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Tri-Valley Conservancy Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

South Livermore Valley Specific Plan Receives National Planning Award

For its innovative approach to balancing preservation and development, the American Planning Association (APA) announced that the City of Livermores South Livermore Valley Specic Plan was awarded the 2005 Outstanding Planning Award for Implementation. The APA is the recognized national association for the planning profession. The Plan, adopted to reinvigorate the South Livermore Valley Wine Country, was implemented in partnership with Tri-Valley Conservancy and planning and design consultants Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC. Here are excerpts from the American Planning Association news release: Faced with the potential loss of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land in the heart of an active grape-growing and wineproducing region, the City of Livermore, California, has created an innovative conservation mechanism to curb sprawl and permanently protect the communitys rural heritage. This plan ensures that land critical to the valleys future as a wine-producing region is placed under permanent conservation easements and planted with vineyards or other intensive agricultural crops at the same time it allows development to continue, said Carol Rhea, AICP, chair of the APA Awards Committee. The guiding principle is that development in the valley should be directly related to the regions rural heritage and its future as a center of viticulture, she said.

The South Livermore Valley Specic Plan demonstrates the viability of a Smart Growth approach to curbing sprawl in areas with high land values and hot real estate markets. As communities nationwide continue to grapple with suburban sprawl, they now have a compelling example that can be used to frame other responses to this issue, says Rhea.

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

The world was not left to us by our parents. It was lent to us by our children.
African Proverb
I grew up in Southern California for the rst half of my life and then moved to the East coast. I have been involved in the business of preserving land for over twenty years. I started out as a Trustee for a land trust located on the East Coast, became its Executive Director and now I am back in California heading up the Tri-Valley Conservancy. Whether on the East or West Coast, it is clear that we all need clean water and air, places to play and to rejuvenate. We need healthful and aordable food, scenic beauty and natural areas to experience. In other words, people must have natural areas to enjoy and farmland to sustain them. Land trusts like the Tri-Valley Conservancy protect the lands that provide these benets.
Sharon Burnham, Executive Director

Board of Directors
Bill Thomson, Chair At large Jim Perry, Vice-Chair Alameda County Mark Eaton, Secretary At large Jean King, Treasurer City of Livermore Harriet Cole Friends of the Vineyards Rik Hansen At large Jon Harvey City of Pleasanton Michael Princevalle At large Karl Wente Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association

For years now, I have watched land being gobbled up in order to feed the housing need, and I understand that the need is real. Progress and housing are inevitable. But, with proper planning, development and preservation of natural areas and farmland is very doable even as we accommodate the needs of an expanding population. I love the beauty of Alameda County, from its vineyards and ranchlands to its shorelines and hills. I want to see it remain as close as possible to what it is today.

Sharon Burnham, Executive Director Laura Mercier, Stewardship Director

Los Anglesization surrounds the Tri-Valley area. Along the freeways, all too often one city just morphs into another. When that happens, the growing of crops and the husbandry of the land is eliminated from our cognizance. The remaining undeveloped lands are critical to our well being they are critical to our quality of life, to our childrens future and for our love of the Bay Area. Help us to continue our work of protecting those lands.

TVC Mission Statement

To permanently protect the fertile soils, rangelands, open space and biological resources and to support a viable agricultural economy in the Tri-Valley area.
Printed on recycled paper

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

Redesigned Web Site Launched!

The Tri-Valley Conservancy is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website Along with the new look comes a variety of new features and sections. Just an example of whats new on our site is our calendar of events and posting of our newsletters and Methods of Land Preservation brochure. The newly redesigned site utilizes many new technologies and enables us to serve our members in a way that wasnt possible before.

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Join us at Livermore Farmers Market on June 15for Thirsty Thursday. The Market is Located at Carnegie Park at 3rd & J Streets.

Who We Are... The Tri-Valley Conservancy is a nonprot organization that works with individuals, organizations and communities to conserve land for the future of the Tri-Valley.

What We Do... TVC helps landowners and groups voluntarily limit development on productive agriculture, and other meaningful natural places, using a legal document called a conservation easement.

What We Have Accomplished... In the past 11 years, TVC has helped conserve more than 4,000 acres in the South Livermore Valley Area. The conserved lands include vineyards, olive and pistachio orchards, and parkland. This conservation work changes the lives of families, launches new businesses, helps maintain scenic views, and fosters a renewed sense of community.

Tri-Valley Conservancy 2005

57 Agricultural Conservation Easements Total Acres 4132 3078 acres Vineyards 230 acres Olives 173 acres Pistachios 651 acres Open Space

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

Quest For Excellence

Winegrowing Education Program Grape Growers and Vintners to Study Best Practices
In July of 2005 Tri-Valley Conservancy joined forces with the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association to co-sponsor a quality winegrowing educational program in the Livermore Valley. The program is designed for area growers, vintners, and aspiring growers and vintners. The Quest for Excellence Committee is comprised of Tri-Valley Conservancy board members Karl Wente of Wente Family Vineyards, and Michael Princevalle of Coastal Viticultural Consultants, Inc. and Livermore Valley Winegrowers board members Chris Tarantino of C. Tarantino Vineyards, and Linda Ault of Cedar Mountain Winery. The programs are highly technical. The following topics have been covered by visiting speakers: Nematodes by Professor Andrew Walker of UC Davis: Gary Kroll of World Cooperage led discussion about Oak Barrels; Bryan Rahn of Coastal Viticultural Consultants discussed Irrigation Management as it relates to Wine Quality and Kevin Woodling of Scotts Laboratories discussed the sommelier method of tasting wine. To see our schedule of future speakers please go to http:// .

Tri-Valley Conservancy Bar-B-Q Fundraiser

TVC held their second annual Bar-B-Q on September 18, 2005 at Ravenswood. The afternoon was spent with many of our supporters enjoying food, local wine, and music. TVC would like to thank the following people for their contribution to ensure the success of the BBQ: Rik Hansen, Chris and Patti Ising, John Madden, Bea & Jim Miille, Jim Perry and Karl Wente This year the Bar-B-Q will be held on September 17, 2006 at the home of Jim and Cheryl Perry. Tickets will be available in July. Contact TVC at 449-8706 or info@trivalleycon for tickets.

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

Land Tours Feature the South Livermore Valley Area Plan

TVC held two bus tours of the South Livermore Valley Area Plan (SLVAP) for TVC Directors and local community leaders. TVC highlighted the following results of the SLVAP. The amount of land planted in vineyards and orchards is just less than 5,000 acres, more than double what existed prior to plan adoption, the number of wineries has climbed from 11 to over 30 and an olive mill is up and running. At the same time more than 550 acres of open space have been preserved, and 6.5 miles of trails for pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle use are under construction.

Tri-Valley Conservancy Q & A Sessions

What should I expect living next to a vineyard? What is a Conservation Easement? How do the TVC easements in my neighborhood work for me? Why are vines pulled out ?
Last year we held three Q & A sessions for residents living adjacent to protected vineyard lands. Along with TVC Sta and Directors local winemakers and owners supported these sessions to answer questions about vineyards and winemaking. Our next Q & A Sessions are scheduled for May and June. Check out our web site calendar for updates. We look forward to meeting you!

We would love to hear any other questions you may have join us!

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

With Gratitude...
Thank you to all the volunteers that helped us out in 2005 with our annual Stewardship visits, Annual BBQ, Taste of Terroir and Quest for Excellence workshops. Germaine Cordes Laura Danielson Norma Foss David Furst John Houghton Lois Lutz Carolyn Newton KC Sharp Monica DePalmo

Jim Hadley and Nancy Rodrigue

Thank You.
We appreciate

Linda Schmidt, Holly Massey, Steve

Massey, Sybil Mercier, Libby Wood and Sue Houghton not shown in photos.

all that

Looking for a Volunteer Opportunity...Look No Further!

You can help our organization accomplish its mission by volunteering.
Livermore Farmers Market June 15, 2006: each year, we need volunteers to spend a few hours at the Tri-Valley Conservancys exhibit booth at the Livermore Farmers Market, answering questions and distributing information to the public. This is a fun job where you get to meet a lot of people. Join us. Taste of Terroir July 27, 2006: It takes many volunteers working before, during and after the event to present the Taste of Terroir. Volunteers help set up, take tickets, address letters, greet guests and anything else necessary to bring together the Valleys vintners and growers with leading area chefs to highlight locally produced wines and foods. Annual BBQ September 17, 2006. This outdoor event could not happen without the help of volunteers. The BBQ meal highlights local produce and beef. There is a rae for prizes of all sizes. Our volunteers help us setup, serve, sell tickets and clean up after. In the oce. TVC can always use an extra hand in the oce. Thank you notes need to be written, les need to be sorted, and telephone calls need to be made. What are your talents? Come join us and have some fun while helping to preserve the lands we love.

you do!

Check out our web site

Tri-Valley Conservancy

Preserving and Protecting Land for Future Generations

Circle of Friends
Tri-Valley Conservancy gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following individuals and corporations who made gifts to our organization from January 1, 2005 December 31, 2005.
Steward of the Land $1,000 + Mr. Robert Baltzer Mr. Michel Conley Mr. Arthur Lorenzini, Jr. Sponsor of Preservation $550 -$999 Ms. Harriet Cole Ms. Kaye Decker Honorable & Mrs. Mark Eaton Mr. & Mrs. David Kent Mr. & Mrs. Michael Princevalle Mr. & Mrs. William Thomson Patron of Preservation $250 to $499 Mr. & Mrs. Dick Bartlett Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Borg Mr. & Mrs. David Kent Mr. David Low Mr. & Mrs. James Perry Thornburg Investment Management Partner of Preservation $100 to $249 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Astbury Mr. & Mrs. Frank Berlogar Mr. James Blickensta Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brandes, Jr. Ms. Peggy Concannon Mr. Robert Cowan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eckart Mr. Michael Fredrick Mr. Archer Futch Ms. Tamara Galanter Mr. & Mrs. James Hadley Mr. & Mrs. William Hoppes Mr. William Kolb Mr. & Mrs. Herman Leider Livermore Valley Winegrowers Association Mr. Peter MacDonald Mr. David Mertes Mr. Thomas Reitter Mr. & Mrs. Ford Roberts Ms. Nancy Rodrigue Mr. Remo Rosa Ms. Barbara Stear Friend of Preservation Under $100 Ms. Grace Adams Ms. Patricia Baker Ms. Sally Brown Mr. Thom Gamble Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Gill Mr. & Mrs. John Hammerback Ms. Kathy Harris Mr. John Hobson Mr. & Mrs. Steven Massey Mr. & Mrs. Jerey Newton Mr. Milo Nordyke Mr. John Norwood Mr. & Mrs. Hank Poels Mr. & Mrs. John Stein Mr. & Mrs. John H. Sutter Ms. Ellen Turner Ms. Kathleen Young In kind Mr. Rick Corbett Ms. Sue Dyer Genesis Ranch Mr. H. R. Hansen Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Chris Ising Mr. John Madden Ms. Libby Mihalka Mr. Jim Perry Mr. Karl Wente

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May 18, 2006 Thru October 19, 2006 Every Thursday 4 pm 8 pm Carnegie Park at 3rd & J Street

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