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seecceeesesereeesssooes Recommended to the reader ofthis book A GRAMMAR OF MODERN GREEK ON A PHONETIC BASIS J.T. PRING Published by The University of London Press seecesessvonesssooononees MdIY9 NYIGOWN TEACH YOURSELF BOOKS VO Clas S.A.SOFRONIOU With 2 phonetic introduction by J.T.PRING sy) The intention of all concerned with the writing and preparation of this book is to provide a standard self-teaching grammar of the contemporary Greek language. Other volumes in the series provide complementary studies in both Classical and New Testament Greek. TEACH YOURSELF MODERN GREEK ‘The Medorn Grock language is spoken by about eight milion people inhabiting mainy two states, Greece and Cyprus. It constitutes the presont stage in the natural davelopment of the language from classical Greek ‘through keine or New Testament Greek and Byzantine or Medieval Groek tothe present day. Like all languages it has undergone vasious changes in both Pronunciation, rammar and ‘vocabulary throughout its tong historical course. The main foatures of Modem Greek cutlined inthis book have been statistically determined from samples of both prosent-dey ‘Athonian speech and writing Contained mainly in novels dealing with contemporary Athenian ie