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Handling with CARE Platform of Camila Benipayo: Candidate for Vice President, Documentation and Publications Documentation and

Publications is an integral department of ACOMM as it is chiefly responsible for the projected image of the organization to the Ateneo. Every promotional material, post-documentation file, and article that has been released is a product of its artistic members. And while there is nothing drastically wrong with the department as a whole this past year, some improvement and revamping is necessary to make for an even bigger and better Doc & Pub. This year, we will mainly be focusing on a more organized and systematic way of going about things through better communicationnot only within the members of Doc & Pub and the other departments, but also within the members of the organization who are just as valuable. This, we will strive to achieve by ascertaining that we meet our four core objectives: Coherence, Accessibility & Activation, Relationship-building, and Efficiency. Only then will we be able to take good CARE of Doc & Pub and more importantly, ACOMM throughout the school year that is to come. This, along with maximizing each members potential, is our ultimate goal. I. COHERENCE Clear distinction of roles between the Vice President and Associate Vice Presidents At the beginning of the year, the VP and AVPs will sit down and distinguish a reasonable division of tasks and responsibilities so as not to stir up confusion once the projects start coming in. The Documentation AVP will take charge of the Photographers and Videographers Pools whereas the Publications AVP will handle the Creatives Pool and COMMotion. Both AVPs will serve as the point persons for their assigned pools. This isnt to imply, of course, that one cant help another out if a situation calls for it. Interdepartmental synergy: being and staying in the same page as others What we will capitalize on is the unity and cohesion among Creatives and Videographers people, Project Managers, and Project Assistants. First, the AVPs and Doc & Pub members will be required to attend the pitch and the meetings for their assigned projects. That way, conflicts will lessen and they will have an idea of what the PMs and PAs want early on, which would give them more time to come up with something good. Second, with the help of the Corporate Communications Department, we will study the marketing package for each project before we even venture into designing posters and editing videos, and then educate the members regarding which promotional materials must have sponsor logos and which among the sponsors should be highlighted.

Lastly, as the Projects Department had started doing, we will create a different Facebook group for each project well be working on in order to get faster feedbacks. This will significantly help in the work flow of Doc & Pub because most of the members dont check their e-mails as often as they do their Facebook accounts. There, we can post ideas, pegs, drafts, and comments with each other more easily and casually before we present anything to the Projects team. II. ACCESSIBILITY & ACTIVATION Open lines of communication among the VP, AVPs, and pools It is important to recognize that communication is key. This is something that we lacked in last year and that we are aiming to work on this time around. Having said that, a public database will be put up containing each Doc & Pub members (from all the pools) contact details that will be accessible not only to the VP and AVPs, but also to everyone in the department. By doing this, members who are assigned to work on a project who dont know each other wouldnt need to contact the VP or AVPs to reach whoever theyre working with. Reaching out to the members Another thing that we need to improve on this year is consistency in updating ACOMMs online accounts: Facebook (both account and like page), Twitter, and our very own website. The VP and AVPs will take turns in managing all these accounts per month. Whoever is assigned as of the moment will be in charge of posting photos of past events, replying to inquiries, and basically just letting the members in on whats happening with ACOMM. As for COMMotion, our vision is to release at least one article online every two weeks, and then release a total of two printed magazines throughout the year containing all the accumulated online articlesone towards the end of each semester. We figured that aside from advertising it well, the only way to make the publication be known and enjoyed not only by Com majors, but by Ateneans in general is for them to actually see it in print beside other school publications. Also, we plan to retain the Creatives, Photography, and Videography Workshops because honing the skills of our members is something that we are constantly in need of. There is always room for improvement. Information dissemination Spreading news and information quickly and effectively is another way of being visible to ACOMM members. We will do this by pushing for faster post-event documentation (posting of pictures, videos, etc.), maximizing the use of the EB Core to share event promos, and the

implementation of the minute-system for the benefit of those who wont be able to attend pitches and meetings. III. RELATIONSHIP-BUILDING Transparency between the VP and AVPs The aim is for the VP and AVPs to be in constant communication so as to develop a good, healthy relationship inside and outside of work. This is also to set a good example to the rest of the department. After all, we will eventually be in the company of each other for the most part of the year. Might as well be good friends. Inclusivity: establishing a friendly relationship with members It cant be all about the VP and AVPs, though. One of our major goals this year is to achieve inclusivity within the department and ACOMM as a whole. It is just as important to establish a friendly relationship with the members of all the pools in order for us to also establish a good working relationship later on. Aside from an obligatory getting-to-know session, we will be holding monthly meetings for each of the two sectors of Doc & Pub designed not only for the purpose of bonding, but also for planning ahead of time for future projects. The Creatives Pool and COMMotion meetings will be headed by the Publications AVP while the Photographers and Videographers Pool will be headed by the Documentation AVP. In these meetings, there will be brainstorming for promotional material ideas, story conferences for potential articles, and photo assignments which will be critiqued by the members themselves. IV. EFFICIENCY Less bureaucracy To avoid leaving the bulk of the work to the VP or AVPs, members assigned in respective projects will be notified of their tasks as early as possible. This will give them ample time to prepare. Moreover, though the final decisions will come from them, critiquing and constructive criticism will not be exclusive to the officers anymore. Instead, any Doc & Pub member who wishes to give their input can do so via our Facebook group. Assignment of projects This year, we wont simply make the members choose which projects they want to be a part of. We will require all of them to submit their portfolios and then assign which projects we think they will do well on based on their skill and aptitude. Those who have the initiative to

submit beforehand or on time, however, will be given priority (and possibly the project that they prefer). Faster production of outputs Besides the faster process of drafting and revising via project-specific Facebook groups, we will be more punctual in releasing promotional materials by being more organized. We will put up a calendar following the Projects Departments tentative event dates so that deadlines will surely be met. In addition, we are aiming for earlier releases of promotions such as teasers so that more hype will be generated and ultimately, more people will know about and actually attend our events.