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Auction to be held at Footman James Classic Car Show Royal Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN Sunday 12th February 2012 at 1.00 pm Entry by catalogue only on the auction day Viewing Saturday 11th February 2012 10.00 am 4.30 pm And morning of sale from 10.00 am Live internet bidding can be accessed through our web site, or
View and Sale Day Telephone Numbers 07756312649, 07989 418801 and 07977 913615 Please contact the Head Office at all other times A buyers premium of 15% (plus VAT) is payable on the hammer price on lots 1 99, and 10% (plus VAT) is payable on the hammer price on lot 100 onwards
Special Notices Please note Cheque payments are no longer accepted at our car sales Please see our terms and conditions about registration prior to sale, payment, and live internet bidding Vehicles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday 13 February will be removed to a compound at Evercreech at a cost of 60 + VAT per vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at 10 per vehicle per day or part thereof. You are reminded of our terms and conditions of sale especially regarding insurance. Motorcycles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday 13 February will be removed to our head office in Sherborne at a cost of 40 + VAT per motorcycle. Automobilia will also be removed to our head office for collection at no charge.
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The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277

Starting at 1.00pm

1 A pair of Edwardian B.L.I.C. brass diver's helmet shaped rear lights, with side mount flange fittings, 6.5 cm wide, and a Rotax No 202 brass bullet shaped side light, with ruby red and clear glass jewels, and side flange fitting, 8 cm wide (3) 5 Five Mobilgas Economy Run rally plaques, 40 - 60 competitor numbers 15, 24, 28, 35, and 42. Organised by the Hunts & Berkes Motor Club, all measure 20 x 40 cm and a Mobilegas Economy Run directional marker, 23 x 43 cm (6) 30 - 50

(Ivor) Triumph Trident, signed with inscription, a 1975 Norton range brochure, press photographs and other similar items (box) 40 - 60

9 A Snap-On seventieth anniversary 3/8 AF socket set, cased 30 - 50

2 Geoffrey Goddard: assorted black and white photographs, depicting Ferrari grand prix cars, including Ascari at Silverstone, Types 1254/166, at various events in Britain and Europe during 1948/1950 (11) 30 - 50

6 Assorted competitor rally plaques from the late 1950s/early 1960s, including M.C.C. National Car Rally 1956 No 91, Circuit Of Island International Rally No 20, RAC British International Rally, No 198, The Welsh Festival Rally, No 57 and 1960 Mobil Ekonomilopp, No 17 See illustration (5) 70 - 100 10 A Snap-On twenty first anniversary five piece short combination spanner set, 9-13 mm, SPP595, cased 30 - 50

7 A Snap-On Silver Jubilee six piece screwdriver set, SDDX 6PXUA, boxed and a twenty first anniversary eight piece punch set, SPP597, cased (2) 11 Assorted Snap-On thermo mugs, tumblers and glasses, including a set of four whisky tumblers in the form of sockets, (qty)

3 An auto jumbler's lot, new old stock Champion N-5 pack of twelve spark plugs, a similar set of N9Y, Triumph instruction manual No. 11, Hillman Super Imp & Imp De Luxe Mark II sales brochure, and other similar items (box)

8 A Snap-On twenty first anniversary five piece screwdriver set, PAK 250490, a twenty first anniversary edition road atlas and a twenty first anniversary five piece short combination, spanner set, 9-13 mm, SPP595, cased (3)

12 An auto jumbler's lot, including RAC guide and handbooks from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, AA road map, a die-cast model of a jeep, a 00 gauge scale model of a Shell garage, and other similar items (2 boxes)

4 An archive of photographs, books, negatives, glass slides and other items relating to the Triumph and Norton marques, including Davies

and a Queen Elizabeth II Coronation car mascot 60 - 80

13 Auto Union: four black and white photographs, depicting Rosemeyer driving the Auto Union at the 1936/1937 Vanderbilt cup, all images 20 x 25 21 An Automobile Association motorcycle type cm (4) 20 - 40 2A badge, with blue 1915 heart shaped enamel token, the reverse impressed 146420 cycle, 11.5 cm high 50 - 70 24 A cherished registration number JMW 161, currently on retention with certificate See illustration 1500 - 1700

25 An Auto Cycle Union type 2 badge, with green 1922-23 enamel token, produced during the 1920s, 8.5 cm high 50 - 70 14 There will be an option to purchase on the next five lots: Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) 40 - 60 22 A CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 clockwork racing car, in original condition with faded orange bodywork with correct clover leaf symbols, racing decal number 2, bonnet badge, radiator cap, leather bonnet straps, two quick release oil and petrol caps, black spoked wheels with chrome knock15 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) off's, pneu Michelin solid rubber tyres, leather effect driver and passenger seats, large early drum 40 - 60 brakes and outside handbrake, 54 cm long See illustration Note: This CIJ Alfa Romeo P2 has been with the current lady owner for approximately seventy years and comes to the market with beautiful original patina See front 26 A rare British Union of Fascists Blackshirt 16 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) cover illustration 1200 - 1800 Automobile Club badge, the badge incorporates 40 - 60 the fascist axe and lightening bolt, chrome plated, impressed 76 to the reverse, 9 cm diameter See illustration 200 - 300

23 A car mascot, Lifeboat-Man, chrome plated on 17 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) a wooden plinth, 13 cm high 50 - 70 40 - 60

18 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) 40 - 60

19 . 20 Four Perkins diesel tanker grill badges, assorted Ford Cortina owners' manuals and others similar,

27 A rare Italian Fascist Party cast aluminium badge bar badge, incorporating the fascist axe symbol, five pointed star and RoEto within a cog wheel, 9 cm diameter 100 - 150

Club Centre, the base impressed Elkington & Co Ltd, member number N988, mounted on a plinth See illustration 80 - 100

28 A Royal Association Club (RAC) Association 32 A Schuco Mercer tinplate clockwork racing car type 3A badge bar badge, (production years 1912- 50 - 70 1929) and another type 5 (production 1937-1938) (2) 80 - 120 36 Three accessory car mascots, in the form of a greyhound, chrome plated with traces of red paint, 13 cm wide, a speed nymph, 13 cm high, and a pigeon (3) 80 - 100

29 An Edwardian two piece alloy mould, depicting a motor cyclist on a flat tank V twin motorcycle, each part of the mould having a treen handle (2) 40 - 60

33 A large and impressive Colin George accessory car mascot, in the form of Icarus, chrome plated bronze, impressed signature Colin George, foundry mark and 19 108, mounted on a plinth, 14.5 cm high Note: The mascot was modelled from the monument to Santos Dumont, a famous 37 A Crest Ltd carbide hand held or headlamp, 12 Brazilian flyer See inside front cover illustration cm diameter lens, a Joseph Lucas King of the 1200 - 1400 Road carbide motorcycle/bicycle headlamp, 10 cm diameter lens, and other similar lamps (box) 40 50

30 A Louis Marx & Co tinplate clockwork police patrol car with siren, 38 cm wide See inside back cover illustration 110 - 130 34 An Etienn-Henri Mercier accessory car mascot, in the form of a cat sat within a crescent moon, the base impressed E Mercier, PALACE 25, mounted 38 A Dart/Enco winged goddess PD-801 car on a plinth, 9.5 cm high See illustration 450 - mascot in the form of a speed goddess, triple chrome plated with striking green Perspex wing, 550 with original box, installation instructions and suggested car manufacturers with which the mascot could be fitted including Ford, Buick, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet and Chrysler (new old stock) See illustration 200 - 300

31 A Louis Marx & Co tinplate clockwork WWI tank, with pop-up soldier, 23 wide See inside back cover illustration 130 - 180

35 A Royal Automobile Club Associate type 2A (1912-1929) badge, with Lancashire Automobile

51 A Del Boy full length sheepskin overcoat 50 - 57 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) 40 - 60 70

39 A set of twenty nine Bartholomew Scottish Maps, mostly in cellophane wrappers, in original leather carrying case with two sections 250 - 350 40 A set of Firestone Mileage Maps of England, Wales and South Scotland, in ten parts, in leather carrying case See illustration 150 - 200 41 Eleven Bartholomew Road Maps, in a leather case 50 - 80 42 A set of Bartholomew Irish Maps, in seven 52 Three information signs, RAC Join Here, 60 x 40 cm, RAC Selected, 30 x 60 cm and AA sheets, in leather carrying case 150 - 200 Approved Garage, 65 x 40 cm (3) 70 - 100 43 A set of thirty six Bartholomew England and Wales Maps, in leather carrying case, with three sections See illustration 200 - 250 44 . 45 .

100 A 1978 MG Midget 1500, registration number WJT 846S, chassis number GAN6-205284G, engine number 55739, red. This rubber bumper Midget has been with the current owner since 2002. Bought as a long term restoration project, a lack of spare time and work commitments unfortunately conspired to put the project on hold. The vendor informs us that the shell is basically sound, with repair sections having been put into the body as necessary. The paint finish is reasonable and all the running gear is present. The carburettors have been removed for repair and there is an Ashley fastback hard top accompanying the MG. This MG Midget is a worthwhile restoration project for someone and hopefully it will not take the next owner ten years to complete. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustration 500 - 600

101 A 1995 BMW 323i Coup, registration number N941 ELU, Boston green. This well maintained automatic BMW Coup has a full tan leather interior. Other luxury refinements include 47 . electric sunroof, windows and Pioneer CD player. Recently the car has had a new battery, alternator and sixteen inch, seven spoke BMW alloy wheels. 48 A Ford T commercial radiator surround and These ultimate driving machines make excellent core 20 - 30 53 There will be an option to purchase on the next everyday cars and will surely become a future five lots: Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store classic. V5C, MOT to October 2012, tax TBA boxes (8) 40 - 60 See illustration 900 - 1100 46 . 49 A Derby Bentley chrome radiator surround

54 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) 40 - 60 50 An AA patrolman's uniform, comprising jacket, jumper, shirt and trousers (4) 30 - 50 55 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) 40 - 60 102 A Trojan Toraktor MKIII, red. This very rare mini tractor is one of only approximately 500 made my Trojan Ltd of Croydon between 1961 and 1964. A serious work tool rather than a child's toy, it was intended to be used by market gardeners, small holders or around a large garden. 56 Eight Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (8) The MKIII Toraktor is powered by a 98cc Clinton 40 - 60 3.5 bhp four stroke engine, driving a belt final drive with two forward and one reverse speed. It also has diff locks and rear brakes. This particular Toraktor has been part of a private collection for the last twenty years and would appear in original condition apart from having had new rear tyres

which were replaced due to perishing. It comes today's roads and as such are becoming a with an original sales brochure, operating and collector's vehicle of the future. V5C, MOT TBA, maintenance instructions and a list of optional no current tax See library illustration 700 - 900 equipment. See illustration 1500 - 1700

110 A 1959 BSA C15, registration number OCH 520, maroon. In 1958, BSA introduced a new series of unit-construction overhead valve singles, initially in 250 cc form. The engine capacity would grow in size to 350 cc and eventually 450 cc. The C15 range of motorcycles were basic commuter bikes, which would be superseded by the B25 Barracuda. This particular C15 is in very original condition and has just passed an MOT, which will enable the next owner to enjoy the motorcycle immediately. V5C, MOT to January 2013, tax exempt See illustration 1700 - 1900

106 . 107 . 103 A 1986 Moto Morini 350 K2, unregistered, frame number 350K224630D, engine number 24630, red. The K series of Moto Morini motorcycles were introduced in 1981, employing electric start, cast alloy wheels and twin front disc brakes and incorporating the same V twin engine as previous models. The K2 variant was introduced in 1984 with all new body work, incorporating a single seat and tank unit and frame mounted fairing and belly pan. Always having great handling and being lightweight, they became a firm favourite with lady riders. This K2 is in excellent condition, and being unregistered, gives the next purchaser the chance to be the first registered keeper. No documentation, MOT or tax See illustration 2000 - 2200 108 A 1976 Zetor 4718 tractor, chassis number 13857, engine number 4710/1508, red. This two registered owner two wheel drive tractor has been with the second registered owner for approximately twenty years. The rear tyres have decent tread, there is a safety cab fitted and it starts on the button. Being quite a compact machine, with a 47 bhp engine it would be an ideal tractor for a smallholder or with light restoration, it could be shown. Unfortunately the registration documents have been lost, but a V62 document with all relevant details accompanies the tractor, which would allow a new registration and V5C to be issued See illustration 1500 - 1700

111 A 1995 Jaguar XJ6 300, registration number ELZ 2569, Solent blue. This well equipped 3.2 litre automatic Jaguar, has a full white leather and walnut interior, there is a full service history with a stamped service book (twelve stamps) and other receipts. The vendor informs us that the Jaguar has been meticulously maintained and always garaged. These modern Jaguars offer excellent value for money and have all the luxury refinements one could ever wish for. V5C, MOT to September 2012, taxed to March 2012 See illustration 1400 - 1600

109 A 1982 Austin Mini City, registration number 104 A late Victorian governess cart, with rear EYB 848Y, chassis number entrance, hickory spoked wheels and black SAXXL2S1010116559, engine number 550237, coachwork with red coach lines See illustration blue. The iconic Mini is a car for all eventualities; 1000 - 1300 it can be a daily runabout, historic rally car, race car or concours queen. This particular Mini City would make a great starter classic or second car. The vendor informs us she starts and runs well and is in generally tidy condition, but would benefit from some cosmetic tender loving care in the future. V5C, MOT to October 2012, currently on SORN See illustration 600 - 800

112 A 1993 VW Golf GTi Rivage convertible, registration number K194 FYL, chassis number WVW222152NK035144, engine number DX161539, metallic blue. This rare VW Golf limited edition convertible has been enthusiast maintained all its life with no expense spared. It has recently been fitted with a new blue mohair hood and re-trimmed Alcantara interior. There is a vast history file accompanying the car with receipts for thousands of pounds. With MKIII Golfs becoming ever more popular and rare, this example is surely a car for a VW collector. V5, V5C, MOT to June 2012, tax TBA See illustration 5000 - 5500

105 A 1986 Peugeot 205 CTi 1600 cc, registration number D819 HBP, graphite grey. This two lady owner CTi has been with the second owner since 1999; the wife of a well-known classic car dealer. The car has seen very little use over the last four or five years and it is hoped that the car will be offered with a new MOT for the auction. Peugeot CTi's are becoming an increasingly rare sight on

113 A 1981 Honda CB650 Custom, registration number RFX 169W, blue. This CB650 was first registered on 2nd April 1997, it is in original specification apart from the addition of a Laser 4 into 1 performance exhaust. The vendor informs us that the bike is running well but will require a general safety check and service, after a period of inactivity, before obtaining a new MOT and taking to the road once again. V5C, no current MOT, currently on SORN See illustration 1700 - 1900

115 . 116 A 1972 Austin Mini 850 van, registration number 620 VYB, chassis number XAV1665821A, green. The Mini van is now a rare sight on British roads, as being used as workhorses and grass track racers hastened their demise. This two owner Mini van was purchased by a Mr P H K Weeks, Lullington Court Farm, Lullington, Frome in 1972, it remained in his possession until 2006, when the current owner purchased it. It is presented in mainly original condition but has received a few small localised repairs to the body. The Mini was last used on the road in 2008 and has been in dry storage since. The odometer is currently reading just over 23,000 miles and the vendor believes that this could be the original mileage, but it must be stated that there isn't any history to substantiate this. With Mini vans and other small commercials becoming very collectible with enthusiasts, this original van would be a great addition to a Mini collection. V5C, ***MOT to February 2013***, currently on SORN See illustration 2500 - 2800

118 WITHDRAWN: A 1961 Peugeot 403B Estate, registration number 580 BYX, chassis number 2886046, engine number 2886046, grey. Peugeots Pininfarina designed range of cars was launched in 1955 and would sell over one million units in a thirteen year production run. Available initially as a saloon only for the first two years, the estate and cabriolet versions would follow. This very rare right hand drive estate version has had only one owner/driver from new. It was initially registered in his company name (The Lorraine Engineering Company Limited, 12/14 Westbury Mews, London SW5) as his company car and then registered in his own name upon retirement. In recent years the car has been kept in dry storage so will require the usual recommissioning and safety checks before obtaining a new MOT. There is a large history file with RF60, maintenance receipts and general ephemera. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustration 1500 - 1700

114 EXTRA LOT: A 1998 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, registration number R121 DOK, chassis number SAXXNNA2EWD153106, engine number 12A2LK70362251, green with white roof and racing stripes. The Mini and particularly the hot Cooper versions were the darlings of the Swinging Sixties. Equally at home down the Kings Road, parked outside a stately home or doing the daily commute. This particular classic Mini Cooper has been with the present owner since 2006. It has always lived in a dehumidified garage during his ownership and the recorded mileage of 74,700 miles is believed to be genuine. Servicing and upkeep has always been to a high standard including a front end respray and fitting of a full length Webasto sunroof in 2006 and more recently, a new rear exhaust and catalytic converter were fitted in 2010. This well maintained Mini Cooper is now only for sale due to a lack of use (10,000 miles covered in the last six years) and the vendor feels that it deserves to have more use with a new enthusiastic owner. V5C, MOT to February 2013, taxed to February 2013 See illustration 2800 - 3200

117 A 1966 Daimler 2.5 litre V8 saloon, registration number PML 188E, chassis number A11395JBW, Regency red. The Daimler version of Jaguar's MKII incorporated the compact 2.5 litre V8 engine designed by Edward Turner. Aimed at a more conservative market than the sporting Jaguars, they appealed to bank managers, solicitors, doctors and other professionals. This four owner automatic Daimler has covered a believed 67,000 miles from new. The fourth owner acquired the car in 2009, where upon a programme of recommissioning took place. This included a full brake overhaul with new callipers, fuel pump, dynamo, headlights, water hoses, full stainless steel exhaust, a full service and other service items. The interior has grey leather seats and grey carpets and there is a Moto-Lite style wood rimmed steering wheel fitted. 2.5 litre Daimlers have all the style of their Jaguar stable mates but at a more affordable price. V5C, MOT to August 2012, tax exempt See illustration 3800 - 4200

119 A 1981 Ford Fiesta 1.1 GL, registration number UAD 774X, chassis number VS6BXXWPFBBA55009, engine number BA55009, crystal green. Ford's all new small three door popular hatchback was launched in 1976 to an appreciative public. The same basic design would remain in production until 1983, when the series two facelifted version came on stream. This very original two owner MKI Fiesta has covered a believed genuine 43,000 miles from new. The car has recently emerged from long term storage, where upon a programme of recommissioning and servicing took place to obtain a new MOT. Fiestas in this condition are becoming increasingly difficult to find and as such have become very collectible with enthusiasts. V5C, MOT to February 2013, taxed to July 2012 See illustration 2500 - 2800

believed to be genuine. Accompanying the car are owners manuals, radio instruction manual, service books, and some old MOTs. Low mileage and low ownership examples of Ford's hot hatchbacks are becoming increasingly rare and as such this XR3i will be a great addition to any Ford collection, or a very usable starter classic. V5C, MOT to September 2012, currently on SORN See illustration 1200 - 1400

was added to compliment the Roadster in 1965. Production continued until 1980 and various cosmetic changes took place throughout. The most visually obvious being the introduction of black rubber bumpers and increased ride height from 1975. This tax exempt chrome bumper Roadster has had a lady owner for the past eighteen years. Finished in tartan red (previous original colour harvest gold), a much more attractive colour, in my opinion. The interior is trimmed in black vinyl and there is a black hood fitted. With a current MOT and tax this MG B is capable of immediate use but would benefit from a little cosmetic tender loving care. V5C, MOT to April 2012, tax exempt See illustrations 3500 - 3800

120 A 1975 Rover P6 3500S, registration number YDO 501L, chassis number 48106477C, engine number 48106845C, yellow. Rover's all new P6 sports saloon arrived in 1963 to replace the old fashioned P4. With its angular body it was aimed squarely at the young executive market, taking on Ford's Zephyr 6/Zodiac and Jaguar's smaller engined MKII in the middle management sales war. Initially available with a two litre four cylinder engine, with either single carburettor or twin carburettors from 1966. The light weight Buick design V8 as first seen in the P5B became available in 1968 and was know as the P6 3500, with automatic transmission. A manual S version, the rarest of the breed, was launched in 1971. This rare S version rolled off the production line on 18th May 1973 and was registered on 1st January 1975. The interior is finished in black ambla with fawn carpets and head lining. The vendor informs us that this P6S is running and driving well and with its manual gearbox has a decent turn of speed and delivers reasonable fuel economy for a large V8 engined car. V5C, MOT to August 2012, no current tax See illustration 2800 - 3200

122 EXTRA LOT: A 1981 Mercedes Benz W123 230e, registration number BFH 418Y, manilla beige. The W123 series of Mercedes Benz saloons were always a firm favourite with German taxi drivers, with their excellent reliability and longevity. This particular 230e has been known by the present owner since he was three years old. It has a comprehensive service history with all manuals and numerous maintenance receipts. It has automatic transmission, central locking, walnut dashboard, original over mats, electric sunroof, original four mud flap set, power assisted steering and unusually for this model, a full beige leather interior. This well maintained and very original W123 would make an excellent everyday classic at a relatively inexpensive price. V5C, MOT to October 2012, taxed to June 2012 See illustration 1400 - 1600

125 A 1967 Morris Minor convertible, registration number HDL 242E, chassis number MA2S51171336, engine number H243282, old English white. The ever popular Morris Minor was the first British manufactured car to sell 1,000,000 units of a common design. This charming lady owned convertible is finished in the traditional colour scheme of old English white bodywork with red hood and interior. It was restored by a previous owner by the well known Morris Minor restorer Tim Lang. The vendor informs us that the car is in good general condition and has been used only in the summer to attend Morris Minor Club events, classic car shows and special occasions. She is now regrettably having to sell the car due to an impending house move where there isn't any garaging. V5C, MOT to August 2012, tax exempt See illustrations 2800 - 3200

121 A 1987 Ford Escort XR3i, registration number E444 TYA, chassis number SFABXXBBABHY13276, engine number HY13276, red. Ford's range of XR specification Escorts, have always been a firm favourite with performance minded motorists. Ford introduced the XR3 normally aspirated version in 1981, to compete with VW's Golf GTi. The fuel injected XR3i was launched in 1983 and stayed in production until 1990, when the MKV arrived. The Ford Escort remained part of the Ford range until 2000 when the all new Ford Focus became available. The MKIV XR3i offered for auction has only had three registered keepers, all residing in the West Country. The current lady owner acquired the Escort in 1981 from a garage in Yeovil. The previous owners were a Mr D K Dunn of Sherborne, Dorset and Mr C A J Pavord who resided in Crewkerne, Somerset. Finished in bright red with Raven cloth interior, this Escort further benefits from having factory fitted sunroof, five speed gearbox, alloy wheels and front spot lamps. The current recorded mileage of 53,000 miles is

123 EXTRA LOT: A 1995 Volvo 440 si, registration number M127 LRU, chassis number XLBKC793SEC644546, engine number D19000007255, white. This automatic hatchback has only had one owner. The recorded mileage of 41,000 is believed to be correct with all MOTs, service history and handbooks to substantiate. This particular 440 has quite a high specification, having electric windows and sunroof with electric heated seats. Low mileage diesel Volvo 440s are quite rare and this example would make a great everyday runabout. V5C, MOT to April 2012, no current tax 1250 - 1450 124 A 1972 MG B Roaster, registration number FKO 180L, red. The MG B has a significant birthday in 2012 reaching the grand old age of 50! Introduced in 1962 to replace the MGA, it was quite a departure from previous models as they had monocoque bodies and not a separate chassis as used in all previous MG models. A GT version

126 A 1990 Ford Escort MKIV XR3i, registration number G391 XEU, chassis number SFADXXBBABLL00231, engine number LL00231, red. This immaculate MKIV XR3i has had three registered keepers. The odometer reading is just over 73,000 miles which is substantiated with a full service history. The majority of which has been carried out by Dean Motors of Bridgwater, Somerset. The vendor informs us that the bodyshell has recently been resprayed due to the paintwork fading, and the bodyshell was completely rust free before the paint was applied. The interior is equally clean with grey cloth seats and carpets, electric

windows, central locking, stereo radio cassette and factory fitted glass sunroof. The sporting XR3i is now a firm favourite with Ford enthusiasts, and this Escort would certainly enhance any collection. V5C, MOT to April 2012, taxed to July 2012 See illustrations 2500 - 2800

unleaded head, painted wire wheels, reconditioned gearbox, new wiring loom, suspension, stainless steel exhaust and numerous other components associated with a full restoration. Since the initial rebuild, the vendor has maintained the MG with no expense spared. The history file contains an album of photographs showing the rebuild in progress, maintenance receipts for many thousands of pounds, old MOTs and correspondence. This very well maintained Midget is only for sale due to the untimely death of the vendor's husband and half of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to a cancer charity. V5C, MOT to June 2012, tax exempt See illustrations 3200 - 3600

leather with walnut door cappings and the dashboard has extra gauges for oil pressure, water temperature, volts and fuel. This rare Downton Engineering Mini makes a great alternative to a Mini Cooper and would make a super everyday classic. V5C, MOT to September 2012, tax TBA See illustrations 3000 - 5000

127 A 1997 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, registration number R359 MJW, chassis number SAXXNNAZEWD144419, engine number 12A2LK70353763, green with white roof and racing stripes. The iconic Sir Alec Issigonis designed Mini debuted to the press in April 1959, with the first Minis rolling off the production line in August of that year. An instant success, the Mini would become synonymous with the swinging sixties and a successful rallying and racing car, culminating in winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times in 1964, 1965 and 1967. This Rover version has only had three registered keepers (two being father and daughter) and has covered a believed genuine 63,000 miles from new. There is full service history to substantiate the mileage. During the current ownership a programme of restoration and refurbishment has been undertaken, including new sills, a full respray and stainless steel exhaust. To complement the green and white body, the interior has black half leather seats, a radio cassette and a driver's air bag. There is a full service history accompanying this Mini with all previous MOTs verifying the mileage. This well fettled Mini Cooper now needs a new owner to enjoy all the current owner's hard work. V5C, MOT to August 2012, currently on SORN See illustrations 3500 - 3800

129 A 1969 Morris Minor 6cwt van, registration number SHW 217G, chassis number MAV5260073, green. This rare van had a body off rebuild approximately four years ago and has been driven approximately 1,000 miles since, with regular servicing and upkeep since. The interior is original apart from a Moto-Lita wood rim steering wheel. The history file contains receipts, handbooks and general correspondence. Small commercials are now becoming very desirable, they can either be used by traders as advertising vehicles or by enthusiasts who attend classic car shows or even as an everyday practical runabout. V5C, MOT to January 2013, tax exempt See illustrations 4500 - 4800

131 A 1998 Ford Escort Si 16V, registration number R996 LHC, chassis number WFOAXXBBAAVK31315, engine number VK31315, red. This ultra low mileage two owner Ford is in truly superb condition having been pampered all its life. The first owner always kept the car garaged and never ventured out in the rain with it. He even resorted to using taxis if he felt it might rain! The second owner purchased the Escort in 2007 and it has formed part of a collection of low mileage Fords since. The mileage of just over 7,000 miles can be verified by a full service history, which includes the original bill of sale from Hollingsworths for 12,999.99, this included the fitting of an optional extra Ghia front grill. As one would expect from such a low mileage pampered car, the Raven cloth interior, engine, body and boot are all in superb factory original condition. The spare wheel is even unused. It would now seem fitting that the next custodian should lavish the same attention on her and maintain the car in the style to which she has become accustomed. V5C, MOT to February 2013, currently on SORN See illustrations 5000 - 6000

128 A 1967 MG Midget MKIII, registration number MYD 459E, engine number 5102, tartan red. The MG Midget in all its guises is truly a starter classic in the true sporting tradition, with spares readily available they can be concours queens or daily drivers. This MKIII was the subject of a full bare metal restoration approximately ten years ago (photographic album of restoration on file) which was chronicled in a classic car magazine. The restoration included new panels, full bare metal respray in tartan red, retrimmed black vinyl interior with black carpets, new black weather gear, rebuilt engine with

130 A 1985 Austin Downton Engineering Mini Mayfair, registration number C782 KAX, chassis number 8AXXL2S1N20288087, engine number 12HA85AA103471, blue with white roof. This Mini Mayfair has been tuned and Downtonized by the well known and respected BMC tuning company incorporating several performance goodies. These include a full engine rebuild with a Kent 276 camshaft and followers, a rebore to 1293 cc with new pistons, Duplex timing chain, polished and gas flowed MG Metro cylinder head, RC40 extractor manifold and exhaust, Weber 45 carburettor with KN air filter, lowered and polybushed suspension, up-rated brakes with Green Stuff brake pads, Mini-Lite style alloy wheels with 165/60/12 inch Falken tyres and a quick shift gearbox. The interior is worth a special mention as it is fully trimmed in two tone grey

132 . 133 . 134 A 1977 Ford Capri MKII 1600 GL, registration number RHR 646S, chassis number GAECT003744, engine number TC03744, diamond white. The MKII Capri was in production between 1974 and 1978 and differs in specification from the original MKI in having a shorter bonnet, more commodious interior with split folding rear seats, a revised dashboard and a very practical hatchback rear door. This particular example has been with its second Capri owner's

club member owner since 1979. During the next thirty-two years, the Capri has travelled 229,691 miles and has been maintained to a very high standard, including a comprehensive programme of restoration in 1997. This is when the body was restored with new genuine Ford front wings, the front turrets were repaired with reinforcing plates (a known Capri weak spot), a new black vinyl roof using correct Ford supplied material and a full respray in diamond white. The interior was retrimmed with black cloth and vinyl seats and new black carpets were fitted. The engine was rebuilt with hardened valves and seats, for unleaded petrol, and the running gear was replaced and refurbished as necessary. The car has only travelled approximately 3000 miles since the restoration work was completed. The history file contains a log book outlining all works carried out since 1979, old MOTs, receipts, owners' handbooks and the original bill of sale from Alexandra Road Motors, Yeovil, Somerset, for 2850. This enthusiast owned and rare Capri (believed to be one of only 23 known examples to the Capri Owners' Club) is only for sale due to a lack of use and the vendor now believes that the car should go to another caring home where it will receive the use it deserves. V5, V5C, MOT to October 2012, taxed to November 2012 See illustrations 3800 - 4000

135 A 1967 Austin Mini Cooper MKI 998, registration number LYA 638E, chassis number CA2S7932843, engine number 9FDSAH22536, grey with white roof. The Sir Alec Issigonis designed iconic Mini was launched to the press in April 1959, with production starting in August of the same year. John Cooper, a friend of Sir Alec, developed a hot version which became available in 1962. The works Mini Coopers would subsequently distinguish themselves in competition including winning the Monte Carlo Rally three times in 1964, 1965 and 1967. This matching numbers MKI 998 Cooper has recently emerged from a two year bare metal rebuild. During the restoration the car was stripped, the body was bare metalled and repaired as necessary. It was re-sprayed in the correct colour scheme of grey with a white roof. New sub-frames were fitted, the brakes were renewed incorporating Cooper S components. The original two-tone grey interior was retained and the original engine was found to be in good condition so was cleaned and detailed. The vendor informs us that the Mini has only been driven approximately eighty miles since the restoration and is only selling the car due to lack of use because of business commitments. Original Mini Coopers are always very popular with enthusiasts both young and old, and with all the hard work already done, the next custodian can jump in and enjoy. V5C, MOT to February 2012, tax exempt See illustrations 8500 - 9500

The two keepers were Ford, as a demonstration car and a director's wife of Moff Motors, Castle Cary who have maintained the car during that time. Being a Ghia X specification, it has all the bells and whistles including electric windows, sunroof and seats, air conditioning, automatic transmission, velour seats and chrome roof rack. The full service history contains all past MOTs, stamped service books, tax discs from 1987 and owners manuals. The vendor informs us that the car is driving extremely well. The spare wheel has been unused and the original touch-up paint is still in the glove box. This virtually one owner estate must surely be one of the most original low mileage examples available and would be a great 136 A 1934 BSA 10hp Saloon De Luxe, addition to any Ford collection. V5C, MOT to registration number NJ 4476, chassis number April 2012, currently on SORN See illustrations D3455, engine number T4053, dark green over 5000 - 6000 black. The new 10hp Saloon range was introduced in 1933 with standard and coach built bodies. The latter being built by Mulliner. Both the Standard and the De Luxe versions were powered by the 1185cc side valve engine and had four speed preselect gearboxes with Daimler fluid flywheels. The list price for the Standard Saloon was 230 and the coach built Mulliner bodied version cost 255 on their introduction. This De Luxe version was restored by a previous owner prior to the vendor purchasing the car in 1990. Since that date the car has seen sparing use including twelve years of dry storage. Recently recommissioned and freshly MOT'd this six light saloon is attractively finished in green with black wings, black stove enamelled wire wheels with new tyres, has a 138 . sumptuous green leather interior with green carpets and has a full length sliding sunroof. The history file contains old MOTs from 1978, owners 139 . handbook, photocopied data sheets, a few receipts and general correspondence. This rare luxury light 140 A 1935 Talbot AW75 long wheelbase saloon, saloon now offers the next owner a coach built registration number FO 3243, chassis number alternative to the usual Hillman Minx, Standard 10 37434, engine number 1397, blue over black. The or Austin 7. The vendor informs us that the car is Autocar stated 'the 75 is a remarkably fast car only for sale due to lack of use and the impending from place to place, not just because it has a loss of his storage facility. RF60 continuation log genuine maximum speed above 74 mph, which is book, V5C, MOT to November 2012, tax exempt very good indeed, but because speeds anywhere up See back cover and other illustrations 8000 - to 55 or even 60 mph can be held pleasurable on 9000 suitable roads.' The 75 was developed from the highly successful 14/45, and with its 2.3 litre, 6 cylinder overhead valve engine, offered roomy, comfortable transport at a competitive price. The Talbot 75 was offered in two wheelbase lengths, short, 114 inches and long, 120 inches, the latter long wheelbase chassis the more expensive and substantial, being X-braced, featuring semi elliptic front and quarter elliptic rear springs and effective brakes. All models featured the Wilson preselector self changing gearbox. This rare long wheelbase barn find Talbot AW75 was first registered on 23rd July 1935, and is in need of total restoration. The surviving RF60 continuation log book and expired tax discs would indicate that FO 3234 was used in 1951 and then not taxed 137 A 1985 Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X estate, again until 1963 when some mechanical repairs registration number B267 BVW, chassis number were carried out and an MOT was obtained. The WFONXXGAGNFJ0615, engine number J06415, car was subsequently purchased by Mr Derek metallic green. The MKII Granada arrived in 1977 Allen in 1966 from an advert he placed in with the all new angular bodywork. Available in Motorsport Magazine for Talbot spares. It both saloon and estate versions. The engine remained in his possession for the next forty years options were straight forward with the entry level on the family farm in dry storage. This remarkably Pinto two litre, four cylinder, 2.3 and 2.8 V6, with complete and original AW75 long wheelbase both carb and fuel injection options, and an saloon retains its factory coachwork which would asthmatic 2.5 litre diesel. Four trim levels were appear in restorable condition. The interior is available, L, GL, Ghia and the range topping Ghia complete and all the original fittings and X. This virtually one owner very low mileage instrumentation are present. The blue leather range topping Granada X estate, is in time warp upholstery will require some localised repair due condition, having covered only 33,000 miles from to mice damage. FO 3234 was recently purchased new, with all past MOTs to verify the mileage. by the current vendor from a Bonhams auction

with the intention of carrying out a full restoration: unfortunately due to a change in circumstances and a recent health scare this is no longer an option and he is reluctantly having to sell the Talbot. The history file contains expired MOT certificates, receipts from 1963 and the old style continuation logbook. V5C, no current MOT or tax See illustrations 8000 - 10000

until Mr Foss's retirement when a Mr David Perkis purchased the garage and collection from Mr Foss. The next owner a Mr Jeff Denham, who purchased the van from Mr Perkis on his retirement. During Mr Denham's ownership the van was restored between 2006/2009, during which time the van was fully professionally re-sprayed, and all major mechanical components were overhauled. The history file contains various receipts, old MOTs, A30/35 owners club publications, owners handbook, and magazine articles. This charming and rare 5cwt van is in rude health and is just waiting for the next owner to jump in and enjoy. V5C, MOT TBA, tax exempt See illustrations 4500 - 4800

141 A 1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Super Cobra Jet, registration number TGU 662L, red. Ford's Mach 1 has been a true star of the big screen. In the cult 1974 movie Gone In 60 Seconds, the big block Ford was code named Eleanor, it was part of a heist of forty eight cars to be delivered in five days to a notorious drugs baron, and if that wasn't enough, a red Mach 1 starred in the seventh James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, starring Sean Connery & Jill St John. In the famous car chase the Mach 1 is seen driving down an alleyway on two wheels. Spectacular! The Mach 1 offered for auction has a monster 460 ci, 7.8 litre, 550 bhp, racing crate engine which was fitted in 2007. Awesome! Being a super jet model it is fitted with the ram air scoop, heavy duty three-speed gearbox, Detroit locker and other performance goodies. She has been well loved over the years and has received approximately 30,000 worth of maintenance and restoration, which is substantiated by a large history file. A rare beast on English roads, could this be your Eleanor or James Bond fantasy drive? V5C, MOT TBA, tax exempt See illustrations 12000 - 14000

142 . 143 A 1968 Austin A35 5cwt van, registration number LRE 521F, chassis number A-AAV873298A, engine number 8AGFAUH14296, green. According to the A30/35 owners club this charming 5cwt van is believed to be the youngest surviving example and was the sixteenth from last to roll off the production line. It was registered to its first lady owner in 1968, she kept it for five years before trading it in at Staddle Stones Garage where a Mr John Foss was proprietor. He decided to keep it, where upon it became part of his classic car collection. She remained within the collection

144 A 1960 Triumph TR3A, registration number 576 BUU, chassis number TS80707, engine number, TS80866E, powder blue. This TR3A affectionately known as Matilda, has recently emerged from a full body off four and a half year rebuild, which was subsequently featured in a six page article by Classics Monthly (February 2011 issue). During the full and extensive rebuild the body was stripped, repaired as necessary, etched, primed and re-sprayed in powder blue. The interior was re-trimmed with blue leather seats piped in white, re-trimmed dashboard and refurbished dials, new carpets, door cards and weather gear including a tonneau cover. The chassis was stripped, repaired and repainted, all bushes were replaced, the engine was rebuilt to 2.2 litre specification with unleaded cylinder head, the gearbox and overdrive received the same treatment. For reliability and peace of mind an alternator conversion and electric fan were fitted. To complement all of the hard work it now sits on sparkling chrome wire wheels. The history file contains numerous receipts for parts purchased during the restoration for approximately 9000, some old MOTs and ephemera. The vendor informs us that the car is driving extremely well since the rebuild and is only for sale in order to finance a new project. With the early TR2-TR3 models becoming evermore increasingly desirable, this fully restored car now offers the next owner a fully fettled example to enjoy in the coming summer months. RF60, V5C, MOT to February 2012, tax exempt See illustrations 15000 - 18000