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Copyright 2004-2011 KYKO Management Result Consultancy Sdn Bhd. All Rights Reserved Patent Publication No. US2007/0048706-A1 This report contains confidential information and is intended for purchaser only. Our company accepts no liability for the content of this information or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the report.

KYKO, an acronym for Know Yourself Know Other, is a psychometric personality assessment tool designed from the incorporation of existing Personality Theories by Bernard Ah Thau Tan to discover yourself and a significant other.The five (5) dimensional model of personality analysis is built based on the following premises: Human behaviour is motivated by need, satisfaction and deprivation Human behaviour is a function of our genes, experiences, cognition and the environment Human personality lies in the continuum of the static and the dynamic areas Human personality lies in the continuum of the normal and the abnormal areas Human personality is not static. It is dynamic and alive. It actualizes and de-actualizes with current and future experiences No two human beings are alike even though they are identical twins growing up in the same environment due to genetic differences. The five (5) dimensions of a KYKO Personality Profile are as follows: -Self Actualization (SA)A need or desire for achievement, growth, fulfilment and to find meaning in life.Security (SE)A need or desire for safety, order, certainties, structure, system and protection. Manipulative (M)A need or desire for information, influence, adaptation, change and utilize others for survival and to satisfy and perpetuate dominant needs.Socio-centric (SO) A need or desire or need for love, care, companionship, belonging, affiliation, social interaction and acceptance.Egocentric (E)A need or desire for power, status, fame, style, image, recognition, respect, dominance and to control the environment. The five dimensions are organized into a superimposed pentagon known as the spider web. The spider web is to interpret patterns of human behaviour based on the scores of the high and low of each dimension varying in intensities. The average of the high and low of each dimension determines typology of infinite personality types. The relationship(s) between the five dimensions and the personality types provides information of the behavioural pattern to interpret traits, characteristics and behaviour. KYKO report is drawn from the respondent's KYKO Personality Formula and is free from human bias.

The success of a person rests on his or her personality. Qualification is just an entry point into the job market. KYKO Entry University Undergraduates Assessment tool encompasses the following information Description of Your Personality Profile Traits Characteristics Strengths KYKO Learning Styles Learning Modes & Strategies Motivation Profile Interpersonal Relationship Team Player Time Management Career PreferencesKYKO Entry University Undergraduate Assessment Tool is specifically designed for Undergraduates To discover their strengths and weaknessesIdentify their learning StylesTo identify a career that fit their personalityTo develop themselves so that they can be more employable in the market. Designed specifically for universities interested in the development of their undergraduate personality to become more employable in the market

KYKO Personality Formula : HSA+FM+FSO+FE+ESE

Description of Your Personality Profile

Pragmatic-Adventurous Type You have a moderate need for order, systems and safety. You are fair
in your ability to plan and organizing your life activities. You have a rough mental map on the path to achieve your life goals. You seldom put your plan in writing what you are going to do next unless there is a need to do so. You keep your home fairly clean as you are inconsistent in your housekeeping. You are fair in your time management. You are satisfactory in your abilities to organize things. You take a moderate

stance in your values for security and social order. You may put some monies in the bank for the rainy day. You are neither an idealist nor a pragmatist. You are somewhere in between these two personalities. You do not have preferences either with working with data, process, machines and operations nor with abstract and theoretical concepts. You take moderate risk in whatever you do. You may give some attention to details when it is needed for the job. You tend make decision based on partial information. You are capable of making decision with insufficient details and information. Your decision making skills is fairly good most of the time. You are no preference for structured and unstructured environments. You take a moderate stand in order, systems, rules and regulations. You work fairly systematically. You do not mind working in an organization where the systems are not in place. You also have no preference for formality. You can work well both in the formal or informal setting. You are fairly conservative. Though you may like to do things in the established way, you can still be comfortable venturing into new territory. You take a moderate stand in traditions and laws. You do not take laws or traditions too seriously and strictly. You are a fairly realistic person.

Fairly Assertive Type You have a fairly high need for power, image prestige and control. You always
believe in yourself and are quite confident and determine to accomplish what you set out to do. You prefer to take charge of people and things and lead them to your vision and mission. You place your value on prestige, reputation, status, glory and dignity. You are likely to defend them when these values are challenged. You are quite vocal and expressive in asserting your ideas. You often talk more than you listen and are likely to be defensive in a conflict. You prefer challenging and important jobs and take pride in accomplishing them. You always want recognition, appreciation and would take credit for a job well done

Fairly Sociable Type You have a fairly high need for love, care, belongingness and affiliation. You are
quite friendly, gregarious, outgoing and warm. You have a fairly deep well for feelings. Your life is often centered on love and affection. You always need love and can give love to others. You can be quite emotional, compassionate and sensitive in your approach to life. You are likely to burst to tears in time of sharing your joys and sorrows. You are quite interested in people and care for their well being. You are quite kind and humane at heart. You always like to help and support others in time of needs. You enjoy company and are quite attracted to crowds and social functions. You enjoy social interactions with your friends. You often share your interests with them. You enjoy the fun of being together with them sharing hobbies, cracking jokes or having a serious discussion on some current issues. You always enjoy working in groups and believe in cooperation, synergy and symbiosis to accomplish common goals

Normal Type You have a high need for achievement. You focus your time and effort to achieve your
success. You believe that success can only be achieved through hard work. You have boundless energy and will not mind spending your time and effort towards achieving your life goals. You are tireless in your efforts on the job. You do not mind working long hours to finish what you have started. You are responsible and committed to your work. You are accountable for your mistakes and see them as an opportunity for you to learn and grow to become more competent and effective in carrying out your duties and responsibilities. You see learning and growing as a continuous life process. You are continually updating your knowledge and skills. You believe in becoming a professional expert to progress in your career and improve your quality of life. You are fair, honest and trustworthy. Others can rely on you to get things done.

Trustworthy - Enthusiastic - Commitment - Self-development - Hardworking - Initiative - Logical Motivated - Optimistic - Effective - Efficient - Progressive - Reasonable - Responsible - Self-acceptance Advancement - Good intellectual skills - Philosophical - Wise - Ethical - Honest - Fair Quite Friendly - Somewhat Gregarious - Reasonably Approachable-Quite Emotional-Quite RomanticRather Sentimental-Quite Sensitive-Quite Outgoing-Quite Talkative-Like Partying-Enjoy Social Interaction Quite smart - Fairly inquisitive - Fairly convincing - Quite curious - Quite persuasive - Reasonably analytical - Quite strategic - Quite tactical - Reasonably insightful - Somewhat influential - Somewhat

opportunistic Quite competitive - Fairly confident - Somewhat dominant - Fairly strong determination - Fairly expressive - Preference to take charge - Quite proud - Preference for leading - Quite decisive - Fairly vocal Average organizing skills - Moderately systematic - Moderate risk taker - Neither neat or untidy Moderately cautious - Average in self-discipline - Average respect for rules - Neither a realist nor an idealist Quite Amiable - Somewhat Caring - Fairly Cooperative - Fairly Cordial - Quite Empathetic - Quite Friendly - Fairly Helpful - Rather Sociable - Fairly Good Team player- Quite Warmth - Fairly Affectionate - Quite Supportive - Quite Diplomatic

Neither organized nor disorganized Average respect for rules and regulations - Moderately systematic in their ways of doing things - Strike a balance between ideas and practices Average doing paperwork High Growth Needs- Willing To Study And Work Hard High Achiever- Chase After Good Grades Enthusiastic About Their Work Responsible And Committed, Reliable And Trustworthy Good Intellectual Skills Appreciate Lecturers Work Take Initiatives To Learn And Grow Energetic And Fast Pace Goal Oriented Want To Accomplish Something In Life Quite Ambitious In Planning Their Future Fairly Persistent In Achieving Their Goals Quite Dominant And Pushy - Often Believe And Trust Their Own Ideas Quite Vocal And Expressive In Giving Their Opinions Expects Recognition And Praises Prefers To Be In The Limelight Prefers To Live In Styles Often Go For Branded Stuff Tends To Celebrate In A Grand Manner Can see most parts of the big and small picture of a situation Quite adaptable to changes Fairly capable of influencing, persuading and convincing others Know numerous ways of handling a situation Quite strategic and tactical in their dealings Fairly good at sizing others intent May wrangle out of a difficult situation Fairly capable pf making use of opportunity and turn it into reality Quite Romantic, Sentimental And Affectionate Like To Have A High Sense Of Belongings Fairly Gregarious And Outgoing In Social Activities Prefer Working Together In Groups Often Enjoy Social Interactions Quite Attracted To Partying - Fairly Attracted To Crowded Places Quite Sensitive And Emotional

High Achiever - Good intellectual skills - Get satisfaction of their accomplishment - Goal and resultoriented - Responsible and committed - High growth needs - Energetic and enthusiastic - Willing to work long hours - Seek self-improvement to progress in life Quite high emotional intelligence - Fairly good analytical skills Is quite influential and persuasive Quite tactful in their dealings Quite good at spotting opportunities - Fairly flexible dealing with people and situations Fairly good judgment - Knows numerous ways doing things - Quite good at solving problems Fairly skilful at overcoming obstacles and barriers Quite alert , exploratory and curious Quite Motivate by challenges Prefer to take charge, control and lead Quite High self-concept, image and esteem - Fairly Determine and persistence to achieve their goals Quite Firm and decisive in making up their mind Fairly Confident of what they are doing Tend to Believe in their self to accomplish

personal goals Quite enjoy social interactions Like to make more friends Prefer to work in teams Quite outgoing and gregarious Quite good at Approaching and engaging others

KYKO Learning Styles

Normal Personality Type Learning by logical reasoning - Good at understanding of ideas, qualities,
and concepts which cannot be seen. - Use common sense in the learning process - Enjoy learning concepts and theories - Gain better understand when the topics in the lesson are logically connected - An abstract and conceptual learner

Fairly Assertive Personality Type Learn best by leading and teaching others - Prefer to be a
discussion leader - Learn well by debating and competing with others - Enjoy giving oratory speeches

Fairly Sociable Personality Type Learn best by talking and discussing in groups - Prefer oral
instructions - Like reading aloud - Learn well by interacting and speaking - Like to be involved in their learning - A communicative learner

Fairly Dynamic Personality Type Learn best by perceiving and analyzing - Prefer to see the holistic
picture of the subject - Look at the subject matters from different angles - Good at making connections between theories and practices - Good at discovering possibilities and relationships. - Good at making practical applications of ideas and using deductive reasoning to solve complicated problems - Imaginative and are good at coming up with ideas and seeing things from different perspectives - Capable of creating theoretical models by means of inductive reasoning - A global and intuitive learner

Learning Modes & Strategies

Visual Learner Learn through seeing: - Illustrations of the essential points of a lecture using charts,
diagrams and pictures - The transparencies projected from the overhead projector - Reactions, facial expressions and gestures of teachers, peers and others - Pictorial illustrations and diagrams in documents such as text books and class notes - Watching demonstration of what and how things work - Seeing the nature and the real things in the environment - Watching videos and television - Highlights of essential points using colors - The presentation through the use of flashcards - The information presented in diagrams, illustrations and pictorial print-outs

Interpersonal Relationship
Dependable to get things done - Reasonable and fair in their dealing - Honor their commitment Trustworthy and reliable Quite enjoy being in the spotlight - Prefer to take charge - Somewhat vocal and expressive in addressing issues - Tend to take control of a situation - Quite firm, tough, domineering and hot tempered - Quite capable of bulldozing their ways Often work towards a harmonious and cordial relationship with others - Quite outgoing, diplomatic, friendly and warm - May enjoy social interactions - Work quite well in teams - Fairly concern about others' needs and feelings - May be able to put themselves in others shoes - Fairly good interpersonal sensitivity Neither conservative nor unconventional - Average respect for rules and regulations - Moderately

systematic in their ways of doing things - Strike a balance between ideas and practices Fairly High Emotional Intelligence Quite capable of managing self and others feelings - Somewhat flexible and adaptable in their relationship - Quite skillful in pleasing their lecturers - Fairly good at knowing how to relate, build trust, convince and influence others - Know when and how to assist, support, cooperate and collaborate strategically with others reasonably well

Motivation Profile
Opportunity for growth and self development - Job enrichment - Find great fulfillment in doing a good job Motivated by growth needs - Self motivated in carrying out their duties and responsibilities Opportunity for growth and self development - Job enrichment - Find great fulfillment in doing a good job Intrinsically motivated to contribute meaningfully to others - Motivated by growth needs - Self motivated in carrying out their duties and responsibilities - Task identity able to see the fruits of their effort Recognition and reward for their achievement - Opportunity for career advancement - Motivated by important and challenging tasks - Energized by praises and strokes - Positive feedback of a job well done - Like to play the role of a leader - Take charge and control others Excited working and building teams - Enjoy working towards a harmonious working relationship - Love raising funds to help the less fortunate - Likes public relations and customer relations jobs - Enthusiastic doing jobs dealing with people

Team Player
Neither organized nor disorganized - Average respect for rules and regulations - Take moderate calculated risk - Moderately systematic in their ways of doing things - Strike a balance between ideas and practices - Average at doing paperwork Quite concerned about others well beings - Often enjoy contacts and Social interactions - Like to share and communicates ideas - Prefer to work in teams - Often participates in social activities - Quite empathetic and sensitive to others feelings - Often put themselves in others shoes - Tend to focus on harmony - Quite likely to cooperates and collaborate - Often possess a strong sense of belongingness Quite vocal and expressive in addressing issues - Tend to defend their ideas aggressively - Prefer to be in the spotlight - Often talk more than they listen - Quite critical in addressing important issues - Present their ideas quite forcefully and expect others to accept them - Often stand up for their convictions - May get upset when others shot down their ideas Show high enthusiasm and commitment for its cause - Work towards achieving common goals, vision and mission - Align their actions with their values for a high level of fulfillment and integrity - Walk their talk Able to deliver quality work - Possess a. sense of humor - Likely to keep their promises Fairly good analytical skills - Knows quite well when and how to put aside the differences for the common good - Fairly alert and aware of the environment - Quite inquisitive and curious of what is happening around them - Can see most parts of the big and small picture of a situation - Quite strategic and tactical in addressing issues - Reasonably good at inspiring, motivating and influencing others - Fairly adaptable to people idiosyncrasies

Time Management

Know how to conduct productive meetings - An effective discussion leader - Goal and result oriented Focus most of their time on productive activities - Work at a fast pace - Concentrate on the bottom line Spend time on functional activities Often spend time deliberating on issues - May use their time to project their self-image - Tend to give long and windy speeches - Often conduct unnecessary long meetings Often engage in long conservation with others - Tendency to prolong a discussion - Tend to make long telephone calls - Often spend too much time on social interaction Average in their ability to plan and organize their time Quite capable of creating time effectively - Often understand different work styles and how to work with them - Know quite well how deal with procrastination - Often expend time to socialize on the need to basis - Quite good at giving polite excuses in terminating telephone calls - Reasonably good at handling distractions and interruptions - Quite skilful in controlling distractions that waste their time and break their flow - Fairly tactful and diplomatic in cutting short their conversation with others

Career Preferences
Sales and Marketing - Human Resource Management - Business Development - Training and Development - Counseling and Consultancy Community and Social Services - Customer Service Professionals - Education - Personnel Professionals - Public Relations - Social Work Professionals - Retail Services - Hospitality and Tourism Services Computer Related Professionals and Programmers - Electrical Installation - Electronics and Telecommunications - Housekeeping and Related Professionals - Librarian and Related information Professionals - Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries - Meeting and Convention Planner Director Production and Operations - Tax Examiners, Collectors and Revenue Agent - Transportation, Warehousing, Logistics Heads of Units - Military Personnel - Protective Personnel - Police Officers Politicians - Entrepreneur Financial and System analysts - Business and Finance - Adjusters, Assessors and Appraisers Management Analysts - Budget Analysts and Cost Estimators - Examiners and Investigators - Decoration Professionals - Field Research Professionals - Film Directors, Actors and Actresses - Music Composers - Commercial and Industrial Designers - Advertising and Media Director - Sculptors, Painters and Artists - Architects, Surveyors and Cartographers - Operations Research Analysts

Overall Assessment
OVERALL PERSONALITY INDEX : 71.92% Description Average(65% 74_99%) Below Average(50% Excellent(75% 100%)

64_99%) Drive, Intellectual Ability, Commitment and Integrity Adaptability, Perceptiveness and Influence Interpersonal Relationship, Networking and Teamwork Confidence, Persistence, Determination and Competitiveness Planning, Organizing, Systematic and Realistic 70.48 69.12 67.35 63.81 81.09