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10 The Pioneer Log february 3, 2012

Dont miss this opportunity to hear
three leading candidates for mayor
E||een Brady Char||e Ha|es Jefferson Sm|th
share their views on education,
the environment, and sustainability
in Portland.
President Glassner will moderate
and be joined by a panel of students
and faculty from our three schools.
Monday, February 13, 7 p.m.
Agnes Flanagan Chapel
A reception will follow in Stamm Dining Room.
Th|s forum |s free, but advanced
reg|strat|on |s requ|red.
Mayoral Candidates Forum
Monday, February 13, 7 p.m.
Staff Writer
Every Wednesday night at Maggies, the
speakers go up, the musicians come out and
a trip to get munchies becomes an all-eve-
ning afair at the Wednesday Night Concert
Series. Once a week, every week, the best
bands from Lewis & Clark are given a place
to perform and even a little bit of money in
compensation. Sometimes the shows draw
crowds so big they end up spilling to the
back of the venue and kids end up rocking
out amongst the shelves.
Next week, student band Mowgli will
grace the Maggies stage. Mowgli is com-
posed of David Salkowski (14) pickin gui-
tar and mandolin, Tadhg Fendt (14) on the
blacks and ivories, Andrew Reetz (14) sup-
plying the beats, Cassie Beucheries (14)
supple lead vocals and clarinet, and Andy
Erickson (14) laying down a wide range of
sounds on guitar, bass, trombone and uku-
lele. All the members of the band provide ad-
ditional vocals.
Cassie Beucherie (14), Tadhg Fendt (14), Andy Erickson (14), Andrew Reetz (14) and David Salowski
(14) will play as the band Mowgli at next weeks Wednesday Night Concert Series at Maggies.
Tis wall of sound didnt just form over-
night, though.
Freshman year, David, Tadhg and I were
all in Platt West, reminisces Erickson, I
met Cassie on my NSO Great Expectations
trip and knew she had a great voice, but she
didnt join until later. Tey have had other
lineups in the past, originally as a trio. Tis
will be our frst show with the current mem-
bers, Erickson said.
Mowgli played the Wednesday Night
Concert Series last year with their original
Its a great opportunity for exposure of
on campus bands, commented Erickson.
Te Maggies shows have helped them gain
publicity and given practice performing. Er-
ickson said, We are playing at the Battle of
the Bands and trying to get another gig at
the Backspace, hopefully sometime before
the semester comes to an end. Keep your
ears out for future performances, and dont
miss their upcoming show at Maggies.
Wednesday, Feb. 15, Maggies, 10 p.m.
Beats antique melds world electronic
music with belly dancing
Maggies Wednesday Night
Concert Series presents Mowgli
Staff Writer
Beats Antiques latest Portland show was a
perfect mix of dope Middle Eastern hip-hop
electronica and mesmerizing belly dance.
Te music of Beats Antique is hard not
to get into. It has a natural and melodic, yet
hard-hitting groove that you can feel in your
whole body. Te Middle Eastern-style sam-
ples are an unexpected base for music that
slaps this hard, but it works perfectly with
the chopping, looping and efects to form
an uncompromising, unique sound. Two
guys were in charge of the music: one on a
drum set and the other at a mixer, control-
ling samples and switching between various
Despite the talent of the guys making
the beats, nobody was watching them. Te
crowd was hypnotized by the groups third
member, breathtaking belly dancer Zoe
Jakes. Her physical accompaniment was as
much a part of the show as the music. In the
second number, a second dancer surprised
the audience by joining her on stage.
Next, a silhouette appeared behind an
illuminated canvass, dancing slowly and se-
ductively. Te canvas dropped to reveal a
third beautiful dancer who was seven months
pregnant. She could still move like crazy, and
together, the three dancers put on a tremen-
dous show. Some of their dances were emo-
tional and evocative, while others acted out
stories. Ive heard that playing music to ba-
bies makes them smarter and, if its true, her
kid is going to be a boss. I liked listening to
Beats Antiques album, but it doesnt com-
pare to their live show. Te music was amaz-
ing, but it was the addition of the dancers
that really made this an unforgettable experi-