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Remote Viewing: The real X Files Part 1

The history of remote view ing (RV) goes back to the 1950s. RV w as developed during the cold w ar to enable security organisations the ability to gain information about top secret enemy sites, in w hich they had no assets. The Russians have alw ays been more advanced than their American counterparts in the study of biological remote mind control technology (RMCT). This did not go unnoticed by the CIA and the US military. Project Scan gate w as implemented to begin research by the US military into RV. There follow ed many different projects, including: Grill Flame, Center Lane, Sunstreak and Stargate. 1. As a scientist I became fascinated by the implications of RV, for if it really w orked, it totally upset the paradigm upon w hich our scientific model of reality w as based. The w ork of Dr. Jessica Utts, w ho being a Professor of statistics at Stanford, has scientifically proved that RV phenomena exist, w as significant in this respect. 2. For it show ed that science as w e know it, is crucially flaw ed. 3. It is as if, w e have developed atomic energy, yet have less know ledge than our caveman ancestors of the essential nature of reality. The sceptics rebutted the Utts paper and have denied any paranormal phenomena could possibly exist. 4. This might be more comfortable to the scientific community, but RMCT is being used more and more by the military. To mask this, the US military's position on RV w as stated by CIA spokesperson, David Christian, w ho accepted that no further official US research into RV w as w arranted. 'We think the intelligence community shouldn't pursue research on this and that it is best left to the private sector'. Is there a campaign of disinformation to mask their continued and accelerated study of the subject? Could programmes such as. 'The Real X Files,' (show n on Channel 4 UK) created by Jim Schnabel, an alleged CIA operative, be designed to act as red herrings, to mask the US security organisations true intent? If so, w ouldn't the 'public' interest in this area, mean that the privately run US RV organisations (all run by 'retired' US security officers) they could turn to for training, w ould have a large number of applicants, This w ould be useful if the US intelligence community w as traw ling for undiscovered Psi-able people to recruit for a burgeoning RMCT military programme. 5. This led me to ask, could there be a scientific basis to RV and RMCT. As a proponent of RV, I know that it w orks. Joe McMoneagle, a retired army intelligence, officer, w ho claims to have left Stargate in 1984 w ith a Legion of Merit Aw ard, for providing information on 150 targets that w ere unavailable from other sources, used RV to go into the mind of Shaw Taylor, to see through his eyes; an experiment carried out on the Paranormal World of Paul McKenna (ITV TV). This method of using RV to enter the brains of other people, is called remote sensing (RS). RMCT can be thought of as the basis for ESP and telepathy. I have had many people asking me w hether there w as any available information on the scientific basis of RV. Having looked through the Internet at the available w eb sites purporting to be leaders in RV technology, I came to the conclusion that either the know ledge base of Western experts w as feeble, or most of the real information w as classified. Most of the leading research done in the US on brain function w ith respect to RMCT (electronic) is classified. The excellent articles in Nexus (including Vol3 No3) have covered electronic RMCT in more depth than is available elsew here. To my know ledge, there has been little scientific discussion of biophysical RMCT. The follow ing is a brief introduction. The Scientific Basis of RV If RV is to w ork, something must leave the body, so remote locations can be looked at. RV uses biophysical field effects to manifest perception outside the body. The Russians have been the w orld experts in biophysics since the

fifties. Research in this area has concentrated on military uses of biophysical field effects, telekinesis and the search for Psi genes that promote and mediate RV and the biophysical fields involved in telekinesis. This has led to the Russians study of the biological basis of RV. It is w ell know n that the physical body is surrounded by a mantle of electromagnetic energy. Our eyes pick up this photonic emission, though 90% of this information is filtered out in the thalamus, the remainder being fitted into a visual mental model w hich w e see as reality. Once one can unfilter visual perception, auras around people can be seen. Microw ave stimulation of the brain w ith ELF audiograms can effect brain function for RMCT. 6. This methodology being the basis of US RMCT, but the EM field around the body can also be effected by other types of EM irradiation, electric fields and magnetic fields. EMF INDUCED CALCIUM EFFLUX Dr. Ross Adey's research at the Brain Research Institute of the University of California has show n that there is a biological reaction to EM radiation. This reaction w as found to be dependant on the frequency, amplitude and dose of the microw ave radiation used. In the 1980s Dr. Ross had performed some crucial experiments using microw ave carrier w aves modulated w ith extremely low frequency (ELF) modulations to modify brain tissue responses. A carried out experiments w ith cat brain tissue, show ing that the binding of calcium ions to neuronal sites w as affected by w eak EM fields. These fields w ere of a frequency an amplitude w hich w as similar to fields produced in mammalian bodies and detected on electroencephalographs (EEG). Dr. Adey demonstrated how a 147 MHz field, w hich at tissue level had an intensity of 0.8 milliw att per square centimetre, caused a release of calcium ions w hich effluxed from this irradiated brain tissue. This response only occurred w hen the ELF modulation of the microw ave carrier w ave had an amplitude modulated at 6-20Hz. Maximum stimulation of the neurones took place at 16Hz; to either side of this frequency range parameter, there w as no effect. Microw aves of a similar w aveform w ere used by researcher C S Blackman, in a US research facility. He noted a set of narrow field intensity parameters of microw ave irradiation effects that w as greatest at 0.75 milliw att per square centimetre; this caused the neurones to efflux calcium to the greatest extent. Adey repeated Blackman's experiments and confirmed a microw ave intensity parametric area, betw een 0.1 and 1 milliw att per square centimetre. This used a 450MHz microw ave carrier w ave amplitude modulated by an ELF of 16Hz. It w as found this set of EM parameters caused the largest calcium efflux in the neurones. W hen other Em parameters w ere used this caused no response, In comparison, ELF modulated microw ave radiation, in the 6-20Hz range at field intensifies low er by several orders of magnitude than the above, caused a decrease of calcium ion efflux in the neurones. A useful observation w as that the frequency and amplitude of the response of the neuronal brain tissue, w as the same w hether it w as stimulated or damped. There w as a consistency in the magnitude of the response, this being a 10-15% increase in calcium ion efflux using the higher intensifies and an identical reduction using the low er intensifies described above. Since the neurones are effected by EM fields, the EM mantle around our bodies and anything that effects it, w ill effect brain function. 7. The mechanism for this is that ELF modulated microw aves can effect calcium efflux in the neurones, w hich effects short and long term potentiation of the neurones w ith a concomitant effect on memory. Much of this research w as funded by the CIA w ho began this w ork on electronic mind control w ith their infamous Pandora project. This research w as used to build devices like the RHIC-EDOM (Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control: Electronic Dissolution of Memory), w hich is allegedly used for forced induction of hypnotic trance for the abduction and experimentation of civilians by the US government 8. My research interest has been in the biological and biophysical basis of paranormal phenomena. Since the body has an intrinsic EM mantle, could this EM field be projected outside the body. Dr. Ross Adey's research has given us a pathw ay by w hich EM fields can

directly effect the brain. Could information gleaned by roving biophysical EM field effects be the basis for RV? These EM fields could be picking up information, then transferring them to the brain by the above mechanism. It seems a valid basis for RV. Unfortunately it is not the w hole picture. RV operators can travel to distant star systems, travel backw ards and forw ards In time, enter facilities protected by metal Faraday-like cages and US facilities armed w ith EM flytrap field generators. All of these phenomena indicate something not limited by Einstein's Special Relativity theory and Maxw ell's EM field equations, is acting as the carrier for RV. Mayhap, US researchers into remote view ers' capabilities have learnt to manipulate EM field effects for their RV experiments using electronic enhancement of Psi effects. This methodology being the basis for US experiments into biological synthetic telepathy; the use of EM fields to boost latent Psi gene activity to the level w here it is useful. My research seems to indicate that they are only scratching the surface of the RV envelope. W hat is interesting to note from Dr. Ross Adey's research, is that a 6-20 Hz frequency is needed for the neuronal calcium efflux events. Normal people are entrained to function at high beta, w hich pushes there EEG measured brainw ave frequency above the 20 Hz threshold. This means that normal people have no contact w ith neuronal calcium efflux events. If these events are, as I believe, an integral part of RV and other Psi operations, the general public w ill be Psi damped, not exhibiting parapsychological talents to any marked degree. Alpha training, that teaches people to w ork in the 7-14 Hz range, seems to open up Psi abilities, If neuronal calcium efflux events are crucial to Psi operation, w e can begin to see a reason w hy simple techniques of alpha entrainment and biofeedback, bring on paranormal functioning in humans. Major Ed Dames has stated that military remote view ers operate in theta. This Is a brainw ave frequency of 4-7 Hz. It may be that low er frequencies in the 6-20 Hz w indow , are more pow erful for Psi activity. Since the energy of the EM w ave is related to frequency, if w e low er the frequency of the brainw aves, w e can think w ith less energy, and biophysical RV vehicle are therefore more efficient. To understand w hat is really going on beyond the EM bandw idth of RMCT events, w e need to look at a reappraisal of physics. In the early part of this century, Einstein formulated his General Theory of Relativity. It linked the curvature of space-time w ith gravity. In formulating the field equations to link curvature of space-time w ith gravity, Einstein found that the Energy-Momentum tensor (simplistically, the sum total of massenergy) did not equate to the Ricci tensor (a curvature function). To balance his equation, Einstein had to subtract from the Ricci tensor R, a sort of one term summary of curvature, w hich varies from point to point. As a scientist, I w as intrigued by the question of w hy this should be so. It w ould seem to indicate that reality is not singular but has a duality. The Einstein tensor only balances w hen one subtracts the mathematical summation of the curvature of this other reality, from the curvature of physical space. The dual nature of reality has been w ritten about in many books. 9. Could RV be a biophysical field effect moving in this parallel reality. If so, our know ledge of the nature of reality may be so limited that w e are completely blind to this second reality, w hich is contiguous w ith our ow n and only makes itself know n to us in the quantum realm. This parallel reality is seen in lucid dreaming and OBEs and is glimpsed in daydreaming states. Australian aborigines have a w hole body of know ledge about this dreamtime reality. Remote view ers are learning abilities that our ancestors had direct know ledge of millennia ago. My research has led me to believe that this dreamtime reality is not electromagnetic in nature, but is composed of a new set of field effects. These field effects are the basis of biophysical, biotronic and bioplasmic phenomena. The electronic RMCT of the US government mind control devices and related w eapon systems mimics these higher order field effects. RV, the ability to see things far from one's physical body, w ould have been of great use to our hunter gatherer ancestors. Hunters w ho could find game, w ould by natural selection, have been more likely

to breed. This w ould mean that any Psi genes w ould have been selected. Throughout our hunter gatherer past, Psi genes w ould have increased, as those carrying those genes w ould be more likely to survive. 10. W ith the onset of agriculture, the selective pressure w ould have ceased to be so important, This w ould mean that highly developed cultures, such as our ow n, w ould have lost the Psi genes, w hilst hunter gatherers such as the aborigines of Australia or the Kalahari bushman, w ould still have RV capabilities at large in the population. The w idespread burning and persecution of w itches in Europe w ould have unselected Psi genes, making them much rarer. Only cultures w hich have not persecuted paranormal ability w ould have kept a high level of Psi genes. The North American Indians venerated paranormal abilities, so they w ould have been a repository of these genes, had not Europeans slaughtered them. The former Soviet Union has been researching Psi genes for decades. KGB operatives w ere told to pick up people displaying paranormal abilities for use in their vast parapsychological research projects 11. In the 1960s, the Americans only tacitly began to research the subject: 'because the communists w ere doing it'. Their research w as based on new age phenomena and methodology. This meant the Americans never achieved any great breakthroughs in biophysical field phenomena, hampered as they w ere by new age thinking, at the expense of the scientific methodology. In 1995, the US security establishment decided to take a new interest in biophysical RMCT. This meant that the CIA had to release disinformation that purported to state that the Americans had given up this research -even though it w orked. The Psi genes in the genome of the people taking RV courses w ill affect the ability of people to remotely view . From our research it does seem that some people can display significant RV capabilities. This w ould seem to indicate that man had a long history as a hunter gatherer and the period since agriculture took hold, has not unselected all the Psi genes from the population. It does seem that w estern w omen have had a number of the Psi genes removed from their genomes, by the selective pressure of burning any w omen in the middle ages that show ed paranormal ability. My research seems to indicate the European men w ould score significantly better at RMCT than w omen. Other cultures that have not persecuted their females may have RMCT performance enhanced in the w omen of their populations, as their appears to be significant sex related Psiamplification in females. The World Wars in Europe w ould have acted on any males in combat as a considerable selective pressure to choose for those individuals carrying Psi genes, as probally, they w ould be more likely to survive. This w ould have meant the progeny of Europeans w ho fought in the w ars w ould have more Psi genes in the population than they w ould normally have had, had it been peacetime. The magazine Fortune has stated that the 'top 500' CE0s, have greater than normal Psi-intuition and gut-feeling symptomatic precognitive reactions. My research seems to indicate that there are secondary and primary Psi genes. The secondary Psi genes are those that facilitate biophysical integration w ith the organism and w hich code for richer and higher function neural netw orks to interface w ith the biophysical energy, Primary Psi genes are those that give enhanced RMCT capability by the specific nature of the proteins they code for, w hich act as biophysical batteries and other more obscure phenomena w hich are involved w ith biophysical processing, storage and utilisation. It appears that some peoples' bodies act as natural Psychotronic Generators, storing Psi energy. 12. The high basal stress levels of w estern man release a torrent of neurohormonal and electrical stimuli that appears to sw itch off the Psi genes. Instead this overstimulation sw itches on the oncogenes that cause cancer, This means that paranormal phenomena are rare in the general population and lack the repeatability needed for scientific verification. Sw itching on latent RV abilities in people. Since stress interferes w ith the mechanism of RV. It is vital that the stress






neurohormones and electrical overstimulation that sw itch of Psi genes are low ered to the point w here they cannot inhibit RV activity. It is also necessary to learn new mental softw are to run RV programmes to increase the signal to noise ratio of Psi phenomena. Learning new memes to sw itch off the negative feedback cycle that keeps people in a state of anxiety is also vital to initiating RV. Simple new habits and softw are (memes), that people can use at w ork to inculcate RV ability also amplify the process of RV initiation. Built into this methodology are techniques to free up biophysical energy and develop RV abilities. This w as done w ith the know ledge that people expend most of their biophysical energy at w ork. An effective system of RV training must bring in peoples' w orking habits and training and show them that enhancing their effectiveness at w ork by use of Psi-enabling memes, w ill invariably open up paranormal abilities. The rational behind this is, if you are more effective at w ork, you have more biophysical energy left over at the end of the day for use in building an RV biophysical body. By including your normal day-to-day w ork memes and incorporating them into RV training, people w ill automatically be practising their RMCT. The net effect of this Is tremendous improvement in their RV abilities. The Cinema Method of clearing ones mind, using RV as the moving pictures, is a fundamental next step. W hen w atching the cinema screen, w e all stop talking to ourselves. This sw itches off the internal dialogue, the incessant mental conversation that w e have inside our heads. Mental silence is the second major instigator of RV (the first being habitually relaxed, by using Psi-enabling stress management techniques). Clearing the mind by focusing Directed Attention on RV is the most pow erful w ay of developing RMCT. Directed Attention is the guided use of perception to study RV. Once Directed Attention has been set up, it can be used for RV of distant locations. First practice is on know n locations; then more obscure sights. A discussion of w ays of improving the RV abilities are discussed at length on my w eb site. The next factor the author looked at, w as the phenomena of being able to be aw are of tw o places at once. Physical perception and RV can be practised at the same time. This has dramatic implications, for it means that our brains and our biophysical field effects can be aw are separately from one another. Dr. Edelman, a leading neurophysiologist, has formulated the theory of Neural Darw inism. This postulates that neurones compete w ith each other by natural selection and in the process neuronal group selection forms neural netw orks w hich have the capability of primary consciousness. As the process is iterated, High-Order Consciousness develops leading to sapience in man. Connecting this w ork w ith that of Dr. Ross Adey, indicates that the brain can think w ithout biophysical field effects, but these field effects through their link w ith calcium efflux modulated neuronal potentiation events, can interact in a synergistic manner. Research into RV and OBEs indicates that biophysical field effects also have High-Order Consciousness. The mechanism of High-Order Consciousness in Biophysical field effects is derived from similar processes of Darw inian Selection in morphogenetic fields. It is know n by morphogenetic developmental researchers, that. the human genome does not contain enough information to turn the blastocyst into an embryo. Morphogenetic field effects are needed to sw itch on specific gene groupings dependant on their position in the blastocyst (small clump of fertilised cells). These biophysical morphogenetic fields sw itch on specific genes and turn of other genes, all based upon their location in space-time. A profound revelation to the author, w ho realised that the biophysical fields contain large amounts of information not held in the genome. Further to this, the biophysical fields can control gene expression. It did not take me long to realise that a natural consequence of RMCT w as the development in RV practitioners of an evolution in their morphogenetic fields. Like the neurones effected by neural Darw inism, morphogenetic fields could evolve through primary consciousness to High-Order Consciousness. This w ould enable

pow erful RV abilities, but more importantly, it could lead to the Psiable operator being able to sw itch his genes on and off. The health and gerontology implications of this are far reaching. The author developed Paranormal Psychoneural Immunology, the use of RMCT to raise morphogenetic field effects to High-Order Consciousness. W ith the discovery that a gene changed naturally into a normal version in a patient suffering from lethal genetic diseases, it appears our genome can be changed in vivo. 18. RMCT in its guise of Paranormal Psychoneural immunology, can be used to change our ow n genome. It seems that the use of theta states in Psi-able operators can enable them to rew rite their ow n DNA. This line of research may enable the author to increase the telomeres on the end of his chromosomes by selective stimulation of telemerase enzymes in the nucleus. Since telomere loss is associated w ith ageing, this may boost longevity w ithout the risks associated w ith the US drug rejuvenation programmes, being developed by American corporations for the NW O super rich. To conclude this introduction to the science of biophysical RMCT, a technique know n as 'Sleep-Wake Hypnosis' allow ed a hypnotist to transfer hypnotic commands telepathically to a subject, w hether they w ere a few feet, or even a thousand mile aw ay. A Ukrainian, Albert Ignatenko demonstrated (on the Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, ITV UK) that he could raise or low er the pulse rate of people w ho w ere remote from him. This w as a dramatic demonstration of remote influencing (RI). RI is the basis of hypnosis. My research w ould seem to indicate that RV of other people, can enable the Psi-able operator to effect the neuronal calcium efflux of that person, rather like the NSA electronic microw ave mind control machines. The use of RI could therefore be used to effect the money markets, by w orking on the brains of the market makers. Since the biophysical field effects reside in us all, it w ould seem probable that RI w ill be seen as a threat to the NW O ruling class. At present biophysical RMCT is not legislated against, because the Russian military have almost exclusive use of it. W ith the burgeoning of small individual companies in the RV field, all run by 'retired' US military personnel, one can be sure that effective RI w ill never reach the public domain. This is a pity because some aspects of Alternative healing can be thought of as a crude common usage of RI. The ability of the RV attention to effect the body and those of other people, could have tremendous implications for healing and the health of the nation. 19. The RI effect is the scientific basis of the mind over matter phenomena. The forthcoming EU bans on alternative therapies, vitamins and herbal remedies, may Just be the tip of the iceberg. In the future it may be illegal to think in anything but beta. W ith only a select few , authorised to w ork in Psi-enabling theta. The rising tension in the w orld, media fear-mongering and the mind deadening effect of TV may he a coincidence, but yet again they may not...?

RV is being used by many branches of military and state security. The science of RMCT is in its infancy but may prove to be a key agency in the affairs of the tw enty first century.


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