sponsored by: Gods anointed women of the word ministries

For more information: / 252-425-3773 Crystal Coleman Email: Download registration form from our website. Scripture: 1 John 5:4-5 For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the Victory that has overcome the worldour faith. Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

Registration closes November 6, 2009

To be a vendor contact, Michelle Ragland at: 434-470-3015 or 252-425-3773

Biographical Sketch
(919) 693-0497

Walking in Victory Retreat Speaker Dec. 11th & 12th 2009 Quality INN 2001 Seymour Drive South Boston, VA Register on line By Nov. 6, 2009

Elder Angela Harris, an obedient yet bold servant of God, is a member of Cornerstone Christian Community Church in Oxford, NC. With the spirit of Esther resting upon her life, she is constantly on the move doing what God has appointed and anointed her to do. Under the leadership of Pastor J. Phillip Betts, she teaches and preaches throughout the country. Elder Harris considers her greatest achievement to be becoming a child of God. A faithful child she is as she extends a hand to the community in service to the Lord as advisor to the Board of Directors of Harbor House, two shelters for men, women and children; she serves as director of the Second Chance Development Training Program, a nine-week class dedicated to helping ex-felons transition back into the community and to obtain gainful employment and increased job skills; she also serves on the Five County Board for Supportive Housing for the homeless. She recently received Granville Countys Community Activity Award and the Community Service Award from the Sertoma Club of Granville County for her service to the community. Elder Angela Harris is a native of Hardeeville, South Carolina. She is the daughter of the late Henry Williams and Girlean Williams. She believes in providing sound, practical teaching and keen opportunities to edify the kingdom of God. Her ministry is centered on prayer, worship, study, service, and evangelism. Because of her enthusiastic love for Christ and her selfless love for his people, Elder Harris is committed to letting her light shine so that men may see her good works and glorify God. Elder Harris is continuously seeking ways to enhance the kingdom of God in all that she does. A dedicated preacher, teacher and evangelist, Elder Harris motto is: Builder, repairer, restorer.thats what I want my life to exemplify.

Support Harbor House Ministry Part of: Pastor J. Betts & Co-Pastor T. Betts Cornerstone Christian Community Church 3237 Knotts Grove Road P.O Box 1309 Oxford, North Carolina 27565 Website: Email: Phone: (919 690-1982 Fax: (919) 690-1824

help the orphans of burundi

Gods Anointed Women of the Word
Is dedicated to educating, empowering and training the women of the world through the love of jesus Christ I need u to survive outreach ministry has a mission to send Clothes & shoes New & old bibles Old textbooks Non-perishable food items To the orphans of Burundi so that they can get an education, be clothed and fed. We are asking for Donations because the cost of shipping via us postal service Contact: crystal Coleman for donation pick up schedules 434-517-1824 or email:

20lb box is $ 114.50

Sponsored by: Gods Anointed women of the word Ministries in partnership with believers in Jesus Christ ministries international Nairobi, Kenya

The Secret-The Abuse The Lies behind Closed Doors

What victims of abuse want to tell you but are afraid to.
Growing up in a home permeated with domestic violence and lately, to find out incest validates this writer as, an expert witness. Because of fear of my daddy and the embarrassment to my family, I struggled to keep the family secret. Every Sunday we were in Sunday school, to serve the Lord. My dad was serving as a Deacon and my mother was on the usher Board. He(dad) had the fortitude, and bully mentality to hold his head high in the midst of the congregation, and pray to GOD for blessing him, and she(mom), had the responsibility of creating, the Lie, you know the one. The Lie, the thing you tell to cover for the swollen eyes, the scratches and the bruised extremities (appendages). My siblings and I learned to cover for our parents. We wanted desperately to maintain our position within the minds of the people in our church..the position we thought we had. Each year millions of people become victims of domestic violence. Thousands die at the hands of those in whom they entrusted their bodies, their souls and their lives. The Stigma-The Shame being abused as it is with rape. I felt it was vital to keep

HOUSTON, TEXAS There is a stigma attached to As a six or seven year old, Abuse has a way of making the victim everyone thinking my feel as though he or she in some way family was perfect. As the sixth of thirteen children it became my goal to make sure we all stayed together, caused the abuse. regardless of what that meant. I remember the time when my day had been out all night with his friends, and came home drunk. My mom was upset as were we kids. We saw our dad cry (not knowing some people who drink a bit, cry and feel sorry for themselves). Since his friends were there, my dad responded with, I am going to leave. However, as he began to pack his clothes we began to cry, and begged him not to leave. Looking back now, I can tell you that kids have a different way of seeing the world. I saw my dad as a hero in the community, and my mom as weak. I wanted her to stop making him mad. I did not know at the time that my dad was a womanizer and cheated on my mom many times over, and my mom, she had a right to be angry when he went out alone.while leaving her at home with us kids. Abuse has a way of making the victim feel as though he or she in some way caused the abuse. Abusers make negative statements to their victim, i.e. youre stupid, dummy, ugly and so forth. They do this to keep the victim in a sub-servant, sub-human position. Over twenty-five years, I have assisted women and men who are victims of domestic violence. Moreover, I can tell you, the abuser wants to talk but will never listen to anyone. They must be in control at all cost. Again, this is my experience. They cannot stand to be questioned; a question to them is a test of their authority and manhood. It seems to be a cover for their weakness. Each abuser I have encountered wants the world to look up to them, and anger and rage controls them. If I stop making him mad, If I have sex anytime, anyway He chooses regardless of the objectionable request. If, but, maybe, wouldve, couldve, shouldve are all negative contractions giving birth to more toxicity. The birth and re-birth of abuse spirals downward into our children and our childrens children. We become the progenitors of a new breed within our families and our communities. My dad continues to be abusive to my mother. He verbally and emotionally torments her, and this is after more than 60 years of a paper marriage. Does it make me angry? You know it! I pray and encourage my mom. I continue to pour healing oil into all those wounds caused by years of control and manipulation. How many people are ready to admit they are in a toxic abusive demeaning relationship? Let me PLEASE see a show of hands! Dr. Faye is the CEO, Chief Architect and Visionary of the Ministries of Dr. Faye and Dr. Faye & Company; Dr. Fayes School of Destiny; Dr. Faye Talk Radio Broadcasts, Empower Me Now, and Dr. Faye Live, The Empowerment Clinic; Ask Dr. Faye, and The International Prayer Circle. Her book, The Desperate Daughters of Destiny, and manual for living single and living wholly has reached global status. She is senior Pastor and Founder of a multi-media Church, The Global Church Live.

Dr. Faye is a Pastor, Producer, Consultant, Life Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Preacher, Author, Psalmist, and Poet. She is a woman with an Apostolic Anointing to pioneer ministries and businesses with a multi-discipline and multi-ministerial approach to Kingdom business. Equipped with a masters degree in religion, and doctorates in Philosophy and Divinity and empowered by an all- encompassing God, the ministries of Dr. Faye transcends all ethnic, racial, cultural and religious barriers. If you or someone you know are in an abusive relationship call The National Domestic Violence Hotline ( at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). If you feel your life is in danger call 911 NOW! You are advised to seek professional counseling through the emergency room, your personal physician, a mental health worker, clergy or other persons authorized, licensed or certified in health care. (END)

Lets Open the Door and Expose Abuse that God may Bring Forth Healing! You are fearfully and wonderfully made, created by God, in His image and likeness And you do not deserve to be abused, whether male or female!
M. Ragland, G.A.W.W. president

The National Domestic Violence Hotline WEBSITE: HOTLINE: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) If you feel your life is in danger call 911 NOW!


Dear reader, let me introduce myself, I 'am originally from Gabon, a small country in Africa. Born again in August 1987 in Gabon, I served in my church as intercessor, from 1990 -1995. I got married to Dr Apostle Erick Miguel Poaty in September 1995. In 2000, the Lord Jesus Christ asked us to live our country and to come in America where we didn't know anybody, neither did we had any support. Like Abraham, we obeyed the Lord our God and in 2001, we came and we are located in Raleigh NC, where the Lord instructed us to start a church. As a Prophetess of the Lord, and looking at what is going on in the world, people are loosing their jobs, they are receiving bad report from doctors, children are becoming more rebellious, divorce and Now faith is the substance of separation are reaching the highest rates; Recently, the Lord spoke to my husband through a vision. The things hoped for, the evidence of Lord showed him on one hand the devil organizing his forces and sending the spirit of FEAR and the spirit of Distraction. The spirit of Fear things not seen. was sent out against the world and is the door to: hopelessness, despondency, stress, anger, racial divide, oppression, depression and HEBREWS 11:1 death. The spirit of Distraction was sent against the Body of Christ, which is the only force on earth able to stop the three fold destructive plan of the devil (John 10:10 the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy). Were all speaking the voice of the world instead of being the oracles of the true and living God; were seeing things through the lenses of this panicking system instead of seeing through the eyes of the Eternal and Immortal God! I therefore went to the lord to find out what to do, how to handle the season were in! This is what the Lord told me: only FAITH will help you stand in this time" Hebrews11:1 says "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" The Greek word translated for substance in hebrews11:1 is HUPOSTSIS, which means: -Something that has a real existence; -The basic essence; -The actual reality; -A condition of the human heart that is as real to God, as the thing we asked for will be to us when we receive it; -The exact image of the things of which we ask. When we receive what we have prayed for, the image is replaced by the actuality. It is very important to understand that faith is based on the word of God. That is why we need to read and meditate the word day and night. Faith is not based on human feelings, but rather it is based on the truth of what God says. Some years ago, I was a victim of a deadly car accident; I was declared dead, but by the grace of God I came out from there with a report from the doctors saying that I will never have kids, my pelvis was broken, my uterus was damaged and my tubes were destroyed. I was left hopeless as far as having children one day! However, the Bible declares in Hebrews11:1, Now FAITH is the assurance of the things we hope for, being the proof of the things we do not see and the conviction of their reality". We see here that the Lord says:"NOW FAITH IS" not tomorrow but NOW, meaning in the time of trouble; when everything looks terrible, the Bible says NOW FAITH is!

Forest, North Carolina

So years later, in 1994, when I met my husband and that he asked me to marry him, I told him it that I couldnt. Medically, it was reported to me that I will never be with child. He told me that this couldnt be! Since the Lord already made a promise to him that he will be the father of four children. So he told me that if you marry me you will have children. Hebrews11:1 tells us that FAITH is the assurance or the SUBSTANTIATING, which means, to support with proof or to support with evidence. The word evidence, Is the Greek word Elanchos, its carry a sense of: -A weight of authority; - A rebuttal of; -It carries the strength of tearing down facts and theories that are wrong and replacing them with the truth; Ive really experienced that power, that weight of authority that comes when FAITH is in action. This is what my husband did, he didn't look at what the doctors said but he proclaimed the word of the Lord. The conviction, the assurance he had, carried the power, the authority and the strength to tear down the medical facts and theories that were telling me that I will never be a mother. Faith rebuked the fear and the work of the devil in my mind and replaced it with Gods Truth! So after we got married God gave us a beautiful daughter in 1996. In 1998, we had a second daughter, but we lost her. We told God "you said 2 girls and 2 boys, you will give us back our daughter, and we know you are not a man to lie nor a son of man to repent". 5 years later God gave us back our second baby girl! Dear readers, no matter what you are facing, no matter where the economy is standing right now and no matter the challenges, the word of Hebrews 11:1 still states, "Now faith is the assurance, the confirmation, the title deed of the things we hope for, being the proof of thing we do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses). Until next time, live by faith for thats what the righteous do! Prophetess F. Deborah Poaty Pastor of The Revival Center Intl: The Church in the Neighborhood Co-founder of Challenge for Christ Ministries 6925 Old Wake Forest Rd Raleigh, NC 27616

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Its a Wonder What the Lord Can Do South Boston, VA.

Its a wonder what the Lord can do! He can do exceedingly more than you can imagine. Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; lean not to thy own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths. He can direct your path when you are loss in the world or when you are just lost trying to find your way home on a dark road. God directed my path in this situation: I was on my way back from North Carolina to Virginia, where I live and I was lost! I had no cell signal, so I immediately began to pray to God, asking Him to direct me. I started to turn around but God told me to keep driving, every turn He told me to make, I made and God directed me right out of North Carolina and back to Virginia. I relied on Jesus, not my cell phone or another person. We should allow God to direct us in every step and every discussion we make in our life. In whatever direction God sends you, even when it doesnt seem right to you, trust God and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:6, and He shall direct your paths. He will give you that light to show others the way towards Him. (END)


17 years old, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Holy Ghost Power & Anointing for this Now generation!

Henderson, North Carolina

The Event That Revolutionized My Life

During my adolescence era, I thought that church was all about offering time and that church excluded any entertainment. I introspected church to be similar to those I viewed on television; contradicting, my church was dull, old, held a funny smell, and if was hot! I disliked specific people at my church; therefore, I felt like they were malevolent, hypocritical, and skeptical church folk. Occasionally I laughed, giggled, snickered and utterly cried when elderly received the Holy Ghost. I possessed several mischievous habits, but my childish lifestyle was in the process of being demolished. August 8, 2004, I was baptized, and God entered my life and transformed my mentality into a Christian Point of View. The event that revolutionized my life was the exhilarating day I was baptized and my sins were washed away! I began to learn what sins really were and that life actually had a meaning, and God has a purpose in life for everyone. The next building block of my transformation is when I joined a new church, known as Whites Grove Christian Church (WGCC). On Easter day of 2005, my family and I decided to visit WGCC and I immediately fell in love with the appearance and the people of the church, the preached word, in which I understood what the pastor was preaching about. The church was lively, newly reconstructed, abundant with flowers, and maintained a fresh wood scent. As a result, we decided to join WGCC May 15, 2005. Attending WGCC was boisterous. The pastor was my uncle, and he immediately assigned me to the youth ministry and the junior choir. The youth programs taught me voluminous facts about God, what He expects of society and how to live the Christian journey. One evening during youth ministry, my youth directors questioned me concerning what goals I had to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ. I responded with the goal to become a minister. All of a sudden the youth directors gave me an awkward pause, and said, Cormikia, I believe being a minister is perfect for you. My youth director specified that I should converse with the pastor. From that evening on, my life felt as if it immediately transformed! Moreover, as time lingered past, several church events approached, and it seemed as if different church officials were arbitrarily noticing something divine about me. One evening while a visiting pastor was conducting his sermon, he randomly called me to the front of the church and said that God had a special calling for me and there was something in me that shined. I was dazzled and within the blink of an eye unpredictable tears began to flow down my cheeks. I had previously prayed to God to send me a sign and let me know what His purpose was for my life. The signs God prevailed over me concerning the purpose of my life was to become a minister, and I kept praying for God send me a finalized answer. The Christian vibe I released gave my pastor the idea to give me the job of calling the service program, and preaching ordained verses of the bible unto the entire church. When I first called a program, I would say a little and I made a few mistakes, but I was in the learning process. There was something deep down within my soul telling me to jump up and down, act up , show off, and tell the congregation what they wanted to know to hear just like the preachers did; however, I decided to refrain myself. I have called the program several times, yet on a special Sunday, I decided to release from my inner shell and display the inspirational speaking skills I really had. I jumped up and down, a few church folk receive the Holy Ghost, and I removed the microphone (cont)

By: Minister Michelle Ragland Kingdom Benefits

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(Minister Cormikia Southerland Continued) from its stand and went wireless, and I finally realized that I had what it takes to be a minister. More elaborately, the anointing had the entire congregation shouting YEAH! HALLELUJAH! and GLORY TO GOD! Afterwards, my pastor constantly asked me if I was ready. So to confirm what God really has planned for me, I decided to read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. After several attempts to complete the scheduled forty day reading of the book, I decided to just pray and ask advice from my pastor. The pastor stated that I should already know what God has called me to be, and I automatically assumed a minister. Unsuspectingly, I had extraordinary signs that came upon me, granting me building blocks to my purpose within from God. One day as I was driving, I gazed upon the rooftop of an ancient building, and I saw a tree that exactly resembled the one referred to in the bible and on the cover of the Purpose Driven Life book. Later, it seemed as if God kept speaking to me, and instructing me to read the bible and pray. All these events awakened me from sleep, and elevated my fear of God. Ironically, this essay assignment has halted my procrastination towards my purpose in God. I believe God has sent this assignment in order for me to really realize what my purpose is in life. As a result I am going to respond to my goal to become a minister. I am going to converse with my pastor and express my inner feelings, questions, and even show him this essay in which I have written. My mind is going ballistic and I cannot wait until tonight, which is bible study at my church. I am going to discuss with my pastor my pathway to fulfillment of my life one on one! END

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A few years ago I found myself in the hospital with severe abdominal pain. Tests concluded that I had chrones disease and possibly cancer. Upon turning home 24 hours later, I got up early the next morning and called the Miracle Channel for prayer. Shortly afterward that day, my mom and sister came to see me. They couldnt believe that I was up and walking around, ready to go with no pain. Life had returned to my face and I had energy to boot. We went out for lunch too although I did eat quite light after the severity of the colonoscopy. A few years passed and then strange symptoms began to show just during this year in 2009. Once again there was pain in the abdomen and severe discomfort, with inconsistencies in my abdominal wall. I requested that my doctor send me to see the specialist again. The specialist recommended a colonoscopy so that he could take another look at what was going on. In the mean time, on August 14th (2009) I went to New York and spent 4 days at the Great Spirit Records Studio, continuing to work on my new CD. On the Wednesday night, I visited Holding Out Hope church with my producer Allen Cuffey and his wife Leah. The praise and worship awesome and Gods spirit was there. The pastor said that if you need healing, now is the time to ask the Lord for it in faith. At this time, it felt like my intestines were swelling up and I was in pain during the service. I took that step of faith and believed for a miracle during the service that night. I went to bed that night feeling fine, like a strange new normal. The first thing I noticed the next morning is that there was no discomfort. As the days activities continued, I did not experience the pain I would normally have. I realized I was TOTALLY FINE. There was no more pain or sensation of swelling in the intestinal track. A week after returning from New York I had a colonoscopy that was scheduled so that we could look into the recent rise of new symptoms. On September 29th, 2009 I returned to the specialists office to learn the results of my colonoscopy. A biopsy was done and the test results showed that there was no Chrones Disease, no inflammation, NO NOTHING. Not even a hint that there once was a problem at all. Chrones Disease doesnt just go away! You will always have it unless God does a miracle! Thank you Jesus, for your healing touch! END To read her full testimony, go to: Listen to her anointed Music ministry by going to her website! Have her for a ministry event!


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National Evangelist Lois Moore is the founder of Millennium Leadership Ministries. She has been actively engaged in ministry since she was fifteen years old. She is a member of West Angeles Church of God in Christ. Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake is her pastor. Education Lois attended the University of West Los Angeles and earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies, a Legal Assistant Certificate, Litigation Specialization Certificate and Corporation Specialization Certificate. She holds a Masters of Arts Degree in Christian Education and a Masters of Divinity from Azusa Pacific University Haggard Graduate School of Theology in Azusa, California. Ministry Profile In December 1999, she left the corporate world to execute full-time ministry as an Evangelist. Lois holds credentials as a licensed Evangelist Missionary in the Church of God in Christ from Southern California First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake and National Evangelist license from the International Church of God in Christ, Incorporated. She has served in many capacities of leadership within the Church at local, district, state and national levels. She has served as the Jurisdictional Elect Lady of the Department of Evangelism and the Jurisdiction Dean of Christian Education. She served as a member of the Executive Board of the International Womens Department of Evangelism. She has also served as the Dean of Charles Harrison Mason Bible College, an accredited Bible College and School of Theology. She is currently a member of the State Intercessory Prayer Team and a Covenant Sister of Southern California Department of Women. She is the President of the Department of Evangelism of the Republic of the Philippines Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction performing evangelism and missions abroad under the leadership of Bishop Avel Forto. Her personal ministry consists of a healing and deliverance ministry to the hurts of women in transition from prison, substance abuse, homelessness and domestic violence. She also specializes in youth ministry, focusing on youth in crisis and training Spirit-filled youth to walk in the excellence of Gods word. As an evangelist, she conducts Revivals, Leadership Training and Spiritual Development Seminars internationally. She is a keynote speaker at conferences and retreats inter-denominationally. Her ministry reaches from the gutter most to the uttermost. Her newest venture as the seminar author of: I am a Queen, Queens Dont Trip!, The Humpty-Dumpty Syndrome, The Missiology of Evangelism and Reaching the Socially Displaced, Leading with Purpose, Birthing Your Childs Destiny, The Gifts of the Spirit, Coping With Powerful Personalities, Reconciling Broken Relationships and Embracing Unlimited Love: Experiencing Marriage Gods Way to list a few from her extensive library. Personal Profile Evangelist Lois Moore is married to Elder Benjamin Moore, who is also engaged in ministry as an evangelist. She is the proud mother of four Spirit-filled children. Lois has been chosen for this day to be a millennium leader who is standing for holiness without compromise. Lois loves the Lord with all her heart and is committed to Spiritual excellence.

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