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Course Pro Forma Program Sarjana Muda Perguruan Dengan Kepujian

Course Title Course Code Credit Contact Hours Pre-requisite Semester Learning Outcomes English Language Proficiency I (Kefasihan Bahasa Inggeris I) WAJ3102 2(2+0) 30 hours Nil One/Two 1. Listen critically to various stimuli and respond appropriately. 2. Speak fluently, correctly and confidently for a variety of purposes. 3. Read critically for meaning and understanding, and give personal response. 4. Use correct and appropriate language structures in different types of writing and academic papers. 5. Write well-reasoned and coherent paragraphs. 6. Assess own language progress through reflections/journal. Synopsis This course aims to build learners current English language skills. It focuses on the English sound system, parts of speech/word classes, tenses, sentence types, types of questions, listening and speaking skills, reading skills, paragraph writing and writing for different purposes. Kursus ini bertujuan meningkatkan kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris sedia ada pelaja. Tumpuan diberi kepada tajuk-tajuk sistem bunyi Bahasa Inggeris, tatabahasa, jenis-jenis ayat, jenis-jenis soalan, kemahiran mendengar dan bertutur, membaca, dan menulis untuk pelbagai tujuan.

Berkuat kuasa mulai Januari 2007 (Kemas kini 15 Disember 2009)

Topic 1

Content Parts of Speech/ Word Classes y Nouns y Pronouns y Verbs y Adverbs y Adjectives Tenses y Simple y Progressive y Perfect Sentence Types y Simple y Compound y Complex Types of Questions y Yes/No questions y Information questions (Wh) y Tag questions English Sound System: Pronunciation, Enunciation, Stress and Intonation y Vowel sound, diphthongs, triphthongs y Consonants sounds Listening and Speaking Skills y Listen for a variety of purposes and in different contexts y Respond to a variety of stimuli y Express opinions y Give personal responses Reading Skills y Techniques - Skimming and scanning y Barretts Taxonomy - Literal comprehension - Reorganization - Inferential comprehension - Appreciation

Hours 4

Berkuat kuasa mulai Januari 2007 (Kemas kini 15 Disember 2009)

Topic 8

Content Paragraph Writing y Topic sentence y Supporting details y Cohesive devices Writing for Different Text Types y Thesis statements y Narrative y Descriptive y Expository y Argumentative TOTAL

Hours 2

30 60% 40%


Coursework Final Test

Main References

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Berkuat kuasa mulai Januari 2007 (Kemas kini 15 Disember 2009)