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Samsung Electronics Overview Samsung Electronic consisted of Five business divisions: a) b) c) d) Semi conductor Business Digital Media Business

Telecommunications Business Digital Appliance Business

In 2000s, the memory Industry (Semiconductor Business), contained powerful supplier and priceconscious costumer. Samsung was the major player in the industry. In 2005 Samsung start having a tight competition with other companies especially with the Chinese Firm. Major Memory Industry Competitor in 2005; a) b) c) d) Elpida Memory Inc. (Japan) Hynix SemiConductor (South Korea) Nanya Technologu Corporation (Taiwan) SMIC (China)

Samsung try to maintain superiority in product design and process efficiency. Besides R & D, Human Resources also played Important role in Samsung. Samsung have good program in Recruiting employee, they not see the origin of them, they see their knowledge and skills. Human Resources Development Program, samsung have this program to support their HR Management, the program contain The Regional Specialist Program and Global Strategy Group Samsung proudly claimed that they invested more on their employee than almost any othe companies in the industry Now, Samsung is facing the new challange from Chines entrants who were attacking the DRAM (Memory) market. There are two option for Samsung 1. Collaborate with other Chinese Partner 2. They increased the investement on the development in the memory product technology Samsung now have to modified its Strategy, to face Chinese New Entrants, otherwise, they will attacked like they had attacked Japan before.