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Tell Them From Me

Increase student achievement through measuring and monitoring school improvement Tell Them From Me (TTFM) is a school evaluation system designed to aid school improvement through continuous online monitoring and the measurement of intervention impact. Our measures are based on current leading-edge research, producing reliable and valid results on known factors that affect academic achievement and other school outcomes. TTFM is a flexible, customizable and easy-to-use online system that provides immediate results in practical and actionable formats. It allows and encourages communication on the alignment of school improvement goals and classroom practices through evidence-based decision making. Knowledge dissemination made easy with one-click reports, online interactive charts, as well as district and state roll-ups Qualitative and quantitative measures for an integrated evaluation approach, considering whole school improvement efforts, not simply one intervention or initiative focus Any of the results can be drilled down by grade; gender; language group; Math, English or Science class; and other socioeconomic variables of interest to the school Results from each survey cycle can be tracked to measure progress during the school year and year-over-year Online assessment of Teacher perspectives through surveys based on Professional Learning Communities goals, monitoring progress and change in Quality Instruction and School Context measures Available, complementary online survey assessments for parents Socioeconomic baselines for each school that can be established through our unique replica school comparison lines once sufficient school and district participation levels are met

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Tell Them From Me Student Survey

The flagship Tell Them From Me student survey for grades 6 and up is built on measures that are grouped into topics within five domains as follows:

Engagement Outcomes

Health Outcomes

Academic Outcomes

Social Engagement Institutional Engagement Intellectual Engagement

Nutrition Physical Fitness Risky Behaviours Sexual Health Emotional Health

Language Arts Mathematics Science

Drivers of Student Outcomes

Demographic Drilldowns Replica School Factors

(grade, sex, socioeconomic factors)

Quality Instruction School Context Classroom Context Family Context

Language Spoken at Home Immigrant Status Aboriginal Status Grade Repetition

By having immediate results to the survey measures, we always have a finger on the pulse and can develop and monitor appropriate interventions as needed. Aleida Fox, Middle School Principal The website is easy to navigate around as all information is explicit and accessible from one screen. The Learning Bar should be commended for continuously working at improving their system and service for survey participants. They have created a glitch-free society, which is unheard of in the technological world. Fay Cassidy, District Administrator

Contact us for more information: E-mail: | Toll-free: 1-877-840-2424 Website: