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An Alleged adth (Saying) of our Prophet that has become very
1. This alleged adth (of the Prophet

) that is SO oftrepeated and continuously quoted in many gatherings is, Whoever does pilgrimage
>>> ![ajj], but doesn't visit me [i.e. in Madnah], has been rude to me





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2. This adth was recorded by Ibn ibbn [in Al-Majrn (The
Wounded/Criticized Narrators)], Ibn Adiyy, Ad-Draqun and Ibn Al-Jawz [in AlMawt (The Fabrications)] all of them (transmitting it) with a chain of narrators
[isnd] via Muammad ibn An-Numn ibn Shibl, who said that his father [An-Numn
ibn Shibl] related to him, on the authority of (Imm) Mlik, from Nfi, from Abdullh
Ibn Umar (
). It is a very weak narration, and some say that it is

fabricated [a forgery] a lie, because Muammad ibn An-Numn ibn
Shibl Al-Bhil related it from his father, and both of them are

extremely weak narrators! The Leader of the Believers

in adth, Ad-Draqun ( ) said,


This is a adth that has not been (authentically)

preserved on the authority of An-Numn ibn Shibl, except via the

riwyah of his son from him. And the flaw [or, impeachment] in this
chain is in the son of An-Numn. Al-Bazzr also recorded this
adth, but in his chain of narrators is Ibrhm Al-Ghaffr, and he is a
weak narrator. And finally, Al-Bayhaq recorded this adth on the

authority of Umar, and said,

His chain is unknown.
Al-fi (the Great adth Master) Ibn ajar Al-Asqaln (

d. 852 AH) said of
it in his at-Talkh al-abr:
In it (the chain of its reporters) is
An-Numn [ibn Shibl al-Bar], and he is 'extremely weak' [daf jiddan]! AshShawkn had the exact same comment to make on this adth [

] in his Nayl al-Awr, 5/179. With regard to this individual

[An-Numn ibn Shibl], Ibn ibbn (

)had the following to say about him:
He brought disasters,
relating them apparently on the authority of reliable narrators! [i.e. he
used to narrate things which are fabricated on the authority of
trustworthy narrators] And he narrated unsound adths from sound
narrators! {so as to confuse even those who have great knowledge;
thus, it is completely invalid to quote his reports as evidence}. Alfi Ibn Al-Qaysarn (d. 507 AH) said about this adth,

.[ ]The isnd contains An-Numn

ibn Shibl Al-Bar [Al-Bhil]. He used to narrate from trustworthy
narrators things that are not their adth. And Ibn Al-Qaysarn also
Ms Ibn Hrn


said, this An-Numn has been accused [by the adth Scholars].
The Allmah, Shams-ud-Dn As-Sakhw (

)said in his al-Maqid

al-asanah of this so-called adth (

It is
), he said:

not authentically reported from the Prophet. Furthermore, in his Itqn m Yusin
2/578, Najm-ud-Dn Muammad ibn Muammad Al-Ghazz [Ash-Shfi] (

said the exact same thing:

It is not authentic! On top of this, the Shaykh, the
Imm, the Allmah, the ujjah - Al-Ajln Ash-Shfi had the exact same comment to
make on this adth [in his Kashf Al-Khaf , 2/366]; he said:

It is not
Jall-ud-Dn As-Suy (

)said of this alleged adth in his Ad-Durar AlMuntathirah (128) as follows:
Its isnd [chain of narration back to the

] is Extremely Weak. So not just weak, but extremely, very weak
[jiddan]! Muammad Jr-Allh A-ad A-ann (d. 1181 AH/1767); AshShawkn (
;)Ibn Bz; Ibn Uthaymn; Al-Albn; Imm Ad-Draqun (d. 385 AH
about whom Al-Q Abu-ayyib A-abar Ash-Shfi [d. 450 AH] said,

Ad-Draqun is the Amr-ul-Muminn (Leader/Chief
of the Believers) in adth ); Al-Allmah Al-fi Abul-Faraj Ibn Al-Jawz; the
Imm, the Jurist, the Allmah, the Muaddith: Abul-Fail A-aghn [al-anaf]
(d. 650 AH); Al-fi Muammad ibn Abdul-Hd [al-anbal]; Sirj-ud-Dn Ibn Al-

Mulqin; and the Shaykh of the Muaddithn - Imm Adh-Dhahab ( d. 748 AH; of
whom Tj-ud-Dn As-Subk said, He is the Shaykh of Jar & Tadl [Authentication &
Disparagement of adth reporters] and for the unaware, one of Al-fi AdhDhahab's sons, i.e. Ab Hurayrah Abdur-Ramn (ibn Adh-Dhahab - d. 799
AH) was the Shaykh/Teacher of the adth masters Ibn Nir-ud-Dn
and Ibn ajar Al-Asqaln, to whom he transmitted several works
narrated by his father. So, Adh-Dhahab was from the Shuykh
(Teachers) of the Shuykh of the great Ibn ajar. * And subnAllh! Alfi Ibn ajar has mentioned himself that when he went for ajj, he drank the sacred
water of ZamZam, asking Allh to help him to one day reach the level of Imm AdhDhahab in adth. )........ And I could go on and on and on and on and on, in the
never ending line of Masters/Scholars/Experts of adth who outright rejected this report
as being from the prophetic words {so I cannot help but wonder why so many speakers
(and Doctors, and Shaykhs) today assert with such confidence that these are indeed,
undoubtedly from his blessed words (

), whereas every single major
Scholar weakened it vehemently! Some called it,
a lie, others deemed it:

fabricated even like the aforementioned A-aghn al-anaf [ who mentioned it
in his Mawt (Fabricated adths), and elsewhere ], Ibn Al-Jawz [ who also
mentioned it in his Mawt (Fabricated adths) ], Muammad Ibn hir AlMaqdis Al-Qaysarn [ who quoted it in his Tadhkirah al-Mawt (Collection of
Forged adths) ], Muammad ibn Abdul-Hd al-anbal [ in his book: A-rim
Al-Mank ], Muammad Ibn Amad Ibn Uthmn Adh-Dhahab [ in his Tartb AlMawt (Arrangement of the Fabrications, 185), wherein he said:
This adth has been fabricated (forged & falsely reported) on the
authority of [Imm] Mlik. ], Al-Allmah Ibn Bz, Al-Albn, Ibn
Uthaymn and others!} >> To the extent that Ibn Taymiyah (661728
AH) said, Not a single one of the Scholars (Ulam)
relates it. And he likewise judged it to be fabricated.
NOTE: Always remember the famous, Mutawtir adth in both Laf &
Man, in wording & meaning {the super-authentic prophetic adth; in
fact, this adth is considered to be one of the, if not The strongest
adth that we have & the most mutawtir! And it was narrated by
over 20 + (and I've only recently come to learn, that it was in
fact narrated by roughly 70 abah) Companions of the Prophet}
that the Messenger of Allh (

) used to say:


Attributes Words To Me That I Did Not Say, let him take his place in

Hell. Literally, Whoever falsely attributes something to me must

take his own seat in the Fire. The meaning is, the one who falsely
attributes something to the Prophet, shall take his own seat in the Fire.
This adth was recorded by Al-Bukhr, Muslim and many many
So as a final warning to everyone a warning from the Messenger
of God himself beware and be cautious about what you relate
on the authority of the Prophet () . Lying about the
Prophet is a Major Sin. Some scholars are even of the opinion that lying
about the Prophet, is (in fact) lying about Allh, so it makes the person
become a Kfir [disbeliever]! I'm more inclined to this view IF the lie
(false attribution) was intentional, and not if the person did it