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1 Background and organizational profile


3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

Vision Mission Values

Introduction Review of Past Performance Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis Critical Issues


STRATEGIES, GOALS AND OBJECTIVES 4.1 4.2 Approaches to be taken (Strategies) General and specific results (Goals and Objectives)

IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY 5.1 5.2 Implementation of the strategies Action Planning (activities, budget & financing etc.)


Business planning is the systematic development of actions aimed at reaching business objectives through analyzing, evaluating and selecting of a viable business opportunity.

A business plan is a written document that describes the goals and objectives to achieve those goals and objectives.

It is a management tool that is used to organise and analyze information collected by an entrepreneur.

It is a map to guide you through the start up stages of your business. It is a blue print

Why a business plan? - To determine the viability of a business - For external use in seeking capital

- For own use as a planning and monitoring tool

FORMAT OF A BUSINESS PLAN a. cover page b. statement of purpose c. curriculum vitae of the sponsor (principal owners) d. Executive summary

1. Business description 2. marketing plan 3. organization and management 4. operation/ production plan 5. Financial plan 6. Appendix

a. Cover page
Name of a business Address Name of presenter Organization presented to Date of presentation

b. Statement of purpose outline the purpose of the business plan c. Executive summary- gives a brief summary of the entire document and highlights the main issues/points

A SIMPLE PLAN 1. Business description. 1.1 What is the name of the business? ..options,.MAKAS,SMAK,MADKAS CONSTR & MANAGEMENT COMP......................................................... 1.2 Where will the business be located? ..MOMBASA....................................................................... .. 1.3 What is the nature of business ownership? PARTNERSHIP, of equal shares.. .

1.4 What are your main products or services? a) Constr. Of buildings & civil works.. b) Management of estates, construction sites .. c) Offering technical advise to estate developers & management of the latter to maximise on profits d) Providing of quality & affordable constr. Matl. e) Providing specified services proffesionally , efficiently & effectively.. 1.5 How unique will your business be as compared to the existing similar ones? a) Client friendly b) Evaluating any business proposal before undertaking it on behalf of the client c) 1.6 What industry will your business operate under? (Commercial, service or manufacturing)Services.. 1.7 What are your business goals? a) Short-term goals To make a profit of approximately Kshs 50,000-100,000..per ( day/week/month) b) Long-term goals To develop into Category H, from Gwithin a period of(days/weeks/months/years) 2. Marketing strategy 2.1 The potential target customers are a) Developers, middle class Kenyans ready to own their homescapable of buying .quantity of. Times per(day/week/month) b) capable of buying ..quantity of .. and.times per( day/week/ month) c) capable of buying ..quantity of .. and.times per( day/week/ month)

2.2 What is the market share? ..

2.3 The following is our estimated sales per(day/week/month)

Product Quantity Selling Price per item Total ( Kshs) 1 2 Vents Drawings 100 pcs 10 To be evaluated Depends on type & design 3 4 Grand Total Kshs. Managerial advise -

2.4 The sales projection for a period of the first one year shall be: Month Jan Cash Credit Total Feb Mar Apr may Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total

2.5 Competition The following are our competitors with respective strengths and weaknesses:
Competitor 1 2 3 4 Strengths Weaknesses How to overcome

2.6 Pricing strategy How will you price your products? Costofproductionplus25%profit 2.7 How will your advertise and/or attract your customers? a) Producingpocketfriendlyproducts&services . b) Offeringthegoods&servicesontime .

c) Paymentofgoods&servicesininstallamentsifinlar gequantities&ifclientisaregular one.. d) Additionofvaluetotheproduct&serviceas comparedtoourcompetitors . 2.8 What will be your sales tactics? ( over the counter, telephone selling, through sales people, multi-level marketing) Display(product/service)marketitself,oncetheproducthasbeenu sedsomeplaceitwillspeakvolforitselft Throughmedia&salespeople

Organization and management plan 2.9 The following are the staff required to run our business.
Post Number Responsibility Salary/Wage per month 1 2 3 Total Ksh Ksh Total Ksh


We shall use the following approaches in recruiting our staff.

a) .. b) c) 2.11 We shall motivate our staff through the following ways:

a) b) 2.12 What licenses and/permits will you require? Licence 1 2 3 Total Source Cost Ksh

3. Production and operation plan. 3.1 Cost of products

Product 1 2 3 4 5 Ksh Quantity Cost Per item Source Total

3.2 Cost of assets (tools/equipments)

Tools/equipment 1 2 3 4



Cost per Unit

Total Ksh


4. FINANCIAL PLAN 4.1 Estimated expenses for the first one year
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ITEM Cost of products Cost of assets Cost of licences Salaries/Wages Rent Electricity bills Water bill Transport Loan repayment Others(specify) Grand Total TOTAL COST


4.2 Source of funds

1 2 3 4 Source Own contribution Contribution from family friends Loan Others (specify) Total Amount



Month Cash in Bal. C/F Cash Sales Credit Sales Loan Own Pocket Contribution from Friends &family Others TOTALS Cash Out Purchases Salaries/Wages Rent Electricity Transport Water Motivation Promotion Licenses Loan Repayment TOTALS Bal. B/F Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total