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I, Detective John R. Stephens, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true.

I have probable cause to;'believe that on or about February 4,2012, at or near 668 Dry Ridge Road Camdenton, Missouri, Bradie Rachell Simpson, a white female born July 30, 1972 and having social security numbe committed one or more criminal offenses, within the "jurisdiction of the CircuIt Court of Camden County Missouri.

The facts supporting this belief are as follows:


1 .

On October 20 , 2011, Bradie R. Simpson went to the First Baptist Church in Camdenton Missouri

with her then

Simpson reportedly handed

:0 the Pastor of the

church and told him she was possessed and feared she might kill the


On the night of February 3, 2012 at approximately 10:01 PM Camden county Sheriffs Deputies

responded to the area

to investigate an alleged attempted burglary. Upon

arriving they met with the reporting party, Bradie R. Simpson, at the mobile home located directly

next door. Simpson was holding now approximately months old, while speaking with Deputies. Simpson advised she believed her neighbor had shot himself. Deputies discovered no evidence of an attempted burglary. It was determined the neighbor in question was safe and weil at which time Deputies cleared the scene.


At approximately 12:26 AM on February 4,2012, Deputies were dispatched to the same location where they met with Tyler Terbrock who informed them that his mother, Bradie R. Simpson


were missing. Deputies were further informed by Terbrock, he had

discovered what appeared to be blood on a bed and a bloodied knife in the bedroom.


Law Enforcement personnel began searching the area surrounding the residence for Simpson and At approximately 4:00 AM Deputies located Simpson seated in a wooded area approximately 225 feet from the residence. As Deputies approached Simpson they observed her to be holding They further observed to be unresponsive and covered in blood . Deputies attempted to communicate with Simpson, asking her several times what happened. Simpson was conscious and appeared alert but did not respond Deputies were able to identify at least one lacerated injury crossing , throat and immediately took From Simpson for the purpose of emergency medical attention. Simpson also had what appeared to be a lacerated wound on her neck and was escorted to the roadway for medical attention. While at that location Deputies noted they were able to clearly see and hear Law Enforcement personnel at the residence, indicating Simpson could have summoned help at any time during the preceding hours.


Both Simpson and were transported for emergency life saving treatment.

6 .

A warrant was obtained to search the Simpson residence and served the same morning. Dunng the execution of the warrant we located no evidence of forced entry into the home. We further noted no indication of a struggle or other evidence of a third party assailant.


Upon conducting a

detailed search

of the bedroom, identified by Terbrock as Simpson's room , we

located and recovered two metal spoons and a small plastiC baggie containing residue consistent with an illegal controlled substance . The residue on one of the spoons field tested positive for the

presence of Her6in.


NaS admitted for emergency surgery and is currently consideld in critioal condition.