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Services Marketing Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra

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Aparajitha rai Aravind kumar Sharaschandra. Y N Sumit kuhar Swetan Sriram Tanvi Mishra

Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra established in 2007, to serve authentic cuisine from the Royal state of Punjab with a variety of dishes. Zorawar Kalra is the founder and CEO of Punjab at present. The chain serves lot of dishes prepared by the recipes of Jiggs Kalra (one of India's most known food columnists and gastronome) and the brand has also revived many traditional Indian recipes, making Jiggs Kalra, the Signature to the brand. Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra, imbibes the use of four types of kebab making techniques - Tandoor, Sighri, Tawa and Kadhai. Jiggs Kalra is a man who needs no introduction, and now Bangalore gets be a part of the legend surrounding the Czar of Indian Cuisine, with his restaurant, Punjab Grill, opening its doors to the city. Kalra, who was present for the launch of the restaurant, along with his son Zorawar, founder and CEO of the brand, feels that it made sense to open South Indias first Punjab Grill in Bangalore. Punjab Grill is located in Bangalore at Koramangala, 7th block. Punjab Grill have with them vast experience in the hospitality industry and bring to todays well travelled connoisseurs of food, a wide array of innovative dishes which have never been tried in Punjabi Cuisine, coupled with world class standards of service. Over the past three years and seven successful restaurants later, Punjab Grill is proud to say that today, they are pitched with some of the finest international hospitality brands. Punjab Grill by Jiggs Kalra has successfully established itself as serving authentic cuisine from the Undivided Punjab Province, having innovated on traditional Indian recipes and successfully created new dishes, maintaining an international level of hospitality across all locations. As of today, Punjab Grill has its outlets in Delhi, Mumbai Palladium, Gurgaon, Mumbai-Juhu, Chandigarh, Bengaluru and in Singapore overseas.


Product: The product at Punjab Grill is not just the food they provide, but the kind of service they provide. The USP of Punjab Grill is not only the recipes prepared by Jiggs Kalra, but also the service they provide for the customers. Punjab Grill serves both liquor and food products and also they have a take away service. they also offer a Halal kind of environment such that the customers feel the flavor of Punjab in the restaurant. The restaurant is completely air conditioned so that the customers dont feel the heat from the outside. There are interesting options for both vegetarians and non vegetarians, The taste offered by each dish is highly delicious and is in itself a uniqueness of Punjab Grill. More ever fifty percent of the menu caters to vegetarians, a rarity in most Punjabi restaurants. Every meal here ends with the Paan Shot, an invention by one of the bartenders, which is composed of liquefied paan served in a shot glass. The menu at Punjab Grill comprises of food from the undivided region of Punjab in all its glory. The menu for Punjab has evolved from the gourmet cities like Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Amritsar and Patiala. It is from these cities that the menu has evolved with influences from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Pathan cuisines. This is where the everyday Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti met the secret recipes of the royal kitchens. Punjab Grill imbibes the use of 4 types of Kebab making techniques Tandoor, Sighri, Tawa and kadai. Place: As mentioned earlier Punjab Grill was started to provide the flavor of Punjab and now its been three years Punjab Grill is located in seven places in India and one international presence in Singapore. The outlet chosen was that of Bangalores located in one of the prime areas in the same. Punjab Grill at Bangalore is located in Koramangala just behind the Forum Mall. This is one of the best locations to open a restaurant because the area is crowded and people from colleges and companies that are situated in the same area is attracted to good restaurant and Punjab Grill is one of them. Price: Punjab Grill always emphasizes on quality and hence the pricing is based on its quality. Talking to one of the assistant restaurant managers of the same outlet mentioned that there is no compromise on pricing just because there is competition outside in the service industry.

The pricing is just not based on the quality but also the quantity of the food provided; the same person also told that the quantity offered here is twice that of any other restaurants in and around. For example the Dal Fry is priced at INR 450 which serves four people where as in other restaurants they are priced high but the quantity is less which served only two people. Promotion: Jiggs Kalara is one of the celebrity chefs in India and he is well known for his authentic desi Punjabi dishes. He himself is one of the Brand Ambassadors of Punjab Grill. People always have a question mark when they hear just Punjab Grill, but when the name Jiggs Kalara is mentioned they identify the restaurant immediately. This is how Punjab Grill has grown. Most of the promotion is done through word of mouth through customers. During the inception of the Bangalore outlet, it was the only restaurant promoted by the very famous Indian Ocean music band for their publicity. Since it is a fine dine restaurant, Punjab Grill has started going around marketing their restaurant through corporate tie ups, lunches and hosts cocktail parties for organizations. But still Punjab Grill is living on the word of mouth publicity and it is doing very good in terms of revenues. Process: The process at Punjab Grill maintains high standards and they follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and critical control points) strategy which ensures the safety and the hygiene of the cooking environment. They ensure that the quality of the food is maintained without any disturbances in the kitchen. The process is totally automated once the Steward takes the order from the customers table. There are counters at near the tables which are numbered. The steward outside types in the order and the order is generated inside the kitchen and thus the food is cooked accordingly. The stewards inside the kitchen will bring in the food that is ordered and kept at respective counters so that it becomes easy to identify the customers ordered food. This process takes very less time compared to other restaurants which takes more time to serve their customers. People: Any service provider be it a restaurant or any other, it is important that they emphasize on their people both inside and outside the organization. Punjab Grill stresses on the human resource such that they maintain a healthy environment in and out of the restaurant. Punjab Grill treats its customers like the king. Punjab Grill takes pre-opening teams before the start of any outlet and that team is trained on the food and taste, restaurant and the service industry and to match their standards as a part of their HR activities.. Drop boxes for resumes are provided if there are any openings at the outlet.

Punjab Grill goes an extra mile and provides incentives to employees, who achieve their target of selling sea foods, wines etc, by giving them 3-course dinners and 4-course dinners and Table D Hote (French: hosts table; menu ) and parties for sales target achievers. As mentioned earlier Punjab Grill maintains a very high relationship and emotional content with the customer. The menu order is such that the customer can customize the food ingredients based on their liking, and the food is served accordingly. If the customer is unsatisfied with the food they are provided, the recovery is done in a quick manner so that there is no delivery gap and immediately there is a replacement of the food along with a complementary desert. Physical Evidence The restaurant is set in a contemporary, stylish space. Leather and velvet, in shades of red, black and cream form the dcor, and each glass table has white carnations. Glass walls provide views of the city outside. The restaurant even has a lounge section. The menu serves the food of undivided Punjab there are dishes from the kitchens of Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Kabul, Amritsar, Multan and Patiala. In fact, most of these dishes owe their contemporary popularity to Kalra, who resurrected them from the forgotten pages of culinary history. The music played will be soothing and it sets the mood of both the employees and customers. Valet parking for customers who come in cars are also provided. There is a reception area where there are two young ladies who take care of the reservations and seating of the customers within the restaurant. The uniforms of the employees are such that it matches the culture of Punjab Grill. The stewards are given a sherwani kind of dress which has an overcoat which has the logo of the restaurant. The ladies are provided with a Patiala style salwar with the logo on the top.


Punjab Grill stands a step ahead with its biggest USP, the dishes that they offer, which have been derived after many years of research on the cuisine, incorporating the authentic flavors of the land. Additionally, they have also innovated and developed new dishes incorporating further new ingredients such as the Duck, Salmon, etc., which, traditionally is not a part of north Indian cooking. They have retained the essence of the ancient forms of cooking, which had got lost over centuries to development and technology. The brand operates in the Standalone and malls format and they do not have any presence in the food court formats for this brand. It is a fine dining brand. Depending on the right partner and location, they would explore their franchise route further. They are open to the franchise route; however we are always on the lookout for the right partner who shares the same vision and core brand values. They are in the process of finding a balance between company owned and franchised outlets, with company owned locations taking prominence. Within India, Punjab Grill is exploring further expansion and increasing their presence by at least six more restaurants across South, East and West India. Beyond Indian shores, they are exploring further expansion in the South Asian region as well as locations in Europe.

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