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P.O. Box 407
San Jose, CA 95103-0407
Organized 1940

Executive Board 2008-2009

President: Chavez Treasurer: Elena Schneider, CCLS

Vice-President, Membership: Lesa Medley Parliamentarian: Cindy Wagner, PLS, CLA, CCLS
Vice-President, Programs: Carol Cullum Recording Secretary: Elise Dresser
Governor: Patty Russell Corresponding Secretary: Pam Stallings


October 14, 2008


The October 14, 2008 general meeting was called to order by President Chavez at 6:25
p.m. at The Bold Knight Bistro, 840 N. 1st Street, San Jose.


President Chavez introduced and welcomed The Honorable Edward Lee, Judge of the
Santa Clara County Superior Court, and David _________, a student in Chavez’ paralegal
program at Evergreen College.


Tracy Wingrove was initiated and sworn in tonight as a new SCCoLPA member by Vice-
President of Membership Lesa Medley, and given a new membership packet.


The minutes for the September 9, 2008 general meeting were previously emailed to the
Association members. The minutes were approved as emailed.


The Treasurer’s Report for September 2008 was previously emailed to the Association
members, and was approved subject to audit. Treasurer Elena Schneider reported that the
Association made a net profit of approximately $5,900 at the August LSI quarterly
conference and that the final figures will be reflected on next month’s Treasurer’s Report.


1. Budget:

Elena reported that she and Chavez plan to meet on October 25, 2008 to go over the
proposed budget following Chavez’ review of last year’s budget figures. A new revised
budget will then be presented to the membership for approval.

2. By-law Amendments:

Parliamentarian Cindy Wagner went over the proposed by-law amendments with the
membership. She reported that initially the purpose to amend the by-laws was to change
“SCCLSA” to “SCCoLPA,” but in the process some outdated language was changed with
respect to the quorum issue and disciplinary action. Additionally, the phrase “any person
enrolled in an academic program” was redefined and reflected to give a student member
more opportunity to participate, the right to vote, and the right to hold office. Some
chairmanship positions were also combined.

Cindy moved that the amendments to the proposed by-laws be adopted. The motion was
seconded and carried. The standing rules of the Association will also be amended but they
will not require approval by LSI.

3. Website:

Website Chairman Cindy Wagner reported that the SCCoLPA website is currently being
revamped by Erin Hexem. Members can access the website by going to Chavez stated that she plans to recommend that all members be
assigned an exclusive numerical password to use with their email address to log on and
access any type of Association-related material including minutes, reports, and


Loui Tucker inquired about Judge Mark Thomas’ health. Chavez reported that his
scheduled heart valve surgery has been postponed to next week and she will attempt to get
more information to forward to the members. Corresponding Secretary Pam Stallings has
sent a get-well card to Judge Thomas.

Diana Poteete announced that she has been collecting used items such as warm coats,
small household items such as towels, linens and small appliances, as well as school
supplies and toys for the Georgia Travis Center, a local drop-in center for homeless and
low-income women and families. Please contact Diana if you are interested in donating.


Interclub Chairman Cindy Wagner announced that the Mt. Diablo Legal Professional
Association will be holding their annual Appreciation Dinner on October 20, 2008 at Scott’s
Seafood Restaurant in Walnut Creek. They will be honoring Boss of the Year and Member
of the Year. The keynote speaker will be The Hon. Mary Ann O’Malley, Incoming Presiding
Judge for Contra Costa County.

Additionally, Cindy announced that the Bay Area Legal Secretaries Forum will be holding
their Fall Quarterly workshop on October 25, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel in Dublin, CA. The
workshop to be presented is entitled “Changes in the Bay Area Local Court Rules.” Further
information about the workshop can be obtained by going to BALSF’s website at

Pam Stallings announced that her employment with her current employer will end next
week, and she is searching for a freelance or full-time position in the civil litigation field.


Chavez introduced The Honorable Edward Lee as tonight’s Guest Speaker. Judge Lee is a
former Redwood City police officer and former Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney.
He has spent the past 16 years on the bench and currently serves at the Hall of Justice in
San Jose. Judge Lee talked to the members about the criminal court system and life
behind the scenes at the courthouse. Judge Lee also answered many questions
concerning his feelings about handling death penalty cases, three strikes issues, the
rotating of judges around the various departments, and the current general state of the
criminal justice system.


4. Outstanding Debt:

Following the guest speaker’s presentation, Chavez excused all non-Association members
from the meeting and brought before the membership the issue of an outstanding debt
owed by a former Association member. Chavez reported that she prepared a letter
regarding resolution of the debt and it was mailed to the member last month. As of this
date, Chavez has not received a response to the letter. The Board has recommended that
Chavez propose to the membership that a small claims action in Santa Clara County be
filed and subsequently served on the member, who currently resides in Southern California.

Chavez advised the membership that the statute of limitations will run in November 2008
and as such, if a small claims action were to be filed, it would have to be done as quickly as
possible. A quorum was present at tonight’s meeting and the topic was opened for
discussion. Cindy moved to have SCCLSA, soon to be SCCoLPA, file and serve a small
claims action against the former member and for the approval of an amount not to exceed
$500 to cover the costs for filing and service of the lawsuit. The motion was seconded and


The next general membership meeting will be held on November 11, 2008 starting at 6:30
p.m. at the Bold Knight Bistro, 840 N. First Street, San Jose. Chavez announced that next
month’s speaker will be Rod Wilkerson, a mortgage broker and real estate instructor at

Cabrillo College, who will discuss current real estate issues and provide an educational
history of the real estate market.

With no further business to come before the membership, President Chavez adjourned the
meeting at 8:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Elise Dresser
Recording Secretary