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Chapter-16 Maira was really weak,because of internal bleeding she was advised complete bed rest for one

week.Still seeing payal always by her side made her forget her illness.Payal hardly cried when she was with her mother and Maira just couldnt let her go off her eyes for a moment,she begins to worry if she doesnt sees her because she didnt want to loose her,she was the only one for whom she was alive.So the baby was by her side most of the times.She never cried when she was withher mother but if she wasnt near her she starts crying.So the mother and daughter were almost the same both cant stay without each other.Whenever she felt hungry her eyes would get teary and Maira would understand that she was hungry and would feed her and she would fall asleep feeding her mothers milk.After 1 week Maira was finally allowed to come out of her bed,she looked at herself in the mirror her face was faded away.Hair tangled all over and looked thinner,a good bath was neccessary she thought.After she took her bath she dried her hair and loosely plaited it,her hair had crossed her hips completely now it was difficult for her to plait.She got reminded of Manav again how he used to plait her hair so cutely and then kiss her.Tears rolled down her cheeks,she slowly wore a cotton saree,she couldnt wear it highwaist anymore now because of her delivery, it made her smile, she thought if he would have been with her today he would have made fun of her,as she was wearing the saree she got reminded of how Manav taught her to wear saree and how she was unaware that at times he opened his eyes and enjoyed looking at her assets.It made her laugh a painful laugh,there was tears in her eyes and then Payal would cry and she would smile and say to herself,"Mera Mannu to yahi hai mere saath mere paas meri nanhi bacchi meri Payal" and then she would take her on her lap and at onceshe would stop crying.And Maira would pamper her,"Meri nanhi pari Ma ke bina ek minute bhi nahin reh sakti na" and would tickle her and baby Payal would giggle at her.Payals giggle was like the most precious thing for Maira.Baby payals intense eyes of her father glowed and milky white cheeks became rosy red.She had a strange thing about her whenever Maira held her hands she would hold one of her fingers and wont leave it easily even while sleeping she would go inside her chest just like Maira slept with Manav and would hold her finger tight.Motherhood was like a new life to her.She was a new Maira now,she was more stonger now,more confident,more responsible.Mairas father was finally happy to see his

daughter happy,as the baby started to grow she became very friendly with her grandfather too and that made Maira happy seeing her father happy.Zaara would tell her,Kitni pyari lag rahi hai tu Maira payal ke aane ke baad tere chehere me phir se raunak aa gayi,upar se sindoor tujhpe kitni acchi lagti hai aisa lagta hai ki tu Hindu gharane ke liye hi paida hui thi"and would pinch her soft cheeks."Tu bhi na Zaara "she would give a sad smile and try to hide her tears but Zaara knew her really well,so she couldnt hide it from her and would softle cry on her shoulders.Zaara would tell her,"Meri khoobsoorat si pari rote nahin itna sab kuch ho gaya tere saath phir bhi tune haar nahi mani to ab to aurbhi kamzor mat par thik hai"."Haan Zaara mujhe kamzornahin parna hai " Maira would say and both hug each other. After One Year "Manav mere bade bhaisaab ki shaadi hai ekhafte baad apko to yeh sab pata hi hai,bas agar aap bhi mere saath chalte to sabh hiko accha lagta,aapko koi takleef nahin hone denge hum,agar phir bhi aapko koi aitraaz hai to main apze zor nahin dalungi main akeli hi chali jaungi." "Nahin Jaspreet takleef ki koi baat nahin hai,yeh sach hai ki tumhe ek pati ka pyar kabhi nahin de paunga par iska yeh matlab nahin ki tumhe is ghar me izzat nahin milegi,jab ki main tumhe shaadi karke is ghar me laya hun,maine tumhe koi bhi takleef nahin mehsoos karne di,tumhe jo chahiye is ghar mein woh tumhe hamesha milega,maine hamesha yeh dhyan rakha ke tumhe koi kaam na karna pare,koi bhi cheez ki kami na ho,is ghar mein ek beti ki izzat mile tumhe,aur tumhare ghar agar mein nahin gaya to izzat pe aanch aayegi jiska zimmedar main hunga jo main hone nahin dunga to haan main chal raha hun tumhare saath" Jaspreet was brusting out of happiness inside it was the first time he talkedto her openly,it made her happy she thought she was finally able to change him slowly,she said," kal subhah 6 baje ki train hai Patiala ke aap taiyaar ho jayiye ga she smiled at him and went away.His mother too was very happy that his son had finally agreed to go to his in laws house. Payal had grown up to be the sweetest creature in this world she had such beautiful curls and rosy cheeks,everyone who saw her would never forget to pinch her cheeks and was her mothers star of her eye.Whenever she felt that her mother was low and quiet she would crawl and go to her and would caress her cheeks and Maira wouls run to tears and hug her baby girl and kiss

her holding her tightly in her lap.Their home was almost a happy home outside,but the pain of love always kept on burning inside Maira. On theother side Manavs in lawsgave him a grand welcome.He tried his best to please them by bringing goodies for everyone.But he never spoke too much so they thought their Jamai was a very shy and polite one.One evening he thought of going around the beautiful fields nearby to take a walk,so he went there.The beautiful sunset reflected on the fields,this small village seemed almost similar to Madhupur,the beautiful fielda reminded him of Maira again,just he was thinking of her it was distracted by a lovely laugh,a baby laugh,continuous giggle of a baby which made him smile too he turne d to see who it was and noticed a graceful women in a black saree was playing with a cute little baby.She was carrying her in her lap and hopping her up and down and tickling her which made her laugh she was saying,"Meri nanhi guriya hans aur hans hahahaha"....and suddenly this voice striked him,he had heard thid voice before,it made his heartbeat faster and faster and suddenly he was almost dead when she turned around.Yes it was Maira,it was his Maira,the same face,the same voice ,the same laugh,he went mad and at once went and hugged her shouting Mairuuuuuuuuu.He thenlooked at her,Maira was speechless,her eyes red with tears storming down,she was speechless just speechless,she just kept on looking at him holding her baby tight close to her heart.Juat as he was starting to think of it as a dream he noticed the tiny red bindi and sindoor on her forehead and then he saw her baby.Tears were storming down his eyes,both were speechless,they just kept on looking at each others eyes.