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File Settings Info Quit Name Last name Identification code Groups User About Create a new patient Create a new exam Acquire Edit patient data Delete patient Edit exam data Delete exam Delete acquisition Ok Cancel Miscellaneous Language Yes No Birthdate Gender Male (M) Female (F) M F Unknown This field can not be empty! Date not valid! Define acquisition state Group New group Edit group Delete group OD OS Copy to {0} Calibration Database Refraction Sph Cyl Ax @ UCVA BCVA D groups

refraction Sphere Cylinder Axis Patient-spettacles distance Transposition to vertex Uncorrected Visual Acuity Best Corrected Visual Acuity Are you sure you want to exit? Abort Ignore Retry Show this message again DICOM file root on application closing Close Search criteria don't match Clearance A Patient with these data already exists. Do you want to proceed in creating an identical patient? Patient exists Inheritance by previous exam Patient Management (External) Patient ID Issuer Print Page setup Logo Refresh Zoom in Zoom out Notes Header Edit Address City Country State ZIP code Phone Mobile Fax E-mail Restore JPEG files (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe;*.jif;*.jfif)|*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe;*.jif;*.jfif|Bitmap files (*.bmp;*.dib;*.rle)|*.bmp;*.dib;*.rle|CompuServe GIF Name Title Host Port Configuration AE Ping Ping successful! Ping failed! S

I N T Fill patient's list Clear patient's list Open a new calibration image Reprocess Unable to process this image Save calibration Referring Physician's Name Check logs (and Database connection)! Patient's data Exam date and time Print screen capture Save screen capture as image Analysis Absolute Normalized Adjustable Configure indices panel Corneal thickness Tangential anterior Tangential posterior Sagittal anterior Sagittal posterior Anterior elevation Posterior elevation Refractive anterior pwr Refractive posterior pwr Refractive eq. pwr Anterior chamber depth assign group Show rulers Hide rulers Show meridians Hide meridians Show goniometer Hide goniometer Show zones Hide zones Colors Selected measurement color Pen color Please confirm the creation of a new database. Tools Options Map options Numeric values Cursor Distance Gradient Chart

(if a database exists in the current context, it will be overwritten!)

Cursor color Use keratometric index Asphericity p e E = e Q Coordinate system Cartesian Polar IOP K readings Front Back Shape indices Keratorefractive indices Keratoconus screening Summary indices Restore "{0}" panel CCT CCC IOP correction formula IOP change factor Corrected IOP Sim-K Meridians Emi-meridians Peripheral degrees K1 K2 Avg Show on map nothing Curvature measure unit Millimeters Diopters Curv Pwr z Thk ?z K Spherical Curvatures No images found for this series! Check logs and Image root! Series Calculation zone: Sagittal angle Peripheral mm-Rings Show pupil Hide pupil Pupil color

Contact lenses Autofit Ortho-k View Export Image(s) sent successfully! Image(s) send failed! C-FIND failed! Patient Broad Accession Number Appointment identification Scheduled Date Modality Scheduled Performing Physician Send Dicom PACS Query MWL PMS C-FIND Summary Single map Cornea optical analysis Cataract summary Glaucoma summary Keratoconus summary Images Intrastromal rings Corneal aberrometry Advanced altimetry Comparison Differential Dist. Val1-Val2 ? Limit Timeout Exam search Clear Import Waiting.... No patients found! Root node for patients cannot be set! Aspherotoric fitting Zernike altimetry Zernike summary Optical quality summary Anterior Posterior HVID Horizontal Visible Iris Diameter Pupil

Thinnest location Anterior chamber CCT + AD = {0} + {1} = {2} mm Volume Iridocorneal angle Corneal parameters Apex Processing image {0}/{1}... Processing... Creation of new database ({0}) on location: {1}; Pay attention, this overwrites any existing databases. If you already have an ex Database initialization Interpolate Reprocess Patient data invalid! Please correct first! We found patient(s) that correspond to this study's patient. Select Yes to add study to an existing patient, no to create a new on Existing patient(s) found! Piston Tilt Astigmatism Defocus Trifoil Coma Quadrifoil Spherical aberration Pentafoil Esafoil Eptafoil Coma-like Spherical-like Eq.D Seidel Radial orders Total RMS Residual Higher orders OPD WFE Optical Path Difference Wave Front Error Representation RMS measure unit LSA Spherical ab. Rbf Prism Dp Coefficients Spot diagram Black-white White-black Scheimpflug images

Keratoscopy PSF Frequency [cycl/] Strehl ratio MTF Modulation Transfert Function ETDRS Low contrast ETDRS Siemens star 3D MTF PTF Logarithmic frequency axis Linear frequency axis Logarithmic amplitude axis Linear amplitude axis Histogram Phase Transfer Function BCV C40 KPI PPI Keratoconus morphology Height Area Baricenter Vertex No Image root set! Check settings. Clear patient list to access program settings! Zoom Brightness Contrast Gamma Red Green Blue Grayscale Just red Just green Just blue Just cyan Just magenta Just yellow Inverted Flip horizontal Flip vertical Rotate 90 Rotate 180 Rotate 270 Reset Scheduled Procedure Step Protocol Procedure Description DICOM

AE Storage commitment Send as JPEG Path of CID file Update ... Compr. Ratio Instrument Laterality Patient's age Exam date Suppress DICOM warnings Instruments Report Unable to print. Please ensure that a printer is installed and connected net Advanced Include 2 Order Exclude 2 Order (Re)configure Database Either you have decided to change Database, or a maintenance operation has taken place. Database location Database type Q/R CID file path Other Set defocus value Orange-Purple Pseudocolor ZMX Image root Micron Pixel Angle Rectangle Polyline Start/ Continue Acquiring Stop Acquiring on series error Acquisition Change laterality Confirm Please confirm change of laterality, reprocessing is necessary Repeat acquisition? Do you want to acquire another image? Define procedure and protocol Study Description Procedure Code Protocol(s) on deletion Are you sure you want to delete this patient? Are you sure you want to delete this exam? Are you sure you want to delete this {0}? Measure

New instrument Edit instrument Delete instrument Multimap Current map: Indices referred to: Reminder PPS Storage parameters Java Home Are you sure you want to merge patient {0} with {1}? Data of {0} will be kept on laterality change on merging patients Are you sure you want to change DB (current DB: {0} @ {1})? Restart program! Restart Map dependent Are you sure you want to delete all points? Interval (s) Fitting size Apply Offset Custom Fitting parameters Indices P-V Invert background color High resolution Medium resolution Low resolution Show eye Hide eye Show iris Hide iris Move lens Reset lens displacement Tilt lens Reset lens tilting Referred to corneal vertex Referred to lens center Clearance There might be acquisitions related to this patient. Please confirm deletion of {0}. Tangential Sagittal Elevations Refractive power Curvature gradient Vinciguerra's cataract summary Rings editing ?Curv Set applanation Set orientation

Reset applanation Reset orientation Applanation Orientation TLT [m] Manufacturer Model Diameter [mm] Base curve [mm] Toricity [mm] Inversion [mm] Target power [D] Kflat Top 10 Do you want to use keratoconus lenses? Selected models do not contain any matching lens. Select parameters manually. Crypted lens model not customizable. Please select a geometry and set parameters manually. Warning! Are you sure you want to delete all rings? With arrow keys locate the green cross in the center of the rings and then press <ENTER> key Mean Pupil Power Edit rings Edit pupil Edit limbus Delete all rings Add ring Recenter Delete pupil Ring/Pupil/Limbus editing Interpolate rings Drag the yellow crosses on tree points along the pupil edge Delete Surface Asymmetry Index Longitudinal Spherical Aberration Irregularity of curvature SD SAI MPP Toricity Please, select a target power. Please, select a manufacturer. 3D Show map Hide map Unable to process acquisition # Clear patient list in order to access settings! Wave front comparison Selected image is original image Image is already selected Unable to add more than {0} images Meridian Overrefraction Select lens

Customize lens Curves Please reload patient list before deleting! Available pupillographies Trial lens Spheric Toric BOZRf [mm] BOZRs [mm] BOZR [mm] PWRf [D] PWRs [D] PWR [D] BOZRf BOZRs BOZR PWRf PWRs PWR Base curve Toricity Inversion Target power rf rs Spherical Aspherical Asphero-Toric Normal eye Reference surface Best fit diameter [mm] Surface position Vertex tangent Best dz Click on shift Adjustable [m] Tilt axis Best fit m Altimetric (Anterior) Altimetric(Posterior) Pupillography Time Scotopic Mesopic Photopic Dynamic Pupil shift Chart Add With arrow keys locate the green cross in the corneal vertex and then press <ENTER> key The frame will be deleted: are yoy sure you want to proceed?

No instruments! Configure and calibrate Scheimpflug camera or Keratoscope first! Missing calibration file Error on importing! Importing only {0} Impossible creating instrument new group Contexts updated! Contexts not updated, see logs! Invalid path selected Invalid range, verify {0} Already imported Check Toolkit settings! This exam is already available. Do you want to import it again? Median Step PACS not defined! No default device set! Image(s) not acquired. Check logs! Set default Calibrate Starting calibration Calibration successful Calibration unsuccessful Device class Model name Executable Serial to SCHWIND CornealWF Age Topographic Max. exported = Avg. K = Treatment Primary Retreatment Anagraphic data {0} seconds until live... Use settings to define default instrument. Testcoder is not present: exportation aborted! Help Date separator and Time separator are equal. Possible ambiguity detected. Please correct localization setting. Too much results, specify search criteria! Representation diameter Today Unable to delete exam of date {0}, patient {1}, check logs! Verify group for this exam Modify exported patient's name Importing only {0} Unable to send Image, probably imported? This group is assigned to one or more studies and cannot be deleted to SCHWIND PALK

to I-Assort to CTView to Calco to EyeLite to EasyFit XYZ file CSV file CTView files (*.ctl)|*.ctl|All files (*.*)|*.* XYZ files (*.xyz)|*.xyz|All files (*.*)|*.* Comma-Separated Values files (*.csv)|*.csv|All files (*.*)|*.* {0} Patient(s) found Remove Link Manage guttae Image Assign to patient Polymegathism Pleomorphism sides cells Total area SEM Area Density CV Ex Current tool Displaying Create new package Invalid package! AvgSD Grapho Cell-scale Activations Serial Number Enhanced Topography Save and close Activate SCHWIND interfaces Unable to delete image. Availables pupillographies Help Frame not available Add caption Assigning pupillography {0} to exam {1} of type {2}! Filters Patient and/or study already exists in DB, ignoring import Delete all cells Multifix Single Performance Max exams returned Type

Currently available lenses Update package Copying {0}... Deleting {0}... Please exit Phoenix first! Company already present. Would you like to remove? Company found Deleting {0} companies Confirm deletion Acquisition date Problem encountered accessing the Contact Lens Database. Verify logs This image will not be stored. If you want to maintain the data, select cancel, and assign patient Scheimpflug images editing Anterior surface Posterior surface Iris Cristalline lens Toggle smoothing Saved Lenses Show the header on printout Save image Cup to disk ratio Draw arrow Draw rectangle Write text Barrier filters Back Play Pause Forward Font Brush size Measure unit Overlay Vascular Single image Wavelength splitter Choroidal Magnification: {0} Calibrate with this image (just {0}) Set current calibration to image Nerve fibre Delete measure (Alt+Del) Show info on image Grey levels Inverse Red free Unprocessed image encountered Unable to add more than {0} panels Please, select the desired inversion and press OK. Add lens Compare images

Show overrefraction Show iris as background Show keratoscopy as background Background Acquisition quality Motion compensation Centration Coverage Acquisition setting Start acquisition after timeout Reset overrefraction Caption Processing data... Impossible to add movie to list! Impossible to add rigid lens to list! Creating new exam, exam already assigned to different device class! Pupil indices Limbus indices Wave front Configuration export indices Export indices Follow link Building parameters Data not available TLT Profile Export file exists. Overwrite? Click Yes to overwrite, no to append Impossible accessing export file, exit export! Save language file Optical zone [mm] Amplitude [] Ring(s) thickness [m] Axis of incision [] Semisize of segments [] Min incision tunnel Thickness Datagraph files (*.dtg)|*.dtg|All files (*.*)|*.* Katana files (*.ktn)|*.ktn|All files (*.*)|*.* Surgery plan Femtosecond settings 1 ring 2 rings Pupil center Geometric center (Limbus center) Target Sphere[D] US Lens Refractive error Biometry Surgery plan Axial length [mm]

Title Do you want to archive this report? Click Yes to archive, no to save to desktop Archive? Delete report Number of exams exported FocalPoint files (*.fp)|*.fp|All files (*.*)|*.* Eyelite files (*.el)|*.el|All files (*.*)|*.* Easyfit files (*.ef)|*.ef|All files (*.*)|*.* Datagraph KATANA interface Focal Point Eyelite Easyfit I-Assort Raw File CT View Create a database? Choose Yes to create a database, no to open an existing one Curvature asymmetry Class: Keratoconus compatible Abnormal or treated Suspect keratoconus 'Normal' AKf AKb KVf KVb Krumeich classification: Overlay images K Corneal scarring SIf SIb Pachymetry vs Normality Hoffer IMS 3 Please remember to make regular backups of your database! Show measurements on image Not edited Image + Zoom Panorama Activated Disabled Upgrade license to KATANA TopoSoft Export current indices Uncompressed Lossless Lossy Do you want to perform an advanced Cup to Disc ratio measurement? Advanced Cup to Disc ratio Not enough data to classify Ehlers

Shah Dresdner Orssengo / Pye Kohlhaas None Page size chosen is too small, please retry! Last image available for this study, deleting not possible. Proceed in deleting study from main screen. Aphakic refraction Emmetropic IOL Power = {0} D Pupil [mm] Excel importer Companies Inverse Keratoconus Models Encrypted Add Model Add Company Delete company Delete model Add password Model {0} already added, skipping! No Inversion model, Geometry invalid! File contains invalid values, view line {0}, curve {1} [Msg: {2}] File is not a valid Excel template file File is not an Excel template file Generic lens error: {0} Rename Company Rename Model Are you sure you want to delete this company? Are you sure you want to delete this model? Do not cross previous segments! Lens thickness [mm] Quick Could not find reliable data: press here to show them anyway. Reliability Index Choose different export file. Column headers do not correspond Elapsed: {0} Show left frame Show 50-50 Show right frame Export left frame Export right frame Save current time interval Load current time interval Browse evidences Goto first frame Back one Forward one Goto last frame The following procedure automatically detects the presence of instruments connected to the PC and allows the user to perform

Extracted on Extracted frame Movie Images attached, cannot delete exam! Evidence from movie: Save current time interval before exit? Current frame will be exported as a single acquisition. Continue? Selected movie interval will be saved. Continue? There is no saved interval for this movie. Delete selected evidence? Frame already exported, export again? Frames Movie evidence DELETED MOVIE Play reverse Remaining: {0} Exporting {0} of {1} exams File busy Following file is occupied by another process. Close it and press Ok to retry. Reports cannot be saved because the original movie has been removed. Add buttons Remove buttons Customize toolbar Keratoconus follow-up Corneal volume Restore original image Help Hoffer IMS3 files (*.hf)|*.hf|All files (*.*)|*.* Refractive analysis Slit Lamp Agenda <Not used> Scheimpflug Camera Corneal Topographer Specular Microscope Fundus Camera Installed Not installed Instrument wizard Detected devices Videokeratoscopy Densitometry Scheimpflug Camera Slit lamp Capture Cobra Configure Duration: {0} s @ {1} fps Software registration Input your Serial Number (provided with CD): Copy the following code and send it to: Paste your activation code here:

Copy Paste Unlock Your trial period is expired. Please register now. Phoenix Demo Insert activation code. This code is not valid. You cannot register another demo license. Please contact your system administrator; Unable to complete registration (non-administrator user?) Demo license activated. You have {0} logins remaining. Upgrade Export license request License request exported. Please send to CSO for activation. Export failed! Import license activation Import failed! Please provide a valid Serial Number. Please contact your system administrator; Unable to run demo. (non-administrator user?) A previous Phoenix version {0} was detected. Your license will be upgraded to current version. Version upgrade Code is not valid for current Phoenix version. Local Export v. 2 Non-administrator user. Please check your account. The current acquisition is not correctly centered. It is strongly suggested to make another acquisition paying attention to centeri Pupil is probably in a mydriatic condition. It is strongly recommended to repeat the exam in a myotic condition. The mapped zone is too small. Try to edit the keratoscopy or repeat the acquisition in better conditions (refer to the user manua The mapped zone is still too small. Do you want to proceed with the calculation of the IOL? Some irido-corneal angles are not detected. It is suggested to add them manually. The irido-corneal angles may not have been detected correctly. It is strongly suggested to edit them or to repeat the exam in a The zone covered by the Scheimpflug images is too small. It is strongly recommended to repeat the acquisistion paying attentio Do you want to edit the Scheimpflug images again? Impossible to find a fitting surface! Elevation Best-Fit reference Saving Magic wand Draw Goniometer Wireframe Pupil dilation Backup in: Maximum number of backups KV Invalid range SI Movie editing is not supported under Windows Vista. AK Gaussian curvature Infrared image No filter HACD Horizontal Anterior Chamber Diameter

Radius Flat Radius Steep Root Mean Square / Area Simmetry Index Keratoconus Vertex Minimum thickness Apical Keratometry Root Mean Square {0} / Area Central Corneal Thickness Central Corneal Curvature Index of Baiocchi Calossi Versaci Best Fit Radius IC Intra Ocular Pressure Aqueous Depth Root Mean Square IOL PCI Ultrasound Partial Coherence Interferometry Elevation vs Normality Capital initial No rules Assign current calibration to all images of this study? Full Screen Unable to find a controlateral Database at {0} is not accessible, please verify! Verify if the server is available on the local network and press Retry, or press C Esc to close No acquisition possible on 64-bit systems Overwrite thumbnail Remind to press enter to start searching! Searching...

dib;*.rle|CompuServe GIF files (*.gif)|*.gif|Portable Network Graphics files (*.png)|*.png|Tag Image File Format files (*.tif;*.tiff;*.xif)|*.tif;*.tiff;*.x


If you already have an existing database (e.g., if you are performing a software upgrade), click no

ent, no to create a new one.

allows the user to perform configuration and calibration. Connect to the PC all the instruments which are going to be used and press the butto

paying attention to centering.

s (refer to the user manual for further explanation).

r to repeat the exam in a myotic condition. cquisistion paying attention to the patient not closing the eye during the scanning process.

nd press Retry, or press Cancel and change the DB location

ormat files (*.tif;*.tiff;*.xif)|*.tif;*.tiff;*.xif|All files (*.*)|*.*

going to be used and press the button Configure to start the procedure.

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